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Cristina Otoya portfolio

  1. 1. Independent. Laud. Colorful. Dreamer. Latina.I like human beings. I think that every person is auniverse waiting to be explore, waiting to be understand,waiting to be known. When I was a little girl l likedwatching peoples moves and study them. Nothing haschange since.Advertising is culture, and that why I fell in love with it.The fact that you need to understand peoples mind andfeelings is very important in these days, and only fewpeople have the talent to do that. Im one of them.Im not afraid of changes, neither of challenges. I seechanges as a way to expand my limits, to get out of mycomfort zone. And challenges are the chance to proveme that I can always become better.I do believe people can fly, because ideas can drive youwherever in the world you want to be. My imaginationhas take me far away, but there is still a long way to go.Im not afraid of the future to come.
  2. 2. EDUCATIONBrigham Young University, Provo, UT 2007 - PresentBachelor in CommunicationsEmphasis: AdvertisingMinor: Spanish LiteratureEMPLOYMENTAccount Planner at BYU ADLab, Provo, UT 2011 – PresentAssist in strategy and research for clients:IQ Nutrition, Tauck, New Grain, Children’s Miracle NetworkResearch director at BYU Television International 2011 –PresentI do research about people’s opinion of the content of the channel.I’m in charge of direct focus groups, creating surveys, etc. Also in charge of all social media.Translator at BYU Television International 2010 – 2011My job was translating programs from English into Spanish and Portuguese.INTERESTSPhotography, film, designing, blogging and translation.COMPUTER SKILLSPhotoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, SPSS, Word, PowerPoint, Excel.
  3. 3. Challenge:Develop breakthrough creative approaches that are founded in consumer behaviorand insights and that enable Tauck Bridges to gain awareness among key decisionsmakers (primarily moms) for family travel.My Role: I was in charge of conducting focus groups, one on one interviews, andethnographies in order to get some insights from our target market.Competitive Analysis:The biggest problem with competitors in this market is that after going throughthe information on websites and other information they all offer basically thesame thing. You could almost take away logos and tag lines and mix them up andyou wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Most all of them have a Family TourFacet to the brand. They all go to basically the same places. They are all within abasic price range.Research Finding:Sharing new experiences together is the most important when it comes to familytravel, but being able to relax is also important.
  4. 4. Advertising Objective:Increase awareness of the Tauck brand within the family travel market.Big Insight:Families go on vacations to bond and experience new things together.Solutions:1. Despite the negative idea of guided tours:•Re-define the definition of “guided tour”•Video on homepage explaining how Tauck is difference from competitors•DVD in brochures2. Increase the bonding experience•Smaller tour groups Provides more opportunities for family bonding Competitors tours consists of 15-20 people Could make this an added option and/or charge extra for smaller groups•Service option Opportunities for service, while vacationing, came up repeatedly in our primary research  Something children can enjoy too: orphanages, wild life refuge, national parks, local villages, etc. Short (just a couples hours of their time can make a big difference)
  5. 5. 3. Add incentives•Friendship rewards 23% of survey participants get vacation ideas from friends and family Free advertising Discounts vs. Bonuses•Photographer/Videographer Many of families best memories happen on vacation4. Create Tauck online profile• Allows families to see a brief biography of the other families they are travelingwith, or will travel with if they book a specific vacation• Email updates on what friends are booking vacations and where• Travelers can share testimonials and pictures on their profile5. More digital media6. Increase social mediaCreative Assignment:Develop creative business and advertising solutions for the Tauck Bridges brand tomake them more prevalent in the eyes of family travelers. Depict the “family tour”as an exciting, luxurious, family bonding experience that every family needs
  6. 6. The Challenge:Make Under Armour Soccer into “No the lockoutsport”Target:Males around the ages 15 – 25 who like playing soccerbecause they feel passionate about it, and notbecause they want to become famous.Insight:Soccer will never be the lockout sport, because men have fun playing it and theyfeel passionate about it. This time is not for the money.Creative:Michele Broderick, Cristina Gonzales and Harpey Anderson
  7. 7. Creative ExecutionGame Application
  8. 8. Creative ExecutionPrint Ads
  9. 9. Creative ExecutionWeb
  10. 10. The Challenge:The most important issue to address in the Nookacampaign is brand association and awareness.We want to make sure its first impression islasting and right on cue with its target market.Target:Upper/ Middle class males and females around the ages 18 – 24 who careabout uniquenessResearch Findings Our questions about the Nooka brand found that 94% of the 52 peopleinterviewed are not familiar with Nooka. This shows that ouradvertisement campaigns must focus on spreading brand awareness andeducating the target market on what Nooka is.The remaining questions in our survey showed that our target marketplaces a high value in being unique, fashionable, and trendsetting. Ourresults also showed that while the target market seeks for somethingfunctional and useful, it is more important to them to have something thatmakes them feel fashionable or unique.
  11. 11. My Role:I was in charge of conducting one on one interviews and reviewing thesurveys. After that I made sure that what we found out in our research wasreflected on our ads.Insight:Mainstream fashion doesnt appeal to them, they dont consider thoseoptions because they are trendsetters. They look for a minuscule thing andbring it out into the openStrategy Statement:Nooka provides a fresh spin on a timeless classic that allows them to beahead of their time.Creative Concept:Showcase your style is the idea that no matter what the target market does,Nooka will help them show it off. The target market is a very active groupand they enjoy dancing and a variety of sports. All of these activities arevery fashion oriented as well. Looking good while hitting the slopes or beingfly while “popping and locking” is possible with Nooka.Creative:John Storey and Cristina Otoya
  12. 12. Creative executionPrint Ads
  13. 13. Product: Heinz Organic KetchupBig Idea: Even fairy tales changed their happy ending. “Just Right”
  14. 14. “No Genetic Magic,100fi Organic.”
  15. 15. Product: Scotch tapeBig Idea: You can fix undesirableswith Scotch.
  16. 16. Cristina 473- Thank you