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Learning takes place in a variety of settings as an ongoing process of skills and knowledge development in changing contexts. With the growing popularity of technology-enhanced learning initiatives, we make the case for more flexible methods for skills and knowledge recognition. The challenge is to create more versatile ways of recognizing uncertified forms of learning – both for formal qualifications of informal learning as well as wider social recognition of uncertified knowledge.

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Trends, Apps and Higher Education

  1. 1. @cristobalcobo   so#  skills  and  assessment  
  2. 2. 500,000 people f light as we speak liquid  society  -­‐  bauman  ~  :meless  :me  -­‐  space  of  flows  castells  ~  flat  world  -­‐  friedman  ~     h-p://   h-p://­‐interac:ve/2014/avia:on-­‐100-­‐years?CMP=twt_gu  
  3. 3. Unprecedented demand for tertiary education: +160%  in  global  enrolment  (1990  to  2009)     Need of greater alignment of education and job skills: Lifelong  skills  upda:ng  is  essen:al.     Facilitate transitions school-towork: Higher  a-en:on  to  outside  formal   educa:onal  systems  (hard  and  soU  skills).       Learning anything, anytime, anywhere: New  technology  offers  new  ways  to  learn,   low-­‐tech  &  high-­‐tech.   h-p://   @davos    
  4. 4. network arning is the the le   @richardmillwood  
  5. 5. Morozov: "Technology is not the enemy; our enemy is the romantic and revolutionary problem solver who resides within . New forms of ignorance: not from a lack, but from overconsumption of it... #infoobesity!
  6. 6. h-p:// media/Files/Reports/2012/ PIP_Future_of_Apps_and_Web.pdf   Chris  Anderson  and  Michael  Wolff  September  2010  The  Web  Is  Dead.  Long  Live  the   Interne  
  7. 7. Source:  Global  App  Downloads  to  Pass  100  Billion  This  Year 2013/10/01/global-­‐app-­‐downloads-­‐pass-­‐100-­‐billion-­‐year/  
  8. 8. 8  
  9. 9. h-p://­‐world-­‐100-­‐seconds/   Access  only  2  every  7   One  (random)  day  in   Wikipedia…   Digital  divide    >  connec:vity   424,000  ar:cles  + 14,200  geo-­‐tagged  events.     [by  Gareth  Lloyd  and  Tom  Mar:n.]   Graham,  M.,  Hale,  S.  A.  and  Stephens,  M.  (2011)  Geographies  of  the  World’s  Knowledge.  London,   Convoco!  Edi:on.  Oxford  Internet  Ins:tute.   84%  ar:cles  from  EU  and  US   More  Ar:cles  of  Antarc:ca  than  any  other   country  in  South  America  or  Africa   9  
  10. 10. Top  10  Mobile  Internet  Trends  (Feb  2011)  by  Kleiner  Perkins  Caufield  &  Byers­‐top-­‐10-­‐mobile-­‐trends-­‐feb-­‐2011  
  11. 11. Knowmads  guarda  relación   con  aquellos  trabajadores   de  conocimiento  nómadas,   crea;vos,  imagina;vos,   innovadores.  Son  personas   que  pueden  trabajar  con   casi  cualquier  persona,  en   cualquier  momento  y  en   cualquier  lugar.   Los  puestos  de  trabajo  relacionados   con  la  creación  de  conocimiento,   innovación  y  la  ges;ón  de  la   información  se  han  conver:do  en   ac:vidades  menos  vinculadas  a  un   espacio  o  lugar  específico.  
  12. 12. Source:  Looking  To  The  Future  
  13. 13.   THE  END  OF  TEACHING  by  @agalorda  by  Alvaro  González-­‐Alorda­‐end-­‐of-­‐teaching-­‐as-­‐we-­‐know-­‐it  
  14. 14. THE  END  OF  TEACHING  by  @agalorda  by  Alvaro  González-­‐Alorda­‐end-­‐of-­‐teaching-­‐as-­‐we-­‐know-­‐it  
  15. 15. THE  END  OF  TEACHING  by  @agalorda  by  Alvaro  González-­‐Alorda­‐end-­‐of-­‐teaching-­‐as-­‐we-­‐know-­‐it  
  16. 16. THE  END  OF  TEACHING  by  @agalorda  by  Alvaro  González-­‐Alorda­‐end-­‐of-­‐teaching-­‐as-­‐we-­‐know-­‐it  
  17. 17. THE  END  OF  TEACHING  by  @agalorda  by  Alvaro  González-­‐Alorda­‐end-­‐of-­‐teaching-­‐as-­‐we-­‐know-­‐it  
  18. 18. THE  END  OF  TEACHING  by  @agalorda  by  Alvaro  González-­‐Alorda­‐end-­‐of-­‐teaching-­‐as-­‐we-­‐know-­‐it  
  19. 19. THE  END  OF  TEACHING  by  @agalorda  by  Alvaro  González-­‐Alorda­‐end-­‐of-­‐teaching-­‐as-­‐we-­‐know-­‐it  
  20. 20. Changing  Content,  Changing  Culture  by  Sara  Wachter-­‐Boe-cher­‐content-­‐changing-­‐culture  
  21. 21. Changing  Content,  Changing  Culture  by  Sara  Wachter-­‐Boe-cher­‐content-­‐changing-­‐culture  
  22. 22. Changing  Content,  Changing  Culture  by  Sara  Wachter-­‐Boe-cher­‐content-­‐changing-­‐culture  
  23. 23. Changing  Content,  Changing  Culture  by  Sara  Wachter-­‐Boe-cher­‐content-­‐changing-­‐culture  
  24. 24. h-p://   Brainstorming : ideas  para  u5lizar  el  ipad  en  aprendizaje  
  25. 25. Some  rights  reserved  by  César  Poyatos photostream/  
  26. 26. h-p://­‐ educa:onal-­‐apps-­‐in-­‐60-­‐minutes/  
  27. 27. The  original  and   most  popular   handwri:ng  app   for  iPad.   (experience  of   wri:ng  on   paper),       Penul:mate  By  Evernote   h-ps://  
  28. 28. A  super-­‐robust  PDF   (.txt)  reader  for  iPad  .   “A  Swiss  Army  knife  of   awesome!”.  It  can  read   virtually  anything:   books,  movies,  maps,   pictures.  It  offers   typewriter  text  boxes,   s:cky  notes,  lines,   arrows,  and  freehand   drawings  on  top  of  a   PDF  file.   GoodReader  for  iPad  By  Good.iWare  Ltd.   h-ps://­‐for-­‐ipad/id363448914?mt=8    
  29. 29. Flipboard  a  personal   magazine.  Save  and   collect  the  things  you   read  into  your  own   magazines  (also  can   integrate  social   networks).  Add  Facebook,   Twi-er,  Instagram,   Tumblr,  etc…  all  in  a   beau:ful  magazine  style   experience.   Flipboard  Reader  for  iPad  and  iPhone  By  C.B.  Liu     h-ps://­‐your-­‐social-­‐news/id358801284   h-p://  
  30. 30. Evernote  a  free  app  that   helps  you  remember   everything  across  all  of  the   devices  you  use.  Stay   organized,  save  your  ideas   and  improve  produc:vity.   Evernote  lets  you  take  notes,   capture  photos,  create  to-­‐do   lists,  record  voice  reminders-­‐-­‐ and  makes  these  notes   completely  searchable.  Notes   are  synced  with  the  users   web-­‐based  account.       Evernote       h-ps://  
  31. 31.  (Web,  iOS,  Android)   A  ‘read  it  later’   bookmarks  that  can  be   accessed  from  any   device.  Great  for  pu}ng   together  reading  lists  for   :mely  topics  (cura:ng   poten:al  online   resources  for  a  research   project  or  paper).     It  allows  offline  reading.         Instapaper     h-ps://  
  32. 32. Amazing  interac:ve  visual   dic:onary  makes   exploring  words  exci:ng.   2  million  language  nodes   to  explore.English   (dic:onary  +  thesaurus)   in  assoc.  with  Oxford   University  Press.  It  helps   you  to  use  the  language   crea:vely.   Wordflex  Touch  Dic:onary   h-ps://­‐ mpt=uo%253D6  
  33. 33. Skype  (Web,  iOS,   Android)   One  of  the  most  used   tools  in  educa:on  and   business.  Be-er  s:ll,  it’s   free  and  rela:vely  easy   to  use.   Skype     h-ps://  
  34. 34. It  allows  teachers  to  turn  any   eBook,  document,  or  ePub  file   into  a  collabora:ve  reading   experience  on  iPads.  Web   content  can  be  converted  too.   The  app  allows  students  to   simultaneously  read,  insert   notes,  add  annota:ons,  and   include  web  links.  Teachers   can  create  groups  for  specific   classes.  Sharing  (email,   Dropbox,  and  Google  Drive).     Subtext     h-ps://  
  35. 35. Dropbox  (Web,  iOS,   Android).  A  well  known   tool  to  share  and  sync   documents  across  devices.   It  saves  us  from  carrying   drives  or  send  e-­‐mails.   Useful  for  personal  and   shared  (students,  classes,   and  colleagues)   documents.  Useful  for   collabora:on  and  allows   to  share  presenta:ons   publicly.   Dropbox     h-ps://  
  36. 36. The  free  app  that  allows   to  record  and  upload   audio  directly  to  a  web-­‐ based.  No  edi:ng   features  included  in  this   simple,  one-­‐bu-on-­‐to-­‐ record  interface.  Audios   can  be  shared  with  a   link.  The  free  app  allows   for  120  minutes  of   recording  to  be  posted   online.   SoundCloud   h-ps://  
  37. 37. Make  video  crea:on  even   easier  and  faster!   Instantly  combine  videos,   photos,  music  and  stories   into  a  movies.  A  quick   and  easy  tool  to  turn   images  on  an  iPad  into  a   narrated  video  that  can   be  shared  to  Twi-er,   Facebook,  YouTube  &   email.   Videolicious   h-ps://  
  38. 38. Wikiweb  is  a  Wikipedia   reader  that  visualizes  and   discover  the  connec:ons   between  ar:cles.   *  Explore  Wikipedia  in  the   most  readable  and   beau:ful  interface.   *  Share  interes:ng  ar:cles   and  how  you  found  them   with  our  unique  sharing   feature     Wikiweb     h-ps://  
  39. 39. Inspired  by  centuries  of   scien:fic  innova:on.  It  shows   how  early  tools  have  evolved   into  the  modern   technological  plaHorms.   Navigate  an  illustrated   :meline.   Discover  some  of  the  world’s   most  important  maps.   Travel  across  a  virtual  globe   to  discover  some  of  the  most   inspiring  examples  of   systemic  progress   IBM  THINK     h-ps://  
  40. 40. The  leading  film-­‐edi:ng   technology  enabling  you  to   quickly  edit  video,  audio,   and  photos  at  the  speed  of   your  crea:vity.   Quick  sharing  on  YouTube,   Facebook  or  box  (to  export   in  to  your  PC)     It  works  with  video,  audio,   and  photos.  Organize  media   by  Albums,  Events,  Faces,   and  more.   Pinnacle  Studio     h-ps://­‐studio/id552100086?mt=8  
  41. 41. The  iTunes  U  app  gives  you   access  to  complete  courses   from  leading  universi:es.  The   largest  digital  catalogue  of   free  educa:on  content.  Free   courses    (and  assignments)  on   a  wide  array  of  subjects  .  Take   notes  and  highlight  text  in   iBooks  and  see  them   consolidated  for  easy   reviewing.  Take  course  notes   while  playing  audio  or  video.   iTunes  U     h-ps://   h-p:// v=11hSqE4X2E0    
  42. 42. Khan  Academy  allows  you   to  learn  almost  anything   for  free.  Khan  Academy’s   complete  library  is  over   3,500  videos.  Topics,   including  K-­‐12  math,   science  topics  such  as   biology,  chemistry,  and   physics,  and  even  the   humani:es  with  playlists   on  finance  and  history.     Khan  Academy     h-ps://   h-p:// v=p6l8-­‐1kHUsA    
  43. 43. It  easy  for  teachers  and   students  to  stay  connected   and  share  informa:on   (submit  assignments,  post   replies,  and  check  messages).   Teachers  can  post  messages,   and  grade  assignments.   Students  can  view  and  turn  in   assignments  and  check  their   latest  grades.  Class   discussions  can  con:nue   outside  of  school  hours.   Edmodo     h-ps://  
  44. 44. Find  more  than  1,400   TED  Talk  videos.     Watch  TEDTalks  with   sub:tles  in  over  90   languages.  Curate  your   own  playlist.  Download   full  videos  to  your   device  and  watch  them   when  you’re  offline.     TED  Conferences     h-ps://­‐mpt=uo%3D2  
  45. 45. With  Duolingo,  you  learn  a   language  for  free,  without   ads  or  hidden  charges.  You   have  fun  while  you  learn,   (compe:ng  with  friends).   You  can    translate  real-­‐ world  texts  in  the  language   you  are  learning,  and  in   doing  so,  you  help  translate   the  Web  into  other   languages.   Duolingo  -­‐  Learn  Spanish,  French,  German,  and  Portuguese  for  free  h-ps://­‐learn-­‐spanish-­‐french/id570060128?mt=8  
  46. 46.  an  individual   browser  with  web   clipping  technology.   You  can  select  the   Notebook  of  your   choice,  and  add  tags  to   be-er  organize  your   content.  Double-­‐tap   on  top  of  any  image,   text  or  video,  to   quickly  select  your   content.­‐  h-ps://­‐by-­‐hopin/id610240103  
  47. 47. Pages  is  beau:ful  word   processor  (only  for  iPad,   iPhone,…).  Create,  edit,   and  view  documents.  It   works  with  iCloud   automa:cally.  Pages  edits   MicrosoU  Word,  and  plain   text  files;  easily  import  files   from  Mail,  the  web  or  your   Mac  or  PC  using  iTunes  File   Sharing.     Pages-­‐  h-ps://  
  48. 48. El  aprendizaje  en  un  LMS  
  49. 49. Equipos de 4-5 •  Compartir grupalmente las Apps de mayor utilidad (crear un directorio con las mejores)." •  Diseñar una activiadad de aprendizaje que incluya 3 o más Apps (" •  Explorar una posible rúbrica de evaluacion" h-p://   h-p://   h-p://  
  50. 50. h-p://  
  51. 51. h-p://   Background  Paper  for  the  OECD  conference  "Educa:ng  for  Innova:ve  Socie:es".  April  2012   Progression  in  Crea:vity:  Developing  new  forms  of  assessment.   51  
  52. 52. h-p://  
  53. 53. h-p://  
  54. 54. teams of 4-5 •  Share and discuss some of the most useful Apps (make a 'shareable' directory). " •  Make a "map" of post-it with the best Apps, explaining their interaction. Choose the 3 most useful educational tools. " •  Design (in group) a learning activity (i.e. class, workshop) using at least 3 App."
  55. 55. Similars  
  56. 56. The  Top  Educa:onal  iPad  Apps  Every  Teacher  and  Student  should  Know  about.  Med  kharbach.     h-p://­‐top-­‐educa:onal-­‐ipad-­‐apps-­‐every.html  
  57. 57. The  Top  Educa:onal  iPad  Apps  Every  Teacher  and  Student  should  Know  about.  Med  kharbach.     h-p://­‐top-­‐educa:onal-­‐ipad-­‐apps-­‐every.html  
  58. 58. The  Top  Educa:onal  iPad  Apps  Every  Teacher  and  Student  should  Know  about.  Med  kharbach.     h-p://­‐top-­‐educa:onal-­‐ipad-­‐apps-­‐every.html  
  59. 59. The  Top  Educa:onal  iPad  Apps  Every  Teacher  and  Student  should  Know  about.  Med  kharbach.     h-p://­‐top-­‐educa:onal-­‐ipad-­‐apps-­‐every.html  
  60. 60. hFp://;   iPad  Learning  Objec:ves   I  want  my  students  to…     Record  and  edit  video/audio  on  their  iPad.     …read  class  content  on  their  iPad.     …annotate  course  readings  on  their  iPad     …read  audio  books  on  their  iPad.     …demonstrate  their  understanding  through  screencastsscr.   …  create  presenta;ons/digital  stories/wri-en  content    on  their  iPads.       …create  ePubs  /  iBooks  to  read  on  their  iPad.   …create  and  edit  images  on  the  iPad.   …conduct  virtual  conferences  in  the  classroom   …control  my  computer  or  Interac:ve  White  Board  from  my  iPad.  
  61. 61. h-p://   h-p://­‐technology/mobile-­‐technology-­‐apps/ipad-­‐as    
  62. 62. Publica:ons  (I)   1.  Ally,  M.  (2009).  Mobile  Learning:  Transforming  the  Delivery  of  Educa:on  and   Training.  Athabasca  University  Press.   h-p://     2.  UNESCO  (2012)  Turning  on  mobile  learning  in  Asia:  Illustra:ve  Ini:a:ves  and  Policy   Implica:ons.  Working  Paper  Series  on  Mobile  Learning.   h-p://     3.  Kitchenham,  A.  (2011).  Models  for  Interdisciplinary  Mobile  Learning:  Delivering   Informa5on  to  Students.  Idea  Group  Inc  (IGI).   4.  Kwan,  R.,  McNaught,  C.,  Tsang,  P.,  Wang,  F.  L.,  &  Li,  K.  C.  (2011).  Enhancing   Learning  Through  Technology:  Interna5onal  Conference,  ICT  2011,  Hong  Kong,  July   11-­‐13,  2011.  Proceedings.  Springer.   5.  Sampson,  D.  G.,  Isaias,  P.,  Ifenthaler,  D.,  &  Spector,  J.  M.  (2013).  Ubiquitous  and   Mobile  Learning  in  the  Digital  Age.  Springer.   6.  Quinn,  C.  N.  (2011).  The  Mobile  Academy:  mLearning  for  Higher  Educa5on.  John   Wiley  &  Sons.   7.  Anderson,  T.  (2008).  The  Theory  and  Prac5ce  of  Online  Learning:  Second  Edi5on.   Athabasca  University  Press.   8.  Alexander,  B.(2004).  Going  Nomadic:  Mobile  Learning  in  Higher   Educa5on.  Educause  Review,  39  (5),  28-­‐35   h-p://­‐nomadic-­‐mobile-­‐learning-­‐higher-­‐educa:on    
  63. 63. Publica:ons  (II)   1.  Kukulska-­‐Hulme,  A.,  &  Traxler,  J.  (2005).  Mobile  Learning:  A  Handbook  for   Educators  and  Trainers.  Routledge.   2.  BSc,  P.  D.  M.  S.,  (Hons),  P.  D.  J.  T.  B.,  &  Dr.  Giasemi  Vavoula  BSc,  Ms.  (2010).  A   Theory  of  Learning  for  the  Mobile  Age.  In  P.  D.  B.  Bachmair  (Ed.),  Medienbildung   in  neuen  Kulturräumen  (pp.  87–99).  VS  Verlag  für  SozialwissenschaUen.   Retrieved  from  h-p://­‐3-­‐531-­‐92133-­‐4_6   3.   Cochrane,  T.,  &  Bateman,  R.  (2010).  Smartphones  give  you  wings:  Pedagogical   affordances  of  mobile  Web  2.0.  Australasian  Journal  of  Educa5onal  Technology,   26(1),  1–14.  h-p://     4.  Hwang,  G.-­‐J.,  &  Chang,  H.-­‐F.  (2011).  A  forma:ve  assessment-­‐based  mobile   learning  approach  to  improving  the  learning  a}tudes  and  achievements  of   students.  Computers  &  Educa5on,  56(4),  1023–1031.  doi:10.1016/j.compedu. 2010.12.002   5.   Johnson,  L.  F.,  Adams,  S.,  &  Cummins,  M.  (2012).  Horizon  report:  2012  higher   educa:on  edi:on.  Retrieved  from  h-p://   6.  Rudy  De  Waele.  (2010,  January  6).  Mobile  Trends  2020.  Business  &  Mgmt.   Retrieved  from  h-p://­‐trends-­‐2020  
  64. 64. new  tools   h-p:// 1351910088/3doodler-­‐the-­‐worlds-­‐first-­‐3d-­‐prin:ng-­‐pen     h-p://    
  65. 65. @cristobalcobo   h-p://   Oxford  Internet  Ins:tute  Research  Fellow.  
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