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Cmc canada overview 2014 04 29
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  • 1. CMC  Development   in  Canada   1963  -­‐  2014  
  • 2. The  Badge  of  a  Professional,   Competent,  &  Trustworthy   Consultant   Why Do We Exist
  • 3. Where their interests meet… The  recognised  mark  of  the   consul>ng  professional  that   prac>ces  according  to  internal   culture  and  prac3ces  and   interna3onal  standards  
  • 4. Where their interests meet… Every  management  consultant  should   want  to  become  and  stay  a  CMC  while   they  prac>ce,  as  it  demonstrates  to   beneficiaries  that  they  can  have     Confidence  in  crucial/cri>cal   assignments  
  • 5. Management consulting is Exper3se   Experience   Capabili3es   Ethics   Educa3on   Training   + Lifelong   Professional   Development   KiSCaT:  Knowledge,  Skills,  Competence  and  Trust.   Knowledge  and  half  of  the  skills  are  aGained  by   educa3on,  however,  Competence  and  Trust  are  aGained   through  the  CMC  (code  of  conduct  and  code  of  ethics).  
  • 6. CMC-­‐Canada:  CMC  designation.    •  The  CMC  designa>on  is  one  way  that  consul>ng  professionals  can   differen>ate  themselves  from  those  who  simply  hang  out  their  consul>ng   shingle.    Earning  the  designa>on  can  be  done  through  three  streams,  based   on  experience.     cmc-canada.ca!6  
  • 7. Why Do We Exist As  global  voice  of  the  profession,  we  have  a  real  belief   that   Management   Consultancy   can   and   does   improve   our  world,  our  socie3es,  and  our  ecomonies.  
  • 8. History and Development of CMC-Canada 1956   special  commiGee  to  study  “ethical  and  other   considera3ons  rela3ng  to  management  consul3ng   prac3ces.”  
  • 9. 1962   All  six  CA  firms  who  have  consul3ng  divisions,  plus   leading  management  consul3ng  firms,  agree  there   are  maGers  of  common  interest  and  discussions   should  be  of  a  na3onal  level.   History and Development of CMC-Canada
  • 10. 1963   CMC-­‐Canada  is  born  on  July  4,  with  ten  founding  firms.   It  was  agreed  that  there  was  much  to  gain  by  working   together  to  build  and  standardize  the  emerging   profession  of  management  consul3ng.     History and Development of CMC-Canada
  • 11. The association focuses on encouraging the highest standards of quality and competence, to maintain strict rules of professional conduct and ethical practice, to develop a common body of knowledge, to disseminate information to the public about the profession, to represent the profession, and to set standards for individuals desiring to be recognized as “professional management consultants.” History and Development of CMC-Canada
  • 12. 1966   The  first  Provincial  Ins3tutes  of  management   consultants  are  incorporated  in  Ontario  and   Quebec.    The  first  “Cer3fied  Management   Consultant"  (CMC)  designa3on  is  awarded.     History and Development of CMC-Canada
  • 13. History and Development of ICMCI 1987   CMC-­‐Canada  serves  as  a  founding  member  of  the   Interna>onal  Council  of  Management  Consul>ng   Ins>tutes,  along  with  the  USA,  UK,  Australia,  South   Africa,  Denmark,  and  Austria  
  • 14. History and Development of ICMCI 2014   Today  CMC-­‐Canada  has  more  than  3,000  members   across  Canada,  represen>ng  major  firms,  medium   firms,  and  independents.  
  • 15. So what are our challenges to-day? Being Relevant!
  • 16. Business as usual is not the time to hire a CMC. When you have a dragon sneaking up on you, affecting operations, morale and profit, find a professional business advisor. Call a CMC. We are accustomed to the heat. Being Relevant
  • 17. Are you passionate about the consulting profession?!
  • 18. I’m professional.!
  • 19. I’m passionate.!
  • 20. I’m  ready.   •  To  learn  more  about  how  to   become  a  CMC-­‐Canada   member  and  Cer>fied   Management  Consultant,  visit   cmc-­‐canada.ca  or  call   416.860.1515.       cmc-canada.ca! 20  
  • 21. Thank you Questions?