testCloud & Crittercism: How to Continuously Ensure Mobile App Quality

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testCloud & Crittercism: How to Continuously Ensure Mobile App Quality



JOIN OUR NEXT JOINT WEBINAR: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at 11am. ...

JOIN OUR NEXT JOINT WEBINAR: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at 11am.

Build better, faster mobile apps.

The joint testCloud and Crittercism solution enables enterprises to seamlessly integrate quality assurance services with mobile application performance management.

The focus of the joint webinar is the massive cost that are hidden within faulty applications, mostly stemming from inadequate quality assurance measures. We describe how a leading mobile app uses testCloud in conjunction with Crittercism, demonstrating how critical bugs can be found quickly in a cost-efficient way and how to systematically test apps on every available mobile platform.



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testCloud & Crittercism: How to Continuously Ensure Mobile App Quality Presentation Transcript

  • 1. How to Continuously Ensure Mobile App Quality Joint Webinar February 11, 2014
  • 2. Agenda & Hosts Agenda Hosts •  •  •  •  •  Thomas Grüderich Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer testCloud Introduction: testCloud & Crittercism The hidden cost of software testing Build better apps faster Case study: How a high-performing app uses our joint solution •  Live demonstration •  Lars Kamp VP of Business Development Crittercism 2
  • 3. Introduction: testCloud & Crittercism On-demand software testing services Mobile application performance management 3
  • 4. Why testCloud? How testCloud works App Security Testing Websites Software Test Cases Functional Testing Usability Testing Advantages of the Crowd Real Conditions Target Audience Real people test on their devices Test your app with the right audience Free Developers Incentivized Testers From testing On-demand Tester Tester Tester Tester Tester Tester Guarantee superior test quality Happy Customers Fast and always available testing services Through better, bug-free products Tester 4
  • 5. Why Crittercism? How Crittercism works Advantages of Mobile APM Full Stack Mobile-First Cloud, network, device, OS, app, user Built from the ground up for mobile Business Critical Improved Efficiency Developers, IT, product managers, line of business SDK Faster troubleshooting for IT teams Optimize Performance SDK SDK Happy Customers SDK SDK Faster, better, smarter mobile apps Higher retention, ratings, revenue 5
  • 6. You are in good company with us… 6
  • 7. Software testing is a massive hidden cost – if neglected ~ 302,450 full time employees engaged in testing and debugging activities. $25 billion in the US could be saved from improved testing ~ $92,430 systems software engineer median wage 35% ~ $85,430 of engineers’ time is spent on debugging application software engineer median wage That results in… $25,838,303,500 spent on debugging Source: NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology‘s, part of the U.S. Department of Commerce) 7
  • 8. Leverage our joint expertise and build better apps faster Build apps and never worry… “Mobile application performance management” + “On-demand software testing services” about testing again… Launch better, faster apps 8
  • 9. Joint Value Proposition & Case Study
  • 10. How to use our platforms together Reproduce bugs found in Crittercism by creating new tests in testCloud Crittercism to testCloud Deploy releases to testCloud testers & ensure bugs are fixed in Crittercism testCloud to Crittercism 10
  • 11. Constantly monitor your apps performance in real-time Monitor and Report •  Real-time app performance stats •  Diagnostics Drilldown •  Take a global network perspective Analyze app performance by user profile, behavior, location or device… •  Review device diagnostics 11
  • 12. Easily discover or reproduce bugs through on-demand testing Set up Test •  Testing environment Execute Test •  •  Any device, browser or OS •  Distribute your app to well- •  Detailed real-time bug reports qualified testers •  Test Type •  Tester selection Analyze Reported Bugs •  Descriptions include Ranging from hobby testers to QA professionals screenshots/videos •  Seamless bug tracker integration 12
  • 13. Introduction to KeepSafe Challenge Ensure that new features run smoothly throughout their entire user base, especially across various devices and OS-versions. 13
  • 14. How does KeepSafe ensure mobile app quality? Performance monitoring Functional tests & test cases of sequential feature releases for new releases Tester User base + Tester Tester Tester Tester 1% 10% 100% 14
  • 15. Q&A
  • 16. Appendix: Product Demonstration
  • 17. Monitor and report in Crittercism Real-Time Monitoring Crash Reporting 17
  • 18. Diagnostics drilldown View Usage Breakdown Drilldown by Device, OS, App… 18
  • 19. Setup test in testCloud Set up New Test Define Devices 19
  • 20. Review test results View All Test Results Drill down into results 20
  • 21. Detailed bug reports – structure by test type Test Cases Functional Bug Review 21