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Criterion Conferences annual EA PA conference has proved year after year to be a great success. As this industry is becoming increasingly high profile and higher in demand in the workforce, I found this the perfect opportunity to release the secrets of the industry that make all the difference.

Download this FREE ebook for a sneak peak behind the scenes of the EA and PA industry.

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National EA PA Covention FREE Ebook

  1. 1. Contents • One word to describe the conference • What is EAPA? • Testimonials from our past attendees and speakers • Some general information about the profession • Meet some of our top speakers over the past 7 years • Look how far EAPA has come! • Top tips from our most esteemed speakers • Did you know? How to make those long hours just that little bit easier! • 3 steps to design a stylish work wardrobe • How to juggle your work for multiple bosses • The top 5 characteristics to being a good EA or PA • How to prioritise your life • EAPA sponsors and partners • Contact Criterion Conferences
  2. 2. We asked our LinkedIn and Facebook followers to provide us with one word which best describes the EA and PA industry….
  3. 3. With executive assistants and personals assistants becoming a high demand profession, not only will the conference provide case studies from professional EA’s and PA’s, attendees will also be exposed to the opinions of those of higher authority. In a field that requires a range of skills varying from multi-tasking to prioritizing, the National EAPA conference has more than proved to be regarded as a poignant success. With a focus on inspiration and empowerment, this conference is the fresh spark that will drive the industry.
  4. 4. “I’d like to say that this has been one of the most enjoyable conferences I’ve been at and I think it’s been about embracing all of the wonderful personalities in the attendees and the great line-up of speakers. Highly recommend it” Lizzie Wagner Lizzie Wagner Group “The last two days at this conference has been amazing. I’ve been to other conferences and have not gotten out of them as much as I’ve gotten from this one. Absolutely worth your while attending” “As a woman with a successful career, this conference was very thought provoking and inspirational. The National EAPA Convention allowed me to press my ‘reset’ button. I look forward to making more positive experiences in both my personal and professional life.” – Sandra Saliba, Personal Advisor to the Assistant Commissioner, Australian Taxation Office, 2013 Karen Mathieson, EA to the CEO, Amist Super
  5. 5. “ I have attended these conferences for the last two years and have always found them beneficial. I’ve always enjoyed the topics that come to mind” Sandra Saliba, Personal Advisor to an assistant commissioner, Australian Taxation Office “I’ve had the most amazing time. Not only have the speakers been inspirational but being amongst other EA’s and PA’s has been a wonderful time” “I have been able to speak today which has been an amazing experience and listen to other speakers who were wonderful. They had some great tips and I have met other EA’s and PA’s to network with. Thank you so much” Patricia Wade, EA to George Fraser, CEO of St. George Banking Group
  6. 6. The demanding role of executive and personal assistants has rapidly changed over recent years, now requiring a much broader skill-set to handle increased responsibilities and tasks. You need the best advice, training and strategies to help you effectively reach evolving expectations and successfully further your career. The role of an Executive or Personal Assistant is always expanding to include new functions and responsibilities, often indicating an increasing workload. Clear and honest communication, prioritization of tasks and increased personal efficiency are the foundation to ensuring personal growth and career success.
  7. 7. Meet some of our top speakers over the past 7 years..
  8. 8. Lisa Wilkinson Co-Host of The Today Show Emily Brooks PA to the editor in chief of Woman’s Weekly Patrizia Lacono Executive Assistant to the CIO, Westpac
  9. 9. Julia Ross Managing Director, Ross Human Directions Phillip Jones Director, Two Degrees Group John Karagounis Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer The CEO Circle
  10. 10. Sandra Sully News Presenter/Senior Editor, Network Ten Ita Buttrose Legendary Media Editor, Businesswoman, BestSelling Author & President of Alzheimer’s Australia Hayley Lewis Olympian, Host of the Biggest Loser, Author, Business Owner and Mum
  11. 11. Look how far EAPA has come!
  12. 12. Seize opportunities and learn how to Top Tips grow in your role – you can’t fly if you’ve already clipped your own wings from our most Know yourself first. Catch your own brain in esteemed action! By knowing how your own emotions impact your thinking and ultimately your behaviour speakers… you are more likely to be able to mitigate against unwanted outcomes. Practice maintaining your charm and sense of humour – you will need them! Don't take it personally Be aware of your pressure triggers and prepare for them in advance
  13. 13. Top Tips from our most esteemed speakers… Learn to say "no”! Sometimes you need to pull them up because they think they can do it all Do positive things for yourself each day, this will positively impact on your daily tasks Be gracious to the “back room” people. Look after the photographers, technicians, tradespeople, kitchen hands etc. – they can be incredibly useful when you need them at the last minute and are often overlooked and sometimes poorly treated. A little from you goes a long way Ensure that technology is a tool that serves you, rather than be enslaved by it
  14. 14. Did you know? Feeling tired? The longer you spend working with a lack of break, the less productive you become. If your break time (and of course your boss) allows, around 15-20 minutes is considered to be optimum for workplace efficiency.
  15. 15. 1. What’s your style 3 steps to design a stylish work wardrobe personality? Creating a successful image starts by ensuring you create your own visual style that reflects your personality and is identifiable to others. Your "Style Personality" is just as important as the clothes and colours you wear. Whatever your "Style Personality" is, make sure your outer appearance mirrors the inner you.
  16. 16. 2. Create a functional wardrobe hang your clothes by garment type, keeping "like things" together, and by colour from light to dark, colour coding helps avoid duplication and locate garments quicker. Avoid hanging in outfits as this limits your thinking .
  17. 17. 3. Stock your wardrobe with classics and then top it up with fashionable items. Having good quality slacks, skirts, jackets and belts in neutral colours will provide a classy base to build your wardrobe from. Experiment with shoes, handbags and jewellery to mix up the neutrals. Finally, ensure your look is up to date, by completing your look with fashionable tops, scarves and accessories.
  18. 18. Another tip: How to juggle your work for multiple bosses… 1. When in doubt, let your bosses duke it out 2. Ask your bosses to rank their priorities 3. Educate yourself and prioritize 4. Keep your cool
  19. 19. The Top Five Characteristics to Being a Good Executive Assistant 1.Communicat ion 2.Organisation 3.Technology 4.Judgment 5.Teamwork
  20. 20. Some Notable Sponsors and Partners
  21. 21. 7th National EAPA Conference 12th & 13th March, 2014, Sydney Click here to register now!
  22. 22. For more information on other relevant conferences, or perhaps just curious to see what else Criterion Conferences offer, please visit: Keep up to date with the team at Criterion Conferences. Check out our company blog at: This eBook was created by Kara Johnson.
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