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Holocaust web quest
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Holocaust web quest



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  • 1. Holocaust Web Questhttp://www.ushmm.orgGo to the above website and click on “Introduction to the Holocaust.”Begin reading the Introduction and answer the following questions.What groups of people were targeted and persecuted during the Holocaust?Jews were mainly targeted as a threat to the German community and were persecuted during theHolocaust, as were Russians, Salvic peoples, Poles, Gypsies, Communists, Socialists, Jehovah’sWitnesses, disabled people, and homosexuals.What was the European Jewish population prior to World War II?The European Jewish population was about nine million.Differentiate among Concentration Camps, ghettos, Einsatzgruppen, and extermination camps.The main differences between these things were that Concentration Camps were to imprison realand imagined political and idealogical opponents, ghettos were forced labor camps for Jews,Einsatzgruppen’s were mobile killing units, and extermination camps was where killing centers.What was the purpose of death marches?To prevent the Allied liberation of large numbers of prisoners.Click on the “Final Solution” Related Article--In a paragraph, describe Adolf Hitler’s FinalSolution plan.Hitler’s Final Solution plan was essentially a nice way of saying that killing and prosecuted theJews would help bring Germany to peace. By segregating all of the Jewish people andtransporting them into concentration camps, Hitler believed that this would help Germany toyield to its highest potential.Click on the “What is Genocide?” Related Article --- Define Genocide:violent crimes committed against groups with the intent to destroy the existence of the group
  • 2. Holocaust Web QuestScroll up to the top of the page and type in “Antisemitism” in the Search box. Click on thefirst Antisemitism.When was the term originated and what does it mean?A German journalist in 1879 originated the term Antisemitism, meaning the prejudice against orhatred of Jews.When was the Nazi party founded? How did they gain popularity?The Nazi party was founded in 1919 and it gained popularity by distributing anti-Jewishpropaganda.Type in “Topics to Teach” in the search box. Click on Topics to Teach. Scroll down under1933-1939 and click on “Early Stages of Persecution.”When were the Nuremberg laws implemented? In a paragraph, describe the Nuremberg lawsand the effects.The Nuremberg Laws were implemented in 1935. The Nuremberg Laws prohibited anyinterracial relations and denoted many privileges not eligible for Jews such as voting. The effectsof these laws effected many Jews whether they practiced Judaism or not. Read and take notes about the events from 1933-1939 that led to World War 2and the Holocaust.(After clicking on the links to the images, click ‘back’ to return to the timeline.)Click on the images and read the captions for the following dates:January 30, 1933March 22, 1933April 1, 1933May 10, 1933September 15, 1935—view posters and read about the Nuremberg Laws.Under 1938, Nov 9/10 “The Night of Broken Glass.”Then you may peruse the timeline and select any particular event that sparks your interest. Youmay want to focus on the discriminatory events from 1938 to the beginning of World War 2 in1939.Assignment: Create a front page of a 1930’s United States newspaper demonstrating yourknowledge of the historical events that led to World War II and the Holocaust. Your newspapermay focus on one particular event or a few events and must include at least one image.Your newspaper is due on: 4/14/11
  • 3. Holocaust Web Quest The Final Not-so- effective- Solution February - 1941 When the name Adolf Hitler is spoken, many different thoughts cross one’s mind. Peace? Change? Freedom? All of these things are what Hitler promised as he began his candidacy to Adolf Hitler greeting a soldier with a smile on his face. rise to power. Although change and peace were assured, the means of accomplishing these notions are far beyond the imagination. Adolf Hitler begins his reign by encouraging that Germany’s suffering would soon end. No one could have ever guessed that this is what he intended. The Great Depression had an overwhelming impact on Germany making it one of the most vulnerable countries throughout Europe. With a downward spiraling economy being more exposed than ever and a huge gape in the government system, the officials of Germany and the people, knew that something drastic must occur to save their home. Hitler was the solution. As Hitler’s popularity grew immensely, so did his promises. Convincing the people of Germany that the Jewish population was to blame for their suffering, Hitler begins to prohibit Jews from their everyday activities, luxuries, responsibilities, and ways of life with the introduction of the Nuremberg Laws. By holding riots such as “Kristallnacht” or “TheJewish children behind the barbed Night of Broken Glass”, November 9/10, 1938 will always be remembered wire in a concentration camp. by the damaged remains of the Jewish shops, homes, and unfortunate people who fell victim to the attack. By segregating not only Jews, but Russians, Salvic peoples, Poles, Gypsies, Communists, Socialists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, disabled people, and homosexuals, Hitler has crossed the line into textbook Dictatorship. Sending these minorities into vile places such as concentration camps and ghettos, these people must face the consequences of just being who are they are, which to Adolf Hitler, is a disgrace.
  • 4. Holocaust Web Quest These horrifying happenings are still continuing to this day. Jews are being victimized fortheir faith, and people are being prosecuted for unrealistic reasoning. These things all play intothe bigger picture of Adolf Hitler and his irrational, discriminatory, and downright evil attributes.Resources: