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Malaysia politics analysis study case (mb selangor) 30 july 2014
Malaysia politics analysis study case (mb selangor) 30 july 2014
Malaysia politics analysis study case (mb selangor) 30 july 2014
Malaysia politics analysis study case (mb selangor) 30 july 2014
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Malaysia politics analysis study case (mb selangor) 30 july 2014


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In this study case, we collecting the tweets related to Malaysia politics for a short period. Based on client's goal, our researchers filter out the noises (media, retweets, spams, ads...) and manually label the categories, here are Issues, Identities and Sentiments. Our machine will auto-labelling the future tweets through deep learning methods. Human intervention for accuracy less than 90%. Finally, charts and reports generated for decision making.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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  • 1. 8/16/14, 1:33 AMMalaysia Politics Analysis Study Case (MB Selangor) 30 July 2014 | Croakun Page 1 of 6 Malaysia Politics Analysis Study Case (MB Selangor) 30 July 2014 Posted by: croakun on 15 August 2014 The top Malaysian’s issue as in July 30 is #MBSelangor. In 30 July 2014, people are discussing about “MB Selangor” (40%), “PAS Quit PR or/and Joining UMNO” (22%) and “Vehicle Entry Pass Hike” (8%). Most mentioned identities are “Najib Razak” (17%), “PAS” (15%) and “Anwar Ibrahim” (13%). Generally, the sentiment is Opposing, at 88% regarding to today issues. 69% and 31% tweeting in Malay and English respectively. Note: There is a screencast at the bottom of the post. For the “MB Selangor” issue, “Khalid Ibrahim” was the top mention (28%), following by “Anwar Ibrahim” (26%) and “PKR” (18%).
  • 2. 8/16/14, 1:33 AMMalaysia Politics Analysis Study Case (MB Selangor) 30 July 2014 | Croakun Page 2 of 6 58% are opposing Khalid Ibrahim from continuing as Chief Minister of Selangor because they think he is the root of the opposition coalliation chaos. He is no more supported by his own party after some mistakes during his terms and should just give back the seat to party who selected him. Random selected tweets:
  • 3. 8/16/14, 1:33 AMMalaysia Politics Analysis Study Case (MB Selangor) 30 July 2014 | Croakun Page 3 of 6 Whatever you think that you deserve or underserve, it’s time for you to go @Khalid_Ibrahim Siapa @Khalid_Ibrahim sblm wujud PR yg jd pagar yg makan padi semasa bln ramadhan yg mulia. Jawatan penasihat ekonomi umno lebih sesuai. Pasai @Khalid_Ibrahim porak peranda pulak PAS. Just LET HIM GO lah PAS. I hope @Khalid_Ibrahim will toe party instructions. Being stubborn will not endear you to Sgorians who voted for PR. @Khalid_Ibrahim Kendurkn kemarahn pengundi & pimpinan PR dgn berbincang rkn PR dlm isu AIR & KIDEX. Insyallah isu pertukaran MB akan reda Rupa rupanya kuat juga Khalid Ibrahim ni sampai semua dah jadi kelam kabut dan huru hara apabila beliau cuba digantikan #jp12 @Khalid_Ibrahim kalau parti sendiri suruh berhenti, berhentilah. Tak perlu nak raih sokongan dari pemimpin parti lain masa TS dah berlalu Kesalahan TSKI satu2nya ialah tidak menjadi Menteri Besar kepada Pakatan Rakyat…ttp mnjd Menteri Besar pd teamnya sndiri. TS #MBSelangor @Khalid_ibrahim kena gentle… Biar #Selangorian buang undi…. Bubar aje #DUN @NajibRazak @hmetromy@suaradottv @fuhas_tweet Jika TS @Khalid_Ibrahim fikir kerana dia PR menang di Selangor, bubar DUN, tubuh parti dan bertanding. Tengok berapa kerusi boleh dapat However, 41% are supporting Khalid Ibrahim as Chief Minister. The main reason is Khalid actually had done a great service for Selangor people with his experience as a former corporate figure, while getting fully supports from PAS top leaders. At the same time, also because they don’t want Anwar Ibrahim to apply nepotism into Selangor. @Khalid_Ibrahim Rakyat Need you more than all these greedy leaders. @anwaribrahim @drwanazizah @AzminAli @rafiziramli@abdulhadiawang @Khalid_Ibrahim Keep praying TS. Allah will be there for you…@anwaribrahim @drwanazizah TS khalid ibrahim bagus. Otak korporat dye sesuai dgn negeri selangor yg pesat dgn prkembangan ekonomi. @KhalidSamad Malang sungguh nasibmu Khalid Ibrahim parti mu sendiri tak sayang kepadamu tapi parti lain pula yang sayang kepadamu Semoga Tan Sri @Khalid_Ibrahim terus menjadi MB seperti sediakala! @zaidibrahim , @Khalid_Ibrahim is doing very well in S’gor. Kepentingan rakyat lagi penting. Khalid ibrahim he is a good man as a father as a friend.. stop for any speculation guys.. hari raya kan ☺ There, I’ve said it. I vote in selangor. & I want Khalid Ibrahim to see his term thru. Tukar MB selangor aku xkan ngaku Nik Ajis dn Hj Hadi sokong Khalid Ibrahim tp x sokong bini Anwar Ibrahim…. kenapa kenapa kenapa?????? @Khalid_Ibrahim @tankengliang you have my back Tan Sri! A true gentleman and statesman. Rakyat is your priority.
  • 4. 8/16/14, 1:33 AMMalaysia Politics Analysis Study Case (MB Selangor) 30 July 2014 | Croakun Page 4 of 6 That’s the reason why 100% are not supporting Anwar Ibrahim in substituting his wife as the new Chief. Note: This is a daily analysis, meaning only in this July 30, people are opposing Anwar Ibrahim 100%, but maybe be in different support rate for other days. Kronisme parah dalam UMNO dulu zaman Anwar jadi TPM/Menteri Kewangan lah…keluar UMNO bercakap macam hilang ingatan, tak ada dosa… puihhh @abdulhadiawang @cmlimguaneng Dlm kesedihan tragedi #MH17 huru hara dlm Pktn Hrm.Ketua Umum sibuk nak tukarkn @Khalid_Ibrahim dgn isterinya If @anwaribrahim ever to become the PM, would he also make his wife to be Home Minister, daughter to be Finance Minister & so on? Pls reveal Uncle @RajaPetra , knp uncle @anwaribrahim degil dan gila kuasa? Kenapa awak mewakili PKR dalam Majlis Presiden PR @anwaribrahim ? Awak bukan Presiden pun. @anwaribrahim @SediNur salah faham yg wjd adalah sikap pempin pkr sndri Dsai perlu mperbki byk prkra pokok dlm pkr smga pkr akn jd kuat tq @anwaribrahim nak jadi PM x jadi, nak jadi MB x jadi. Skrg plak nak naik isteri jadi MB. PKR memang Parti Keluarga anwaR la. #NSDK Dia bg sttment mcm presiden Pas. Kelakar “@501Awani: Hanya pandangan peribadi Hadi, tidak mewakili PAS, kata Anwar Ibrahim #MBSelangor Mohon @NajibRazak @my_malaysia @Zahid_Hamidi@HishammuddinH2O @Khairykj @ MukhrizMahathir selamatkan Malaysia dari @anwaribrahim . Uncle @HadiAwang dan uncle @Khalid_Ibrahim wajib berhati2 dgn agent uncle @anwaribrahim dlm PAS. @MahfuzOmar@datohusammusa @KhalidSamad The above is an extract only of Daily Insights. This project is about the real people’s sentiment on Malaysian issues through twitter. There are no Media’s, spams, RTs, bots… no craps, all meaningless noises were filtered, only pure people’s sincere voices. Quality, not quantity. Actionable Insights & KPIs for