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  • 1. Banquet and Event Menu ©2012 Pinnacle Enter tainment, Inc. A ll rights reser ved.
  • 2. Catering Tips & GuidelinesBelow are some helpful hints for the planning of your catered event. As always, we are here to help with ideas or suggestions to ensure your event is a success! * All prices are subject to applicable sales tax and 20% service charge * A $100 surcharge applies for groups under 25 people Thank You for choosing Belterra! * A $75 attendant fee applies to each action station * Lunch menu serving times after 5:00 pm Sunday – Friday and 4:00 pm Saturday will be subject to dinner pricing * Keep in mind your menu selections are due 14 days prior to your event and final guarantee numbers are due 72 hours prior to your event Menu selections & final guarantee numbers received after these deadlines are subject to additional fees. * Pricing is considered per person unless stated otherwise * When choosing hors d’oeuvres, please keep the following in mind: -hors d’oeuvres served as an appetizer, calculate 3– 4 pieces per person -hors d’oeuvres served as a meal, calculate 8–9 pieces per person Executive Chef John Geschrei Banquet Chef Dusty Peelman
  • 3. Breakfast TableAll breakfast tables come with fresh brewed regular and · Steel cut Irish oats with brown sugar and raisins 4decaffeinated coffee, selection of premium hot teas and · Waffle station – made-to-order Belgium waffles,  5choice of two of the following chilled juices: orange, served with fresh berries, whipped cream andgrapefruit, cranberry, tomato or apple candied pecans · Vanilla yogurt, honey granola and berry parfait 4Belterra Breakfast Table · 21 · Seasonal fruit and berry plate 5Sliced fresh tropical fruit, melon, berries, crisp bacon, farm fresh · Apple-wood smoked bacon 4scrambled eggs with breakfast potatoes, freshly baked muffins,Danish pastry and croissants with sweet butter and preserves · Scrambled egg cheddar cheese croissant 4 (each)  S crambled egg cheddar cheese with ham, · 5 (each)Be Real Continental · 15 bacon or sausage croissantSliced fresh tropical fruit, melon, berries, freshly baked muffins, · Breakfast burrito with salsa and sour cream 4 (each)Danish pastry and croissants with sweet butter and preserves · Assorted individual yogurts 3 (each) Be Quick Continental · 13 Action StationsWhole seasonal fruit, assorted muffins, Danish pastry (Prepared to order, chef attendant required,and croissants with sweet butter and preserves 1 per 30 guests, $75 per attendant)Enhancements Smoothie Station · 4· Cheddar cheese grits 3 Chef ’s fruit smoothie of the day · Buttermilk biscuits with sausage gravy 3 Includes bananas, berries and yogurt· Mushroom, swiss cheese and chive quiche 4 Omelet station · 7· Thick cut French toast with warm berry compote 5 Farm fresh eggs, egg whites and cholesterol-free egg substitute· Country link sausage or turkey sausage patties 4 C  hoice of shredded cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, bell pepper,· Assorted dry cereals and granola, whole and 2% or skim milk 3 diced ham, onion, spinach
  • 4. Coffee Break SelectionsHot Beverage Break Renew · 14Freshly brewed regular and decaffeinated coffee (Prepared to order, chef attendant required,and selection of premium hot teas 1 per 30 guests, $75 per attendant)2 hours · 6 Natural vegetable juice and fresh fruit smoothie4 hours · 8 Nature “shots” to include: chai soy, organic carrot juice,8 hours · 10 banana strawberry smoothies, vegetable juice, raw almonds, seasonal whole fruitCold Beverage Break Revive · 15Assorted soft drinks, bottled sparkling and still mineral waters Seasonal whole fruit and fresh fruit “shooters” with2 hours · 6 watermelon water, chewy granola bars, individual yogurts,4 hours · 8 Nutri- Grain® apple cinnamon bars, organic spritzers8 hours · 10Hot and Cold Beverage Break2 hours · 84 hours · 108 hours · 12MorningAll breaks are served with freshly brewed regular anddecaffeinated coffee, selection of premium hot teas or assortedsoft drinks, bottled sparkling and still mineral waters FPO
  • 5. Afternoon Break Selections Beverage EnhancementsAll breaks are served with freshly brewed regular and decaffeinated · Freshly brewed regular and decaffeinated coffee 45 (gallon)coffee, selection of premium hot teas or assorted soft drinks, bottled · Selection of premium hot teas 45 (gallon)sparkling and still mineral waters · Fresh orange or grapefruit juice 26 (carafe) · Chilled tomato, V8®, apple or cranberry juice 24 (carafe)Comfort · 15 · Tropical fruit nectars or natural fruit spritzers 5 (each) Assorted jumbo cookies, brownies, blondies, lemon bars · Whole, 2% or skim milk 24 (carafe) and whole seasonal fruit · Fresh lemonade 34 (gallon) Indulge · 16 · Bottled sparkling and still mineral waters 3 (each) Assorted frozen treats to include: Häagen-Dazs® ice cream bars, · Assorted soft drinks 3 (each) frozen fruit and sorbet bars and ice cream sandwiches · Fresh fruit punch 34 (gallon) · Republic of Tea® premium bottled iced tea 6 (each)Pamper · 17Milk chocolate fondue, seasonal fruit and strawberries, brownies, Food Enhancementschocolate raspberry bars, rice krispie treats, pretzel rods, kettle · Sliced breakfast bread: marble, banana nut,  4 (per guest)chips and trail mix poppy seed and apple walnut · Fresh fruit shooters with watermelon water 4 (per guest)Rejuvenate · 18 · Chef ’s smoothie of the day 5 (per guest)Crudités “shots” to include: carrot ginger and orange; tomato · Chocolate covered strawberries 24 (dozen)basil and lime; yellow pepper and dill; sweet pea and fresh mint.Mediterranean spreads to include hummus, baba ghanoush and · Assorted donuts, Danish pastry, muffins or croissants 28 (dozen)tabouleh. Served with grilled pita bread, toasted lavosh and · Almond granola bar or energy bars 3 (each)whole seasonal fresh fruit · Assorted bagels with flavored cream cheeses 28 (dozen) · Sliced fresh seasonal fruit and berries with yogurt dip 6 (per guest)Retro · 16 · Assorted yogurts and whole fresh fruit 4 (each)Warm jumbo soft pretzels with mustard and warm cheddar · House-baked chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin  28 (dozen)cheese fondue, freshly popped and boxed popcorn, roasted and peanut butter cookiespeanuts, Cracker Jacks® and ice cold IBC Root Beer® · Premium mixed nuts 28 (pound) · Individual bags potato chips, popcorn and pretzels 4 (each) · Tri-color tortilla chips with salsa 20 (pound)
  • 6. The Corporate · 45 (per person)Meeting PackageAll breaks are served with freshly brewed regular and decaffeinatedcoffee, selection of premium hot teas or assorted soft drinks, bottledsparkling and still mineral watersContinental Breakfast· Fresh orange, cranberry, grapefruit juice and V8®·  ouse-made breakfast pastries, bakery fresh bagels H with butter, fruit preserves and cream cheese· Seasonal sliced fresh seasonal fruit·  reshly brewed regular and decaffeinated coffee, F premium selection of hot teas with honey and lemon· Assorted soft drinks, bottled waterMid Morning AfternoonA complete refreshment of regular and decaffeinated Refresh regular and decaffeinated coffee and teas, assorted soft drinks,coffee and teas, with soft drinks and bottled water. bottled water with choice of one daily snack selection below.Roll In Lunch Snack Selections · Deli lunch buffet Jumbo warm pretzels, fresh popped popcorn, assorted candy bars, brownies, Cracker Jacks®· Vegetarian pasta salad, potato salad with bacon and green onion· Selection of sliced ham, smoked turkey and roast beef· Assorted relishes and condiments, sliced domestic cheeses· Rolls, breads and Terra Chips®· House-made cookies
  • 7. Team Builder Plus · 42 (per person) Grab & GoMeeting Package Box LunchContinental All boxed lunches include garden salad with vegetables and· Assortment of fresh juices balsamic vinaigrette dressing or whole fresh fruit, penne pasta salad with cured tomatoes and Italian herbs, chips, freshly·  ssorted house-made breakfast pastries A baked jumbo cookies, soft drinks and bottled water with sweet butter and preserves· Sliced fresh seasonal fruit Choice of Sandwiches· Freshly brewed regular and decaffeinated coffee · Smoked turkey breast, swiss cheese, leaf lettuce,  17 dijonaise on herbed focaccia· Selection of premium hot teas with honey and lemon ·  rilled chicken breast, monterey jack cheese, G 18· Assorted soft drinks and bottled water bacon, avocado, lettuce on butter croissantMid Morning ·  Roast beef, cheddar cheese, and leaf lettuce, 20 tomato on kaiser rollA complete refreshment of regular and decaffeinatedcoffee and teas, with soft drinks and bottled water ·  rilled vegetables, portabella mushroom, fresh G 16 mozzarella, red pepper aioli on herb flour tortillaLunch Buffet · Albacore tuna salad, crispy onions on French baguette 19Enjoy lunch in The Ultimate Buffet at Belterra Enhancements 4 · Yukon Gold potato salad with tarragon mayonnaiseAfternoon · Grecian salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and feta cheeseRefresh regular and decaffeinated coffee and teas,assorted soft drinks and bottled water with display · Orzo pasta salad with sun-dried tomatoes and fresh herbsof gourmet cookies and brownies · Sliced seasonal fresh fruit and berries · Seasonal fruit tarte · New York cheesecake square · Brownie Blondie bar combination
  • 8. Chilled Lunch Table Specialty Sandwich Table (select three) · 28All tables come with freshly brewed regular and decaffeinated ·  moked turkey breast, swiss cheese, leaf lettuce, Scoffee and selection of premium hot teas Dijonaise on herbed focaccia bread ·  rilled chicken breast, monterey jack cheese, GStarters (select four) bacon, avocado, lettuce on butter croissant· Chef ’s daily seasonal soup creation ·R   oast beef, cheddar cheese, and leaf lettuce, tomato on kaiser roll· Penne pasta salad with cured tomatoes and Italian herbs ·  rilled vegetables, portabella mushroom, fresh mozzarella, G· Greek salad with lemon oregano vinaigrette red pepper aioli on herb flour tortilla·  aby field greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, dried cranberries, B · Albacore tuna salad, crispy onions on french baguette pumpkin seeds and assorted dressings· Yukon Gold potato salad with tarragon mayonnaise Dessert (select two) ·  ive grain wild rice salad with toasted almonds, F · Bite-sized French pastry and cakes sundried cherries and sherry vinaigrette · Belterra cheesecake squares with raspberry sauce· Fresh sliced tropical fruit, melon and berries with yogurt dip · Individual crème brûlée· Vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and kalamata olives · House-made cookies and brownies· Individual bags of popcorn and potato chips · Chocolate mousse with pralineBelterra Deli Table · 25 Enhancements · 7·  oar ’s Head® deli meat to include: smoked turkey breast, B ·  arved fresh roast turkey, mayonnaise, whole grain C top sirloin of beef, black oak ham and Genoa salami mustard, cranberry sauce with assorted fresh rolls*· Wisconsin cheddar, swiss and provolone cheeses ·  arved roast strip loin, horseradish, whole grain C mustard, tarragon mayonnaise with assorted fresh rolls*· Assorted sliced breads, French baguette and butter croissant · Lump crab meat po’ boy sandwich on sourdough roll·  risp lettuce, sliced tomatoes, Bermuda onion C and kosher dill pickles · Warm cheese steak sandwiches on French baguette· Mayonnaise and Dijon mustard ·  ron griddle hot pastrami, deli mustard, I Russian dressing on rye bread ·  ron griddle hot corned beef, warm sauerkraut, I Russian dressing on rye bread *Chef optional
  • 9. Hot Lunch TableAll tables come with freshly brewed regular and decaffeinated Tex-Mex Table · 29coffee and selection of premium hot teas · Chicken tortilla soup with tres queso and sour cream · Roasted corn and black bean salad with cilantro lime vinaigretteAmerican Table · 29 · Marinated grilled vegetables with cotija cheese and chili oil· Corn chowder with bacon · Fresh fruit and berry skewers with honey yogurt dip· Green onion and macaroni salad · Fire-grilled chicken breast, pinto bean stew, · Mixed greens with assorted garnishes and dressings chili ancho and tomatillo salsa· Amish buttermilk fried chicken ·  eef fajitas with sweet peppers, onions, guacamole, B· Pan-fried catfish with caper brown butter sauce pico de gallo, sour cream, tres queso and flour tortilla· Scalloped potatoes with cheddar cheese · Boracho beans and traditional Spanish rice· Green beans with roasted shallots · Tri-color tortilla chips with traditional salsa· Rolls and butter · Tres leches cake and caramel flan with fresh berries· Apple pie and blueberry cobbler with chantilly cream Indiana BBQ Table · 30Italian Table · 31 · Traditional coleslaw with celery seed dressing· Vegetable minestrone soup with basil pesto · Red Bliss potato salad with bacon and green onion· Classic Caesar salad with focaccia croutons · Seasonal fresh fruit and strawberry skewers with yogurt dip· Buffalo mozzarella with beefsteak tomato · Honey-glazed BBQ chicken· Roasted chicken breast scaloppini with olives, sage and rosemary · Smoked beef brisket with smothered onions · Grilled swordfish Provençal with tomato and roasted garlic and sweet chili sauce· Cheese-stuffed tri-color tortellini with alfredo sauce · Sweet corn with cilantro butter· Ratatouille vegetables · Grilled vegetables and cornmeal fried green tomatoes· Mediterranean breads and butter · Corn muffins and assorted hard rolls with sweet butter· Italian cream cake and tiramisu · Warm apple cobbler, carrot cake and chocolate peanut butter tarts
  • 10. Reception Table· Raw bar with oysters, clams, shrimp and crab claws market price·  umbo shrimp cocktail on ice with cocktail J market price sauce and lemon garnish·  ing crab leg display with cocktail sauce, drawn K market price butter and lemons, split for your convenience·  mported and domestic cheeses I 6 with crackers and French bread·  aked Brie in puff pastry with grapes B 250 and French bread (serves 50 guests)·  egetable crudités with bleu cheese and ranch dip V 5· Grilled vegetable assortment: asparagus, eggplant,  6 zucchini, green onion, mushrooms and bell peppers with balsamic vinegar dressing and parmesan·  liced tropical fruit, melon and seasonal S 6 berries with honey yogurt dip·  ntipasto of assorted cheeses, smoked meats, A 8 olives and marinated vegetables·S  ushi, sashimi, California and tuna rolls with wasabi, 9 pickled ginger and soy sauce·  ide of smoked salmon served with capers, diced S 10 red onion, egg with dilled cream and horseradish, pumpernickel rounds and toast points
  • 11. Chilled Hors D’Oeuvres·  hipped goat cheese rosette with pesto and W 3 (per piece) · Grilled spring lamb chops with mustard  4.50 (per piece) sun-dried tomatoes grain and rosemary· B elgian endive spears stuffed with gorgonzola mousse  · Shrimp and andouille sausage brochette· Roulade of roast beef with cornichons and mustard · Coconut shrimp with pineapple ginger dip · Jumbo prawns with citrus herb brioche breading· Crab-stuffed artichoke bottoms 3.50 (per piece) · Oysters Rockefeller· Sesame-seared tuna on cucumber with pickled ginger· New potatoes with vodka cream and caviar · Vegetable egg rolls with soy cilantro dip 3.50 (per piece) · Italian sausage filled jumbo mushrooms· Salmon tartare on pumpernickel chips 3.75 (per piece) · Smoked chicken tequila burritos· Asparagus spear with prosciutto on focaccia crouton · B eef empanadas with spicy salsa · Herbed Boursin cheese profiteroles · Sesame chicken with soy ginger sauce · Tomato bruschetta · Sesame duck tortilla with citrus hoisinHot Hors D’Oeuvres · Miniature goat cheese pizza 4 (per piece) · Sea scallops wrapped in bacon· Spinach and feta in phyllo 3 (per piece) · Miniature crab cakes· Roasted potatoes filled with chorizo · Miniature beef wellington· Chicken satay with mild Thai curry marmalade and peanut sauce · Beef sirloin brochettes· Miniature mushroom tart· Pan-fried pot stickers with chili tomato sauce· Pork and vegetable egg rolls with sweet & sour dipping sauce· Miniature quiche Florentine
  • 12. Action Stations Presentation TablesChef attendant $75.00, per attendant Upgrades to action stations are available at an additional chargeSalad Station 7 Fajita Table 10Hearts of romaine, Grana Padano cheese, classic Caesar dressing, winter Grilled beef or chicken sautéed with onions and peppers, presented withgreens, poached pears, maytag bleu cheese, dried cranberry, candied Cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, sour cream, pico de gallo and warm flourwalnuts, cranberry vinaigrette. Tossed to order. tortillasRisotto Station 8 Potato Table 8Creamy Parmesan risotto accompanied with prepared rock shrimp scampi, Yukon Gold, Blue Peruvian and sweet potatoes mashed with wildwild mushrooms, infused oils, crispy pancetta, pesto, sundried tomato, mushrooms, crispy onions, bacon bits, roasted garlic, crushed pineapple,crème fraiche, Italian cheeses Cheddar cheese, chives and sour creamGrilled Cheese Station 8 Pasta Table 10American cheese on sourdough bread, goat cheese on olive bread, brie Tri-color rotini, penne, cheese tortellini, bow ties (select two)cheese with apricot on whole grain bread Tomato marinara, basil pesto, alfredo sauce (select two) Served with focaccia, garlic bread sticks and Parmesan cheese
  • 13. Plated Dinner Dessert SelectionsServed with chef s choice of entrée accompaniments, choice of (additional charges will apply when choosing more than two selections) salad or soup selection, choice of dessert, freshly brewed regular · Crispy apple tart with caramel sauceand decaffeinated coffee and assorted teas, and assorted rolls · White chocolate bread pudding with vanilla bean saucewith sweet butter · New York cheesecake with strawberry coulisSalad Selections · Fresh seasonal fruit tart with raspberry sauce(additional charges will apply when choosing more than two selections) · Italian tiramisu with espresso sauce·  elterra salad of Kentucky limestone bibb and baby B · Bittersweet chocolate mousse torte with crème anglaise sauce red oak with fresh tomatoes, English cucumbers and herb champagne vinaigrette · Lemon meringue tart with fruit coulis·  lassic Caesar salad with focaccia croutons and C · Strawberries Romanoff with fresh whipped cream freshly shredded parmesan · Citrus crème brûlée with seasonal berries, vanilla tuile·  liced tomatoes and fresh buffalo mozzarella, artichoke S hearts, balsamic reduction and basil oil·  oung spinach leaves, red onion, grape tomatoes, Y mushrooms, and kalamata olives with warm pancetta vinaigretteSoup Selections · Wild mushroom bisque en croûte· Chef ’s seasonal soup creation
  • 14. Plated DinnerServed with chef s choice of entrée accompaniments, choice ofsalad or soup selection, choice of dessert, freshly brewed regularand decaffeinated coffee, assorted teas and assorted rollswith sweet butterDinner Entrée Selection(If choosing more than two entrée selections, please note that all selected entréeswill be subject to the entrée pricing with the highest value. This excludes vegetarianoptions and any customized dinner plates to accommodate dietary needs) ·  ilet mignon, porcini mushroom and herb crust F 44 and red wine demi-glace· B raised beef short rib with natural aromatic jus  38 and creamy cheese polenta· B alsamic grilled chicken breast with wild mushroom  34 Enhancements ragout and Madiera wine reduction (served as a starter course) ·  aked chicken breast en croûte with mixed wild rice B 36 · Pan-roasted Indiana quail with dried cherries  10 and kiln-dried cherry sauce and port-balsamic jus·  oast rack of Indiana pork with dried cranberry, R 34 · W ild mushroom strudel with creamed spinach  8 port wine reduction and herbed gnocchi and goat cheese fondue·  rilled salmon with honey-miso glaze, jasmine rice G 36 · Chilled jumbo gulf shrimp with Jack Daniel’s® cocktail sauce 12 and carrot ginger reduction · Eastern shore crab cake with corn stew, wilted spinach  12· R oasted sea bass with parmesan cheese and herb crust  38 and chili ancho sauce and scarlet orange butter sauce· Grilled filet mignon with veal demi-glace, garlic-herb  54 roasted gulf shrimp and scarlet orange butter·  alsamic grilled chicken breast with madiera B 60 reduction and filet, ginger sauce
  • 15. Specialty Dessert StationViennese Station · 12Napoleons, opera cake, chocolate crunch and fruit tartsCrêpe Station · 10Crêpe suzette, crêpe with strawberry sauce, or crêpewith chocolate sauce and whipped creamSilver Coffee Service · 8Freshly brewed regular and decaffeinated coffee, whippedcream, chocolate shavings and cinnamon sticks, miniaturealmond macaroons, biscotti and chocolatesBananas Foster Station · 10French vanilla ice cream with caramel sauceand sautéed bananas(6 per person with dinner)(12 per person within a reception featuring heavy hors d’oeuvres)($75 attendant fee applies to the Bananas Foster Station)
  • 16. Belterra Dinner TablesDinner tables are accompanied with freshly brewed regular and Entrée Selectionsdecaffeinated coffee, selection of premium hot and iced teas · Herb-crusted chicken breast with forest mushroom sauce · Amish buttermilk fried chickenBuild Your OwnIncludes freshly baked assorted rolls and sweet butter · Grilled salmon with miso-honey glaze and ginger -scallion cream · Blackened gulf red fish with Cajun cream sauceCold Selections (Select four) · Shrimp and scallop seafood linguini with tomato-basil broth·  easonal mixed greens with fresh vegetable garnishes, S · Sliced roast sirloin of beef with rosemary red wine reduction balsamic vinaigrette and ranch dressing · Braised beef short ribs with natural aromatic jus·  uffalo mozzarella with vine-ripened tomatoes, B · Roast Indiana pork loin with a kiln-dried cherry-port glaze balsamic port reduction and basil oil·  enne pasta with roasted peppers, artichoke heart, P kalamata olives and basil pesto 32 (two entrées), 38 (three entrées), 44 ( four entrées)·  resh tropical fruit, melons and seasonal berries F with honey yogurt dip· Red Bliss potato salad with Dijon tarragon mayonnaise·  ear and apple Waldorf salad with cinnamon P and candied pecans· Belterra coleslaw with jicama and caraway dressing
  • 17. Build Your Own AccompanimentsHot Accompaniments (Select two)· Gold skin mashed potatoes with chives· Dauphinoise potato with fresh parmesan cheese· Roasted red potatoes with herbs and olive oil· Country-style green beans with mushrooms and onions· Baby carrots with orange-ginger glaze· Roasted Mediterranean vegetables with fresh herbsDessert Accompaniments (Select two)· House-made cheesecake· Individual French pastries and cakes Carved Entrée Enhancements (For Build Your Own menu, priced per guest· Cream caramel flan with strawberries Requires Chef Attendant, 1 per 100 guests)· Fresh seasonal fruit tarts with vanilla pastry cream · Roast prime rib of beef with au jus and creamed horseradish 10 · S almon en croûte with asparagus and mushroom  8 duxelle and chive butter ·  erb-crusted strip loin of beef with roasted shallot H 12 sauce, “atomic” horseradish and whole-grain mustard · Oven-baked turkey with sherried pan gravy and giblets 8 · Kentucky-cured ham with honey mustard glaze 8
  • 18. Belterra Dinner TablesDinner tables are accompanied with freshly brewed regular anddecaffeinated coffee, selection of premium hot and iced teasIndiana BBQ Table · 44 (per person)· Red skin potato salad· Creamy peppered coleslaw· Fresh fruit salad· Fresh mixed greens with assorted toppings and dressings· BBQ baby back ribs· Amish buttermilk fried chicken· Cornmeal-crusted catfish· Sliced roast sirloin with wild mushroom demi-glace· Sweet corn on the cob· Housemade macaroni and cheese· Fresh greens· Southern cornbread and buttermilk biscuits with whipped butter· Assortment of deep-dish fruit pies, cakes and cobblers
  • 19. Reception Packages ·  arving stations to include whole choice beef sirloin C and horseradishThe Full House · 21 (per person) · Selected mustards and silver dollar rolls· Imported and domestic cheese display with crackers · Tomato and black olive bruschetta· Vegetable crudités with bleu cheese and ranch dips · Thai chicken satay, peanut sauce· Belgian endive with gorgonzola mousse · Miniature beef kabobs, sweet soy reduction·  hipped goat cheese rosette with pesto W · Sausage strudels and sun-dried tomato · Assortment of miniature French pastries· Sesame chicken satay with Thai peanut sauce· Spanakopita· Sausage strudel with Dijon mustard· Assortment of miniature French pastriesThe Royal Flush · 34 (per person)·  mported and domestic cheese display with crackers I and French bread·  uffalo mozzarella and beefsteak tomato display B with balsamic reduction·  ulf prawn cocktail display G
  • 20. Beverage Packages, Per PersonIncludes liquor, house wine, domestic and premium beers, soft drinksper guest for a specified length of serviceCall Brand First hour 12Additional hour 8Premium Brand First hour 16Additional hour 12Hosted/Cash Bar Services, per DrinkBeverages served upon request, charged per drinkCall Brands Premium Brands Liquor 5 Liquor 6Wine by the glass 5 Wine by the glass 6Domestic beer 4 Domestic beer 4Premium beer 5 Premium beer 5Soft drinks 3 Cordials 7Bartender FeeApplies to cash bar service. One bartender per 100 guestsFirst hour 50Additional hour 25