16.leveraging from icmci initiatives 27 april 2013 imc korea nam kee lee


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16.leveraging from icmci initiatives 27 april 2013 imc korea nam kee lee

  1. 1. Leveraging ICMCI Initiative;KoreanInstitute’sutilizationDr. Nam-kee LeeThe Chairman of KGCCA, ICMCI Korea
  2. 2. Introduction• Nam-kee Lee• Former chairman of the Fair Trade Commission (2002)• Experienced more than 30 years in Korean government• Current chairman of Korean government Certified ConsultantAssociation• Working for Korean SME’s growth, seeking for a harmony with itscommunities2
  3. 3. AgendaWhat we doWhat we planWhat it means to KoreanCMCsHow to facilitate in the future 3
  4. 4. 1.What we do1-1. Academic Affiliation1-2. International Consultant Day Seminar1-3. CMC Community/Forum4
  5. 5. 1-1. Academic Affiliation• MOU with Soongsil University in Seoul• To train and educate learner consultant to be certified, SoongsilUniversity and ICMCI Korea signed an memorandum ofunderstanding.• MOU made in September 2011• Expects the quality of CMC training will be up‐graded.5
  6. 6. 1-1. Academic Affiliation• ICMCI Korean own training programs to train learnerconsultant• Providing 1-2times a year (duration: 2 months)• Successful candidates shall be eligible to be officially certified asCMC6
  7. 7. 1-2. International Consultant DayCelebration/Seminar• In July 2012, the first celebration for the InternationalConsultant Day celebrating seminar was held in Yeouido• With approx. 100 guests from five countries including Republicof Korea, India, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore.• Participants includes the chairman of KGCCA, the immediate pastchair of ICMCI, the chairman of AP Hub and other Korean VIPsand the government officials in SME industry• it will be continuously organized on an annual basis7
  8. 8. 1-2. International Consultant DayCelebration/Seminar• First milestone to discuss and focus the regional SME andconsulting issues as the part of ICMCI member8
  9. 9. 1-3. CMC community• Supporting domestic and international CMC activities becamethe most relevant conversational subject last year• The CMC community was organised to fulfill the purposediscussed above under the leadership of Mr. Moon, the CMC• KGCCA has been designated as the main sponsor or thiscommunity to help them9
  10. 10. 2. What we plan2-1. Large firm initiative2-2. CMC branding in Korea2-3. Extension of Academic Affiliation10
  11. 11. 2-1. Implementing ‘Large firm’• Purpose: To meet the global consistency and standards ofICMCI, training for competency empowerment is imperativefor those who works in the consulting industry.• Professional designation and affiliation with existingconsulting firm is the first key to successful implement11
  12. 12. 2-2. CMC branding in Korea• Purpose: to increase the awareness and convey its highreputation in Korea, various activities shall be implemented.• Currently, it is under planning compatible with ICMCIBreakthrough Strategy, but slightly localized for especiallyKorean CMCs to stimulate the brand loyalty• Souvenirs such as Badge or CMC card can enhance the loyaltyand the brand attachment• Several events are designed such as seminar• Those are not designed for domestic audiences only. KoreanCMCs’ yearly participation in regular workshops at ourneighbouring Asian countries12
  13. 13. 13
  14. 14. 2-3. Extension of AcademicAffiliation• Purpose: to broaden the awareness and facilitate itsprofessional competencies.• Not only offering non-degree awarded courseworks, we areunder planning academic affiliation of CMC certification anddegree-awarding program with tertiary educational institute(s)domestically and internationally.14
  15. 15. 2-3. Extension of AcademicAffiliation• Direction of implement:• First approach would target overseas universities which have theBusiness school. Possible options are presented as follows;• Asian Pacific focused• Universities in Western countries• Second approach would target domestic university as ICMCIKorea currently focuses.• In the long run, our ultimate goal shall be balanced focuses ondomestic and international both to upgrade the professionalcompetency and reputation.15
  16. 16. 3. What it means to Korean CMCs3-1. Sense of belongings3-2. Opportunity to expand abroad16
  17. 17. 3-1. Sense of belonging• Those approaches explained before would give some sense ofbelonging as one of the global community members• With approx. 50 member countries and closed relationship inAP region, networking under the big umbrella of ICMCI willfunction as a tie to bond us as one community17
  18. 18. 3-2. Opportunitiesto expandabroadWith its global network under the ICMCI umbrella, Korean CMCscan utilize this network for their new business opportunityabroad18
  19. 19. 3-2. Opportunitiesto expandabroad• In Asia-Pacific region, CMC network can create the mutualbenefit between two parties by sharing business insights dueto its cultural similarities• Especially, in North American and Europe, CMC reputation hasbeen well-established and its professional competency hasbeen well-presented. Therefore, it can leverage its advantageswhen Korean CMCs are considering expanding their businessinto those markets19
  20. 20. How to facilitateIncreasing presence in the mediaActive participation in the International eventsLong-term plan for increasing the brand loyaltyDedication forclose cooperation with government for CMC reputation20
  21. 21. Thank you21