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  • I picked intramural sports because I am fascinated by the level of intensity shown by students at Upper Merion during intramural events. I love sports and I’ve participated in the competitions since I was a sophomore. I wanted to see if intramurals were as loved and looked forward to by other schools as well as see where they are on a college level. I wanted to know what effects they have on people.\n
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  • Obesity in america is getting worse and worse. 20% of children are obese and 65% of adults.\n
  • Many kids overeat or bing eat their meals. The reason for binging is often because kids have so much going on in their lives nowadays that they don’t have too much time to eat so when they do eat, they eat a giant meal. Another huge factor is that about half of high school students consistently don’t eat breakfast. Not eating breakfast results in a lack of appetite for the day and helps cause binging. (ask Mike/Meghan about the depression stats) \n\n
  • Studies have been linking this to the decreases in physical education and other fitness programs in recent years as well as technological advances causing kids to just sit at home play video games as opposed to doing some type of fitness. 48% of teens play some sort of game at least once a week. 1 in 10 parents think video games are positive for children.\n
  • Percentage of households that possess at least one television: 99, Percentage of 4-6 year-olds who, when asked to choose between watching TV\nand spending time with their fathers, preferred television: 54, Percentage of Americans who say they watch too much TV: 49\n\n
  • Fitness programs in america are becoming less and less popular. Gyms are closing down due to lack of customers and many schools are struggling in their athletics programs because students simply do not want to participate. When someone is involved in Intramural activities or any fun physical activity as a child, that person is more likely to play a sport and exercise more throughout there life. Childhood is where lifelong habits are made and as intramural programs at schools decline less kids are introduced to the fun of sports and will live less healthy lives.\n
  • Fitness and healthy eating habits go hand in hand. Working out is actually secondary to the way you eat, so if kids educate themselves early on how to be this healthy they are much more likely to grow up fit and stay fit which will allow them to pass these traits down to their children.... \n
  • Intramurals not only inspire great habits for fitness and inspire good eating, but they also help make friends. For me personally it had a huge affect on this. I used to not really hang out with people from our school but after the floor hockey and frisbee tournaments people started calling me to play frisbee or hockey on the week days and then that evolved to hanging out over the weekends and basically I wouldn’t have the friends I have in school if it wasn’t for intramurals.\n
  • I’ve participated in the intramural tournaments at Upper Merion throughout my high school years and I remember being a sophomore and being overwhelmed by how into it everyone was. Half the teams made shirts and their were plenty of teams even for less popular sports like hockey and volleyball. I started wondering why intramurals at Upper Merion got so much attention and if it was like that at every school.\n
  • Go to any girls volleyball/ basketball game and you will see how crazy the fans at UM are. From painted bodies to Moe Shendge with his full body blue and gold spandex outfit, we never cease to support our teams. \n
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  • The first intramural sports programs were started at the University of Michigan and Ohio State in 1913. They were created by a man named Elmer Mitchell. The name Intramurals comes from the latin meaning of intra muros which means “within walls” and it was used to indicate sports matches and contests that take place within a town or school as opposed to a varsity or club team which competes with teams from other cities.\n
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  • Colleges have had intramural sports since 1913 but many high schools don’t have them. Unlike Upper Merion, people from other schools say very few people participate in intramurals at their schools. They say they are not a big deal and you’ll almost never see a t-shirt made for em. Many high schools such as Boyerstown High School have no intramurals at all.\n
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Intramural Sports By: Cody Ritting
    • 2. ThesisRecent Studies indicate that apathy towardsfitness programs is linked to obesity inchildren and the start of unhealthy habits. Ialso looked at the link between school spiritand great intramural tourneys and programs.Through my application component I willprove that students can still have fun andget fit and why Upper Merion intramuraltournaments get so much attention.
    • 3. Personal relevance
    • 4. ComponentsObesityFitness programs in relationship toobesitySchool spiritIntramural programs around thecountry
    • 5. Obesity
    • 6. Why are Kids Obese? Low self esteem Overeating/ Binging Depression
    • 7. Video Games
    • 8. TV
    • 9. Fitness
    • 10. Fitness (cont.)
    • 11. Why Intramurals? -Good Habits -Friends -Fun
    • 12. School SpiritUpper Merion
    • 13. UM Spirit (cont.)
    • 14. History
    • 15. College IntramuralsElmer Mitchell“The Father of Intramurals”
    • 16. US intramurals Today
    • 17. Penn State Summer -Basketball Spring -Softball -Racquetball Fall -Volleyball -Tennis -Racquetball -Golf Scramble -Softball -Wrestling -Soccer -Soccer -Tennis singles -Track and Field-Cross Country -badminton -Flag Football -Table Tennis -Golf -Arena Football -Volleyball -Dodgeball -Squash-3v3 basketball -Swim Meet -Basketball
    • 18. Central Montco -4v4 Basketball (s) -Ultimate Frisbee <3 -Tennis -Outdoor Volleyball -Badminton Tourney -3 Mile Run -Bench Press -Indoor Volleyball -3v3 Basketball (f)-Free Throw Competition -Dart Competition -Indoor Soccer -Badminton League -Golf League-Table Tennis Tournament -Dodgeball Tournament -Tennis Tourney -Racquetball -Flag Football (f) -Running Club -Checkers Tournament’s-soccer-team-wins-on-last-minute-goal/1602/
    • 19. Shippensburg -Softball -Soccer -Basketball -Volleyball -Street Hockey-Ultimate Frisbee
    • 20. UM IntramuralsTournaments Champions Hockey Boats and Shoes Frisbee Just Give us the Shirts Soccer Shay’s Team Volleyball Utah Jazz Dodgeball Facial LaFleur
    • 21. Mt. Lebanon High School-Girls Flag Football-Boys Flag Football -Bowling -Basketball -Foosball -Boys Softball -Girls Softball -Kayaking -Dodgeball -Billiards Golf
    • 22. ApplicationMr. Dodds
    • 23. Class ActivityGoing to the gym.
    • 24. Works Cited Costley, Kevin C. “Childhood Obesity: A Heavy Problem.” N/A (March 2009): n. pag. Ebsco host. Web. 2 Nov. 2010. <>.Department of Recreational Sports. University of Michigan, n.d. Web. 24 May 2011. <‌Recreation/‌Intramural_Sports/>.Intramurals.” Mt. Lebanon school district intramurals. Ed. Mark DeBernardis and Tom Jackson. mt. lebanon school district, n.d. Web. 24 May 2011. <‌highschool/‌intramuralsports.asp>.Taliaferro, Lindsay A., Barbara A. Rienzo, and Kristine A. Donovan. “Relationships between Youth Sport Participation and Selected Health RiskBehaviors from 1999 to 2007.” Journal of School Health (Sept. 2010): n. pag. Web. 3 Nov. 2010.Life, Jeffry. “Eating Habits.” The Life Plan. N.p.: n.p., n.d. N. pag. Print.Montgomery county community college -activities offered-. Montgomery count community college, n.d. Web. 24 May 2011. <http://‌sports/‌2010/‌1/‌8/‌Act.%20Offered.aspx?path=intramurals>.Piper, Galen, and Melissa Hazard. Shippensburg University Reaction Intramurals. Shippensburg University, n.d. Web. 24 May 2011. <‌Recreation/‌Intramural_Sports/>.
    • 25. People InterviewedMoe ShengeDarren McilvaineMr. DarnellCraig Floss
    • 26. ConclusionWhat I Learned...