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  • 1. 페이지 1 / 7 2014 ICMlCI Asia-Pacific Hub Meeting, Myanmmar Good Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen! It is my great honor to be here to meet all of you with the topic of "Discovering the New Frontier Myanmmar Golden Land of Opportunities". I have found out that there are lots of opportunities to cooperate together and develop our friendship together under the brotherhood of ICMCI. Moreover, as the chair of IMC Korea and Korea Government Certified Consultant Association (KGCCA), I would like to sincerely express my warm-hearted appreciation to all the colleagues in this room for sharing common interests in global consulting market through this event. Especially, I appreciate Chair of ICMCI Mr Millar, Chair of IMC Myammar Micheal Chin as well as Chair of IMC Thailand Mr Khun Sak who organized this great conference that is very impressive.
  • 2. 페이지 2 / 7 Today I would like to kindly ask you to join 2014 ICMCI 2nd International Conference and Annual Meeting which is going to be held in September this year in Seoul, Korea to further explore and share experience and sharping our consulting knowledge and best practices together. As you all of you know, Consulting Industry is a knowledge-based industry, creating additional values to the corporation and other industry through professional consultants. Right now, the competitive level of consulting services are getting elevated also demands are required. Moreover, the trends are changed very fast. Therefore, I believe the role of this kind of world event is getting more important to share professional knowledge and experiences. Today I would like to briefly introduce Korea Government Supporting System for Small and Medium Businesses, which I can bravely say, are the backbone as well as the backgrounds for Korea economy to become
  • 3. 페이지 3 / 7 the 8th rank of world trade in Volume. Unlikely other countries, we have very unique and specific consulting & consultant system in Korea. As you see the title of "GCCA", symbol of our association identity, stands for Government Certified Consultant Association, GCCA has 29 years history with distinguished achievement to boost our Korean Economy. Hereby, I would like to further elaborate Government Certified Consultant (GCC) system. To be a Government Certified Consultant (GCC) in Korea, the applicant must pass very strict examinations sponsored by Korean Government, and certified by the name of the Administrator of Small and Medium Business, the Government of the Republic of Korea. The primary exam is made up of 6 subjects which are multiple choices questions. In addition, candidates have to take a second-round exams which are essay questions. The consultants who have successfully passed
  • 4. 페이지 4 / 7 the two exams can register as a member of consultants of GCCA and practice business consultant courses in real fields with mentors. Our association consists of about 15,000 government certified consultants who provide all small and medium enterprises with wide range of consulting services in finance, human resources, marketing, production, environment, and technology. Now, I would like to explain the main structure of our association. GCCA has a top general assembly with 220 delegates representing each city and province. They work cooperatively with the 30 board of directors and manage 18 branches including Cheju Island. Through a highly effective membership management system and a high degree of professionalism, KOREA GOVERNMENT CERTIFIED CONSULTANT ASSOCIATION (KGCCA) does not only contribute to the growth, stability, and competitiveness of small and medium size
  • 5. 페이지 5 / 7 industries, but also promotes the balanced development of the nation's economy and industrial structure as follows: First, we assist our members with the development of members’ occupational ability, protection of members’ occupational rights and continuous development of their relevant businesses, promotion of the friendship and welfare of members, and providing consulting related information. Second, we provide the assistance services to meet the legal requirements with the consideration of Consultant Qualification Examination and necessary registration, cultivation of the consultants' practical training and supplementary education with necessary registration, the analysis and guidance of small and medium sized industries, and the supervision of industries’ Analysis Reports. Third, we assist the System Improvement for our
  • 6. 페이지 6 / 7 members with the proposal of revisions of consultant related laws, development of consulting related policies, promotion of the prestige and public trust of consultants, and strengthening the consultant system and capabilities Fourth, we help Small and Medium Sized Industries with management & technology consulting, voluntary analysis and guidance, management improvement education and training, and periodical publication of Q&A for small and medium sized industries Fifth, we provide the Education and Training services for the legal designated education, government designated education, civil license approval education, outside trust education, APEC CBC approval consultant cultivation education and Assistance to Members, and ICMCI CMC Training Program and Assistance to Members. Lastly, we maintain the External Cooperation with the network building for domestic/foreign consulting organizations, the relevant affairs exchange with English
  • 7. 페이지 7 / 7 Consultancies Association, the occupational exchange with Japanese Associations, and offering consulting courses with renowned universities and schools. I would like to kindly invite you again to join 2014 ICMCI 2nd International Conference and Annual Meeting in September this year, Seoul, Korea. I am sure it will be my unforgettable experiences in my life. Thanks again for all of your friendship and brotherhood to share together.