05.reinventing innovating the consulting mikko line bmca


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05.reinventing innovating the consulting mikko line bmca

  1. 1. Mikko Lin-BMCA/ICMCI 2013 Bangkok 1Utilize the New Business Modelto Upgrade Consulting Innovation 2013-04-26Presenter: Dr. Mikko LinSecretary General of BMCACMC, IMC Chinese Taipei/TaiwanAssociate Professor -Strategic Management in BrandingBusiness Management Consultants AssociationBMCA, ROC/TaiwanBMCA
  2. 2. Mikko Lin-BMCA/ICMCI 2013 Bangkok 2Current Status of Consultants in Taiwan• ChallengesThe current Consultants in Taiwan meet the following challenges:- The Local Consultants not really be Emphasized bythe Corporate Owners in Taiwan at this moment .( Some of corporate owners think that one time delicious mealis enough to buy the problem-settling idea or even the strategy,then, owner & corporate staffs are capable to deal with &execute.)however, it’s the different story to the BMCA
  3. 3. Mikko Lin-BMCA/ICMCI 2013 Bangkok 3Current Status of Consultants in Taiwan• Challengeshowever, it’s totally the different story to the WorldwideInternational Consultants.(for example:Corporate owners may pay 5-10 times consulting feesif compares to the renowned international consultingorganization to the local consulting firm.)BMCA
  4. 4. Mikko Lin-BMCA/ICMCI 2013 Bangkok 4Utilize the New Business Modelto Upgrade Consulting Innovation• As the economic situation seems not so optimisticfor the past 5 years , even now, the awkward economicsituation is still remain the same not changed.1.Consultants getting more & more working forthe Mainland China markets in large sums ofConsulting Case Guidance & Activities.Not only the Talent Brain- drain disappeared,but also creating new Competitors from Chinato compete against Taiwan’s Industry.BMCA
  5. 5. Mikko Lin-BMCA/ICMCI 2013 Bangkok 5Utilize the New Business Modelto Upgrade Consulting Innovation2. The career life to Consultants full of Un-stability &Un-certainty, it induces the Experienced ManagementExperts dare not to act as the role of Consultant fully.Corporate-working is still their major selection.Only few persons entering the Consultant sector withthe mind-set of “Just Trying, then, Watch & See”[Thinking]:How to Breakthrough this “already-have-been-Existing”situation is now falling to our shoulder – BMCA.BMCA
  6. 6. Mikko Lin-BMCA/ICMCI 2013 Bangkok 6BMCA-Business Management Consultants Association,Chinese Taipei/TaiwanBMCABMCA established sine 1987 for the 26th years,acting as the Platform for Individual & Group Consultants.Our Consultants is around 300 members,but, only around 150 members more or lessstill Active.BMCA
  7. 7. Mikko Lin-BMCA/ICMCI 2013 Bangkok 7Utilize the New Business Modelto Upgrade Consulting Innovation• BMCA proposed a Boss-Up program end of 2012.Mr. Neil Huang- current President/ BMCAstructures Boss-Up Concept & Philosophy.Boss-Up Core Concept & Mission:“Integrate Resources of Consultants & Management Toolsto assist Enterprises Up-Lifting Competitiveness. “BMCA
  8. 8. Mikko Lin-BMCA/ICMCI 2013 Bangkok 8Utilize the New Business Modelto Upgrade Consulting Innovation• Mr. Charles Liu is also invited to assistBMCA for Boss-Up program.Mr. Charles Liu Ex-President/ BMCAcurrent Chairman ofAsia Pacific Hub, ICMCI.BMCA
  9. 9. Mikko Lin-BMCA/ICMCI 2013 Bangkok 9Utilize the New Business Modelto Upgrade Consulting InnovationWe are now training both Sales & Consultants teams forBoss-Up program:[ Sales Team ]:Our Sales Team Invite Corporate Owners to attendperiodic Management Knowledge program, we offerFree & Charge programs for their choice, we introduceIT knowledge to encourage SMEs’ owners wiling toRe-engineer & Improve their current situation ,Make it Better for the Corporate Operationin the coming future.BMCA
  10. 10. Mikko Lin-BMCA/ICMCI 2013 Bangkok 10Utilize the New Business Modelto Upgrade Consulting Innovation[ Consultants Team ]:Our individual Consultant working on“Long-term Accompany- Consulting Guidance” basis.Accompany-Consultant unnecessary to be the only oneConsultant, any further or complicated problems can beserved via Team-Consultants.BMCA is the most suitable role-playingNPO Consulting Organization to Conduct & Implement.BMCA
  11. 11. Mikko Lin-BMCA/ICMCI 2013 Bangkok 11Utilize the New Business Modelto Upgrade Consulting InnovationThe numbers of SMEs is around 1.28 mio firms in Taiwan.Performing the Continuous Implementation withConstructive Strategic Planning for Boss-Up Program,we do believe that :As the SMEs’ Corporate Owners getting more & more Confidentamong BMCA & Member Consultants,This is really create a Platform for local Consultants to role-play& execute in Taiwan.(but, Is it enough…………? An “ IAABA” program is now Proposed.)BMCA
  12. 12. Mikko Lin-BMCA/ICMCI 2013 Bangkok 12Utilize the New Business Modelto Upgrade Consulting Innovation• IAABAInternational Assessment & Achievement/Awardsof Branding Association.I proposed IAABA program at ICMCI Orlando Conference in2012 to 10 countries IMC members individually and receivedtheir active Understanding & Responses.BMCA
  13. 13. Mikko Lin-BMCA/ICMCI 2013 Bangkok 13Utilize the New Business Modelto Upgrade Consulting Innovation• The core procedure of IAABA is via 4 steps & process:1.Corporates’ Branding Testing conducted by BMCA.2.Strategic Training/Guidance for Branding Course Learning& Consulting Guidance .3.Qualification Assessment.4. Qualification Achievement/Awards.BMCA
  14. 14. Mikko Lin-BMCA/ICMCI 2013 Bangkok 14Utilize the New Business Modelto Upgrade Consulting Innovation• IAABA is now being perceived、 recognized & supported by ourGovernment.All the Assessment Indicators will be discussed & designedby the Management Experts from worldwide 10-12 countries.The suggested name list countries we discussed in were:Italy 、UK 、USA 、Denmark 、 Finland、Netherlands、Australia 、 New Zealand 、South Africa 、Singapore…. etc.The CMC, ICMCI is our welcome Priority Candidates& Working Partners.BMCA
  15. 15. Mikko Lin-BMCA/ICMCI 2013 Bangkok 15Utilize the New Business Modelto Upgrade Consulting InnovationRegarding the Courses/Certification , the following items arerecommended:-Branding Management Course.-Branding Consultant Course.-Branding Assessment Course.-International Strategic Management in Branding Course.BMCA
  16. 16. Mikko Lin-BMCA/ICMCI 2013 Bangkok 16Utilize the New Business Modelto Upgrade Consulting Innovation• IAABA Headquarters is being deeply considered set-upin Italy.The term of office for the Chair will be considered asthe Standing & Long-term basis.The place of Secretariat office is set-up in Taiwan.BMCA
  17. 17. Mikko Lin-BMCA/ICMCI 2013 Bangkok 17Utilize the New Business Modelto Upgrade Consulting InnovationWe expect all our efforts with Innovative Business Modelwill conquer the various kinds of difficulties and providea Platform to initiate the new opportunities for the SMEsas well as Consultants in Taiwan & worldwide Internationalmarkets.BMCA
  18. 18. Mikko Lin-BMCA/ICMCI 2013 Bangkok 18Utilize the New Business Modelto Upgrade Consulting Innovation• Thank You for your JoinManagement Knowledge Practice Sharing !Presenter: Dr. Mikko Lin BMCAIMC Chinese Taipei / TaiwanBMCA