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Corporate Espionage
Corporate Espionage
Corporate Espionage
Corporate Espionage
Corporate Espionage
Corporate Espionage
Corporate Espionage
Corporate Espionage
Corporate Espionage
Corporate Espionage
Corporate Espionage
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Corporate Espionage


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Published in: News & Politics
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  • USB Wristbands can be concealed as a regular wrist band, but also can store data from 256mb to 1gig. Laptops can be used to break into computer systems, sniff wireless networks, and browse networks. Digital Cameras and Cellphones can be used to take pictures of documents. Dumpsters people never think about what they trash. Most documents are never shredded and these can contain bank info, SS numbers, and fragile info.
  • You VS Them. People are a gold mine for information. Just remember “Luck Beats Skill Everyday”. The attacker will study what they need to get if they are going into a company. The will more then likely blend in with everyone and you wont know who they are or what they look like. How do they get the info. They just talk to people its more of a friend business friend relationship. Its harder to decline a friend info then it is to tell a stranger “NO”. People are like a gold mine. Remember what you tell your kids. “Stranger Danger” instead of “Phone a parent” you used “Phone the boss”.
  • The attacker normally has friends or will make friends that are in the workplace. They will figure out the patterns of these people do. They may even have resource contacts that they can use to get into a company and forged documents that will make them seem they are better then what they are.
  • Transcript

    • 2. Corporate Espionage
      • Corporate espionage describes activities such as theft of trade secrets, bribery, blackmail, and technological surveillance. As well as spying on commercial organizations, governments can also be targets of commercial espionage—for example, to determine the terms of a tender for a government contract so that another tenderer can underbid.
      • Industrial espionage is most commonly associated with technology-heavy industries, particularly the computer and automobile sectors.
      • Espionage takes place in many forms. In short, the purpose of espionage is to gather knowledge about (an) organization(s). A spy may be hired, or may work for oneself.
    • 3. Corporate Espionage
      • Theft of trade secrets or economic espionage is a federal criminal offense as defined by the
      • Economic Espionage Act of 1996.
      • (Title 18 UCS 1831)
    • 4. The Espionage Threat
      • Sources of Information
      • Documents
      • Draft Documents
      • Working or Scrap Paper
      • Computer Based Information
      • Photographs – Maps - Charts
    • 5. The Espionage Threat
      • Sources of Information
      • Formal Meeting
      • Conferences and Trade Shows
      • Casual Conservations
      • Dumpster Diving
    • 6. The Espionage Threat Foreign Intelligence Agencies Hostile Nations
      • Russia
      • China
      • North Korea
      • Cuba
      • Terrorist Organizations
      • Third World Countries
      • Organized Crime
      • Hackers
    • 7. Tools That Can Be Used In Attacks
    • 8. The Best Tool Used In A Attack
    • 9. How To Prevent Attacks
      • Floor Marshalls
      • Secure WiFi And Network Connections
      • Limited Items In The Work Place
      • Paper Shredders
      • Restricted Access
      • These are just some of the things that can help you in the work place.
    • 10. How To Prevent Attacks
      • Just remember these people do there homework. They more then likely have someone working on the inside or have been in your work place before. These people are not stupid, but very smart as well.
    • 11. Questions?
      • If you have any questions feel free to ask.
      • Alexander Berta
      • Information Warfare
      • [email_address]
      • 931.338.5994
      • 931.305.0198