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  • 3. DICTIONARY OFARCHITECTURE &CONSTRUCTION2300 illustrationsFourth EditionEdited byCyril M. HarrisProfessor Emeritus of ArchitectureGraduate School of Architecture, Planning, and PreservationColumbia UniversityMcGraw-HillNew York Chicago San Francisco Lisbon LondonMadrid Mexico City Milan New Delhi San JuanSeoul Singapore Sydney Toronto
  • 4. Copyright © 2006, 2000, 1993, 1975 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Manufactured in the United States ofAmerica. Except as permitted under the United States Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced or distrib-uted in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the publisher.0-07-158901-5The material in this eBook also appears in the print version of this title: 0-07-145237-0.All trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners. Rather than put a trademark symbol after every occurrence of atrademarked name, we use names in an editorial fashion only, and to the benefit of the trademark owner, with no intention of infringe-ment of the trademark. Where such designations appear in this book, they have been printed with initial caps.McGraw-Hill eBooks are available at special quantity discounts to use as premiums and sales promotions, or for use incorporate train-ing programs. For more information, please contact George Hoare, Special Sales, at george_hoare@mcgraw-hill.com or (212) 904-4069.TERMS OF USEThis is a copyrighted work and The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. (“McGraw-Hill”) and its licensors reserve all rights in and to thework. Use of this work is subject to these terms. Except as permitted under the Copyright Act of 1976 and the right to store and retrieveone copy of the work, you may not decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, reproduce, modify, create derivative works based upon,transmit, distribute, disseminate, sell, publish or sublicense the work or any part of it without McGraw-Hill’s priorconsent.You may use the work for your own noncommercial and personal use; any other use of the work is strictly prohibited.Your rightto use the work may be terminated if you fail to comply with these terms.THE WORK IS PROVIDED “AS IS.” McGRAW-HILL AND ITS LICENSORS MAKE NO GUARANTEES OR WARRANTIES ASTO THE ACCURACY, ADEQUACY OR COMPLETENESS OF OR RESULTS TO BE OBTAINED FROM USING THE WORK,INCLUDING ANY INFORMATION THAT CAN BE ACCESSED THROUGH THE WORK VIA HYPERLINK OR OTHERWISE,AND EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO IMPLIEDWARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. McGraw-Hill and its licensors do notwarrant or guarantee that the functions contained in the work will meet your requirements or that its operation will be uninterrupted orerror free. Neither McGraw-Hill nor its licensors shall be liable to you or anyone else for any inaccuracy, error or omission, regardlessof cause, in the work or for any damages resulting therefrom. McGraw-Hill has no responsibility for the content of any informationaccessed through the work. Under no circumstances shall McGraw-Hill and/or its licensors be liable for any indirect, incidental, spe-cial, punitive, consequential or similar damages that result from the use of or inability to use the work, even if any of them has beenadvised of the possibility of such damages. This limitation of liability shall apply to any claim or cause whatsoever whether such claimor cause arises in contract, tort or otherwise.DOI: 10.1036/0071452370
  • 5. We hope you enjoy thisMcGraw-Hill eBook! Ifyou’d like more information about this book,its author, or related books and websites,please click here.ProfessionalWant to learn more?
  • 6. This book is dedicated to the memory of Adolph K. Placzek,Avery Librarian at Columbia University, whose leadershipmade Avery Library one of the world’s greatest collectionson architecture. I am grateful to him for long and fruitfuldiscussions, for his exemplary scholarship, and for thegenerosity of spirit with which he shared his experience, hiswisdom, and the gift of his friendship.
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  • 8. PREFACEThis Fourth Edition of the Dictionary of Architecture & Construction defines more terms inarchitecture and building construction than any other dictionary in the English language.Because there have been significant changes, advances, and new developments in buildingmaterials and services, construction techniques, engineering practices, specifications writing,environmental concerns, community regulations, legal requirements, and other areas overthe last decade, a total of 2500 new terms, as well as 100 new illustrations, have beenadded to this edition. This coverage provides an up-to-date working tool for practicingprofessionals in the many fields and numerous trades related to architecture and construction,as well as an invaluable resource for conservationists, planners, architectural historians,and students.The Dictionary is designed to be comprehensive in scope. Its range spans terms encounteredin the practice of architecture from Classical to green, from traditional materials to thelatest products, from precise definitions of architectural styles to the particulars ofspecifications writing. Many of the new terms are associated with major expansions in thefield of building services, including air-conditioning systems, electrical supply systems, gassupply services, illumination engineering, noise control engineering, vertical transportationsystems, security services, and waste disposal, water supply, and fire protection systems.Other definitions pertain to environmental concerns, conservation, building preservation,community regulations, and recent applications of the Americans with Disabilities Act.Equivalent values in Standard International units are given for U.S. Customary units.Cyril M. HarrisviiCopyright © 2006, 2000, 1993, 1975 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Click here for terms of use.
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  • 10. ixACKNOWLEDGMENTSThe editor owes a special debt to the core group of 54 contributors who helpedestablish the high standard of quality of the Dictionary; coming from widely diversebackgrounds, including practicing architects, professional engineers, specification writers,craftsmen, contractors, and art historians, they provided the necessary expertise requiredfor a comprehensive, authoritative work. I thank Walter F. Aikman; William H. Bauer;Bronson Binger, AIA; Donald Edward Brotherson, AIA; Robert Burns, AIA; A. E. Bye,F.A.S.L.A.; Richard K. Cook, Ph.D.; William C. Crager, C.S.P.; Frank L. Ehasz, Ph.D., PE;Francis Ferguson, AIA, AIP; Frederick G. Frost, FAIA; Alfred Greenberg, PE; JohnHagman; Michael M. Harris, FAIA; R. Bruce Hoadley, D.For.; Jerome S. B. Iffland, PE;George C. Izenour, AIEEE; Curtis A. Johnson, M.Sc., PE; Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., HAIA;Thomas C. Kavanaugh, Sc.D.; Robert L. Keeler; George Lacancellera, CSI; Paul Lampl,M.A., AIA; Valentine A. Lehr, M.S.C.E., PE; Robert E. Levin, Ph.D., PE; George W.McLellan; Emily Malino, AID; Roy J. Mascolino, R.A.; Donald E. Orner, PE; John BarrattPatton, Ph.D.; Adolf K. Placzek, Ph.D.; Albert J. Rosenthal, L.L.B.; Henry H. Rothman,F.F.C.S.; James V. Ryan, M.S.; John E. Ryan, PE, S.F.P.E.; Reuben Samuels, PE, F.A.S.C.E.;Joseph Shein, AIA; Joseph M. Shelley, B.S.Arch.; Kenneth Alexander Smith, AIA, PE;Perry M. Smith, PE; Fred G. Snook, M.S.; Carl A. Swanson, B.C.E., CSI; KennethThomas, M.Sc., C.Eng.; Charles W. Thurston, Ph.D., PE; Marvin Trachtenberg, Ph.D.;Everard M. Upjohn, M.Arch.; Oliver B. Volk; and Byron G. Wels.I would like to express my appreciation to the following organizations for permission toreproduce selected definitions and/or illustrations from certain copyrighted publications:the American Institute of Architects for selected definitions from the AIA Glossary ofConstruction Industry Terms; the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and theAmerican Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for material from the ASTM Bookof Standards; and the British Standards Institution for extracts from publications BS 56,BS 3921, and CP 121. Further reproduction is not permitted without the explicit per-mission of these copyrighted sources.Permission has also been granted to reproduce material from the following publications:The Asphalt Handbook of the Asphalt Institute; Facts and Figures of the Pioneer Division,Portec Inc.; CPM in Construction: A Manual for General Contractors of the Association ofGeneral Contractors of America; Brick and Tile Engineering by H. C. Plummer, StructuralClay Products Institute; Ceramic Glossary of the American Ceramic Society; Plastics Glossaryof Modern Plastics magazine, published by McGraw-Hill; Timber Construction Manual of theAmerican Institute of Timber Construction, published by John Wiley & Sons; Wood-working Technology by J. J. Hammond et al., published by McKnight & McKnight; Funda-mentals of Business Law, published by Callaghan & Co.; Product Line Dictionary, published bythe Canadian Construction Information Corp.; Glossary of Architectural Metal Terms of theNational Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers; ASCE Manual of EngineeringPractice; and Guide and Data Books, published by ASHRAE.I thank the following organizations for their permission to reproduce definitions and/orillustrations from their publications: Aluminum Association; American Institute of SteelConstruction; American Iron and Steel Institute; Architectural Aluminum ManufacturersAssociation; Copper Development Association; Revere Copper and Brass Co.; The SteelCompany of Canada; Steel Joist Institute; Zinc Institute, Inc.; National Fire ProtectionCopyright © 2006, 2000, 1993, 1975 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Click here for terms of use.
  • 11. xAssociation; Illuminating Engineering Society; National Builder’s Hardware Association;and American Concrete Institute (ACI) and ACI Committees. Further reproductionrequires permission from the above organizations. Certain other organizations andpublications have authorized reproduction of definitions or illustrations without formalacknowledgment. I thank William A. Pierson for permission to reproduce his photographof Round Arch style.I acknowledge the help of and thank Cary Sullivan, senior editor for architecture, design,and construction books, McGraw-Hill Professional. At International Typesetting and Com-position, whose task it was to work with the publisher to move the Dictionary from manuscriptto printed book, I thank Mona Tiwary for her exemplary diligence.
  • 12. ABOUT THE EDITORCyril M. Harris, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus of Architecture in the Graduate School ofArchitecture, Planning, and Preservation at Columbia University, where he was chairmanof the Division of Architectural Technology for 10 years. He is also the Charles BatchelorProfessor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering at Columbia. He became fascinated by thechallenge of writing succinct, lucid definitions many years ago, when he was working onCommittee C-20 of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), as well ason terminology committees of the American Standards Association (now called theNational Institute of Standards and Technology [NIST]).Dr. Harris has received the AIA Medal from the American Institute of Architects andthe Pupin Medal for Distinguished Service to the Nation from Columbia University. He isa member of both the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engi-neering. He has received international recognition for his work in the acoustical design ofmany auditoriums, including the Metropolitan Opera House and the John F. KennedyCenter for the Performing Arts. He has a Ph.D. in physics from the Massachusetts Insti-tute of Technology and has received honorary doctorates from Northwestern Universityand the New Jersey Institute of Technology.Other books on architecture written or edited by Dr. Harris include American Archi-tecture: An Illustrated Encyclopedia (W. W. Norton & Company), Illustrated Dictionaryof Historic Architecture (Dover Publications), and Acoustical Designing in Architecture(Acoustical Society of America). Seven of his books are currently in print.xiCopyright © 2006, 2000, 1993, 1975 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Click here for terms of use.
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  • 14. Å Abbr. for angstrom.A 1. Abbr. for ampere, a unit of electric current.2. Abbr. for area.AA Abbr. for the “Architectural Association,”the largest school of architecture in England;address 34–36 Bedford Square, London, WC1B3ES.AAA Abbr. for “Architectural Aluminum Asso-ciation.”AAI Abbr. for “Architectural Association ofIreland.”AAMA Abbr. for “Architectural AluminumManufacturers Association.”A&E See architect-engineer.Aaron’s rod An ornament or molding consist-ing of a straight rod from which pointed leavesor scroll work emerge on either side, at regularintervals.ABA Abbr. for Architectural Barriers Act.abaciscus 1. A tessera, as used in mosaic work.Also called abaculus. 2. A small abacus.abaculus See abaciscus, 1.abacus The uppermost member of the capital ofa column; often a plain square slab, but some-times molded or otherwise enriched.abated Said of a surface that has been cut awayor beaten down so as to show a pattern or figurein low relief; also see relief.abatement The wastage of wood when lumberis sawed or planed to size.abat-jour 1. In a wall, an aperture whose sideshave been cut back and/or whose underside hasbeen sloped downward so as to admit a greateramount of light to the interior of the room. 2. Askylight.A1abacus Aabamurus A buttress, or a second wall added tostrengthen another.abate 1. To remove material, as in stone carv-ing. 2. In metalwork, to cut away or beat downso as to show a pattern or figure in low relief.abaton A sanctuary not to be entered by thepublic; a holy of holies.abat-sons Descriptive of a surface said to reflectsound downward.abat-vent 1. Louvers that are placed in an exte-rior wall opening to permit light and air to enter,but break the wind. 2. A sloping roof. 3. In theFrench Vernacular architecture of New Orleans,an extension of a roof over a sidewalk.abat-jour, 1Copyright © 2006, 2000, 1993, 1975 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Click here for terms of use.
  • 15. abat-voix In a church, a sound reflector behindand over a pulpit.a web between, so that two cells are formedwhen the block is laid in a wall.Abney level A hand level used for measuringvertical angles; comprised of a small telescope,bubble tube, and graduated vertical arc.above-grade building volume The volumeof a building (in cubic feet or in cubic meters)measured from the average adjoining grade levelto the average roof level, and from outside tooutside of exterior walls, but not includingbreezeways, porches, or terraces.abrade To wear away or scrape off a surface,especially by friction.Abrams’ law A statement applying to givenconcrete materials and conditions of test: For amixture of workable consistency, the strength ofconcrete provided by the mixture is determinedby the ratio of the amount of water to theamount of cement.abrasion A surface discontinuity caused byroughening or scratching.abrasion resistance The ability of a surfaceto resist being worn away or to maintain its orig-inal appearance when rubbed with anotherobject.abrasion resistance index A measure of theabrasion resistance of a vulcanized material orsynthetic rubber compound relative to that ofa standard rubber compound under specifiedconditions.abrasive A hard substance for removing mate-rial by grinding, lapping, honing, and polish-ing. Common abrasives include silicon carbide,boron carbide, diamond, emery, garnet, quartz,tripoli, pumice, diatomite, metal shot, grit, andvarious sands; usually adhered to paper orcloth.abraum A red ocher used to stain mahogany.abreuvoir In masonry, a joint or intersticebetween stones, to be filled with mortar orcement.ABS Abbr. for acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene.abscissa In the plane Cartesian coordinate sys-tem, the horizontal coordinate of a point on aplane; the x-coordinate, obtained by measuringthe distance from the point to the y-axis along aline parallel to the x-axis.abat-voix2abat-voixabbey A monastery or convent; particularly thechurch thereof.abbey: Plan of abbey of St. Germain-des-Prés, Paris, 13thcent. A, church; B, cloister; C, city gate; E, chapter house;F, chapel; G, refectory; H, cellars and presses; I, abbot’s lodg-ing; K, ditches; L, gardensabbreuvoir Same as abreuvoir.ABC 1. Abbr. for “aggregate base course.”2. Abbr. for “Associated Builders and Con-tractors.”A-block A hollow, concrete masonry unit withone end closed and the opposite end open, having
  • 16. abside Same as apse.absidiole Same as apsidiole.absolute humidity The mass of water vaporper unit volume of air.absolute pressure The sum of the gauge pres-sure plus atmospheric pressure.absolute volume 1.Of a granular material, thetotal volume of the particles, including the perme-able and impermeable voids, but excluding thespaces between the particles. 2.Of fluid, the vol-ume which the fluid occupies. 3.The displacementvolume of an ingredient of concrete or mortar.absorbed moisture Moisture that has entereda solid material by absorption and has physicalproperties not substantially different from ordi-nary water at the same temperature and pressure.Also see absorption.absorbency The property of a material thatmeasures its capacity to soak up liquids.absorbent A material which, owing to an affin-ity for certain substances, extracts one or moresuch substances from a liquid or gas with whichit is in contact, and which changes physically orchemically, or both, during the process.absorber 1.A device containing liquid for absorb-ing refrigerant vapor or other vapors. 2.In anabsorption system, that part of the low-pressureside of the system which is used for absorbing refrig-erant vapor. 3.That part of a solar collector whoseprimary function is to absorb radiant solar energy.absorber plate Same as solar collector.absorbing well, dry well, waste well Awell used for draining off surface water and con-ducting it underground, where it is absorbed.absorptance In illumination engineering, theratio of the absorbed flux to the incident flux.absorption 1.The process by which a liquid, or amixture of gases and liquid, is drawn into and tendsto fill permeable pores in a porous solid material;usually accompanied by a physical change, chemi-cal change, or both, of the material. 2.Theincrease in weight of a porous solid body resultingfrom the penetration of liquid into its permeablepores. 3.The increase in weight of a brick or tileunit when immersed in either cold or boiling waterfor a stated length of time; expressed as a percent-age of the weight of the dry unit. 4.The process bywhich radiant energy, which is incident on asurface, is converted to other forms of energy.5. See sound absorption. 6. See light absorption.absorption bed A pit of relatively largedimensions which is filled with coarse aggregateand contains a distribution pipe system; used toabsorb the effluent of a septic tank.absorption coefficient See sound absorptioncoefficient.absorption field, disposal field A system oftrenches containing coarse aggregate and distri-bution pipes through which septic-tank effluentmay seep into the surrounding soil.absorption field3absorption field composed of absorption trenchesExtent of coarse aggregate indicated by shaded areaabscissa: P, any point; NP, abscissa
  • 17. absorption rate, initial rate of absorptionThe weight of water absorbed when a brick is par-tially immersed for one minute; usually expressedin grams per minute or ounces per minute.absorption system A refrigeration system inwhich the refrigerant gas evolved in the evapo-rator is taken up in an absorber and (upon theapplication of heat) released in a generator.absorption trench A trench containing coarseaggregate and a distribution tile pipe throughwhich septic-tank effluent may flow, coveredwith earth.abutment piece See solepiece.abuttals Those boundaries of one piece of landthat abut on adjacent pieces.abutting joint A joint between two pieces ofwood, in which the direction of the grain in onepiece is at an angle (usually 90°) to the grain inthe other.abutting tenon One of two tenons which areinserted in a common mortise from oppositesides, so as to touch each other.ac, a-c, a.c. Abbr. for “alternating current.”AC 1.On drawings, abbr. for “alternating current.”2.On drawings, abbr. for armored cable. 3.Abbr.for air conditioning. 4.Abbr. for “asbestos cement.”acacia Same as gum arabic.Acadian cottage Same as Cajun cottage.acanthus A common plant of the Mediter-ranean, whose leaves, stylized, form the charac-teristic decoration of capitals of Corinthian andComposite orders. In scroll form it appears onfriezes, panels, etc.absorption rate4absorption-type liquid chiller Equipmentutilizing a generator, condenser, absorber, evapo-rator, pumps, controls, and accessories to coolwater, or other secondary liquid, using absorp-tion techniques.ABS plastic A plastic of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene; has good resistance to impact, heat, andchemicals; esp. used for piping.abstract of title An outline history of the own-ership of a parcel of land, from the originalgrant, with changes in title, and with a state-ment of all mortgages, liens, encumbrances, etc.,affecting the property.abut To adjoin at an end; to be contiguous.abutment A masonry mass (or the like) whichreceives the thrust of an arch, vault, or strut.absorption trenchacanthusabutment AACB 1. Abbr. for asbestos-cement board. 2.Abbr. for “air circuit breaker.”accelerated aging The speeding-up of theaging process in a material; obtaining, in ashort time, the results that would occur in agingunder normal conditions. The most commonfactors that increase aging include exposure ofthe material to water, ozone, oxygen, or sun-light.accelerated life test A test in which one ormore parameters (e.g., temperature) is increasedor decreased beyond its normal or rated value todetermine the resulting deterioration within areasonable time period.accelerated weathering A laboratory testingtechnique to determine, in a relatively shorttime, the weather resistance of a paint film orother exposed surface.
  • 18. accelerating admixture An admixture thatspeeds the setting and/or the early strengthdevelopment of hydraulic concrete.acceleration 1. The rate of change of thevelocity of a moving body. 2. The rate of change,esp. the quickening of the natural progress of aprocess, such as hardening, setting, or strengthdevelopment of concrete.acceleration of gravity (g) The accelerationproduced by the force of gravity at the surface ofthe earth. (By international agreement the valueof g is 386.089 inches per second square =32.1740 feet per second square = 9.80665 metersper second square.)acceleration stress In a wire rope (or thelike), the additional stress imposed as a result ofthe acceleration of the load.accelerator 1.A substance which, when addedto concrete, mortar, or grout, increases the rate ofhydration of a hydraulic cement, shortens thetime of set, or increases the rate of hardening orstrength development. 2.A substance, added witha curing agent, to speed a vulcanization processand enhance the physical properties of a vulcan-ized material. 3.Same as accelerating admixture.accent lighting Any directional lighting whichemphasizes a particular object or draws attentionto a particular area.acceptable air quality Inside a building, airthat is free of harmful concentrations of contam-inants and that is judged acceptable to at least80% of the building’s occupants.acceptable water pressure See maximumacceptable pressure and minimum acceptablepressure.acceptance See final acceptance.acceptance test A test conducted by a pur-chaser (or an agent thereof) (a) to determine ifthe material, devices, or equipment deliveredconforms to the purchase contract specificationsand/or (b) to determine the degree of uniformityof the product supplied by the vendor.access A means of approach, e.g., a road, street,or walk.access door A door, usually small, which isprovided through a finished construction, asinto a duct, through a ceiling, behind a wall, in alarge piece of mechanical equipment, etc.; usedto provide a means of inspection of equipmentor services housed within.accessory use5access dooraccess eye See cleanout, 1.access floor Same as raised floor.access flooring system See raised flooringsystem.accessibility standards See Americans withDisabilities Act and Uniform Federal AccessibilityStandards.accessible 1. Allowing physical contact, as bymeans of an easily removable cover or door or apart of the building structure or finish materials.2. Providing access to a fixture, appliance, orpiece of equipment; removal of a cover, panel,plate, or similar obstruction may be required.3. Said of a building, facility, or site that can beapproached, entered, and used by a physicallydisabled person. 4. According to the Americanswith Disabilities Act (ADA), a term used for a spacethat complies with the standards of the Act forthose having disabilities or impairments (includingvisual, hearing, mental, or mobility), and does notrequire the assistance of others to enter the space.accessible means of egress A path of travel,usable by a mobility-impaired person, that leadsto a public way.accessible route According to the ADA, acontinuous, unobstructed path between allaccessible elements and areas of a building,including corridors, ramps, and elevators; theroute must provide adequate clearance arounddesks, furniture, and the like.accessible space A space that complies with allprovisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.accessory building A secondary building,whose use is incidental to that of the main build-ing located on the same plot.accessory use The use or occupancy incidentalto the principal use or occupancy of a building.
  • 19. access panel A removable panel (usually securedwith screws) in a frame which is usually mounted ina ceiling or wall; provides access to a concealed itemthat does not require frequent attention.access plate A removable plate (usually boltedin place) that provides access to an area that sel-dom requires attention; permits inspection of anotherwise inaccessible area.access platform Same as cherry picker.access stair A stair, from one floor level toanother, which does not serve as a required exitstair. Also see exterior stair.access street A low-traffic-volume street, usu-ally comprised of individual dwelling units,which conveys vehicular traffic to or from astreet carrying heavier traffic.access way A roadway, usually paved, intendedto provide ingress and egress of vehicular trafficfrom a public right-of-way to an off-street parkingarea.accident A sudden, unexpected event identifi-able as to time and place. Also see occurrence.accidental air See entrapped air.acclivity The upward slope of a hillside.accolade An ornamental treatment, used overan arch, a door, or a window, composed of twoogee curves meeting in the middle; often a richlydecorated molding.door consisting of a system of panels which arehung from an overhead track. When the door isopen, the faces of the panels close flat againsteach other; when the door is closed, the edges ofadjacent panels butt against (or interlock with)each other to form a solid barrier.accordion partition A fabric-faced partitionwhich is hung from an overhead track and foldsback like the bellows of an accordion.accouplement The placement of columns orpilasters close together, in pairs.access panel6accrued depreciation 1. The reduction inactual value of property over a period of time, asa result of wear and tear, obsolescence, etc. 2.The accumulated reductions in the stated valueof property over a period of time, entered on bal-ance sheets for accounting or tax purposes.accumulator 1. In a refrigeration system, astorage chamber for low-side liquid refrigerant;also called a surge drum or surge header. 2. In arefrigerant circuit, a vessel whose volume is usedto reduce pulsation.ACD Abbr. for automatic closing device.ACE Abbr. for “Architects Council of Europe.”acetone A highly flammable solvent whichevaporates rapidly; used in lacquers, paintremovers, thinners, etc.accoladeaccompaniment A decoration added to abuilding with the intention of enhancing itsappearance.accordion door 1. Any fabric-faced doorwhich is hung from an overhead track and foldsback like the bellows of an accordion. 2.A hingedaccouplement
  • 20. acetylene A colorless gas, when mixed withoxygen, burns at a temperature of about 3500°C;used in welding.acetylene torch A torch, used in welding andin metal cutting, which is operated by com-pressed acetylene gas and oxygen.AC generator A generator which producesalternating current when driven by a primemover.Achaemenid architecture An architecturedeveloped under the Achaemenid rulers ofPersia (6th to 4th cent. B.C.) by a synthesis andeclectic adaptation of architectural elementswhich included those of surrounding countries.In the hypostyle hall it achieved a highly origi-nal new building type.achromatic Said of architecture that is with-out color, for example, the white buildings ofGreek Revival.achromatic color White light; a color thatdoes not elicit hue.ACI Abbr. for “American Concrete Institute.”acid-etched Said of a metallic surface (e.g., anail) that has been treated in an acid bath toprovide a rough surface.acidic Said of igneous rocks containing morethan 65% silica.aciding The light etching of a cast-stonesurface.acid lead Fully refined lead to which a smallamount of copper has been added; 99.9% pure.acid neutralizer A device installed in adrainage system into which the discharge ofacid is probable; neutralizes the discharge suffi-ciently to permit it to enter the drainage systemsafely.acid polishing The polishing of a glass surfaceby acid treatment.acid resistance The degree to which a surface,such as porcelain enamel, will resist attack byacids.acid-resistant brick Brick suitable for use incontact with chemicals; usually laid with acid-resistant mortars.acid-resistant cast-iron pipe A cast-ironpipe containing between 14.25 and 15% siliconand small amounts of manganese, sulfur, and car-bon; manufactured in the same dimensions ascast-iron pipe.acid soil Soil having an acid reaction; usually asoil having a pH value of less than 6.6.acisculis A mason’s small pick, with a flat faceand pointed peen.acorn A small ornament in the shape of a nut ofthe oak tree; sometimes used as a finial, pendant,or decorative element within a broken pedi-ment, or as a decoration on a carved panel.acoustic7acornacid neutralizeracous 1. Abbr. for acoustical. 2. Abbr. foracoustics.acoustic, acoustical The qualifying adjec-tives acoustic and acoustical have the followingmeanings: arising from, actuated by, containing,producing, or related to sound. In general,acoustic is used when the term being qualifieddesignates something that has the properties,dimensions, or physical characteristics associated
  • 21. with sound waves; acoustical is used when theterm being qualified does not explicitly desig-nate something that has the properties, dimen-sions, or physical characteristics of sound (e.g.,acoustical engineering). However, sometimesthese two terms are used interchangeably.acoustical barrier See sound barrier.acoustical board See acoustical ceiling board.acoustical ceiling A ceiling covered by, orformed of, an acoustical material.acoustical ceiling board An acoustical mate-rial in board form, designed primarily for sus-pended ceiling application.acoustical ceiling system A structural sys-tem for supporting an acoustical ceiling; mayincorporate lighting fixtures and air diffusers.acoustical panel Same as acoustical lay-inpanel.acoustical plaster A special low-density sound-absorptive plaster, applied in the form of a finish-coat, to provide a continuous finished surface.acoustical power See sound power.acoustical sprayed-on material An acous-tical material applied by a spray process to forma continuous finished surface.acoustical tile An acoustical material in boardform, often having unit dimensions of 24 in. by24 in. (approx. 61 cm by 61 cm) or less. Usuallyused on ceilings but also may be applied to side-walls.acoustics 1. The science of sound, includingthe generation, transmission, and effects ofsound waves. 2. The totality of those physicalcharacteristics of an auditorium or room (such asthe size and shape of elements on the walls orceiling which scatter sound, the amount ofsound absorption, and noise level within theroom) which affect an individual’s perception,and judgment, of the quality of speech and musicproduced in the room.acph Abbr. for “air changes per hour.”acquiescence 1. An act of concurrence byadjoining property owners which resolves aboundary dispute or establishes a commonboundary, where the definite or more accurateposition of same has not or cannot be defined bysurvey. 2. The tacit consent of one owner, by notinterposing a formal objection, to what mightbe an encroachment by an adjoining propertyowner over a questionable boundary.acre A unit of land measurement equal to43,560 sq ft or 4046.85 sq m; 1 sq mile (2.59 sqkm) equals 640 acres.acre-foot The amount of water required tocover an area of 1 acre to a depth of 1 foot;equivalent to 43,560 cubic feet (4046.9 m3);sometimes used as a measure of materials inplace (e.g., gravel).acrolith A statue or sculptured figure in whichonly the head, hands, and feet are of stone, therest being usually of wood.acropodium 1. An elevated pedestal bearing astatue, particularly if raised from the substruc-ture on supports. 2. The plinth of a statue if rest-ing on supports.acoustical barrier8acoustical ceiling systemacoustical door A solid, heavy door which isgasketed along the top and sides; usually has anautomatic door bottom; especially constructedto reduce noise transmission through it; usuallycarries a sound transmission class (STC) rating,which is a measure of its sound insulation value.acoustical duct lining See duct lining.acoustical insulation board A porous mate-rial in board form, designed or used as an acousti-cal material or as an element in a sound-insulationconstruction.acoustical lay-in panel An acoustical ceilingboard designed to be laid into an exposed gridsuspension system.acoustical material Any material especiallydesigned to absorb sound.acoustical model A model of an auditoriumor room used to study certain acoustical proper-ties of the full-sized enclosure, such as the distri-bution of sound pressure, the paths of sound rays,and focusing effects.
  • 22. acropolis 1. The elevated stronghold of a Greekcity, usually with the temple of the patron divinity.2. (cap.) The Acropolis of Athens. 3. Any ele-vated group of buildings serving as a civic symbol.acrylic carpet A carpet having a combinationof acrylic and modacrylic fibers; known for itsstain-resistant qualities, high durability, andwool-like appearance.acrylic fiber A synthetic fiber manufacturedby polymerizing acrylonitrile.acrylic paint A type of latex paint made fromacrylic resins; also called acrylic latex paint.acrylic resin, acrylate resin One of a groupof thermoplastic resins made from esters ofacrylic acid; exceptionally tough, stable, resis-tant to chemicals, and transparent; used as abinder, in sheet form, as an air-curing adhesive,and as the main ingredient in some caulks andsealants.acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) Aplastic used for piping in drainage systems, stormsewers, and underground electrical conduit.ACS Abbr. for “American Ceramic Society.”ACT. On drawings, abbreviation for “actual.”act curtain, act drop, front curtain, housecurtain A curtain, behind the asbestos cur-tain in a theater, which closes the prosceniumand serves as an indication of the beginning orend of an act or scene.act drop See act curtain.acting area That part of a theater stage floor onwhich the actors perform.acting area light A spotlight used to illumi-nate a selected acting area.acting level A platform above the theater stagefloor which is used for acting.acting level9acropolis: Acropolis at Athens. A, Propylaea; B, Temple ofNiké Apteros; C, Parthenon; D, Erechtheum; E, foundationsof old Temple of Athena 6th cent. B.C.acroterion, acroter, acroterium 1. Strictly,a pedestal at the corners or peak of a roof to sup-port an ornament. 2. More usually, the ornamentitself.acroterion,1acroterion,2
  • 23. actinic glass A glass having a yellow tintwhich reduces the transmission of infrared andultraviolet rays; sometimes used in factory win-dows or skylights.action hinge Same as double-acting hinge.activated alumina A form of aluminum oxidewhich adsorbs moisture readily and is used as adrying agent.activated carbon See activated charcoal.activated charcoal, activated carbon Char-coal obtained by carbonizing organic material,usually in the absence of air; usually in gran-ular or powdered form; highly effective in adsor-bing odors in air or in removing colors insolution.activated rosin flux A flux having a resin orrosin base and containing an additive to increasewetting by the solder.activated sludge Sewage sediment that hasbeen subjected to vigorous aeration and theaction of microorganisms.activator Same as catalyst.active door In a pair of doors, the leaf, 1 that isthe first to open and is the leaf to which a lock isapplied.active earth pressure The component ofpressure in a horizontal direction which a massof earth exerts on a wall.active lateral pressure The horizontal soilpressure which is exerted by soil on a retainingstructure.active leaf, active door In a door having apair of leaves, that leaf to which the latching orlocking mechanism is attached; usually the leafthat is permitted to open first; sometimes bothleaves are active.active sludge A sludge, 3 which is rich indestructive bacteria; useful in breaking downfresh sewage.active solar energy system A building sub-system in which solar energy is collected and istransferred predominantly by mechanical equip-ment (fans, pumps) powered by energy notderived from solar radiation. Compare with pas-sive solar energy system.active sound attenuator A special type ofsound attenuator that incorporates a soundsource which generates sound waves intended tocancel some of the noise generated by the fans inan HVAC system.activity In CPM terminology, a task or item ofwork that must be performed in order to com-plete a project.activity duration In CPM terminology, theamount of time estimated as required to accom-plish an activity.actual start of construction The first place-ment of permanent construction of a building ona site, such as pile driving, or the pouring of slabsor footings.acuminated Finished in a point, as a loftyGothic roof.acute angle An angle of less than 90°.acute arch, lancet arch A sharply pointedarch whose centers are farther apart than thewidth of the arch.actinic glass10acute archa.d. Abbr. for “air-dried.”AD 1. Abbr. for “air-dried.” 2. Abbr. for accessdoor. 3. Abbr. for area drain. 4. Abbr. for “asdrawn.”ADA Abbr. for Americans with Disabilities Act.Adamesque style An inexact term implying aderivation from the Adam style, but having pos-sible differences depending on the time andlocation of application.Adam Revival See Colonial Revival.
  • 24. addendum11Adam style An architectural style based on thework of Robert Adam (1728–1792) and hisbrothers, predominant in England in the late18th century and strongly influential in the US,Russia, and elsewhere. It is characterized by clar-ity of form, use of color, subtle detailing, and uni-fied schemes of interior design. BasicallyNeoclassical, it also adapted Neo-Gothic, Egypt-ian, and Etruscan motifs.adapt To make suitable for a particular purposeor new requirements or conditions, by means ofmodifications or changes.adaptability The capacity of building spaces andelements for being altered or being added to forspecific needs, as, for example, to accommodatethe needs of persons with and without disabilities.adaptable According to the ADA, a restroomor bathroom to which grab bars can be added orwhich can be otherwise altered to accommodatethe needs of individuals with disabilities.adaptable dwelling unit One of a number ofdwelling units that is on an accessible route andequipped so it may be converted to be used, witha minimum of structural change, by all cate-gories of physically disabled persons.adaptation The process by which the eyechanges sensitivity and becomes accustomed tomore or less light than it was exposed to duringan immediately preceding period.adapter 1. A device for matching and properlyconnecting items, tubing, or devices (especiallyelectric) which are of different size, operatingcharacteristics, or design. 2. A device thatenables different sizes or types of plugs, pipes,etc., to be joined.Adam style fireplaceadapteradaptive use, adaptive re-use The extensivealteration, restoration, and/or renovation of anexisting building so that it will serve a new ormodified purpose. Also see building rehabilitation.ADC Abbr. for “Air Diffusion Council.”ADD. 1. On drawings, abbr. for addendum.2. On drawings, abbr. for addition.added lean-to Same as integral lean-to.addendum A written or graphic instrumentissued prior to the execution of the contractwhich modifies or interprets the bidding docu-ments, including drawings, and specifications,by additions, deletions, clarifications or cor-rections; becomes part of the contract docu-ments when the construction contract isexecuted.
  • 25. addition 1.A floor or floors, a room, wing, orother expansion to an existing building. 2.Inbuilding code usage: Any new construction whichincreases the height or floor area of an existingbuilding or adds to it (as a porch or attachedgarage). 3.An amount added to the contract sumby a charge order; also see extra.additional service authorization An AIAform that authorizes additional work, 1 to be per-formed, for an additional fee, for services notcovered in the originally specified scope of thearchitect’s work.additional services The professional serviceswhich may, upon the owner’s request or approval,be rendered by the architect in addition to thebasic services or the designated services.additive A material, used in very small quan-tity, to modify a specific property of anothermaterial or otherwise improve its characteristics;used in paints, plasters, mortars, etc.additive alternate An alternate bid resultingin an addition to the same bidder’s base bid. Alsosee alternate bid.additus maximus In an ancient Romanamphitheater, a main entrance.addorsed, adorsed Said of animals or figuresplaced back to back in decorative sculpture.sticking together of two surfaces by means ofphysical and chemical forces such as thosewhich bind a paint film to a surface.adhesion bond The adhesion of mortar orgrout to masonry units.adhesion-type ceramic veneer Thin sec-tions of ceramic veneer held in place by theadhesion of mortar to unit and backing, requiringno metal anchors; not more than 11⁄4 in. (3.2 cm)in overall thickness. Also see anchored-typeceramic veneer.adhesion-type filter A type of air filter inwhich dirt particles are removed from air byadhering to the filter as the air flows through it.adhesive A substance capable of holding mate-rials together by bonding the surfaces that are incontact.adhesive failure The separation of two sur-faces joined by an adhesive, either by a force lessthan that specified by the manufacturer or byservice conditions.adiabatic Occurring without the gain or loss ofheat.adiabatic curing The curing of concrete ormortar in which adiabatic conditions are main-tained during the curing period.Adirondack Rustic style See Rustic style.adit An entrance or passage.adjoining grade elevation The average ele-vation of the final grade adjoining all exteriorwalls of a building, calculated from grade eleva-tions taken at intervals (usually 10 ft or 3 m)around the perimeter of the building.adjustable base anchor A device used tohold a doorframe above the finished floor.addition12addressable system A fire alarm systemwhose integrity can be monitored and whichprovides easy identification of the location of analarm condition; also provides for remote testingand monitoring of the sensitivity of the detec-tors from a control panel.ADF In the lumber industry, abbr. for “afterdeducting freight.”ADH On drawings, abbr. for adhesive.adherend A body which is held to another byan adhesive.adhesion 1. The joining of two surfaces aspieces of wood, metal, plastic, or other construc-tion materials, by means of a viscous, stickycomposition such as cement or glue. 2. Theaddorsed dolphinsadjustable base anchoradjustable doorframe A doorframe whichhas an adjustable jamb so that it can be installedin walls of different thicknesses.
  • 26. adjustable hanger A hanger having a provi-sion for adjusting its length.adobe13adjustable wrench Any one of several typesof wrenches having one jaw fixed and the otheradjustable; set to the desired size by means of aknurled screw.adjustable multiple-point suspension scaf-fold 1. See mason’s adjustable multiple-pointsuspension scaffold. 2.See stone-setter’s adjustablemultiple-point suspension scaffold.adjustable proscenium On a theater stage,an inner proscenium which is variable in height,width, or position; may be hung from riggingoverhead or floor-mounted.adjustable shelving Shelving supported bymetal clips or other movable supports, making itpossible to adjust the height of individual shelves.adjustable shore, adjustable steel prop Avertical shore used to support reinforced con-crete beams and slab forms; usually all metal or acombination of wood and metal; can be raised orlowered within certain limits.adjustable-speed motor An electric motorin which the speed can be varied gradually overa considerable range, but which, once adjusted,remains virtually unaffected by the load, 3.adjustable square, double square A trysquare the arm of which is at right angles to thehandle; the position of the arm may be moved soas to form an L or a T.administration of the construction con-tract See construction phase—administrationof the construction contract.administrative authority The individual,official, board, department, or agency estab-lished and authorized by a city, county, state, orpolitical subdivision created by law to adminis-ter and enforce the provisions of a code.admixture A material other than water,aggregates, lime, or cement, used as an ingredi-ent of concrete or mortar, and added to thebatch immediately before or during its mixing;used as a water repellent, as a coloring agent, asa retarder or accelerator (to modify its settingrate), etc.adobe A heavy soil, composed largely of clayand silt in sufficient quantities to form a matrixin which sand particles are firmly imbedded;water is added, and straw, manure, and fragmentsof tile are sometimes combined with this mix-ture to provide increased mechanical strengthand cohesion when it dries. It can be used as aplaster or be formed into bricks, often shaped byhand in a wooden form, then sun-dried; widelyused in Spanish Colonial architecture and itsderivatives. Adobe brick walls are often lime-plastered to improve resistance to weather; aadjustable hangeradjustable squareadjustable wrenches
  • 27. coating such as slaked lime acts as a stabilizingagent.adobe blasting Same as mud-capping.adobe brick Large, roughly molded, sundriedclay brick, usually of varying sizes.adobe quemado An adobe brick that hasbeen kiln-dried at a temperature lower than thatrequired to produce a hard-burnt brick; usuallydeep red in color, relatively soft, and rough intexture.adobero A box for mixing adobe and shaping itinto bricks.adopted street In Britain, a dedicated street.ADS Abbr. for “automatic door seal.”adsorbed water 1. Water which is held on thesurfaces of a material by electrochemical forces;its physical properties are substantially differentfrom those of absorbed water or chemically com-bined water at the same temperature and pres-sure. 2. Water which is bound to soil particles asa result of the attraction between electricalcharges on their surfaces and water molecules.adsorbent A material (such as activated char-coal) which has the ability to extract certain sub-stances from gases, liquids, or solids by causing thesubstances to adhere to its internal surface withoutchanging the adsorbent physically or chemically.adsorption The action of a material in extract-ing a substance from the atmosphere (or a mix-ture of gases and liquids) and gathering it on thesurface in a condensed layer; the process is notaccompanied by physical or chemical change.adulterine In the Middle Ages in Britain, saidof a castle that was crenelated without a licenseto erect battlements. Such licenses were grantedby the reigning monarch in exchange for a cashpayment from the castle’s owner.advance slope grouting Grouting by a tech-nique in which the front of the mass of grout isforced to move horizontally through preplacedaggregate.advance slope method A method of con-crete placement in which the face of the freshconcrete moves forward as the concrete is placed;the face of the fresh concrete is not vertical.advanced nursery stock A deciduous tree,of specified size, which has been transplantedseveral times and has had its roots pruned inpreparation for its final transplantation.adverse possession Occupation of propertyby one not the true owner, openly, notoriously,and continuously. See statute of limitations;squatter’s right; proscription.advertisement curtain On the stage of a the-ater, a curtain which bears advertisements; usu-ally behind the asbestos curtain, but sometimes(rarely) the asbestos itself.advertisement for bids The published publicnotice soliciting bids for a construction project.Most frequently used to conform to legal re-quirements pertaining to projects to be con-structed under public authority, and usuallypublished in newspapers of general circulationin those districts from which the public funds arederived.adytum, adyton 1. The inner shrine of a tem-ple reserved for the priests. 2. The most sacredpart of a place of worship.adobe blasting14adzadytum: plan of a Roman temple, showing the adytum at Aadz A cutting tool whose thin arching blade isperpendicular to the handle; used for the rough-shaping of wood.adze British term for adz.A/E Abbr. for architect-engineer.AEA Abbr. for “Aluminum Extruders Associ-ation.”
  • 28. aedes 1. In Roman antiquity, any edifice or aminor shrine, not formally consecrated. 2. Now,any chapel or temple.aedicula 1. A canopied niche flanked by colon-nettes intended as a shelter for a statue or as ashrine. 2. A door or window framed by columnsor pilasters and crowned with a pediment. 3.Diminutive of aedes. 4. A small chapel.aerarium In ancient Rome, the publictreasury.aerate To introduce air into soil or water by nat-ural or artificial means.aerated concrete See cellular concrete.aerated plastic Same as foamed plastic.aeration 1. Exposing a substance to circulat-ing air. 2. In landscape architecture, the addi-tion of air into the soil; may be implementedby a plow-like mechanism or by the addition ofan air-entrained material, such as vermiculiteor peat moss, during the soil-conditioningprocess.aerator fitting A device which introduces airinto an exiting stream of water.aerial cable An overhead electric cable (field-assembled at a construction site) which isattached to poles or other supporting structures.aerial photograph, aerophoto A photo-graph taken from a vehicle in flight.aerial photomap An aerial photograph orphotomosaic to which is added basic mappinginformation such as place names, boundaries,etc.aerial photomosaic A composite of aerialphotographs depicting a portion of the earth’ssurface.aerodynamic noise Noise resulting fromthe flow of air; often generated in an air-conditioning system when an airstream encoun-ters protuberances, rough surfaces, and/or bluntedges.aerofilter A bed of coarse material used for therapid filtering of sewage; recirculation of theeffluent may be employed.aerograph A spray gun for paint.aerophoto An aerial photograph.aerosol paints Paints which are packaged in apressurized container for spray application.Pressure is supplied by compressed liquefiedgas.aes In ancient Rome or Greece: copper, tin, orany alloy of these metals.aetoma, aetos A pediment, or the tympanumof a pediment.A/F In a portland cement mixture, the abbr. for“molar or weight ratio of aluminum oxide to ironoxide.”A/F15aedicula, 1aegicranes Sculptured representations of theheads or skulls of goats or of rams; used as deco-rations on ancient altars, friezes, etc.aegicranes
  • 29. affronted, affronté Said of animals or figuresfacing each other, as in pediments, overdoors, etc.after cooler A device that cools compressed airafter it is fully compressed.afterfilter, final filter In an air-conditioningsystem, a high-efficiency filter located near a ter-minal unit.afterflaming The continued flaming combus-tion of a material after the exposing flame hasbeen removed.after-flush The residue of water in a toilet flushtank after it has been flushed; after flushing, theresidue gradually drains from the flush tank toseal the trap.afterglow The glow in a material after theremoval of an external source of fire to which itis exposed, or after the cessation (natural orinduced) of flames.aftertack, residual tack The lingering tackor stickiness of a paint film which remains over along period of time.AG 1. Abbr. for “above grade.” 2. Abbr. for“against the grain.”AGA Abbr. for “American Gas Association.”agalma In ancient Greece, any work of art ded-icated to a god.agba A large central African tree with ratherlightweight wood of a creamy to pinkish browncolor. Used for plywood, interior millwork, andcarpentry.AGC Abbr. for “Associated General Contractors.”age hardening An aging process in certainmetals, at room temperature, which results inincreased strength and hardness.ageing British variant of aging.agency 1. A relationship by which one party,usually the agent, is empowered to enter intobinding transactions affecting the legal rights ofanother party, usually called the principal, as, forexample, entering into a contract or buying orselling property in his name or on his behalf.2. An administrative branch of government(federal, state, or local).agent One who is empowered to enter intobinding transactions on behalf of another (usu-ally called the principal).age softening The loss of strength and hard-ness at room temperature which takes place incertain alloys owing to spontaneous reduction ofresidual stresses in the strainhardened structure.affronted16AFNOR Abbr. for “Association Française deNormalisation.”A-frame A three-piece rigid structural frame inthe shape of the upright capital letter A.A-frame house A house, usually constructedof wood, with a roof that extends steeply down-ward from both sides of a central ridge, almost tothe building foundation; the roof is supported bya rigid structural framework in the shape of thecapital letter A. One or both end walls of thehouse are often almost completely glazed. Muchof the living area on the ground floor is open tothe underside of the roof; the bedrooms are fre-quently located on a balcony directly under theroof; often, there is an exterior deck at one endor both ends of the house. Also see rafter house.A-frame houseaffrontedAfrican cherry See makore.African ebony See ebony.African mahogany Same as khaya.African rosewood See bubinga.
  • 30. agger 1. In ancient Rome, an earthwork; anartificial mound or rampart. 2. The fill for a roadover low ground.agglomerate stone See artificial stone.agglomeration The collecting together of tinysuspended particles into a mass of larger size, onewhich will settle more rapidly.AGGR On drawings, abbr. for aggregate.aggradation The addition of a material to theearth’s surface to promote the uniformity of agrade or slope.aggregate 1. An inert granular material such asnatural sand, manufactured sand, gravel, crushedgravel, crushed stone, vermiculite, perlite, andair-cooled blast-furnace slag, which when boundtogether into a conglomerate mass by a matrixforms concrete or mortar. 2. An inert granularmaterial that may be added to gypsum plaster.aggregate bin A structure designed for storingand dispensing dry granular construction materi-als such as sand, crushed stone, and gravel; usu-ally has a hopper-like bottom that funnels thematerial to a gate under the structure.aggregate blending The mixing of two ormore aggregates so as to obtain different aggre-gate properties.aggregate interlock The projection of aggre-gate particles or portions thereof from one side ofa joint or crack in concrete into recesses in theother side so as to effect load transfer in compres-sion and shear, and maintain mutual alignment.aggregate strength The strength of a wirerope determined by summing the individualbreaking strength of the strands of which it isfabricated.agiasterium In the early church, that part of abasilica in which the altar was set up.aging, Brit. ageing 1. The progressive changein a chemical and physical material withincreased age; in natural rubber and syntheticelastomers, usually marked by a deteriorationcaused by oxidation. Also see accelerated aging,age hardening, age softening. 2. The storing ofvarnish to improve clarity and gloss.agitating lorry British term for agitating truck.agitating speed The rate of rotation of thedrum or blades of a truck mixer or other deviceused for agitation of mixed concrete.agitating truck, Brit. agitating lorry Avehicle carrying a drum in which freshly mixedconcrete can be conveyed from the point of mix-ing to that of placing, the drum being rotatedcontinuously so as to agitate the contents.agitation 1. The process of providing gentlemotion in mixed concrete, just sufficient to pre-vent segregation or loss of plasticity. 2. The mix-ing and homogenization of slurries or finelyground powders by air or mechanical means.agitator 1. A mechanical device used to mix aliquid contained in a vessel. 2. A device formaintaining plasticity and preventing segrega-tion of mixed concrete by agitation.agitator body A truck-mounted drum for trans-porting freshly mixed concrete; rotating internalpaddles or rotation of the drum prevents the set-ting of the mixture prior to its delivery at the site.agnus dei17agitator bodyAGL Abbr. for “above ground level.”agnus dei Any image or representation of alamb as emblematic of Christ, esp. such aagnus dei
  • 31. representation with a halo and supporting thebanner of the cross.agora The chief meeting place or marketplacein an ancient Greek city.agreement form A document setting forth inprinted form the general provisions of an agree-ment with spaces provided for insertion of spe-cific data relating to a particular project.Agrément Board See British Board of Agré-ment.agricultural drain Same as agricultural pipedrain.agricultural lime A hydrated lime which isused to condition soil.agricultural pipe drain A system of porous orperforated pipes laid in a trench filled withgravel (or the like); used for draining subsoil.aguilla An obelisk, or the spire of a churchtower.Ah Abbr. for “ampere-hour.”aha Same as ha-ha.AHU Abbr. for air-handling unit.AIA Abbr. for “American Institute of Archi-tects.”AIA uniform system See contract documentsand uniform system.AIEE Abbr. for “American Institute of ElectricalEngineers.”aiguille A slender form of drill used for boringor drilling a blasthole in rock.aileron A half gable, such as that which closes theend of a penthouse roof or of the aisle of a church.AIMA Abbr. for “Acoustical and InsulatingMaterials Association.”aiming angle Same as angle of illumination;usually measured in degrees.air balancing A procedure used to adjust theflow of air in an HVAC system so as to meet thedesign goals for airflow throughout the system.air barrier A membrane that acts as a resis-tance to air leakage.air-blown mortar Same as shotcrete.air blowpipe A pipe which emits a jet of air;used to clean an area of debris.airborne sound Sound that reaches a pointin a building by propagation from the sourcethrough air.air-bound Said of a pipe or apparatus in whichthe presence of a pocket of air prevents orreduces the desired liquid flow in the pipe orapparatus. Also see air lock, 2.agora18agora: plan of the agora of Antiphellusagrafe, agraffe The voussoir or keystone of anarch, especially when carved as a cartouche.agrafeagreement 1. A meeting of minds. 2. A legallyenforceable promise or promises between two oramong several persons. 3. On a construction proj-ect, the document stating the essential terms ofthe construction contract which incorporates byreference the other contract documents. 4. Thedocument setting forth the terms of the contractbetween the architect and owner or between thearchitect and a consultant. 5. An arrangementindicating the intent of a contract but not neces-sarily fulfilling all the enforceable provisions of it.Also see agreement form, contract.
  • 32. air break In a drainage system, a pipingarrangement in which a drain from an appli-ance, device, or fixture discharges into the openair and then into another fixture, receptacle, orinterceptor; used to prevent back siphonage orbackflow.air brick A perforated brick or perforated metalunit of brick size which is built into a wall; usedfor ventilation.airbrush A small tool used for the fine-sprayapplication of paint, dye, watercolor pigment, orink by compressed air.air content19AIR COND On drawings, abbr. for “air con-dition.”air conditioner A device for providing airconditioning.air conditioning 1. The process of treating airso as to control simultaneously its temperature,humidity, cleanliness, and distribution within aninterior space such as a room or building. 2.Same as definition 1, but also controlling odorand noise.air-conditioning duct See air duct.air-conditioning grille Same as insertedgrille.air-conditioning lock A type of window lockrequiring a special key or wrench to open it; usedwhere the window is to be opened only for spe-cial purposes, such as cleaning.air compressorairbrushair chamber In a water piping system near avalve or faucet, a vertical pipe stub which issealed at the top and contains air; the entrappedair provides a cushion when the valve is closedsuddenly, thereby eliminating the noise of waterhammer.air changes A measure of the volume of airsupplied to or exhausted from a building (orroom); usually expressed in terms of the numberof complete changes of air per hour in the roomor space under consideration.air circuit breaker A type of circuit breakerutilized in commercial buildings at mediumvoltage; the word “air” refers to the insulatingmedium between contacts in the circuit breaker.air circulation Natural or imparted motion ofair.air cleaner A device (such as an air washer, airfilter, electrostatic precipitator, or charcoal fil-ter) which removes airborne impurities such asdust, smoke, or fumes.air cock Same as pet cock.air compressor A machine which draws in airat atmospheric pressure, then compresses it topressures higher than atmospheric and deliversit at a rate sufficient to operate pneumatic toolsor equipment.air-conditioning lockair-conditioning system An assembly ofcomponents for the treatment of air, controllingits temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and dis-tribution within an air-conditioned space. Typesof systems differ, but the basic components mayinclude: outside-air intake, preheater, return-air intake, filters, dehumidifier, heating coil,humidifier, fans, ductwork, air outlets, air termi-nals, refrigeration machine, piping, pumps, andwater or brine. See heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system.air-conditioning unit Same as room airconditioner.air content The volume of air voids in cementpaste, mortar, or concrete, exclusive of pore
  • 33. space in aggregate particles, usually expressed asa percentage of total volume of the mixture.air control valve Same as air maintenancedevice.air-cooled blast-furnace slag The materialresulting from solidification of molten blast-furnace slag under atmospheric conditions. Alsosee blast-furnace slag.air-cure To vulcanize at ordinary room temper-atures, or without the aid of heat.air cushion tank Same as expansion tank.air curtain A stream of high-velocity tempera-ture-controlled air which is directed downward,across an opening; excludes insects, exteriordrafts, etc.; prevents the transfer of heat acrossit, and makes it possible to air-condition a spacehaving an open entrance; used in exterior doors,on loading platforms, etc.mixing of the air which is supplied to the roomwith the air already in the room.air-distributing acoustical ceiling A sus-pended acoustical ceiling in which the board, per-forated metal, or tile is provided with small, evenlydistributed mechanical perforations through thematerial; designed to provide a desired flow of airfrom a pressurized plenum above.air door Same as air curtain.air drain An empty space left around the ex-ternal foundation wall of a building to preventthe earth from lying against it and causingdampness.air-dried lumber, natural-seasoned lum-ber Wood dried by exposure to air under nat-ural conditions; usually has a moisture contentnot greater than 24%.air drill Same as pneumatic drill.air-dry moisture content The moisture con-tent of a piece of wood after it has been exposedto its environment long enough to attainmoisture-content equilibrium without the appli-cation of heat.air drying The process of drying slowly underambient conditions of temperature and humid-ity, as in the natural seasoning of lumber or thehardening of paint.air duct A duct, usually fabricated of metal,fiberglass, or concrete; used to transfer air fromone location to another.air eliminator In a piping system, a deviceused to remove air from water, steam, or a refrig-erant.air-entrained concrete Concrete made withair-entraining cement or an air-entrainingagent. Same as cellular concrete.air entraining Descriptive of the capability ofa material or process to develop a system ofminute bubbles of air in cement paste, concrete,or mortar.air-entraining admixture An admixture thatcauses the development of air bubbles in con-crete or mortar during its mixture.air-entraining agent An addition for hydrauliccement or an admixture for concrete or mortarwhich causes air to be incorporated in the form ofminute bubbles in the concrete or mortar duringmixing, usually to increase its workability andfrost resistance.air control valve20air curtain or air doorair damper See damper, 1.air diffuser An air distribution outlet, usuallylocated in the ceiling and consisting of deflect-ing vanes discharging supply air in various direc-tions and planes, and arranged to promoteair diffuser
  • 34. air-entraining hydraulic cement Hydrau-lic cement which contains an air-entrainingagent in an amount such as to cause air to beentrained in the mortar, within specified limits.air entrainment The occlusion of air in theform of tiny bubbles (generally smaller than 1 mm)during the mixing of concrete or mortar; used toimprove its workability.air exfiltration See exfiltration, 1.air-exhaust ventilator 1. An air-exhaust unitused to carry away odors and fumes from a stove,griddle, etc.; may contain a grease-extractingdevice or an air filter; sometimes includes a fire-extinguishing device. 2. Any air-exhaust unitused to carry away dirt particles, odors, or fumes(as in an industrial plant); the ventilator may bemechanically actuated or of the gravity type.air filter Any device used to remove solidand/or gaseous pollutants from air.air filtration The use of an air filter to provideclean air.airflow vane Same as turning vane.air flue See flue.airfoil vane Same as turning vane.air-fuel ratio The ratio of the volume (orweight) of air being furnished for combustion tothe volume (or weight) of the fuel.air gap 1. The unobstructed vertical distancebetween the lowest opening of a faucet (or thelike) which supplies a plumbing fixture (such astank or wash bowl) and the level at which thefixture will overflow. 2. In a drainage system, theunobstructed vertical distance between the out-let of a waste pipe and the flood-level rim of thereceptacle into which it discharges. 3. A gap inan electric or magnetic circuit; usually acts as ahigh-resistance path in the circuit.air leakage21air grating 1. A fixed metal grille on the exte-rior of a building through which air is broughtinto, or discharged from, the building for pur-poses of ventilation. 2. An air diffuser.air grille A type of air grating.air gun 1. Same as spray gun. 2. See shotcretegun.air hammer, pneumatic hammer A por-table tool, driven percussively by air pressure,into which is set a chisel, hammer, or the like.air-handling luminaire Same as air-lighttroffer.air-handling system An air-conditioning sys-tem in which an air-handling unit provides partof the treatment of the air.air-handling unit; packaged fan equip-ment An assembly of air-conditioning com-ponents (such as fans, cooling coils, filters,humidifiers, and dampers) integrated into a self-contained package and often installed as a singleunit, which is connected to system of metalductwork that distributes the conditioned air.air heating system See warm-air heatingsystem.air hole In the foundation of a house, anopening that provides ventilation for a crawlspace.air house Same as pneumatic structure.air-inflated structure Same as pneumaticstructure.air inlet In an air-conditioning system, a devicethrough which air is supplied to the system.air intake Same as outside-air intake.air lance A rod-shaped device for directing ahigh-velocity stream of compressed air; used toclean away debris from a surface.air leakage 1.The volume of air which flowsthrough a closed window or door in a given lengthair gap,1air gap,2
  • 35. of time as a result of the difference in air pressureon its opposite faces. 2.In ductwork, air whichescapes from a joint, coupling, etc. 3.The unde-sired leakage or uncontrolled passage of air from aventilation system. 4.The flow of uncontrolled airthrough cracks or openings in an enclosure withina building (such as a HVAC plenum) or throughthe surfaces which enclose the building.airless spraying, hydraulic spraying Thespraying of paint by means of high fluid pressureand special equipment.air lift 1. Equipment for lifting slurry or drypowder through pipes by means of compressedair. 2. The use of compressed air, introduced inwater at the bottom of an open-ended cased pileor cell of a cofferdam, to rid it of loose material.air-lift pump A type of pump for raising waterfrom a well, consisting of a pipe which surroundsanother of smaller diameter; compressed air isinjected into the smaller pipe, causing water torise up the larger pipe.and egress from one room to another while per-mitting minimal air movement between rooms.air-lock strip The weather stripping which is fas-tened to the edges of each wing of a revolving door.air maintenance device A valve required tointroduce air into a tank which stores waterunder pressure.air meter A device for measuring the air con-tent of concrete and mortar.air-mixing plenum In an air-conditioningsystem, an enclosed volume in which recircu-lated air is mixed with fresh air for distributionthroughout the system.air monitoring During the removal of asbestosin buildings, the measurement of asbestos fibercontent in the air.air motor An air-operated device used to openor close a damper, 1 or valve.air moving device See fan.air outlet In an air-conditioning system, adevice at the end of a duct through which air isexhausted.air permeability test A test for the measure-ment of the fineness of powdered materials, suchas portland cement.air pipe A seldom-used synonym for vent pipe.airplane bungalow A Craftsman style bunga-low having a gable whose face is parallel to themain ridge of the roof; its second floor is a singleroom.air pocket An air-filled volume within a sec-tion of piping (or an apparatus) which is nor-mally filled with liquid.air pressure-reducing valve See pressure-reducing valve.air pressure relief vent A relief vent.air pump A pump used to exhaust or to com-press air, or force it through another apparatus.Also see air compressor.air purge valve A device which eliminatestrapped air from a piping system.air quality See indoor air quality.air receiver On an air compressor, the air stor-age tank.air register Same as register.air regulator A device for regulating airflow, asin the burner of a furnace.airless spraying22air-lift pumpair-light troffer In an air-conditioning system,a unit which combines the functions of a lightfixture and an air terminal unit.air line A duct, hose, or pipe that suppliescompressed air to a pneumatic tool or piece ofequipment.air lock 1. A space which is designed to isolatean air conditioned space from another space towhich it is connected. 2. In a pump or piping sys-tem, the stoppage of flow resulting from the pres-ence of trapped air. 3. An enclosure with controldoors between two rooms that permits the ingress
  • 36. air reheater In a heating system, any device usedto add heat to the air circulating in the system.air release valve A valve, usually manuallyoperated, which is used to release air from awater pipe or fitting.air right The legal property right for use of thespace above a specified elevated plane; usuallyincludes the right to ground support but excludesother rights to ground use, e.g., the right to con-struct a building over a railroad track.air-ring In the placement of shotcrete, a perfo-rated manifold through which air is introducedinto the flow of material.air scrubber See air washer.air-seasoned lumber See air-dried lumber.air separator An apparatus for separatingground-up materials pneumatically into varioussizes.air-set To allow material to harden under nor-mal atmospheric pressure and temperature.air shaft, air well A ventilating shaft; a roof-less enclosed area within a building or betweenbuildings; may have openings such as windows.air shutter A device for regulating the quantityof air being mixed with gas for combustion.air-slaked Said of a surface that is wetted by theexposure to moisture in air.air slaking Absorption by quicklime or cementof moisture and carbon dioxide from the atmo-sphere, causing the material to change its chem-ical composition.air space The space above private property orpublic property for which air rights may begranted.air-supported structure See pneumaticstructure.air tap Same as air vent.air terminal In a lightning protection system,the combination of a metal rod and its brace orfooting, on the upper part of a structure.air terminal unit In air-conditioning, same asterminal unit.air test A test that applies uniform air pressurethroughout a drainage system being tested forleakage. This test is recommended in lieu of awater test when there is a danger of water freez-ing during the test.air test, pneumatic test A test for leaks indrainage systems, in soil, waste, and ventilatingpipe systems, or in ductwork; all openings aresealed, and compressed air is introduced into thesystem; air leakage is indicated by means of a U-gauge or other suitable pressure gauge.air tight Said of an enclosure or barrier thatdoes not permit the passage of air.air-to-air resistance The resistance pro-vided by the wall of a building to the flow ofheat. See thermal conductance and thermalresistance.air-to-air transmission coefficient Seethermal transmittance.air trap Same as trap, 1.air valve A valve used to admit or discharge airfrom a pipeline.air vent In a water distribution system, a ventfor releasing trapped air; usually located at thehighest point in the system.air ventilation The quantity of air which mustbe supplied to maintain the desired quality of airwithin a space.air vessel 1. An enclosed volume of air whichuses the compressibility of air to minimize waterhammer. 2. An enclosed chamber using theair vessel23air terminalair test
  • 37. compressibility of air to promote a more uniformflow of water in a piping system.air void A space which is filled with air incement paste, mortar, or concrete. Also seeentrapped air, entrained air.air washer A water spray system or device forcleaning, humidifying, or dehumidifying the air.air-water jet 1. A jet of air and water mixed,which leaves a nozzle at high velocity; usedin cleaning the surfaces of concrete or rock. 2. Incleaning concrete or rock surfaces, a high-velocityjet consisting of a mixture of air and water.air-water storage tank A water storage tankin which the air, above the water, is compressed.airway A passage for ventilation between ther-mal insulation and roof boards.ajaraca In southern Spain, an ornament inbrick walls, formed of patterns, a half brick deep,more or less complicated.a jour, ajouré Pierced, perforated, or cut out toform a decorative opening in wood, stone,metal, or other material.AL On drawings, abbr. for aluminum.ala 1. An alcove or small room opening off theatrium of an ancient Roman house. 2. A smallroom on each side of a cella.alabaster Fine-grained, translucent variety of verypure gypsum, generally white or delicately shaded.A-labeled door A door carrying a certificationfrom the Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. that itmeets the requirements for a class-A door.alameda A shaded public walk or promenade.alarm system An electrical system that isinstalled in a building as a protective measureagainst fire or unauthorized entry. In the eventthat the system is activated, an alarm (such as anaudible signal or flashing light) is turned on; seefire alarm system and burglar alarm system.alarm valve See wet alarm valve.alatorium 1. A piazza, corridor, or coveredwalk. 2. The flank of a building.albani stone A pepper-colored stone used inbuildings in ancient Rome before the introduc-tion of marble.albarium A white lime used for stucco; madeby burning marble.albronze Same as aluminum bronze.album In ancient Roman architecture, a spaceon the surface of a wall covered with white plas-ter, located in a public place, on which publicannouncements and records, etc. were written.alburnum Same as sapwood.alcazar A Moorish or Spanish fortress or castle.alclad A metal product clad with an aluminumor aluminum-alloy coating, usually as a protec-tion against corrosion.alcove A small recessed space, opening directlyinto a larger room.alder A moderately light-colored, light-weighthardwood that changes to flesh color or lightbrown when dried; often stained to simulatecherry, mahogany or walnut; often used as ply-wood core and crossbanding.air void24air well See air shaft.AISC Abbr. for “American Institute of SteelConstruction.”AISI Abbr. for “American Iron and SteelInstitute.”aisle 1. A longitudinal passage between sectionsof seats in an auditorium or church. 2. In achurch, the space flanking and parallel to thenave; usually separated from it by columns,intended primarily for circulation but sometimescontaining seats.aisle access way A continuous, unobstructedaccessible route around seating, furniture, ordesks so as to provide adequate clearance for thedisabled.aisleway A passage or walkway within a fac-tory, storage building, or shop permitting theflow of inside traffic. Also see aisle.AITC Abbr. for “American Institute of TimberConstruction.”aiwan A reception hall in an ancient Parthianbuilding.airway
  • 38. aleatorium In ancient Roman architecture, aroom in which dice games were played.ale house In an early British or American com-munity: a village tavern licensed to sell alco-holic beverages.alette 1. A minor wing of a building. 2. A doorjamb. 3. A rear pilaster, partially visible withina cluster of columnar elements. 4. The wing ofthe pier on both sides of an engaged column.aligning punch25alidade The part of a surveying instrumentwhich consists of a sighting device, with index,and reading or recording accessories.alienation The transfer of title to real propertyby one person to another.aliform Having a wing-like shape or extensions.aligning punch A punch used for lining up mat-ing holes prior to riveting or bolting; a drift punch.alettes,4 CalfizAlexandrian work Same as opus Alexan-drinum.Alexandrinum opus Same as opus Alexan-drinum.alfiz A decorative molding enclosing a door orarch.alhambresqueAlhambra A fortress and palace built by theMoorish kings of Granada in southern Spain,completed in the 14th century.Alhambresque Ornamentation that resem-bles the fanciful style used at the Alhambra.alicatado Tile work which is executed withazulejos; used to decorate pavements and walls,especially in patios. aligning punch
  • 39. alignment 1.An adjustment in a straight line. 2.The theoretical, definitive lines that establish theposition of construction (such as a building) or theshape of an individual element (such as a curved orstraight beam). 3.In highway and other surveys,the ground plan depicting direction of the route asdistinguished from a profile, which shows the ver-tical element. 4.In prehistoric building, formalalleys of standing stones, as at Carnac in France.alipterion In ancient Roman architecture, aroom used by bathers for anointing themselves.alite A principal constituent of portland-cement clinker; primarily tricalcium silicate, butincludes small amounts of magnesium oxide,aluminum oxide, ferric oxide, and other oxides.alive Same as live, 1.alkali Any of the various chemically activebases such as the soluble salts of metals, e.g., thewater-soluble salts of sodium and potassiumwhich occur in constituents of concrete andmortar that may result in deleterious expansion.alkali-aggregate reaction A chemical reac-tion in mortar or concrete between alkalies fromportland cement or other sources and certainconstituents of some aggregates; under certainconditions, deleterious expansion of the con-crete or mortar may result.alkalinity See pH.alkaline soil Soil containing soluble salts ofmagnesium, sodium, or the like, and having apH value of between 7.3 and 8.5.alkali reactivity Of a concrete aggregate, itssusceptibility to alkali-aggregate reaction.alkali resistance 1. The degree to which apaint resists reaction with alkaline materials suchas lime, cement, plaster, soap, etc.; a necessaryproperty for paints in bathrooms, kitchens, laun-dries. 2. The degree to which a porcelain enamelwill resist attack by aqueous alkaline solutions.alkali-silica reaction In portland cement, thereaction between the alkalies and particularsiliceous rocks and/or minerals which arepresent in some aggregates; may result in abnor-mal expansion and cracking of concrete underservice conditions.alkali soil A soil, with salts injurious to plantlife, having a pH value of 8.5 or higher.alkyd paint A paint using an alkyd resin as thevehicle for the pigment.alkyd resin One of a group of thermoplasticsynthetic resins; used in bonding materials, inadhesives, and in paints and varnishes.allée A broad walk, planted with trees on eitherside, usually at least twice as high as the width ofthe walk.allège A part of a wall which is thinner than therest, esp. the spandrel under a window.alignment26allègeallegory: Cathedral of Worms, 13th cent. The beast withfour heads symbolizes the Four Gospelsallegory A figurative representation in whichthe meaning is conveyed symbolically.Allen wrenchAllen head A screw having a hexagonallyshaped recess in its head.Allen wrench A wrench for Allen headscrews; a steel bar, hexagonal in shape, which isbent to form a right angle.
  • 40. alley 1. A service way providing a secondarypublic means of access to abutting properties; anarrow passageway between or behind buildings,sometimes permitting traffic for only one lane ofcars. 2. A garden walk between rows of trees; anallée.all-heart lumber Lumber that is all heart-wood, entirely free of sapwood.alligator hide A surface condition on porce-lain enamel, characterized by an extreme rough-ness; a severe case of orange peel.alligatoring 1. The splitting of a film of paintin a pattern resembling an alligator skin, causedby shrinkage of a coat of paint applied over asemiplastic or thermoplastic undercoat; alsocalled crocodiling. 2. Surface cracking, due tooxidation and shrinkage stresses, which showsas repetitive mounding of an asphalt surface in apattern resembling the hide of an alligator;occurs only in unsurfaced bitumen exposed tothe weather.alligator shears, lever shears Wide-jawedshears, resembling the jaws of an alligator,used to cut sheets of metal; operated by a footlever.alligator wrench A wrench having V-shaped,fixed serrated jaws; used to turn cylindrical parts,esp. in fitting pipe.all-in aggregate See bank-run gravel.all-in contract Same as turn-key job.allotment garden Any privately or publiclyowned garden area which has been dividedinto plots for assignment to individuals fortheir use.allover A pattern covering an entire surface;usually one which is repeated.ALLOW. On drawings, abbr. for “allowance.”allowable bearing value, allowable soilpressure, allowable bearing capacityThe maximum permissible pressure on founda-tion soil that provides adequate safety againstrupture of the soil mass or movement of thefoundation of such magnitude as to impair thestructure that imposes the pressure.allowable load The load which induces themaximum permissible unit stress at a critical sec-tion of a structural member.allowable pile bearing load The maximumpermissible load on a pile that provides adequatesafety against movement of such magnitude thatwould endanger the structure supported by thepile.allowable pile load The allowable concentri-cally applied load which is permitted along thecentral axis of a pile.allowable soil pressure See allowable bear-ing value.allowable stress In the design of structures,the maximum unit stress permitted under work-ing loads by codes and specifications.allowance 1. See cash allowance. 2. See con-tingency allowance.alloy A composition of two or more metalsfused together, usually to obtain a desiredproperty.alloy steel Steel containing one or more alloyingelements other than carbon, such as chromium,molybdenum, or nickel, which have been added(in an amount exceeding a specified minimum)to impart particular physical, mechanical, orchemical properties.all-risk insurance On a construction project,insurance that protects the policyholder againstall risks other than those which are specificallyexcluded by the policy.all-rowlock wall See rowlock cavity wall.all-stretcher bond A masonry bond, 6 show-ing only stretchers on the face of the brick wall;same as stretcher bond.allure See alure.alluvial deposit Earth, sand, gravel, or otherrock or mineral materials transported and laiddown by flowing water.alluvium Gravel, sand, silt, soil, or other mate-rial that is deposited by running water.ALM On drawings, abbr. for “alarm.”almariol A storage place for ecclesiastical vest-ments; an ambry.almary See ambry.almehrabh In Arabian architecture, a nichein a mosque which marks the direction ofMecca.almemar, almemor 1. A bema, 2. 2. In asynagogue, a desk on which the Torah is placedwhile being read to the congregation.almena An indented trapezium serving as anembattled parapet. (See illustration p. 28.)almena27
  • 41. almery See ambry.almocarabe Same as ajaraca.almond An aureole of elliptical form.almonry A building or part thereof where almsare distributed.almorie Same as almariol.almorrefa In Hispanic architecture, brickworkintermixed with azulejos; used as flooring.almshouse 1. A building in which charity wasdistributed to the poor; found in England and insome early American settlements and cities; alsosee poorhouse. 2. An almonry.alpha brass An alloy containing 51 to 61%copper and 39 to 45% zinc; used in hot-watersystems because of its corrosion resistant pro-perties.alpha gypsum A specially processed gypsumhaving low consistency and high compressivestrength, often exceeding 5,000 lb per sq in.(352 kg per sq cm).ALS Abbr. for “American Lumber Standards.”ALT On drawings, abbr. for “alternate.”altana A light ornamental structure on a roofthat serves much the same function as a gazebo.altar 1. An elevated table, slab, or structure,often of stone, rectangular or round, for religiousrites, sacrifices, or offerings. 2. The Communiontable in certain churches.altar frontal An ornamental hanging or panelfor the front of an altar.altar of repose In a Roman Catholic church, aside altar, repository, or storage niche where theHost is kept from Maundy Thursday to GoodFriday.altarpiece A decorative screen, painting, orsculpture above the back of an altar.altar rail A low rail or barrier in front of thealtar, running transversely to the main axis ofthe church and separating the officiating clergyfrom the other worshipers.altar screen A richly decorated partition ofstone, wood, or metal, separating the altar fromthe space behind it.altar slab, altar stone A flat stone or slabforming the top of an altar.altar tomb A raised tomb, or monument cover-ing a tomb, whose shape resembles an altar.alteration Construction in a building whichmay change the structural parts, mechanicalequipment, or location of openings, but does notincrease the overall area of dimensions of thebuilding.alterations 1. A construction project (or por-tion of a project) comprising revisions within orto prescribed elements of an existing structure,as distinct from additions to an existing struc-ture. 2. Remodeling.alternate A change in work, 1 described in thecontract documents for a building that gives theowner the option of selecting various products,materials, or systems, and/or the right to add ordelete portions of the work, 1.alternate bid The amount stated in the bid tobe added to or deducted from the amount of thebase bid if the corresponding change in projectscope or alternate materials and/or methods ofconstruction is accepted.alternating current An electric current thatvaries periodically in value and direction, firstalmery28altaralmena
  • 42. flowing in one direction in the circuit and thenflowing in the opposite direction; each com-plete repetition is called a cycle, and the num-ber of repetitions per second is called thefrequency; usually expressed in Hertz (Hz).alternating Flemish bond A brickwork pat-tern which is produced by laying alternatecourses of Flemish bond and common bond.alternating sprinkler system A fire sprin-kler system that can be changed from a wet-pipesprinkler system in the summer to a dry-pipesprinkler system in the winter.alternator A generator of alternating currentwhich is produced by the turning of its rotor.ALTN On drawings, abbr. for “alteration.”alto-rilievo, alto-relievo See high relief.alum A chemical compound added to gypsumplaster to make the plaster harden faster.ALUM. On drawings, abbr. for aluminum.alumina The oxide of aluminum; an importantconstituent of the clays used in brick, tile, andrefractories.aluminium British term for aluminum.aluminize, Brit. aluminise To apply a surfacecoating of aluminum to another metal or otherbase material, usually by spraying or dipping inmolten aluminum. On steel, such coatingsgreatly increase corrosion resistance.aluminous cement See calcium aluminatecement.aluminum, Brit. aluminium A lustrous,silver-white, nonmagnetic, lightweight metalwhich is very malleable; has good thermal andelectrical conductivity; a good reflector of bothheat and light. In construction, most aluminumis used in alloy form because of added strength;further strengthened by heat treatment; used inextrusions, castings, and sheets. Excellent resis-tance to oxidation; often anodized for bettercorrosion resistance, surface hardness, and/orarchitectural color requirements.aluminum brass Brass to which aluminumhas been added to increase its corrosion resis-tance.aluminum bronze A copper-aluminum alloy,usually with 3 to 11% aluminum; may containadditional additives; has good corrosion resis-tance and may be cast or coldworked.aluminum door A door having aluminumstiles and rails; usually glazed.aluminum foil Very thin aluminum sheet (lessthan 0.006 in. or 0.15 mm); usually used forthermal insulation and vapor barriers.aluminum oxide Same as alumina.aluminum paint A paint made with alu-minum paste and a film-forming vehicle (such asa varnish); a good heat and light reflector; hasgood water impermeability.aluminum powder Small flakes of alu-minum metal obtained by stamping or ball-milling foil in the presence of a fatty lubricant,such as stearic acid, which causes the flakes toorient in a pattern to give high brilliance. Usu-ally supplied in paste form wetted with mineralspirits.aluminum primer An aluminum-basedprimer,1 that has excellent water-resistant prop-erties.aluminum-silicon bronze An alloy con-sisting chiefly of copper with aluminum andsilicon added to give it greater strength andhardness.aluminum window Any window constructedprincipally of aluminum, the components ofwhich usually are extruded.aluminum-zinc coating On a metal surface,a corrosion-resistant coating having propertiessimilar to galvanizing.alure, allure, alur A gallery or passage, asalong the parapets of a castle, around the roof ofa church, or along a cloister.alure29alure A
  • 43. ambrices In ancient Roman construction, thecross laths inserted between the rafter and tilesof a roof.ambry, almary, almery, aumbry 1. A cup-board or niche in a chancel wall for the utensilsof the Eucharist; an armarium. 2. A storageplace, storeroom, closet, or pantry.ALV30amadoALV Symbol for alarm valve.alveated Having the vaulted shape of a beehive.alveus In ancient Rome, a bath constructed inthe floor of a room, the upper part of it project-ing above the floor, the lower part being sunkinto the floor itself.ALY On drawings, abbr. for alloy.amado In traditional Japanese architecture, atype of shutter made of sliding wooden panelswhich (when not in use) slide into a box-likestorage cabinet attached to the exterior of thebuilding at one side of the opening; usually set inplace in the evening.ambry, 1AMB Abbr. for “asbestos mill-cut board.”ambient lighting In any given area, the gen-eral background illumination.ambient noise The all-encompassing, averagebackground noise associated with a given envi-ronment, often a composite of sounds frommany sources near and far, of many differenttypes, e.g., the general background noise in aneighborhood or in an auditorium.ambient pressure In a water distribution sys-tem, the normal operating pressure at any partic-ular location in the system.ambient temperature The temperature ofthe surrounding air.ambitus 1. A small niche in undergroundRoman or Greek tombs, forming a receptacle fora cinerary urn. 2. In the Middle Ages, such aniche, but enlarged to admit a coffin. 3. In theMiddle Ages, the consecrated ground surround-ing a church.ambo, ambon 1. In early Christian churches,a pulpit for reading or chanting the Gospels orthe Epistles. 2. In contemporary Balkan orGreek churches, a large pulpit or reading desk.ambo,1
  • 44. ambulatory church A church having adomed center bay which is surrounded on threesides by aisles.AMCA Abbr. for “Air Movement and ControlAssociation.”AMD On drawings, abbr. for “air-moving device.”amended water Water to which a surfactanthas been added.amendment A modification to a building’scontract documents.American basement A floor of a buildingpartly above and partly below grade level, oftenserving as the entrance level to the building. Alsosee basement. Also called a walk-out basement.American bond Same as common bond; sameas English garden-wall bond.American Bracketed style A term occa-sionally used for the Italianate style.American Chateauesque style See Chateau-esque style.American Colonial architecture A termusually applied to colonial buildings constructedin America by English immigrants to the NewWorld; often classified according to region inAmerica.In early colonial New England, the typicalhouse was timber-framed with hewn-and-peggedjoints; exterior walls were sometimes coveredwith hard plaster, then clad with clapboardor weatherboards. Unpretentious houses com-monly had a single room with a loft space above;more prosperous houses, often one and a half ortwo stories high and one or two rooms deep, usu-ally were built on the hall-and-parlor plan, withone room on each side of an interior wall con-taining a massive, centrally located fireplace anda large high chimney; on the façade, drops wereoften suspended from the underside of an over-hanging second floor. Many of these early houseshad a steeply pitched gable roof and a side gable,or a hipped roof with eaves having no significantoverhang; unglazed window openings were cov-ered with solid-wood shutters, later replaced bynarrow casement windows having small quar-rels; heavy battened doors. Also see saltboxhouse, stone ender, whale house. Occasionallycalled Early Colonial architecture.In the colonial South and along the mid-Atlantic coast, single-room houses of the earlysettlers were often similar to the one-room planhouses in New England, with a clay-and-stickschimney. Later, as the houses became larger,they usually followed a hall-and-parlor plan or acenter-hall plan. Exterior walls were usuallybrick, with hand-split shingles on the roof; amassive decorative brick or stone exterior chim-ney at one or both gabled end walls, with cor-beled chimney caps. Pent roofs were common inthe mid-Atlantic area. For colonial architectureconstructed by immigrants other than theEnglish, see Dutch Colonial architecture,French Colonial architecture, German Colonialarchitecture, Spanish Colonial architecture.American Colonial Revival An architec-tural mode usually based on architectural proto-types in the English colonies in America, butoften including features not found or rarelypresent in those prototypes. Buildings in thisclassification are usually characterized by afaçade often featuring a Classical cornice;cupola; widow’s walk; colonial detailing; bevelsiding or a smooth brick wall finish with finejoints; brickwork often set in a Flemish bondpattern; splayed lintels; a hipped, gabled, orgambrel roof covered with slate tiles or woodshingles; louvered shutters; double-hung rect-angular sash windows with multiple panes inboth the upper and lower sashes; symmetricallyAmerican Colonial Revival31ambulatory,2ambulatory 1. A passageway around the apse ofa church, or for circumambulating a shrine. 2. Acovered walk of a cloister.
  • 45. arrayed windows in the façade; a fanlight overthe main entry door and sidelights on each sideof door; the front door commonly crowned by apediment, extending forward and supported oncolumns so as to form an entry porch.American four-square house 1. A one- ortwo-story house having a square floor plan con-sisting of four rooms (one in each corner), ahipped roof, and an off-center entry door; mostpopular from about 1905 to 1915. 2. A Prairiebox, primarily in the years between about 1900to 1920, having a low-pitched hipped roof and asymmetrical façade.American Institute of Architects (AIA)A professional organization, founded in 1857,whose purpose is to establish and promote pro-fessionalism and accountability on the part of itsmembers, and to promote architectural designexcellence. Address: 1735 New York AvenueNW, Washington, DC 20006.American International style See Interna-tional style and Contemporary style.American linden See basswood.American Mansard style A seldom-usedsynonym for Second Empire style. Also seeMansard style.American method of application A meth-od of applying rectangular roofing shingles whichprovides double coverage with a head lap, but noside lap.American National Standards InstituteAn independent organization of trade associa-tions, technical societies, professional groups,and consumer organizations; establishes andpublishes standards; formerly known as theUnited States of America Standards Institute(USASI or ASI), and previously as the AmericanStandards Association (ASA).American oriental carpeting An Americanloom-made carpet, of Axminster or Wiltonweave, manufactured in color and patterndesigns similar to those of oriental rugs.American Renaissance Revival A termoccasionally used for Italian Renaissance Revival.American Rundbogenstil Same as RoundArch style.American Society of Landscape Archi-tects (ASLA) The professional organizationof landscape architects in America, founded in1899. Address: 636 Eye Street, NW, Washington,DC 20008.American Society for Testing and Materi-als A nonprofit organization that establishesstandard tests and specifications for constructionmaterials; such tests and specifications usually arereferred to by the abbreviation ASTM followedby a numerical designation. Address: 100 BarHarbor Drive, West Conshohocken, PA 19428.American standard beam A type of I-beamof hot-rolled structural steel; designated by theprefix S placed before the size of the member.American standard channel A C-shapedstructural member of hot-rolled structural steel;designated by the prefix C placed before the sizeof the member.American four-square house32American standard channelAmerican standard pipe threads In theUS, standard pipe threads for commonly usedsizes of pipe for water, gas, or steam; formerlycalled Briggs standard pipe threads.American Standards Association SeeAmerican National Standards Institute.Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)A federal law, enacted in 1990, requiring thatpublic accommodations be accessible to thosehaving physical disabilities; this law mandatesthat existing physical barriers be replaced ormodified so there are no impediments to accessby the physically disabled. For detailed infor-mation, write the US Equal EmploymentOpportunities Commission, 1801 L Street,NW, Washington, DC 20507. See AmericanNational Standards Institute (ANSI) StandardA117.1-1992. Also see Uniform Federal Acces-sibility Standards and physical disability.American table of distances A table givingsafe distances for the storage of explosives, asapproved by the Institute of the Makers ofExplosives.American Tudor style See Tudor Revival.
  • 46. American wire gauge, American standardwire gauge, Brown and Sharpe gaugeA system used in the US for designating wirediameter in electrical wiring or the thickness ofaluminum, brass, and copper sheets; ranges from6/0 (0.58 in. or 16.3 mm) to 40 (0.0031 in. or0.079 mm).Amer Std Abbr. for “American Standard.”amino plastic Any plastic made of compoundsderived from ammonia.ammeter An instrument for measuring the rateof flow of electricity, usually expressed in amperes.ammonia A chemical used as a refrigerant, esp.in large low-temperature refrigeration systems (asin ice skating rinks) because of its high efficiency.ammonium chloride See sal ammoniac.amoretto, amorino Same as cupid.amorini Same as putti.amorino, amoretto A winged cherub.amorphous Said of rock having no crystalstructure.amortizement The sloping top of a buttress orprojecting pier.ampacity The current-carrying capacity of awire or cable, expressed in amperes.amperage The flow of electric current in a cir-cuit, expressed in amperes.ampere The International Standard unit forelectrical current. A unit of the rate of flow ofelectric current; an electromotive force of 1 voltacting across a resistance of 1 ohm results in acurrent flow of 1 ampere.amphiprostyle Marked by columns in porti-coes only at the front and back (of a classicaltemple), not on the sides.amphitheater33amortizementamount of mixing The designation of theextent of mixer action employed in combiningthe ingredients for concrete or mortar; for sta-tionary mixers: the mixing time; for truck mixers:the number of revolutions of the drum or bladesat mixing speed, after the intermingling of thecement with water and aggregates.amp Abbr. for ampere.amphiprostyleamphistylar Said of a classical temple havingcolumns across the length of both sides or acrossboth ends.amphitheater, amphitheater 1. A circular,semicircular, or elliptical auditorium in which acentral arena is surrounded by rising tiers ofseats. 2. (Brit.) The first section of seats in thegallery of a theater. 3. Any outdoor theater, esp.of the classical Greek type.amphitheater
  • 47. amphithura A curtain divided in the center,closing the entrance through the iconostasis of aGreek church.amplitude Of oscillation or vibration, themaximum displacement from the mean position.amusement park A commercially operatedpark with entertainment features such as rollercoasters, shooting galleries, merry-go-rounds,refreshment stands, etc.amyl acetate, banana oil A solvent for lac-quers and paints; has a strong banana-like odor.amylin See dextrin.anaglyph An embellishment carved or chasedin low relief. Also see bas-relief.analemma 1. A retaining wall at the side of anancient Greek or Roman theater. 2. Any raisedconstruction which serves as a support or rest.analogion, analogium 1. A reading desk,lectern, or ambo. 2. In the Eastern church, astand on which choir books rest.anamorphosis A drawing which appears to bedistorted unless viewed from a particular angleor with a special device.anchor, anchorage 1. A device such as ametal rod, wire, or strap, for fixing one object toanother, as specially formed metal connectorsused to fasten together timbers, masonry, trusses,etc. 2. In prestressed concrete, a device to lockthe stressed tendon in position so that it willretain its stressed condition. 3. In precast con-crete construction, a device used to attach theprecast units to the building frame. 4. In slabs ongrade, or walls, a device used to fasten to rock oradjacent structures to prevent movement of theslab or wall with respect to the foundation, adja-cent structure, or rock. 5. A support which holdsone end of a timber fast. 6. A device used tosecure a window or doorframe to the buildingstructure; usually adjustable in three dimensions;also see doorframe anchor. 7. See jamb anchor,masonry anchor, etc. 8. The anchor-shaped dartin the egg-and-dart molding; also called anchordart. 9. A device used in a piping system tosecure the piping to a structure; typically providedby a metal insert in an overhead concrete slab orbeam. 10. A wrought-iron clamp, of Flemish ori-gin, on the exterior side of a brick building wallthat is connected to the opposite wall by a steeltie-rod to prevent the two walls from spreadingapart; these clamps were often in the shape ofamphithura34anamorphosisanatase See titanium dioxide.anathyrosis A Greek method of fittingmasonry without mortar by carefully dressingthe contact edges of the blocks, leaving the cen-ter rough and slightly recessed.anchor,9anchors,1medieval anchors, 10
  • 48. numerals indicating the year of construction, orletters representing the owner’s initials, or weresimply fanciful designs.anchor beam In a typical Dutch barn in colo-nial America, a massive horizontal timber thatspans the barn from one gable end to the oppo-site end.anchorage 1. In posttensioning, a device whichanchors the tendons to the posttensioned con-crete member. 2. In pretensioning, a device usedto anchor the tendons temporarily during thehardening of the concrete. 3. Same as anchor, 3.anchorage bond stress The forces in a steelbar divided by the product of the perimeter andthe embedment length.anchorage deformation, anchorage slipThe shortening of tendons in prestressed concretedue to the deformation of the anchorage or slip-page of the tendons in the anchorage devicewhen the prestressing force is transferred to theanchorage device.anchorage device Any device used inanchorage.force. 2. In pretensioning, the region in whichtransfer bond stresses are developed.anchor block A block of wood, replacing abrick in a wall to provide a nailing or fasteningsurface.anchor bolt, foundation bolt, hold-downbolt 1. A steel bolt usually fixed in a buildingstructure with its threaded portion projecting;used to secure frameworks, timbers, machinerybases, etc. 2. See brick anchor.ancient light35anchor boltanchorage deviceanchorage loss Same as anchorage deformation.anchorage system A group of interactinganchors and elements.anchorage zone 1. In posttensioning, theregion adjacent to the anchorage for the tendonwhich is subjected to secondary stresses as aresult of the distribution of the prestressinganchor cable A cable or line, one end ofwhich is held in a fixed position.anchor dart See anchor, 8.anchor fastener A mechanical device (suchas a bolt or spike) used to secure a timber orwood framework.anchored-type ceramic veneer Ceramicveneer which is attached to a backing by groutand nonferrous metal anchors; minimum overallthickness is 1 in. (2.54 cm).anchor iron Same as beam anchor.anchor line Same as anchor cable.anchor log A timber which serves as a dead man.anchor pile A pile behind a retaining wall towhich tie-back rods or cables are connected.anchor plate A square metal plate used as floortile in industrial plants.anchor rod A threaded metal rod used withvarious types of hangers to support ductwork,piping, etc.anchor store A store (usually a major chainstore or department store) in a shopping centeror mall whose presence attracts business tosmaller shops within the center.anchor tie Same as anchor, 1.ancient light (Brit.) A window which islegally entitled to the continuous access to light
  • 49. by virtue of having had continuous access tolight for many years in the past.ancillary One of a group of buildings having asecondary or dependent use, such as an annex.ancon, (pl.) ancones 1. A scrolled bracket orconsole, 1 which supports a cornice or entabla-ture over a door or window. 2. A projecting bosson a column drum or wall block. 3. A cramp tofasten blocks of stone.ancillary36angel light A small triangular light, 1 betweensubordinate arches of the tracery of a window,esp. in the English Perpendicular style.angiosperm A class of seed plants (havingseeds enclosed in an ovary) which includes mostof the world’s flowering plants.angiportus In ancient Rome, a narrow roadpassing between two houses or a row of houses,or an alley leading to a single house.angle 1. The figure made by two lines that meet.2. The difference in direction of such intersectinglines, or the space within them. 3. A projectingor sharp corner. 4. A secluded area resembling acorner; a nook. 5. An L-shaped metal member;an angle iron. 6. See bevel angle. 7. A fitting ona gutter for rainwater which changes the gutter’sdirection.angle bar 1. An upright bar at the meeting oftwo faces of a polygonal window, bay window, orbow window. 2. An angle iron.angle bead 1. A corner bead. 2. A strip, usu-ally of metal or wood, set at the corner of a plas-ter wall to protect the corner or serve as a guideto float the plaster flush with it; a type of anglestaff.ancon,2angle blasting Sandblasting, or the like, at anangle of less than 90°.angle block, glue block A small block ofwood, triangular in cross section, which is usedto stiffen two intersecting pieces of wood atright angles; for example, under the step of astair.angle board A board whose surface is cut ata desired angle; serves as a guide for cuttingand/or planing other boards at the sameangle.ancon,1anda The hemispherical dome of a stupa.andiron One of a pair of metal supports for a login a fireplace.andron, andronitis 1. In ancient Greece, thepart of a building used by men, esp. the banquetroom. 2. A passage beside the tablinum in aRoman house.anechoic room A room whose boundariesabsorb almost completely sound waves whichare incident upon them; practically no sound isreflected from the boundaries.anemometer An instrument for measuring thevelocity of airflow.angel beam A hammer beam of a medievalroof truss; so called because it often had an angelcarved on its surface.angle bead,2
  • 50. angle float37angle bond A tie used to bond masonry workat wall corners.angle brace 1. A strip of material which isfixed across a frame to make it rigid, as a woodstrip which is nailed temporarily across thecorners of a window frame or doorframe tomaintain squareness during shipment or inhandling before permanent installation; alsocalled an angle tie. 2. An angle iron. 3. A spe-cial brace which is used for drilling wherethere is insufficient room for an ordinary bracehandle to turn.angle bracket A projecting bracket which isnot at right angles to the wall.angle brick Any brick having an oblique shapeto fit an oblique, salient corner.angle buttress One of two buttresses at rightangles to each other, forming the corner of astructure.angle capital A capital at a corner column,esp. an Ionic capital where the four volutesproject equally on the diagonals, instead ofbeing in two parallel planes; used by both Greeksand Romans.angle chimney A chimney placed so that thesides of the chimney form an angle with the sidewalls of a room.angle cleat Same as angle clip.angle clip A short strip of angle iron used tosecure structural elements at right angles.angle closer A special-shaped brick used toclose the bond at the corner of a wall.angle collar A cast-iron pipe fitting whichhas a socket at each end for joining with thespigot ends of two pipes that are not in align-ment.angle column A column placed at the cornerof a building, as at the corner of a portico; maybe freestanding or engaged.angle corbel An L-shaped corbel plate form-ing a right-angle bend, the vertical surface ofwhich is fastened to the wall; the horizontalsurface is used to support a building compo-nent.angled bay window A bay window that is tri-angular in plan and protrudes outward from awall.angled chimney stacks See diagonal chim-ney stacks.angle divider A square for setting or bisect-ing angles; one side is an adjustable hingedblade; when set at 90°, it can be used as a trysquare.angle dozer A bulldozer with its blade set at anangle to push the earth to one side.angledozer Same as bulldozer.angled stair A stair whose successive flights areat an angle other than 180° to each other (oftenthe angles are at 90°), with an intermediate plat-form between them.angle fillet A wooden strip, triangular in crosssection, which is used to cover the internal jointbetween two surfaces meeting at an angle of lessthan 180°.angle fireplace A fireplace across one cornerof a room; for example, see fogón.angle float A trowel having two edge surfacesbent at 90°; used to finish corners in freshly pouredconcrete and in plastering. (See illustration p. 38.)plan of an Ionic angle capitalangle capital
  • 51. angle gauge A template used to set or checkangles in building construction.angle globe valve A type of globe valveintended for use at a point in a water distribu-tion system where the piping changes directionby 90°; saves the cost of an extra elbow andprovides an additional point of control of waterflow.angle hip tile An arris hip tile.angle iron, angle bar An L-shaped iron orsteel bar or structural steel member.angle joint A joint between two pieces oflumber which results in a change in direction,such as a dovetail joint or a mortise-and-tenonjoint.angle lacing A system of lacing in which angleirons are used in place of bars.angle leaf In medieval architecture, a carvedclaw or spur, 1 which projects from the lowertorus of a column, so as to cover one of the pro-jecting corners of the square plinth beneath.angle-lighting luminaire A luminaire whoselight distribution is asymmetric with respect to adirection of specific interest.angle modillion A modillion at the corner of acornice.angle newel A landing newel.angle niche A niche formed at the corner of abuilding; common in medieval architecture.angle of illumination The angle between theaxis of an illuminator and a perpendicular to thesurface being illuminated.angle of repose The maximum angle with thehorizontal at which a mass of material, as in a cutor embankment, will lie without sliding; theangle between the horizontal and the maximumslope that a soil assumes through naturalprocesses.angle of rest Same as angle of repose.angle paddle A hand tool used to finish a plas-tered surface.angle pier A pier, 2 at the intersection of twowalls, constructed on the external angle.angle post In half-timber construction, thecorner post.angle rafter A hip rafter.angle rail A timber that is cut from a square railto form two lengthwise pieces which are triangu-lar in cross section.angle rib 1. In decorative work, a molding thatornaments an angle. 2. In Gothic architecture,one of the diagonal ribs, 1 that divides each ofthe rectangles of a vault.angle ridge A hip rafter.angle-roll Same as bowtell.angle section A structural steel member hav-ing an L-shaped cross section.angle shaft 1. A column within the right-angled recesses of Norman door and windowjambs. 2. A decorative member, such as a colon-nette or enriched corner bead, attached to anexternal angle of a building.angle staff, staff angle A vertical strip ofwood or metal at the exterior angle of two plas-tered surfaces and flush with them; protects theplastering and serves as a guide for floating theplaster; a corner bead, 2.angle stile A narrow strip of wood used to con-ceal the joint between a wall and a vertical woodsurface which makes an angle with the wall, as atthe edge of a corner cabinet.angle stone Same as quoin.angle strut An angle-shaped structural mem-ber which is designed to carry a compressionload.anglet A groove, usually containing an angle of90°.angle tie See angle brace, 1.angle tile A tile, 1 that forms an angle; used tocover a hip, 1 (ridge) of a roof; sometimes used inweather tiling (tile hanging) to cover the cornerof a building.angle trowel A margin trowel.angle gauge38angle float
  • 52. angle valve A valve for controlling the flowof a liquid or air; the fluid leaves at rightangles to the direction in which it enters thevalve.Anglo-Saxon architecture39A, B, angletangle volute See angle capital.Anglo-Italian Villa style A term occasion-ally used for the Italianate style.Anglo-Palladianism An architectural move-ment, primarily in England between 1710 and1760, set up in reaction to the Baroque style ofarchitecture; marked by the rediscovery of worksof Inigo Jones and the earlier works of AndreaPalladio. Occasionally called Burlingtonianstyle or Palladian Revival.Anglo-Saxon architecture The pre-Roman-esque architecture of England before theangle valveAnglo-Saxon architecture
  • 53. angstrom40animal glue, hide glue A glue made from thebones, hide, horns, and connective tissues ofanimals; when used hot, it develops strongbonds; has poor water resistance.anisotropic Descriptive of a material (such aswood) that does not have the same physicalproperties in all directions.ANL On drawings, abbr. for “anneal.”annealed glass Glass created by a process thatmoves it, in a molten form, along a long ovenwhere it is heated and then slowly cooled undercontrolled conditions, emerging as a flat, “firepolished” glass product.annealed tube See soft copper tube.annealing A process of holding a material at anelevated temperature, but below its meltingpoint, to permit the relieving of internal stressesin the material.annex, annexe A subsidiary structure near oradjoining a larger principal building.annexation The acquisition of new territory bya governmental authority, such as a city or state.annual plant A plant whose life cycle is com-pleted in a single growing season.annual ringsangular pedimentNorman Conquest (1066 A.D.), which survivedfor a short time thereafter; characterized by mas-sive walls and round arches; a belt course orpilaster strips; triangular arches; long-and-shortwork.angstrom A unit of length; used to expresselectromagnetic wavelengths; 1 Å = 10−10meter =1⁄10 nanometer. Abbr. Å.angular aggregate Aggregate, the particles ofwhich possess well-defined edges formed at theintersection of roughly planar faces.angular capital Same as angle capital.angular frequency (ω) The frequency of aperiodic quantity multiplied by 2π; expressed inradians.angular hip tile Same as angle tile.angular pediment A pediment having a hori-zontal cornice and slanting sides that meet in apoint at the top so as to form a triangle; alsocalled a triangular pediment.anhydrite A natural mineral calcium sulfate,used in the manufacture of portland cement tocontrol its set.anhydrous calcium sulfate, dead-burntgypsum Gypsum from which all the water ofcrystallization has been removed.anhydrous gypsum plaster Plaster whichhas a greater percentage of the water of crystal-lization removed than normal gypsum plasters;used as a finish plaster. Requires the addition ofan accelerator to produce a set.anhydrous lime See lime.animal black A black pigment made by char-ring of animal bones; sometimes used in paints,although carbon black generally is preferred fortinting strength and blackness. Available inthree grades: boneblack, drop black, and ivoryblack.annual ring, growth ring A layer of woodproduced during one year of a tree’s growth.annular Said of a ring-shaped structure or object.annular crypt A crypt in a church that has asemi-circular ambulatory leading to the mainchamber, which contains a relic of a saint.annular molding Any molding that is circularin plan, such as the torus at the base of a column.annular nail A nail with circular ridges aroundits shaft; provides greater holding power than anail without such ridges.
  • 54. annular vault A barrel vault in the shape of aring, instead of a straight line; covers a space ofwhich the plan is formed by the area betweentwo concentric circles, or any portion of such aspace.anta cap The capital of an anta.antebellum Dating before or existing beforethe US Civil War (1861–1865).antecabinet A room, often spacious and ele-gant, leading to a private audience room or cab-inet.antecabinet41annular vaultannulated column A shaft or cluster of shaftsfitted, at intervals, with rings.annulet A small molding, usually circular inplan and square or angular in section; esp. one ofthe fillets encircling the lower part of the Doriccapital above the necking.anode In an electric system to protect under-ground iron pipes or structures from electro-chemical action, a metallic rod which is drivenin the ground; direct current is passed throughthe rod to the earth, and then through the ironpipe or structure, in a direction opposite to thatresulting from the electrochemical properties ofthe soil.anodic coating The surface finish resultingfrom anodizing; may be transparent or colored bythe use of a dye or pigment in the anodizingprocess.anodize To provide a hard, noncorrosive, elec-trolytic, oxide film on the surface of a metal, par-ticularly aluminum, by electrolytic action.anse de panier Same as basket-handled arch.ANSI Abbr. for American National StandardsInstitute.anta (pl. antae) A pilaster or a rectangular pierformed by a thickening at the end of a wall, usu-ally projecting into a façade or portico; its capi-tal and base usually differ from those on columnswithin the portico. Antae usually occur in pairs,with one on each side of the portico. If there arecolumns within the portico that are between theantae, they are said to be in antis. Also see distylein antis.annulets: A, of a Doric capital. Shown enlarged in lowerfigureannunciator 1. A signaling device, usuallyelectrically operated, that emits an audible sig-nal and/or a visual indication under selected cir-cumstances; for example, it may sound an alarmin the case of fire or unauthorized entry. 2. Seecar annunciator.ANOD On drawings, abbr. for anodize.antae A
  • 55. antemural The outerworks or wall surroundingand protecting a castle.antenave A narthex or porch of any descrip-tion leading into the nave of a church.antepagment 1. A stone or stucco which servesas a decorative dressing that enriches the jambsand head of a doorway or window; an architrave,2. 2. A jamb or molded architrave of a door.antependium A wooden hanging which wasonce displayed over, and in front of, the altar ofa medieval church.antepodium A seat behind the dais in a choir,reserved for the clergy.anteport A preliminary portal; an outer gate ordoor.anteportico An outer porch or a portico infront of the main portico in a classical temple.anterides In ancient Greek and Roman archi-tecture, a structure to strengthen another; aantechamber42antechamber 1. A room preceding a chamber.2. A foyer, lobby, or vestibule.antechapel A separate entrance space, as aporch or vestibule, in front of a chapel.antechoir The space, more or less enclosed,between the inner and outer gates of the choirscreen.antechurch A deep narthex at the front of achurch, usually with a nave and side aisles.antecourt An entrance court or outer courtwhich precedes the principal court, as at Ver-sailles; a forecourt.antefix 1. A decorated upright slab used in clas-sical architecture and derivatives to close orconceal the open end of a row of tiles whichcover the joints of roof tiles. 2. A similar orna-ment on the ridge of a roof.antefix,1antepagmentanteroom A room adjacent to a larger, moreimportant one; frequently used as a waitingarea.ante-temple The narthex of an ancient temple.anteridestype of buttress placed against an outer wall,esp. in subterranean construction.
  • 56. antidesiccant Material applied to plants priorto transplanting to reduce the amount of mois-ture lost from transpiration.antiflooding interceptor Same as backwatervalve.antifreeze sprinkler system A wet-pipesprinkler system whose piping is filled with anantifreeze solution. When the system is acti-vated, the antifreeze solution is discharged, fol-lowed by a discharge of water from the watersupply to which it is connected.antifriction bearing Any bearing having thecapability of reducing friction effectively.antifriction latch bolt In builders’ hardware,a latch bolt designed to reduce friction as thebolt engages the strike plate.antimonial lead, hard lead, regulus metalAn alloy containing 10 to 25% antimony andthe balance lead; antimony increases the tensilestrength and hardens the lead; used in roofing,tank lining, and cladding, 2.antimony oxide A white opaque pigmentused in paints and plastics to provide flame-retardant properties. It has better opacity thanextenders but is not as good as titaniumdioxide.antimony yellow See Naples yellow.antiparabema One of two chapels at theentrance end of a Byzantine church.antipumping A feature that prevents thereclosing of a circuit breaker until the cause ofthe closing has been corrected.antique crown, eastern crown A heral-dic device consisting of a headband with anindefinite number of pointed rays projectingfrom it.antique crown43antic, antic work A grotesque sculpture con-sisting of animal, human, and foliage formsincongruously run together and used to decoratemolding terminations and many other parts ofantique crownanticanthemionmedieval architecture. Sometimes synonymouswith grotesque or arabesque.anticorrosive paint A paint formulated witha corrosive-resistant pigment (such as lead chro-mate, zinc chromate, or red lead) and a chemicaland moisture-resistant binder; used to protectiron and steel surfaces.anticum The front of a classical building, as dis-tinguished from the posticum; same as pronaos.anthemion, honeysuckle ornament Acommon Greek ornament based upon thehoneysuckle or palmette. Used singly on stelaeor antefixes, or as a running ornament onfriezes, etc.
  • 57. antique glass A textured cylinder glass ofuneven thickness, used primarily in stained glasswindows; similar in characteristics to the stainedglass of the Middle Ages.antiquing A technique of handling wet paint,by combing, graining, or marbling, so as toexpose parts of the undercoat; also calledbroken-color work.antiquum opus Same as opus incertum.antis, in See in antis.anti-sing lamp Same as low-noise lamp.anti-siphon An adjective applied to a mechan-ical device, such as a valve, that eliminatessiphonage.anti-siphon trap See deep-seal trap.anti-siphonage vent Same as back vent.anti-siphon vacuum breaker A device (ormeans) for preventing back siphonage.antislip paint A paint with a high coefficientof friction, caused by addition of sand, woodflour, or cork dust; used on steps, porches, andwalkways to prevent slipping.antismudge ring A frame attached around theperimeter of a ceiling-mounted air diffuser,which minimizes the formation of rings of dirton the ceiling.antistatic agent An agent which minimizesstatic electricity in plastics; may consist ofchemical additives or metallic devices con-nected to an electrical ground.anti-sun glass See coated glass and tintedglass.AP Abbr. for “access panel.”APA Abbr. for “American Plywood Associa-tion.”apadana The columnar audience hall in aPersian palace.apartment 1. A room or suite of roomsdesigned to be lived in, containing at least onebathroom; is separated from, and is usually oneof, many similar units within a multipledwelling. 2. A building containing at least threesuch dwelling units; an apartment house. Alsosee efficiency apartment, garden apartment,apartment hotel.apartment hotel 1. A hotel which rents liv-ing quarters suitable for light housekeepingand supplies hotel services. 2. An apartmenthouse which supplies living quarters suitablefor light housekeeping and has public diningfacilities.apartment house See apartment, 2.apartments (Brit.) A group of rooms used as adwelling by one person or one family.APC On drawings, abbr. for “acoustical plasterceiling.”apex In architecture or construction, the high-est point, peak, or tip of any structure.apex stone, saddle stone The uppermoststone in a gable, pediment, vault, or dome; usu-ally triangular, often highly decorated.apodyterium A room in Greek or Romanbaths, or in the palaestra, where the bathersor those taking part in gymnastic exercises,undressed and dressed.aponsa A shed roof having rafters that are letinto, or rest upon, a wall.apophyge 1. That part of a column wherethe shaft of the column springs from its base orwhere the shaft terminates at its capital;usually molded in a concave sweep; also calleda scape or congé. 2. The hollow (i.e., scotia)beneath the echinus of some Classicalcapitals.antique glass44aposthesis Same as apophyge.apostilb A unit of luminance equal to (1/π)candela per square meter.apotheca In ancient Greece and Rome, astoreroom of any kind, but esp. one for storingwine.apophyge, 2apophyge,1
  • 58. appareille The slope or ascent to the platformof a bastion.apparent brightness See brightness.apparent candlepower Of an extended lightsource at a specified distance: the candlepowerof a point source which produces the same illu-mination at that distance.apparent density 1. The mass per unit vol-ume of in-place thermal insulation. 2. The massper unit volume (or the weight per unit volume)of a material, including the voids which areinherent in the material.APPD On drawings, abbr. for approved.appentice, pent, pentice A minor structurebuilt against the side of a building, with a roof ofsingle slope; a penthouse, 3.appliance regulator A regulator for control-ling and maintaining a uniform pressure of gassupplied to an appliance.application for payment The contractor’swritten request for payment of amount due forcompleted portions of the work, 1 and, if thecontract so provides, for materials delivered andsuitably stored pending their incorporation intothe work.application life Same as working life.applied molding A molding that is nailed on,laid on, or otherwise fastened to a surface, ratherthan cut into the surface itself.applied ornament Same as appliqué, 2.applied trim Supplementary and separate dec-orative strips of wood or moldings applied to theface or sides of a frame, as on a doorframe.appliqué 1. An accessory decorative featureapplied to an object or structure. 2. In ornamen-tal work, one material affixed to another.appraisal An evaluation or estimate (preferablyby a qualified professional appraiser) of the mar-ket or other value, cost, utility, or other attributeof land or other facility.approach-zone district In zoning, a classifi-cation which identifies all that area outwardfrom the end of, or approach to, a runway inwhich the height of structures or other hazardsto aircraft is restricted.approval drawing In building construction,one of the drawings furnished by a manufacturerto a purchaser for his approval. Such an approvalaffirms that the manufacturer has correctlyinterpreted all contractual requirements.approved 1. Referring to materials, devices, orconstruction accepted by the authority havingjurisdiction, by reason of tests or investigationsconducted by it or by an agency satisfactory to theauthority, or by reason of accepted principles ortests by national authorities or technical or scien-tific organizations. 2. Referring to occupancy oruse, accepted by the authority having jurisdictionby reason of the submission of adequate proof ofconformity with the basic requirements of thecode under which the authority functions.approved equal Material, equipment, ormethod approved by the architect for use inthe work, 1 as being acceptable as an equiva-lent in essential attributes to the material,approved equal45appenticeappliance, appliance equipment Any de-vice (other than industrial) which utilizes gas orelectricity as a fuel to produce air-conditioning,heat, light, refrigeration, or to perform one ormore functions such as dishwashing; usually builtin a standard size or type and installed or con-nected as a unit.appliance lamp An electric lamp designed forhigh-temperature service.appliance outlet See outlet.appliance panel In electric systems, a metalhousing containing two or more devices (such asfuses) for protection against excessive current incircuits which supply portable electric appli-ances with current.
  • 59. equipment, or method specified in the contractdocuments.approved ground A ground (such as the steelframework of a building, a concrete-encasedelectrode, or a ground ring) that meets therequirements of the National Electrical Code orother applicable code.approving authority The individual agency,board, department, or official established andauthorized by a political subdivision (e.g., state,province, county, city, or parish) which is cre-ated by law to administer and enforce specifiedrequirements.APPROX On drawings, abbr. for “approxi-mate.”appurtenance 1. Any built-in, nonstructuralportion of a building, such as doors, windows,ventilators, electrical equipment, partitions,etc. 2. An incidental property right, as a right-of-way.appurtenant structure A structure attachedto the exterior of a building or erected on theroof, usually designed to support service equip-ment or to support a billboard or the like.APPX On drawings, abbr. for “appendix.”apron 1. A flat broad piece of finished lumberor trim placed directly under a windowsill. 2. Aflat piece of wood mounted under the base of acabinet. 3. Same as counterflashing. 4. Same asapron flashing. 5. Paneling on the exterior of abuilding which serves as a protection againstweather or as a decorative feature. 6. That por-tion of a concrete slab which extends beyondthe face of a building on adjacent ground, as theextension of a garage floor. 7. A vertical panel atthe back of a sink or lavatory. 8. In a theater,that part of a stage which projects into the audi-ence area beyond the proscenium and curtainline; a forestage.apron flashing 1. The flashing that covers thejoint between a vertical surface and a slopingroof, as at the lower edge of a chimney. 2. Theflashing that diverts water from a vertical surfaceinto a gutter.apron lift A hydraulic or mechanical lift whichextends the fixed apron of a stage in front of aproscenium opening.apron lining The piece of boarding which cov-ers the rough apron piece of a staircase.apron molding See apron, 2.apron piece, pitching piece A horizontalwood beam, fixed into a wall and projecting hor-izontally, which supports the ends of carriagepieces, roughstrings, and joists at the landings ofa wooden staircase.apron rail A lock rail having a raised ornamen-tal molding.apron sink A deep-sided sink whose front andsides are extended downward from the upperedge, forming an apron around the sink.apron stage In a proscenium theater, an exten-sion of the fixed apron (in front of a prosceniumopening) by means of a platform or by an apronlift.apron wall In an exterior wall, a panel whichextends downward from a windowsill to the topof a window below.apse A semicircular (or nearly semicircular) orsemipolygonal space, usually in a church, termi-nating an axis and intended to house an altar.approved ground46apseapse aisle An aisle or ambulatory extendingaround an apse or chevet.apse chapel A chapel opening from an apse;such a radial chapel is a conspicuous feature ofFrench Gothic architecture.apsidal Pertaining to an apse or similar to one.
  • 60. apsidiole A small apsidal chapel, esp. one pro-jecting from an apse. There are often severalchapels projecting from the apse.aquifer A water-bearing formation of gravel,permeable rock, or sand that is capable of provid-ing water, in usable quantities, to springs or wells.aquila A tympanum decorated with carvings.AR 1. On drawings, abbr. for “as required.” 2.On drawings, abbr. for “as rolled.”ara Any Classical structure elevated above thegeneral ground level which is used to make offer-ings to the gods.arabesque 1. Intricate overall pattern of geo-metric forms or stylized plants used in Muslimcountries. 2.Overall decorative pattern of acan-thus scrolls, swags, candelabrum shafts, animal orhuman forms, on panels or pilasters, in Romanand Renaissance architecture. 3.A species ofornament of infinite variety used for enriching flatsurfaces or moldings, either painted, inlaid, orcarved in low relief.araeostyle47apsidioleapsis The semicircular termination of any rect-angular chamber; an apse.APT 1.On drawings; abbr. for apartment. 2.Abbr. for Association for Preservation Technology.apteral Descriptive of a classical temple orsimilar building that has no columns along thesides but may have a portico at one or bothends.APW On drawings, abbr. for “architectural pro-jected window.”aqueduct A channel for supplying water;often underground, but treated architecturallyon high arches when crossing valleys or lowground.aqueductarabesqueapse aisleArabic arch A horseshoe arch.araeostyle Same as areostyle; see intercolumni-ation.
  • 61. araeosystyle, areosystyle Alternately systyleand araeostyle; having an intercolumniationalternately of two and four diameters.arbitration The binding resolution of disputesby one or more neutral persons (usually called“arbitrators”), as a substitute for judicial pro-ceedings; may be invoked only by agreement ofthe parties to the dispute, but such agreementmay be arrived at before there is an actual dis-pute, as, for example, through a clause in a con-tract between them, or after a dispute hasarisen. Arbitration proceedings characteristi-cally are less formal than those in court, andthe rules of evidence and most rules of substan-tive law that would be invoked by a court arenot applied.arbor 1. A light, open structure having a latticeframework, usually supporting intertwined vinesor flowers; a shaded, leafy recess, often formed bytree branches. 2. See counterweight arbor. 3.The rotating shaft of a circular saw, spindlemolder, shaper, etc.arboretum An informally arranged garden,usually on a large scale, where trees are grown fordisplay, educational, or scientific purposes.arc 1. The luminous column of gas in an arcdischarge; caused by the flow of electric cur-rent between separated electrodes in a gas.2. See carbon-arc spotlight. 3. Any part ofthe circumference of a circle. 4. An angularmeasure.arca custodiae In ancient Roman architec-ture, a type of cell for the confinement ofprisoners.arcade 1. A line of counterthrusting archesraised on columns or piers. Also see blindarcade, coupled arcade, interlacing arcade,intersecting arcade, surface arcade, wallarcade. 2. A covered walk with a line of sucharches along one or both long sides. 3. A cov-ered walk with shops and offices along oneside, and a line of such arches on the other.Also see stoa. 4. A covered walk, lit from thetop, lined with shops or offices on one or morelevels.arcading A line of arches, raised on columns,that are represented in relief as decoration of asolid wall; sometimes seats are incorporated inthe composition.arcae In ancient Roman architecture, the gut-ters of the cavaedium.arcature 1. Arcading. 2. An ornamental,miniature arcade.arc-boutant Same as flying buttress.arc cutting A process of cutting or removingmetal by melting it with the heat producedbetween an electrode and the metal being cut.arc de cloître A groined vault having reen-trant angles.arc de triomphe Same as triumphal arch.arc discharge An electric discharge character-ized by the production of light, high cathode-current densities, and a low voltage drop at thecathode.arc doubleau An arch, usually very massive,carried across a wide space, to support a groinedvault or to stiffen a barrel vault.arcella A cheese room, in medieval architecture.arc formeret The wall arch or wall rib, or thecorresponding rib coming next to the arcadebetween nave and aisle, or the like, as in Gothicvaulting.arc gouging A groove or bevel formed in metalas a result of arc cutting.arch A construction that spans an opening; usu-ally curved; often consists of wedge-shaped blocks(voussoirs) having their narrower ends toward theopening. Arches vary in shape, from those thathave little or no curvature to those that are acutelypointed. For special types of arches, see acute arch,anse de panier, arrière-voussure, back arch,basket-handle arch, bell arch, blind arch, camberarch, catenary arch, cinquefoil arch, compoundarch, cusped arch, diminished arch, dischargingarch, Dutch arch, elliptical arch, equilateral arch,araeosystyle48arcading
  • 62. flat arch, Florentine arch, foil arch, French arch,garden arch, gauged arch, Gothic arch, horseshoearch, inverted arch, jack arch, keel arch, keystonearch, lancet arch, Mayan arch, memorial arch,miter arch, Moorish arch, ogee arch, pointed arch,Queen Anne arch, raking arch, rampant arch,rear arch, relieving arch, round arch, rowlockarch, safety arch, sconcheon arch, secondaryarch, segmental arch, semicircular arch, semiellip-tical arch, shouldered arch, skew arch, straightarch, three-centered arch, transverse arch, trefoilarch, triangular arch, triumphal arch, Tudor arch,two-centered arch.ARCH. On drawings, abbr. for architect, archi-tecture, or architectural.archarium Same as archivium.arch band Any narrow elongated surface form-ing part of, or connected with, an arch.arch bar A curved wrought-iron or steel barused to support the weight of the masonry abovea fireplace or window opening.arch barrel roof See barrel vault.arch beam Same as arched beam.arch brace A curved brace, usually used inpairs to support a roof frame and give the effectof an arch.arch brick, compass brick, featheredgebrick, radial brick, radiating brick, radiusbrick, voussoir brick 1.A wedge-shapedbrick used in arch or circular construction; its twolarger faces are inclined toward each other. 2.Extremely hard-burnt brick from an arch.arch buttant Same as flying buttress.arch buttress Same as flying buttress.arched construction49arch buttressarch: Ex Estrados; In intrados; K keystone; S springers;v voussoirsarch center Formwork to support the voussoirsof an arch during construction.arch corner bead A corner bead that is cut onthe job; used to form and reinforce the curvedportion of an arch opening.arched barrel roof Same as barrel roof.arched beam A beam whose upper surface isslightly curved.arched butment Same as flying buttress.arched buttress Same as flying buttress.arched construction A method of construc-tion relying on arches and vaults to support wallsand floors.
  • 63. arched corbel table In early Christian andRomanesque architecture and their derivatives,a corbel table (often near the top of a wall) com-posed of small blind arches that are regularlypunctuated by pilaster strips.arched dormer A dormer having an approxi-mately semicylindrical roof; the head of theupper sash in the dormer may be either round-topped or flat-topped.arched tomb A tomb chest that lies within anarched niche in a wall.archeion See archivium.archeria In medieval fortifications, an aperturethrough which an archer or longbowman mightdischarge arrows.archiepiscopal cross A cross with two trans-verse arms, the longer one nearer the center.arching 1. The transfer of stress from a yieldingpart of a soil mass to adjoining less-yielding orrestrained parts of the mass. 2. A system ofarches. 3. The arched part of a structure.architect 1. A person trained and experiencedin the design of buildings and the coordinationand supervision of all aspects of the construc-tion of buildings. 2. A designation reserved,usually by law, for a person or organization pro-fessionally qualified and duly licensed to per-form architectural services, including analysis ofproject requirements, creation and develop-ment of the project design, preparation of draw-ings, specifications, and bidding requirements,and general administration of the constructioncontract. An architect usually renders servicesthat require the application of art, science, andthe aesthetics of design to the construction ofbuildings, including their components andappurtenances and the spaces around them, tak-ing into account the safeguarding of life, health,property, and public welfare; often includes con-sultation, evaluation, planning, the provision ofpreliminary studies, designs, and constructiondocuments; and may also include constructionmanagement, and the administration of con-struction documents.architect-engineer An individual or firmoffering professional services as both architectand engineer; term generally used in govern-ment contracts, particularly those with the fed-eral government.architect-in-training Same as intern architect.architectonic Related or conforming to tech-nical architectural principles.architect’s approval The architect’s writtenor imprinted acknowledgment that materials,equipment, or methods of construction areacceptable for use in the work, 1, or that a con-tractor’s request or claim is valid.architect’s scale A scale having graduationsalong its edges so that scale drawings can bemeasured directly in feet (or meters); often tri-angular in shape.architectural 1. Pertaining to architecture, itsfeatures, characteristics, or details. 2. Pertainingto materials (such as stone, mosaic, or bronze)used to build or ornament a structure.architectural area Total floor area of a build-ing calculated from its exterior surfaces or fromthe center line of a common wall between twobuildings; usually excludes open terraces. Roofedareas such as porches or arcades are calculated atone-half actual area.architectural barrier An architectural fea-ture that creates inaccessibility or prevents thefree movement of disabled people within abuilding.Architectural Barriers Act An Act passedby the US Congress in 1968 requiring that build-ings financed with federal funds, and/or owned orleased by the federal government, be constructedor modified so that they are accessible to, andcan be used by, physically disabled people.architectural bronze An alloy containing57% copper, 40% zinc, 2.75% lead, 0.25% tin;used for extruded moldings and forgings. Nottechnically a bronze.architectural coating A coating which isusually intended for on-site application of inte-rior and/or exterior surfaces of buildings.architectural concrete 1. Reinforced con-crete used for structural and ornamental work. 2.In nonconcrete frame structures, the exposedconcrete used for aesthetic effects.architectural details The relatively small ele-ments of design and finish of a building.architectural drawing One of a number ofdrawings prepared by an architect for a con-struction project, e.g., plans, elevations, anddetails.arched corbel table50
  • 64. architectural fountain A system of pumps,tubes, pipes, controls, valves, and nozzlesthrough which water is forced under pressure toproduce ornamental jets, spouts, or showers;often lighted for special nighttime effects.architectural glass Any of several types ofconfigurated glass.architectural hardware All hardware usedin building construction, especially that which isattached to movable elements such as doors andwindows; also called finish hardware.architectural ironmongery (Brit.) Same asarchitectural hardware.architectural millwork, custom millworkReady-made millwork as obtained from the mill,especially fabricated to meet the specificationsfor a particular job, as distinguished from stan-dard or stock items or sizes.architectural mode An inexact classificationfor buildings that share selected architecturalfeatures but, unlike an architectural style, maynot share consistency of design, form, or orna-mentation with other buildings similarly classi-fied. When such buildings seemingly emulate anearlier prototype (for example, American Colo-nial Revival), important architectural detailsthat characterize the prototype are often eitheromitted or exaggerated in size or importance;furthermore, other design elements may beadded (such as a type of dormer, chimney, orwindow) that never existed in the prototype; orcharacteristic building materials of the proto-type may be replaced with newer types of mate-rials. Compare with architectural style.architectural projected window A windowin which the basic frame and hinged sash (venti-lator, 2) members are made of heavier steel thanthat used in a commercial projected window.architectural section See section, 2.architectural sheet metal See sheet metal.architectural style A classification character-izing buildings that share many common attri-butes, including similarity in general appearance,in the arrangement of major design elements inornamentation, in the use of materials, and inform, scale, and structure. Such styles are oftenrelated to a particular period of time, geographi-cal region, country of origin, or religious tradi-tion, or to the architecture of an earlier period.Often, a term that includes the word style (suchas Santa Fe style) is an architectural mode ratherthan an architectural style.architectural terra-cotta A hard-burnt, glazedor unglazed clay unit used in building construc-tion; plain or ornamental; machine-extruded orhand-molded; usually larger in size than brick orfacing tile. Also see ceramic veneer.architectural volume The cubic content of abuilding calculated by multiplying the floor areaby the height. For foundations, the averagedepth of footing to the finish floor is used. Forroofs (other than flat roofs), the average heightis used.architecture 1. The art and science of design-ing and building structures, communities, or openareas, in keeping with aesthetic and functionalcriteria. 2. Structures built in accordance withsuch principles.architrave 1. In the classical orders, the lowestmember of the entablature; the beam that spansfrom column to column, resting directly upontheir capitals. Also see order. 2. The ornamentalmoldings around the faces of the jambs and lintelof a doorway or other opening; an antepagment.architrave block51architrave bead A metal stop bead which isfixed to a wall next to a door or window open-ing; covered by the architrave.architrave block Same as skirting block.architrave
  • 65. architrave cornice An entablature in whichthe cornice rests directly on the architrave, thefrieze being omitted.archivium In ancient Greece and Rome, abuilding in which archives of a city or state weredeposited; also called archeion or tabularium.archivolt An architrave modified by being car-ried around a curved opening instead of a rect-angular one; an ornamental molding or band ofmoldings on the face of an arch following thecontour of the extrados.arch stone Same as voussoir.arch surround A seldom-used term for a dec-orative border around an arch; same as archivolt.arch truss A truss having an arched upper chord(concave downward) and a straight bottom chord;there are vertical hangers between the two chords.archway A passage through or under an arch,especially when long, as under a barrel vault.architrave cornice52archivoltum A medieval conduit or receptaclefor waste materials, as a sewer or cesspool.arch order 1. In Roman architecture, archesenframed by engaged columns and entablatures.2. In medieval architecture, successive verticalplanes of arches and colonettes set one withinanother.archwayarch order, 1archivoltarch rib 1. In Romanesque architecture, atransverse rib crossing the nave or aisle at rightangles to its length. 2. A principal load-bearingmember of a ribbed arch.arch ring In an arched structure, the curvedmember that sustains the principal load.arc light A high-intensity light source pro-duced by an arc, usually, between two metalelectrodes or between two carbon rods; also seecarbon-arc spotlight.arcosolium An arched recess or sepulchralcell in a Roman subterranean burial place orcatacomb.arcs doubleaux Same as arch band.arc spotlight See carbon-arc spotlight.arcuated Based on, or characterized by, archesor archlike curves or vaults. It is common todistinguish between trabeated (beamed) andarcuated buildings.arcuated lintel A Syrian arch.arcuatio In ancient Rome, a structure formedby means of arches or arcades and employed tosupport a construction of any kind, such as anaqueduct.
  • 66. arcus ecclesiae In medieval architecture, thearch by which the nave of the church wasdivided from the choir or chancel.arcus presbyterii In medieval architecture,the arch over the tribune, 2.arcus toralis The lattice separating the choirfrom the nave in a basilica.arcus triumphalis A triumphal arch.ARC W, ARC/W On drawings, abbr. for arcweld.arc weld A weld in which the heat of fusion issupplied by an electric arc.arc welding The joining of metal parts byfusion, in which the necessary heat is producedby means of an electric arc, sometimes accompa-nied by the use of a filler metal and/or the appli-cation of pressure.area efficiency Of a building, the ratio of thenet usable floor area (or the net rentable area) tothe gross floor area.area grouting The grouting of an area inwhich (closely spaced) shallow holes have beendrilled in a pattern in bedrock. This grouting hasthe effect of strengthening the upper portions ofthe bedrock and making it less pervious.area light 1. A source of light with significantdimensions in two directions, such as a windowor luminous ceiling. 2. A light used to illuminatelarge areas.area method A method of estimating probabletotal construction cost by multiplying theadjusted gross floor area by a predetermined costper unit of area.area of refuge An area where individuals whoare in a building may gather safely in case of fireand/or smoke; usually an outdoor area adjacentto the building, or an area protected by fire-ratedwalls.area of rescue assistance Same as area ofrefuge.area of steel See area, 5.area separation wall A fire-rated partitiondesigned to prevent the spread of fire from anadjoining occupancy.area wall A retaining wall around an areaway.areaway An open subsurface space adjacent toa building used to admit light and air or as ameans of access to a basement or crawl space.arena 1. An acting space of any shape sur-rounded by seats. 2. A type of theater not havinga proscenium, the spectators’ seats, rising intiers, wholly surrounding the stage. 3. Thesanded central area in a Roman amphitheater orcircus, surrounded by the seats. 4. Any building,indoor or outdoor, for sports events, etc.arenaceous Composed primarily of sand; sandy.arena theater See arena, 2.arena vomitory A vomitory through a sectionof seats which provides a special access, foractors, to an arena stage.areostyle, araeostyle See intercolumniation, 2.argillaceous Composed primarily of clay orshale; clayey.argillite A rock containing chiefly clay materi-als; derived from claystone, siltstone, or shale;argillite53arc welding: above, with bare electrodes; below, circuitare An area equal to 100 sq m.area 1. Measurement of surface within speci-fied boundaries. 2. Space either within or out-side a structure or location, designated for aspecific purpose, as recreation and/or parkingarea. 3. An uninterrupted interior space. 4. Anareaway. 5. The cross-sectional area of steelreinforcement.area divider A raised edge on a roof membranethat divides it into smaller areas.area drain A receptable designed to collect sur-face or rainwater from an open area.
  • 67. used locally as building stone, although rarelyproduced commercially.ARI Abbr. for “Air-Conditioning and Refrigera-tion Institute.”aris See arris.ark An ornamental, enclosed repository in asynagogue for the scrolls of the Torah.arkose Sandstone containing 25% or more feld-spar grains in abundance; used as building stone.armarium Same as ambry.armature 1. The heavy-current winding of amotor or generator. 2. The winding in a solenoidor relay. 3. Structural ironwork in the form offraming or bars (commonly employed inmedieval buildings) used to reinforce slendercolumns, or to consolidate canopies or hangingmembers such as bosses, and in tracery.arm conveyor A conveyor for building mate-rials in the form of an endless belt or chain, towhich are attached projecting arms or shelveswhich carry the materials.armored cable, metal-clad cable Two ormore individually insulated electric conductorshaving a common outer protective covering ofmetal. Also see BX.armored clamp A fitting which grips thearmor of a cable where the armor terminates orwhere the cable enters a junction box.armored faceplate A tamperproof faceplateor lock front, mortised in the edge of a door tocover the lock mechanism.armored front In builders’ hardware, a lockfront which consists of two plates: the underplate (an unfinished plate fastened to the case)and the finish plate (a plate which covers thecylinder setscrews, thus protecting them fromtampering, and which is fastened to the underplate); used on mortise locks.armored-plate door A door fabricated oftempered glass.armored plywood Plywood which is faced onone or both sides with metal sheeting.armored wood Metal-clad wood.armor plate A metal plate which protects thelower part of a door from kicks and scratches;similar to a kickplate but covering the door to agreater height, usually 39 in. (1 m) or more fromthe bottom of the door.armor-plate glass See bullet-resisting glass,tempered glass.armory 1. A building used for military trainingor storage of military equipment. 2. A weapons-manufacturing plant.aromatic cedar See eastern red cedar.arrectarium In Classical Roman construction,an upright pillar or post which is load-bearing.arrester 1. At the top of an incinerator orchimney, a wire screen which prevents sparksor burning material from leaving the stack.2. See lightning arrester. 3. See surge arrester.4. See water-hammer arrester. 5. A lightningarrester. 6. A grease trap.arrière-voussure, rear arch 1. A rear vault;an arch or vault in a thick wall carrying thethickness of the wall, esp. one over a door orwindow frame. 2. A relieving arch behind theface of a wall.ARI54arrière-voussurearris, aris 1. An external angular intersectionbetween two planar faces (an edge), or twocurved faces, as in moldings or between twoflutes on a Doric column or between a flute andthe fillet on an Ionic or a Corinthian column. 2.The sharp edge of a brick.arris fillet A triangular batten used to tilt upthe lowest course of slates on a roof, at the edgeof gutters.arris gutter A V-shaped wooden gutter fixed tothe eaves of a building.arris hip tile, angle hip tile A special rooftile having an L-shaped cross section, made to fitover the hip of a roof.arris rail A rail of triangular section, usuallyformed by slitting diagonally a strip of squaresection; the broadest surface forms the base.
  • 68. arrissing tool A tool similar to a float, but hav-ing a form suitable for rounding an edge offreshly placed concrete.arris tile Any angularly shaped tile.arris-trenched A housing, 1 that is cutobliquely through an arris.arrisways, arriswise Diagonally, in respectto the manner of laying tiles, slates, bricks, ortimber.arrow diagram In CPM, an arrangement ofarrows, representing activities, that describe aproject.arrow loop, loophole A vertical slit forarchers in medieval fortification walls, withjambs deeply splayed toward the interior.art glass A type of colored glass used in win-dows during the late 19th and early 20th cen-turies; characterized by unusual combinations ofhues and special effects in transparency andopaqueness.article 1. A subdivision of a document. 2. Inproject specifications, the primary subdivision ofthe section, often further subdivided into para-graphs, subparagraphs, and clauses.articulated drop chute A drop chute, for afalling stream of concrete, which consists of avertical succession of tapered metal cylinders, sodesigned that the lower end of each cylinder fitsinto the upper end of the one below.articulated structure A structure which per-mits relative motion to occur between its parts(e.g., by means of one or more sliding or hingedjoints).artifact See building artifact.artificial Made to resemble a natural material orobject, for example, faux marbre.artificial daylight Light provided by an artifi-cial source which has a spectral distributionapproximating that of natural daylight at a cor-related color temperature.artificial horizon A device for indicating thehorizon, as a bubble, pendulum or the flat sur-face of a liquid.artificially dried See kiln-dried.artificial marble See artificial stone.artificial monument A relatively permanentobject used to identify the location of a surveystation or corner.artificial sky A dome (usually hemispherical)illuminated by concealed light sources; used toillustrate and study daylighting techniques onarchitectural models placed near the center ofthe hemisphere.artificial stone A mixture of stone chips orfragments, usually embedded in a matrix of mor-tar, cement, or plaster; the surface may beground, polished, molded, or otherwise treatedto simulate stone; variously called art marble,artificial marble, cast stone, marezzo, patentstone, and reconstructed stone.art marble See artificial stone.Art Moderne An architectural style foundprincipally in houses constructed in the 1930s,Art Moderne55arrow looparrow slit Same as arrow loop.ARS On drawings, abbr. for asbestos roofshingles.ART. On drawings, abbr. for “artificial.”Art Deco A decorative style stimulated by theParis Exposition International des Arts Decora-tifs et Industrielles Modernes of 1925, widelyused in the architecture of the 1930s, includingskyscraper designs such as the Chrysler Buildingin New York; characterized by sharp angular orzigzag surface forms and ornaments. Also re-ferred to as Style Moderne.artemiseion A building or shrine dedicated tothe worship of Artemis.arterial street A street that provides a directroute for long-distance travel within differentparts of a city.arterial vent A vent serving a building drainand a public sewer.artesonado In Hispanic architecture, a ceiling,usually having a paneled appearance, comprisedof sections and/or interlacing strips.
  • 69. following the earlier Art Deco style. Commoncharacteristics may include smooth stuccoedwall surfaces; flat roofs; architectural detailsthat emphasize the horizontal appearance ofthe building; rounded exterior corners; ribbonwindows that may continue around a corner;glass blocks; an asymmetrical façade. Thejagged version of this style is sometimes calledZigzag Moderne. Also see International style.Compare with Art Deco and StreamlineModerne.Art Nouveau A style of decoration in archi-tecture and applied art developed principally inFrance and Belgium toward the end of the 19thcent.; characterized by organic and dynamicforms, curving design, and whiplash lines. TheGerman version is called Jugendstil, the Austrianvariant Sezession; in Italy one speaks of Stile Lib-erty, in Spain of Modernismo.Arts and Crafts Movement A group ofarchitects and artisans who emphasized theimportance of craftsmanship and high stan-dards in all architectural details; greatly influ-enced by the outstanding work of WilliamMorris and his company of craftsmen nearLondon. Beginning in the late 19th centuryand extending into the early 20th century, thismovement had a significant impact in Amer-ica on the Prairie style with its low-pitchedroofs and widely overhanging eaves, and onthe Craftsman style. In particular, excellentcraftsmanship and superior detailing wasembraced in the designs of the architectsCharles Sumner Greene (1868–1957) and hisbrother Henry Mather Greene (1870–1954) ofPasadena, California, whose work exemplifiedarchitectural details carried to a high art.art window A term sometimes applied to awindow having its upper and lower sashes of dif-ferent sizes, with the upper sash containing anumber of small panes of colored glass.arx The fortress or citadel of an ancient town.AS Abbr. for automatic sprinkler.ASA Abbr. for “American Standards Associa-tion;” see American National StandardsInstitute.asarotum A type of painted pavement used bythe ancient Romans before their use of mosaicwork.asb 1. Abbr. for apostilb. 2. Abbr. for asbestos.ASBC Abbr. for “American Standard BuildingCode.”asbestos, asbestos fiber Fine, flexible, non-combustible, inorganic fiber obtained from nat-ural hydrous magnesium silicate; can withstandhigh temperatures without change; a poor heatconductor; is fabricated into many forms eitheralone or with other ingredients. A recognizedhealth hazard.asbestos abatement, asbestos removalThe procedures used in eliminating the releaseof asbestos fibers or in removing materials con-taining asbestos (e.g., the process of encapsula-tion). Also see air monitoring, HEPA filter, andwet cleaning.asbestos blanket Asbestos fibers (alone or incombination with other fibers) stitched, bonded,or woven into flexible blanket form; used forhigh-temperature insulation or for fire and flamebarriers.asbestos board See asbestos-cement board.asbestos-cement board, asbestos-cementwallboard, asbestos sheeting A dense,rigid, board containing a high proportion ofasbestos fibers bonded with portland cement;resistant to fire, flame, and weathering;has low resistance to heat flow. Used as abuilding material in sheet form and corrugatedsheeting.asbestos-cement cladding Asbestos-cementboard and component wall systems, directly sup-ported by wall framing, forming a wall or wallfacing.asbestos curtain, fire curtain, safety cur-tain A curtain which closes the stage of atheater from the auditorium automatically incase of fire, preventing the spread of flame andsmoke; usually fabricated of woven asbestosand steel wire, it may be nonrigid, semirigid, orrigid.asbestos felt A product made by saturatingfelted asbestos with asphalt or other suitablebinder, such as a synthetic elastomer.asbestos fiber See asbestos.asbestos joint runner, pouring rope Anasbestos rope, wrapped around a pipe and thenclamped in position; used to hold molten leadwhich is poured in a caulked joint.Art Nouveau56
  • 70. asbestos plaster A fireproof insulating mate-rial generally composed of asbestos with ben-tonite as the binder.asbestos roofing Roofing or wall claddingsheets made of asbestos cement; may be plain,corrugated, or variously patterned. Also seeasbestos cement board.asbestos roof shingle A fire-resisting roofingshingle, composed largely of asbestos.asbestos runner Same as asbestos joint runner.asbestos structural roofing Heavy asbestos-cement board directly supported by roof fram-ing, forming a roof deck and providing a roofsurface for cladding.as-built drawing A working drawing as modi-fied during construction; includes a record ofconcealed items (such as conduits for buildingservices), thereby providing information forfuture reference. Also called record drawings.ASC Abbr. for “asphalt surface course.”A-scale In sound-level meters, a weighting net-work, widely used to measure the noise levels inbuildings or communities. The A-scale providesmeter readings that correlate better with subjec-tive judgments of noise than do readings of soundpressure levels (which are also taken with a soundlevel meter, but without a weighting network).ASCE Abbr. for “American Society of CivilEngineers.”ascendant See chambranle.as-constructed See as-built drawing.ash A hard, strong, straight-grained hardwoodof the eastern US having good shock resistanceand bending qualities; used as flooring, trim, anddecorative veneer.ashpan57ash dump An opening in the floor of a fire-place or firebox through which ashes are sweptto an ashpit below.ash house In colonial America, a small depen-dency for storing ashes that were used primarilyfor making soap.ashlar 1. Squared building stone. 2. Ashlarmasonry. 3. A vertical stud between the floorbeams and rafters of a garret.ashlar anchor Same as, or functioning as, acramp.ashlar brick, rock-faced brick A brickwhose face has been hacked to resemble roughlyhacked stone.ashlaring 1. Ashlars, collectively. 2. In garrets,the short wood upright pieces between the floorbeams and rafters, to which wall lath is attached.ashlar line A horizontal line at the exteriorface of a masonry wall.ashlar masonry Masonry composed of rect-angular units of burnt clay or shale, or stone,generally larger in size than brick and properlybonded, having sawn, dressed, or squared bedsand joints laid in mortar.asbestos joint runnerashlar masonry: A, random-range quarry-faced ashlar;B, random-range dressed-faced ashlar; C, coursed quarry-faced ashlar; D, coursed dressed ashlar with margin draft;E, bonder in ashlar; f, rubble filling back of ashlarashlar piece A vertical stud between the floorbeams and rafters of a garret.ashlar veneer A veneer wall constructed ofashlar masonry.ashlering See ashlaring.ashpan A metal receptacle beneath a gratingfor collection and removal of ashes.
  • 71. ashpit door A cast-iron door providing accessto an ashpit for ash removal.ASHRAE Abbr. for “American Society ofHeating, Refrigerating and Air-ConditioningEngineers.”ASI Abbr. for “Architects and Surveyors In-stitute.”Asiatic base A type of Ionic base; consists of alower disk with horizontal fluting or scotias(there may be a plinth below the disk) and anupper torus decorated with horizontal fluting onrelief; developed in Asia minor.Asiatic water closet A water closet which hasits bowl nearly flush with the floor so that theuser adopts a squatting position; widely used insome parts of Asia.ASID Abbr. for “American Society of InteriorDesigners.”asistencia In Spanish Colonial architecture, achapel usually having no permanent priest butrelying on the part-time assistance of visitingpadres.asistencio In Hispanic Colonial architecture, acontributing chapel.askarel A synthetic electrically insulating liq-uid which is nonflammable; when decomposedby an electric arc, the gaseous products also arenonflammable.ASLA Abbr. for American Society of Land-scape Architects.ASME Abbr. for “American Society ofMechanical Engineers.”aspasticum An apartment or place adjoiningthe ancient churches or basilicas in which thebishop or presbyters received visits of devotion orin which ceremonies or business was conducted.aspect The direction which a building faceswith respect to the points of a compass.aspect ratio 1. In any rectangular configura-tion (such as the cross section of a rectangularduct), the ratio of the longer dimension to theshorter. 2. In a rectangular configuration, theratio of the long-side to the short-side.aspersorium A holy-water stoup or font.asphalt 1. A dark brown to black cementitiousmaterial, solid or semisolid, in which the pre-dominating constituents are bitumens whichoccur in nature. 2. A similar material obtainedartificially in refining petroleum; used in built-up roofing systems as a waterproofing agent. 3. Amixture of such substances with an aggregate foruse in paving.asphalt binder course See binder course, 1.asphalt block A paving block composed of amixture of 88 to 92% crushed stone and the bal-ance asphaltic cement.asphalt cement Asphalt that is refined tomeet specifications for paving, industrial, andspecial purposes; see asphaltic cement.asphalt color coat An asphalt surfacetreatment with a cover of mineral aggregatewhich has been selected to produce a desiredcolor.asphalt concrete See asphaltic concrete.asphalt cutter A powered machine having arotating abrasive blade; used to saw throughbituminous surfacing material.asphalt-emulsion slurry seal A mixture ofslow-setting emulsified asphalt, fine aggregate,and mineral filler, with water added to produce aslurry consistency.asphalt felt See breather-type asphalt felt.asphalt filler See asphalt joint filler.ashpit58ashpitashpit A chamber located below the fireplaceor firebox for the collection and removal ofashes.
  • 72. asphalt fog seal An asphalt surface treat-ment consisting of a light application of liq-uid asphalt without a mineral aggregatecover.asphalt heater A piece of equipment for rais-ing the temperature of bitumen used in paving;usually the bitumen circulates through tubesinside a chamber heated by a burner.asphaltic base course In asphalt pavement, afoundation layer consisting of mineral aggregatebound together with asphaltic material.asphaltic cement, asphalt cement A spe-cially prepared asphalt, free of water and mate-rial foreign to asphalt; contains less than 1% ash;must be heated to a fluid condition for use; anasphalt specially prepared as to quality and con-sistency for direct use in the manufacture ofbituminous pavements.asphaltic concrete, asphalt paving, blacktop A mixture of asphalt and graded aggregatewidely used as paving material over a preparedbase; normally placed, shaped, and compactedwhile hot, but can be prepared for placementwithout heat. Also see cold mix.asphaltic felt See asphalt prepared roofing.Also see the specific type of felt, as mineral-surfaced felt, sanded flux-pitch felt, etc.asphaltic macadam A pavement similar tomacadam but having asphalt as the binder inplace of tar.asphaltic mastic, mastic asphalt A viscousmixture of asphalt and a filler material such asfine sand or asbestos; hardens when exposed toair; used as an adhesive, as a sealant at joints,and in waterproofing.asphalting The process of applying asphalt forvarious construction purposes, as in waterproof-ing basements and roof decks.asphalt intermediate course Same as bindercourse, 1.asphalt joint filler An asphaltic product usedfor filling cracks and joints in pavement andother structures.asphalt lamination A laminate of sheet mate-rial, such as paper or felt, which uses asphalt asthe adhesive.asphalt leveling course A course (of anasphalt-aggregate mixture) of variable thicknessused to eliminate irregularities in contour of anexisting surface, prior to the placement of asuperimposed layer.asphalt macadam See asphaltic macadam.asphalt mastic See asphaltic mastic.asphalt overlay One or more courses ofasphalt construction on an existing pavement;generally includes an asphalt leveling course tocorrect the contour of the old pavement.asphalt paint A liquid asphaltic product some-times containing small amounts of other materi-als such as lampblack, aluminum flakes, andmineral pigments.asphalt panel See premolded asphalt panel.asphalt paper A paper sheet material that hasbeen coated, saturated, or laminated withasphalt to increase its toughness and its resis-tance to water.asphalt pavement A pavement consisting ofa surface course of mineral aggregate, coated andcemented together with asphalt cement on sup-porting courses.asphalt pavement sealer A compoundapplied to asphalt pavements to protect the sur-face from deterioration, from weathering, andfrom petroleum products.asphalt pavement structure All of thecourses of asphalt-aggregate mixtures placedabove the subgrade or improved subgrade.asphalt paving See asphaltic concrete.asphalt plank A plank which is fabricated of amixture of asphalt fiber and mineral filler, oftenreinforced with steel or fiberglass mesh; some-times contains mineral grits to provide a sandpa-per texture.asphalt prepared roofing, asphaltic felt,cold-process roofing, prepared roof-ing, rolled roofing, rolled strip roofing,roofing felt, sanded bituminous felt,saturated felt, self-finished roofing feltA roofing material manufactured by saturatinga dry felt with asphalt and then coating thesaturated felt with a harder asphalt mixed witha fine mineral, glass-fiber, asbestos, or organicstabilizer; available in the form of rolls. All orpart of the weather side may be covered withmineral granules or with powdered talc ormica. The reverse side is covered with a mate-rial suitable to prevent sticking in the roll. Theasphalt prepared roofing59
  • 73. granule-surfaced material may be used as capsheet in built-up roofing.asphalt prime coat An initial application ofan asphalt primer, usually as preparation for asuperimposed treatment or construction.asphalt primer A liquid material of low vis-cosity which upon application to a nonbitumi-nous surface is completely absorbed; used towaterproof existing surfaces and to prepare themas a base for an asphalt course.asphalt roofing See asphalt-prepared roofing.asphalt seal coat A bituminous coating, withor without aggregate, applied to the surface of apavement to waterproof and preserve the surfaceand to improve the texture of a previouslyapplied bituminous surface.asphalt-shingle nail Same as roofing nail.asphalt shingles, composition shingles,strip slates Shingles manufactured from sat-urated roofing felts (rag, asbestos, or fiber glass)coated with asphalt and having mineral granuleson the side exposed to the weather.asphalt soil stabilization The treatment ofnaturally occurring nonplastic or moderatelyplastic soil with liquid asphalt at normal temper-atures to improve the load-bearing qualities ofthe soil.asphalt surface course A top course ofasphalt pavement.asphalt surface treatment The applicationof asphaltic materials to any type of pavementsurface or road surface, with or without a coverof mineral aggregate.asphalt tack coat A light coating of liquidasphalt on an existing asphalt surface or on aportland cement concrete surface; used to ensurea bond between the old surface and the overlay-ing course.asphalt tile A resilient, low-cost floor tile com-posed of asbestos fibers, finely ground limestonefillers, mineral pigments, and asphaltic orresinous binders. Requires waxing and buffing;set in mastic over wood or concrete subfloor; isnot greaseproof unless specially treated.asphaltum 1. Natural asphalt. 2. In painting,asphalt from residues of crude mineral oil.aspiration In an air-conditioned room, thepulling of room air into the moving air-streamwhich is discharging from a diffuser.aspirator A device which draws a stream ofliquid or air through it by means of suctionwhich is produced by the flow of a fluid throughan orifice.ASR Abbr. for “automatic sprinkler riser.”Assam psychrometer A psychrometer, shiel-ded from radiation, in which the air is blownover the bulbs of the two thermometers with asmall fan.ASSE Abbr. for “American Society of SanitaryEngineering.”assemblage of orders Same as supercolumni-ation; also see orders.asphalt prime coat60asphalt shingles: above, an asphalt shingle strip;below, installing asphalt shinglesInstalling asphalt prepared roofing
  • 74. assembling bolt A threaded bolt for holdingtogether temporarily the several parts of a struc-ture during riveting.assembly area Same as assembly space.assembly building A building used for thegathering of persons for the purposes of amuse-ment, deliberation, dining, drinking, education,entertainment, instruction, or awaiting trans-portation.assembly occupancy Occupancy of aroom, hall, or building by people gathered for apurpose, such as church, restaurant, or busstation.assembly drawing An engineering drawing ofa complete unit, usually including detail draw-ings of its components.assembly space A gathering place (such as anauditorium, exclusive of a stage) that is occupiedby numbers of persons during major periods ofoccupancy; some building codes consider everytier of seating in an auditorium to be a separateassembly space.asser In ancient carpentry: 1. The ribs or brack-ets of an arched ceiling. 2. The purlins or raftersof a roof. 3. A beam or joist.assessed valuation The value of a property asdetermined by a municipality for real estate taxpurposes; often this valuation is less than thetrue market value of the property.assessment A tax, charge, or levy on property:1. as a means of computing real estate tax; 2. topay for specific services or improvements.assessment ratio Of a property, the ratiobetween its market value and its assessedvalue.assignment 1. The transfer of a legal right. 2.In the case of a lease, the transfer of the rightof the tenant to the entire property leased andfor the entire term remaining; also see sub-lease.assidua That part of a church in which the altaris placed.assize 1. A cylindrical block of stone formingone unit in a column. 2. A course ofstonework.associate In an architectural firm, a member ofan architect’s staff who has a special employ-ment agreement.Assyrian architecture61Assyrian architecture: colored tiling from Khorsabadassociate architect, associated architectAn architect who has a temporary partnership,joint venture, or employment agreement withanother architect to collaborate in the perfor-mance of services for a specific project or seriesof projects. Also see joint venture.assommoir A gallery built over a door or pas-sage of a fortified place, from which stones andheavy objects could be hurled down on theenemy.ASST On drawings, abbr. for “assistant.”assumption of mortgage The purchaser ofproperty may promise the vendor that he willassume the obligation to keep up the mortgagepayments. In such event, the mortgagee maygenerally enforce this promise against the pur-chaser, and in addition to his right to foreclosein the event of nonpayment the mortgagee mayalso recover from the purchaser (or from thevendor) any deficiency between the proceedsof the foreclosure sale and the amount stillowing on the mortgage. Also see subject tomortgage.Assyrian architecture Architecture of theAssyrian empire (centered between the Tigrisand Upper and Lower Zab rivers in southwestAsia); was expressive of its might, as conquerorsof Mesopotamia and much of the adjacentcountries between the 9th and 7th centuriesB.C. Mud brick was used as the building mate-rial, although stone was available; stone wasused only for carved revetments and monumen-tal decorative sculptures. Excavations have
  • 75. uncovered large palaces and temple complexeswith their ziggurats as well as extensive fortifi-cations.astler Old English term for ashlar.ASTM A non-profit technical society (formerlyknown as the American Society for Testing andMaterials) that develops and publishes stan-dards, definitions of materials, methods fortesting materials, recommended installationpractices, and specifications for materials.ASTM portland cement One of eight classi-fications of portland cement standardized by theASTM.astragal 1. A bead, usually half-round, with a fil-let on one or both sides. It may be plain, but theterm is more correctly used to describe the classi-cal molding consisting of a small convex moldingdecorated with a string of beads or bead-and-reelshapes. 2. A plain bead molding. Also calledroundel, baguette, or chaplet. 3. A member, orcombination of members, fixed to one of a pair ofdoors or casement windows to cover the jointbetween the meeting stiles and to close the clear-ance gap; provides a weather seal, minimizes thepassage of light and noise, and retards the passageof smoke or flame during a fire. Also see overlap-ping astragal, split astragal.astler62Assyrian architecture: headastragal,1: in Greek architectureAn overlapping astragal,3Assyrian architecture: decorative reliefAssyrian architecture: pavement slab at Nimrud(end of 9th cent. B.C.)astragal front A lock front which is shaped tofit the edge of a door having an astragal molding.astragal joint A spigot-and-socket joint usedon a lead downspout (or the like), where thesocket incorporates ornamental moldings calledastragals.astreated Decorated with star-like ornaments.astylar Columnless; usually describing a façadewithout columns, pilasters, or the like.
  • 76. asylum A building or group of buildings thatserves as a refuge for the mentally ill.AT. 1. Abbr. for asphalt tile. 2. On drawings,abbr. for “airtight.”atadura In Mayan architecture, a façade mold-ing, above and below a continuous horizontaldecorative frieze on the exterior of a building.ataracea Inlaid woodwork of various colors.ATC 1. On drawings, abbr. for architecturalterra-cotta. 2. On drawings, abbr. for “acousticaltile ceiling.”atelier 1. An artist’s workshop. 2. A placewhere artwork or handicrafts are produced byskilled workers. 3. A studio where the fine arts,including architecture, are taught.ATF On drawings, abbr. for “asphalt-tile floor.”at grade Said of that part of a structure which isat the same elevation as the adjacent finishedground level.Athenaeum A temple or place dedicated toAthene, or Minerva; specifically an institutionfounded at Rome by Hadrian for the promotionof literary and scientific studies, and imitated inthe provinces.atlantes See atlas.atlas, pl. atlantes A figure (or figures) of a manused in place of a column to support an entabla-ture; also called a telamon.atmospheric pressure, barometric pres-sure The pressure exerted by the earth’satmosphere; under standard conditions equal to14.7 lb per sq in. (1.01 × 106pascals) equivalentto the pressure exerted by a column of mercury29.9 in. (76.0 cm) high.atmospheric-pressure steam curing Sameas atmospheric steam curing.atmospheric steam curing The steamcuring of concrete or cement products at atmo-spheric pressure, usually at a maximum ambi-ent temperature between 100 to 200°F (40 to95°C).atmospheric-type vacuum breaker Abackflow preventer containing a float check,check seat, and an air inlet port. As water flowsthrough this device, it causes the float check torise off a seat, thereby permitting the flow ofwater. If pressure is lost upstream or if the flow ofwater is turned off, the float check falls, therebyallowing air to enter the line and preventingbackflow.atrium63atmospheric-type vacuum breakeratlasatm Abbr. for “atmosphere.”atmospheric burner A gas burner in a fur-nace in which combustion air is supplied atatmospheric pressure.atomization The formation of tiny dropletsor a very fine spray, as produced by impingingjets of air on a small stream of paint in spraypainting.atomizing-type humidifier A humidifier inwhich tiny particles of water are introduced intoa stream of air.atrio A walled forecourt in California missionarchitecture.atriolum 1. In ancient Rome, a small atrium. 2.A small antechamber forming the entrance of atomb.atrium 1. The main hall of an ancient Romanhouse, containing an opening to the sky
  • 77. (compluvium) through which rainwater falls toa tank or cistern below (impluvium). 2. In acontemporary building, a large vertical space,often centrally located, that connects three ormore floors and creates a sense of spaciousness.atrium tetrastylum An atrium, 1, supportedby four columns, one at each corner of theimpluvium.attached column An engaged column.attached garage 1. A garage which has atleast one wall (or part of one wall) in commonwith a building. 2. A garage which is connectedto a building, as by a covered porch.attached house A house that is joined to one(or more) adjacent house(s) by a party wall.attached pier Same as engaged pier.attachment plug A device which is insertedinto a receptacle to establish the electric con-nection between the conductors which arewired to the receptacle and the conductors ofthe flexible cord attached to the plug.attemperator See coil.attenuation See sound attenuation.attenuator See sound attenuator.Atterberg limits In plastic soils, the watercontents (determined by standard tests) whichdefine the boundaries between the differentstates of consistency of plastic soils. Also see liq-uid limit, plastic limit, shrinkage limit.Atterberg test A test for determining the plas-ticity of soils.attic 1. A garret. 2. In classic building, a storybuilt above the wall cornice. 3. (cap.) Pertainingto the district of Attica in Greece. 4. The orna-mental construction above an entablature; oftendecorated. 5. The space between the ceilingframing of the topmost story and the undersideof the roof framing.atrium tetrastylum64attic,2: of St. Peter’s, Rome; A, attic of main edifice;B, attic of the domeatrium,2Attic base The base of a column of the Ionicorder consisting of an upper torus and a loweratrium,1
  • 78. torus, with a scotia and two narrow filletsbetween them.attic fan A propeller fan used to exhaust the airwithin an upper space of a house (such as a garret).attic order Small pillars or pilasters decoratingthe exterior of an attic, 2.attic story See attic, 2.attic tank An open tank which is installedabove the highest plumbing fixture in a building(e.g., in the attic) and which supplies water tothe fixtures by gravity; the filling of the tank iscontrolled by a float valve.Atticurge Said of a doorway having jambswhich are inclined slightly inwards, so that theopening is wider at the threshold than at thetop.attic ventilator A mechanical fan, located inthe attic space of a residence; usually moveslarge quantities of air at a relatively lowvelocity.attorney-in-fact A person authorized to actfor or in behalf of another person or organiza-tion, to the extent prescribed in a written instru-ment known as a power of attorney.aud Abbr. for auditorium.audio accumulator An audio listening deviceused to detect sounds of breaking and entering abuilding or a secure area within a building. Falsealarms are minimized by a circuit design thatdelays activation of an alarm until a predeter-mined number of sound detections have been“accumulated” within a selected time period.audio frequency Any frequency of oscilla-tion of a sound wave which is audible; usually inthe range between 15 and 20,000 Hz (cycles persecond).audio-visual aids Equipment and/or materialsused in training, demonstrations, or teaching,which employ sight and sound simultaneously.authority having jurisdiction65Attic baseauditorium That part of a theater, school, orpublic building which is set aside for the audi-ence for listening and viewing.auditorium plan A plan, 1 employed in churcharchitecture where the plan of the sanctuarysomewhat resembles a common plan of a modernauditorium.auditorium seating Manufactured row chairsfor stepped, level, or inclined floors in rooms orareas occupied by an audience.auditory In ancient churches, that part of thechurch where the people usually stood to beinstructed in the gospel; now called the nave.auger 1. A hand-held carpenter’s tool for boringholes in wood, similar to, but larger than, a gim-let; has a long steel bit usually not larger than 1in. (25 mm) in diameter. 2. A rotary drill, usu-ally powered, for cutting circular holes in earthor rock.auger bit A bit having a square tang, fitted intoand rotated by a brace; used for drilling holes inwood.augered pile A concrete pile which is cast-in-place in a hole drilled by an auger; may be belledat the bottom; suitable in dry soil.Augustaeum A building or temple dedicatedto the deified Augustus.aula In ancient architecture, a court or hall, esp.an open court attached to a house.auleolum A small church or chapel.aumbry See ambry.aureole A pointed oval frame or glory aroundthe head or body of a sacred figure; the radiancesurrounding it. (See illustration p. 66.)auricular Said of the shape of an ornament oforganic and dynamic forms that resemble the ear.authority See administrative authority.authority having jurisdiction A federal,state, local, or other regional department, or anindividual such as a fire chief, fire marshal,chief of a fire prevention bureau (or labordepartment or health department), buildingofficial, electrical inspector, or other individualhaving statutory authority. For insurance pur-poses, the “authority having jurisdiction” maybe an insurance inspection department or rat-ing bureau, or other representative of an insur-ance company. In many circumstances the
  • 79. property owner or a delegated agent assumesthe role of the authority having jurisdiction; atgovernment installations, the commandingofficer or departmental official may be the“authority having jurisdiction.”AUTO On drawings, abbr. for “automatic.”autoclave A pressure vessel in which an envi-ronment of steam at high pressure may be pro-duced, usually at a high temperature; used in thecuring of concrete products and in the testing ofhydraulic cement for soundness.autoclave curing Steam curing of concreteproducts, sand-lime brick, asbestos cement prod-ucts, hydrous calcium silicate insulation prod-ucts, or cement in an autoclave at maximumambient temperatures generally between 340and 420°F (170 and 215°C).AUTO66autoclaved aerated concrete A lightweightconcrete usually made by adding aluminumpowder or calcium carbide to concrete mortarwhich is subject to autoclave curing.autoclaving cycle 1. In autoclave curing, thetime interval between the start of the tempera-ture-rise period and the end of the blowdownperiod. 2. A schedule of the time and tempera-ture-pressure conditions of periods which makeup the cycle.auto court A motel.autogenous healing A natural process ofclosing and filling cracks in concrete or mortarwhile it is kept damp.autogenous volume change The change involume produced by continued hydration ofcement, exclusive of effects of external forces orchange of water content or temperature.autogenous welding A type of welding inwhich the metals are usually united without theuse of flux, 1.automatic Said of a door, window, or otheropening protective device that is so constructedand arranged that, when actuated by a predeter-mined temperature or rise in temperature, it willoperate as intended.automatic batcher A batcher for concretewhich is actuated by a single starter switch,opens automatically at the start of the weighingoperations of each material, and closes automat-ically when the designated weight of each mate-rial has been reached.automatic circuit breaker See circuit breaker.automatic circuit recloser A self-controlleddevice for automatically interrupting and reclos-ing an alternating current circuit with a prede-termined sequence of opening and reclosing,followed by resetting, hold closed, or lockoutoperation.automatic closing device See closingdevice.automatic control valve A valve designedto control the flow of steam, water, gas, or otherfluids, by means of a variable orifice which ispositioned by an operator in response to signalsfrom a sensor or controller.automatic door 1. A power-operated doorthat closes when subject to an abnormally highaureole
  • 80. ambient temperature, an unusual rate of temper-ature rise, or an abnormal smoke condition. 2. Apower-operated door that opens when a personor automobile approaches.automatic door bottom A movable plunger,in the form of a horizontal bar at the bottom of adoor, which drops automatically when the dooris closed; when closed, a horizontal protrudingoperating rod strikes the door jamb, therebyactuating the plunger, sealing the threshold andreducing noise transmission.air or air at atmospheric pressure; the water sup-ply is controlled by an acceptable dry-pipe valve;also see dry-pipe sprinkler system.automatic dry standpipe system A stand-pipe system in which all piping is either filledwith compressed air or air at atmospheric pres-sure; the water enters the system through a con-trol valve that is actuated either automaticallyby a reduction of air pressure within the systemor by the manual activation of a remote controllocated at each fire-hose station.automatic elevator, self-service elevatorAn elevator which starts and stops automati-cally in response to the pushing of a button atone of the landings or in the car.automatic fire-alarm system A fire-alarmsystem which detects the presence of a fire andautomatically initiates a signal indicating itsdetection.automatic fire detector An alarm-initiatingdevice that automatically detects heat, smoke,or other products of combustion.automatic fire door A fire door that auto-matically closes a space when the temperaturewithin the space reaches a predetermined value,or when there has been a significant increase inthe rate of temperature rise, smoke, or otherproducts of combustion within the space.automatic fire-extinguishing system Anapproved system of devices and equipment thatautomatically detects a fire and then dischargesan approved fire-extinguishing agent onto or inthe area of the fire.automatic fire pump A pump which pro-vides the required water pressure in a firestandpipe or sprinkler system; when the waterpressure in the system drops below a prese-lected value, a sensor causes the pump to start,and to stop the pump when the pressure isrestored.automatic fire-suppression system Anengineered system using carbon dioxide (CO2),a foam wet or dry chemical, a halogenated extin-guishing agent, or a clean extinguishing agent,in an automatic sprinkler system to detect andautomatically suppress a fire through fixed pip-ing and nozzles.automatic fire vent 1. A device installed inthe roof of a large single-story building whichautomatic fire vent67automatic door bottomautomatic door bottomautomatic dry-pipe sprinkler system Asprinkler system in which the piping up to thesprinkler heads is either filled with compressed
  • 81. operates automatically in the event of fire, provid-ing an opening to the outdoors; removes smokeand confines the fire so that it can be fought moreeffectively. 2. See smoke and fire vent.automatic flushing system A water tanksystem which provides automatically for theperiodic flushing of urinals or other plumbingfixtures, or of pipes having too small a slope todrain effectively.automatic gas shutoff device In a gas-firedwater heater, a device that shuts off the gassupply if the water temperature in the heaterexceeds a predetermined limit.automatic load shedding The automaticdisconnection of a part of the electrical load in abuilding when there is an outage of the mainpower supplied to the building; this actionreduces the total load placed on an emergencypower generator.automatic operation In an elevator: an oper-ation whereby the starting of the elevator car iseffected in response to the momentary actuationof operating devices at the landing, and/or inresponse to any automatic starting mechanism;and whereby the car is stopped automatically atthe landings.automatic operator A power-operated door-activating device and control, actuated byapproaching traffic or a remote switch.automatic pilot See safety shutoff device.automatic smoke alarm system An alarmsystem whose smoke detectors initiate andtransmit an alarm automatically.automatic smoke vent See smoke and firevent.automatic sprinkler A sprinkler head hav-ing a nozzle which is normally closed, but openswhen exposed to a predetermined quantity ofheat—either by the melting of a fusible elementor by the rupturing of a liquid-filled glass bulb.automatic sprinkler system 1. A fire-protec-tion sprinkler system connected to a suitablewater supply; designed to provide an immediateand continuous flow of water automatically incase of fire. 2. A fire sprinkler system that reacts tofire without the need for human intervention; atype of automatic fire-protection sprinkler system.automatic threshold closer Same as auto-matic door bottom.automatic transfer switch 1. A combina-tion of an electrically operated, double-throwtransfer switch and a control panel. Under nor-mal circumstances, the connected load is ener-gized from the utility source. Upon failure of thissource, the transfer switch automatically con-nects the load to an emergency power generatoruntil power supplied by the utility is restored, atwhich time it reconnects the load to the utilitysource. 2. In an electric circuit, a switch whichautomatically transfers a specific load from thenormal source to an emergency source if the for-mer fails or if the voltage of the normal sourcedrops below a preset minimum.automatic water supply A water supply sys-tem whose operation is not dependent on anymanual setting of any items of equipment, such asoperating valves, starting pumps, or connectors.automatic wet-pipe sprinkler system Asprinkler system in which all piping and sprinklerheads, at all times, are filled with water underpressure; the system discharges immediately whena sprinkler head operates, and the water contin-ues to flow until the system is shut off.auto-suppression system A British term fora protection system that activates automaticallywhen a fire is detected; an automatic sprinklersystem.aux Abbr. for “auxiliary.”auxiliary dead latch, auxiliary latch bolt,deadlocking latch bolt, trigger bolt Asupplementary latch in a lock which automati-cally deadlocks the main latch bolt when thedoor is closed.auxiliary energy subsystem An energysource (other than the sun), used to supplementor provide backup for the output provided by asolar energy system.auxiliary heat The additional heat which issupplied by a conventional heating system in ahouse when its solar energy system fails todeliver sufficient energy to heat the house to acomfortable temperature. See auxiliary energysubsystem.auxiliary heating fraction The ratio of aux-iliary heat to the total heating requirements.auxiliary loads All dynamic loads other thanthe basic design loads which a building mustsustain.automatic flushing system68
  • 82. auxiliary rafter Above a principal rafter, asecond principal rafter, occasionally used in alarge queenpost truss.auxiliary reinforcement In a prestressedstructural member, any reinforcement in addi-tion to that whose function is prestressing.auxiliary rim lock A secondary or extra lockthat is surface-mounted on a door to provideadditional security.auxiliary rope-fastening device A deviceattached to an elevator car, to a counterweight, orto the overhead dead-end rope-hitch support;automatically supports the car or counterweightin case the fastening for the wire rope (cable) fails.available short-circuit current The maxi-mum electric current delivered by the electricpower system to a fault at a given point in acircuit.avalanche protector A barrier that preventsloose material from sliding into the tracks orwheels of any type of excavation or diggingmachine.avant-corps That part of a building which pro-jects prominently from the main mass, e.g., apavilion.AVE On drawings, abbr. for “avenue.”aventurine Glass (or glazes) containing col-ored spangles of nonglassy material.avenue 1. A wide street, usually planted withtrees; generally straight. 2. A way of approach oraccess.average bond stress The force in a steel rein-forcing bar divided by the product of its perime-ter and its embedded length.average concrete Concrete that is made with-out artificial aggregates or admixtures; its strengthis not established by tests but is assumed to be thevalue derived from its water-cement ratio.average-end-area method A procedure forcalculating the volume of earthwork betweentwo cross sections; the cross-sectional areas areaveraged and multiplied by the distancebetween cross sections to determine the volume.average frequency of occurrence Theaverage number of years between storms that willproduce rainfall rates equaling or exceeding agiven amount; sometimes called the “returnperiod.”awning blind69awning blindaverage grade Within a building constructionsite, the arithmetic average of the elevations ofvarious ground surfaces within the site.average haul The average distance that agrading material is moved from cut to fill.AVG On drawings, abbr. for “average.”avodire, white mahogany A west Africanwood, pale yellow to white in color; soft to hard;light in weight to moderately heavy; frequentlyribbon-striped. Used for interior finish, plywood,and paneling.AW Abbr. for “actual weight.”A/W Abbr. for “all-weather.”award A communication from an owner accept-ing a bid or negotiated proposal. An award cre-ates legal obligations between the parties.A-weighted sound level The sound levelmeasured with a sound-level meter using A-weighting, which alters the sensitivity of the sound-level meter with respect to frequency so that thesound-level meter is less sensitive at frequencieswhere the ear is less sensitive; usually used in spec-ifying permissible sound levels in buildings.AWG On drawings, abbr. for American wiregauge.AWI Abbr. for “Architectural WoodworkInstitute.”awl A pointed tool used for piercing holes inthin wood, hardboard, etc.awning A roof-like covering of canvas, or thelike, often adjustable, over a window, door, etc., toprovide protection against the sun, rain, and wind.awning blind A blind which is hinged at thetop; can swing outward and be fixed in positionby a stay.
  • 83. AWPA Abbr. for “American Wood-Preservers’Association.”AWS 1. Abbr. for “all wood screws.” 2. Abbr. for“American Welding Society.”A.W.W.I. Abbr. for “American Wood WindowInstitute.”ax 1. A sharp-edged steel tool for splitting wood,hewing timber, etc. 2. An axhammer.the blades, and number of blades. Guide vanesmay be added to straighten the flow andincrease the efficiency. 2. See centrifugal fan.axial force See axial load.axial force diagram In statics, a graphicalrepresentation of the axial load acting at eachsection of a structural member, plotted to scaleand with proper sign as an ordinate at each pointof the member and along a reference line repre-senting the length of the member.axial load, axial force The resultant longitu-dinal internal component of force which actsperpendicular to the cross section of a structuralmember and at its centroid, producing uniformstress.axis A straight line indicating center of symme-try of a solid or plane figure.axle pulley See sash pulley.axle-steel reinforcing bar A reinforcingbar fabricated from carbon-steel axles of rail-road cars.Axminster carpet A carpet having pile whichis attached to the carpet backing by inserting thetufts by rows between the warp threads and thenbinding them by means of the filling; this methodof carpet construction permits intricate designand almost any number of colors to be used.axonometric projection A form of ortho-graphic projection in which a rectangular object,projected on a plane, shows three faces. One oftwo general divisions of pictorial projection (theother being oblique projection); often divided intothree types: isometric, dimetric and trimetric.awning window70ax,1axial-flow fanawning window A window consisting of anumber of top-hinged horizontal sashes oneabove the other, the bottom edges of whichswing outward; operated by one control device.awning windowaxed arch An arch which is constructed of bricksthat have been roughly cut into a wedge shape.axed brick, rough-axed brick A brick,shaped with an ax, that has not been trimmed;when laid, the joints for such bricks are thickerthan those for gauged brick.axed work (Brit.) A hand-dressed stone sur-face showing toolmarks made by an ax, pick, orbushhammer.axhammer An ax for spalling or dressing roughstone; has either one cutting edge and one ham-mer face or two cutting edges.axial-flow fan 1. One of the following typesof fans: vaneaxial, tubeaxial, or propeller. Suchfans impart energy to the air by giving it atwisting motion. They are specified by bladeshape, ratio of hub-to-tip diameter, pitch of
  • 84. ayaka A type of pillar, placed on a platformattached to a Buddhist stupa.azimuth In plane surveying, a horizontal anglemeasured clockwise from north meridian to thedirection of an object or fixed point.azimuth traverse A survey traverse in whichthe direction of the measured course is deter-mined by azimuth and verified by back azimuth;to initiate this type of traverse, it is necessary tohave a reference meridian.azotea 1. In Hispanic architecture, a flat roof.2. An open, elevated terrace, usually located atthe back of a house which it adjoins.Aztec architecture The architecture of theAztecs in Mexico, succeeding the Mayans, fromthe 14th cent. until the Spanish conquest in the16th cent.azulejo An earthenware tile of Spanish manu-facture, painted and enameled in rich colors,esp. one having a metallic luster.azulejo71azimuth
  • 85. This page intentionally left blank
  • 86. back arch Same as arrière-voussure.backband A piece of millwork used around arectangular window or door casing to cover thegap between the casing and the wall or as a dec-orative feature. Also called a backbend.backbandB Abbr. for beam.B&B In the lumber industry, abbr. for “grade Band better.”B&S 1. On drawings, abbr. for “beams andstringers.” 2. On drawings, abbr. for “bell andspigot.” 3. On drawings, abbr. for Brownand Sharpe gauge.B1S 1. Abbr. for “banded one side.” 2. Abbr. for“bead one side.”B2E Abbr. for “banded two ends.”B2S 1. Abbr. for “banded two sides.” 2. Abbr.for “bead two sides.” 3. Abbr. for “brighttwo sides.”B2S1E Abbr. for “banded two sides and one end.”B3E Abbr. for “beveled on three edges.”B4E Abbr. for “beveled on four edges.”BA Abbr. for “bright annealed.”Babylonian architecture In ancient Baby-lon, architecture characterized by: mud-brickconstruction; walls articulated by pilasters andrecesses, sometimes faced with burnt and glazedbrick; narrow rooms, mostly covered with flattimber and mud roofs; and the extensive use ofbitumen in drain and pavement constructionand as mortar.back 1. The rear, reverse, unseen, more remote,or less important part of a structure, tool, orobject. 2. The support for a more prominent orvisible element; e.g., the back of wallboard is thesurface to be plastered. 3. The top or exposedside of a slate, tile, or the like, in contrast to thebed. 4. The ridge or top of a horizontal memberor structure like a joist, rafter, or roof. 5. A prin-cipal rafter. 6. The extrados or top surface of anarch, often buried in the surrounding masonry.7. A low-grade veneer used for the back ply inplywood construction. 8. The wainscoting belowthe sash frame of a window, extending to thefloor.back addition The projecting rear wing ofa house; an outrigger.B73backbar A work surface behind (and at thesame height as) a liquor or service bar; usuallyhas cabinets under the work surface which areused for storage, for the display of bottles andglassware, or for refrigerated coolers.back bedding See back putty.backbend 1. Same as backband. 2. At theouter edge of a metal door or window frame, theface which returns to the wall surface.backboard A temporary board on the outsideof a scaffold.back boxing See back lining, 1.back-brush To repaint a surface, which hasjust been painted, with a return stroke.back check In a hydraulic door closer, 1 amechanism which slows the speed with whicha door may be opened.back choir Same as retrochoir.back clip A special clip, 3 attached to theback of a gypsum board; the clip fits into slotsin the framing that holds the gypsum board inplace.backcloth Same as backdrop.Copyright © 2006, 2000, 1993, 1975 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Click here for terms of use.
  • 87. backcoating A thin coating (such as sprayedneoprene) on the back side of a fabric toincrease its durability, its resistance to the flowof air, or its heat resistance.back counter A work surface behind the frontserving counter of a restaurant, usually containingshort-order cooking equipment, storage cabinets,storage shelves, etc.back-draft damper A damper, 1 having bladeswhich are actuated by gravity, permitting air topass through them in one direction only.backdrop On the theater stage, a large, taut,flat canvas, usually hung from the grid at the rearof the stage to mask the backstage area.back edging Cutting a glazed ceramic pipe byfirst chipping through the glaze around theperimeter and then chipping the pipe belowuntil it is cut through.backerboard See gypsum backerboard.backer strip An asphalt-coated water-repellentstrip which is applied behind the joint where thevertical edges of two shingles meet.backfill Soil which is replaced in an area thathas been excavated previously.back fillet The return of the margin of a groin,doorjamb, or window jamb when it projectsbeyond a wall.the exterior of a structure, or around the founda-tion walls to provide means for water to drainaway from a foundation.back flap, back fold, back shutter The leafin a window shutter that folds behind the exposedleaf of the shutter; that part of a window shutterthat folds into a recess in the window casing.backflap hinge, flap hinge A hinge havinga flat plate or strap which is screwed to the faceof a shutter or door.backflow 1. The flow of water or other liq-uids, mixtures, or substances into the distrib-uting pipes of a potable supply of water fromany other than its intended source. Also seeback siphonage. 2. Any flow in a directionopposite to the natural or intended directionof flow.backflow connection Any arrangement ofpipes, plumbing fixtures, drains, etc., in whichbackflow can occur.backflow preventer A device used to preventwater (or other liquids) from being siphoned intoa potable water system.backcoating74back fillet Abackfill concrete A non-structural concreteused to prepare a surface to receive structuralconcrete, to fill excavated pockets in rocks, or tocorrect over-excavation.backfilling, backfill 1. Rough masonry builtbehind a facing or between two faces. 2. Fillingover the extrados of an arch. 3. Brickwork inspaces between structural timbers. Also seenogging. 4. Soil or crushed stone used to fill thespace between the excavation or sheeting andbackflow preventer for a hose connectionbackflow valve See backwater valve.back fold See backflap.back form See top form.background noise The total noise from allsources other than a particular one of interest.back gutter A gutter installed on the uphillside of a chimney on a sloping roof; used todivert water around the chimney.back hearth, inner hearth That part of thehearth, or floor, which is contained within thejambs of the fireplace.backhoe An excavating machine for cuttingtrenches; a boom-mounted bucket movestoward the machine, cutting the ground like ahoe; then the machine turns away from the cutto permit the operator to dump the soil.
  • 88. backhouse, back building 1. A privy orouthouse. 2. A structure that stands behind abuilding to which it is a subsidiary.backing See carpet backing.backing board In a suspended acoustical ceil-ing, a flat sheet of gypsum board to which acousti-cal tile is attached by adhesive or mechanicalmeans.backing brick A relatively low-quality brickused behind face brick or other masonry.backing coat A coat of plaster other than thefinish coat.backing ring A backing in the form of a ring,used during the welding of piping at butt joints.backing up In masonry, the laying of backingbrick.back jamb See back lining, 1.backjoint In masonry, a rabbet such as thatmade on the inner side of a chimneypiece toreceive a slip.back land Land having no road frontage require-ment. It is surrounded by land owned by others.backlighting The illumination of an objectfrom the rear.back lining 1. A thin wood strip which lines awindow casing, next to the wall and oppositethe pulley stile, and provides a smooth surfacefor the working of the weighted sash; also calledback boxing or a back jamb. 2. That piece offraming forming the back recess for boxingshutters.back lintel A lintel which supports the backingof a masonry wall, as opposed to the lintel sup-porting the facing material.back-mop To mop the back or underside ofroofing felts with asphalt or tar when laying abuilt-up roof.back mortaring Same as backplastering andpargetting, 3.back-nailing Nailing the plies of a built-uproof to the substrate (in addition to hot mopping)to prevent slippage.back nut 1. A threaded nut, one side ofwhich is dished to retain a grommet; used informing a watertight pipe joint. 2. A lockingnut on the shank of a pipe fitting, tap, orvalve.back observation Same as backsight.back-paint To paint the reverse or hidden sideof an object, usually for protection against theweather.backplastering A coat of plaster applied tothe back side of lath, opposite the finished sur-face.backplate A plate, usually metal or wood,which serves as a backing for a structuralmember.backplate lamp holder A lamp holder, inte-grally mounted on a plate, which is designed forscrewing to a flat surface.back pressure Pressure developed in opposi-tion to the flow of liquid or gas in a pipe, duct,conduit, etc.; due to friction, gravity, or someother restriction to flow of the conveyed fluid.back-pressure valve See check valve.back propping The placing of timbers, usuallyset in a diagonal or oblique position, to hold awall in place.back putty, bed glazing The bedding ofglazing compound which is placed betweenthe face of glass and the frame or sash con-taining it.back putty75back puttybackhoe attachment on a crane
  • 89. backsaw A saw having a metal strip along itsback to stiffen it; has many small teeth for fine,accurate sawing, as for miters.backup rod A strip of plastic foam that isinserted in a joint to limit the penetration ofsealant into the joint.backup strip A piece of wood at the corner ofa ceiling and side wall; serves as the mountingfor the ends of the gypsum-board panels.backup strip, lathing board A wood stripwhich is fixed at the corner of a partition or wallto provide a nailing surface for ends of lath.back veneer In veneer plywood, the layer ofveneer on the side of a plywood sheet which isopposite the face veneer—usually of lowerquality.backsaw76back veneerback ventbacksawbackset 1. The horizontal distance from theface of a lock or latch to the center of the key-hole, knob, or lock cylinder. 2. Same as set-back.back shore In raking shores, an outer memberunder a rider shore that temporarily supports theside of a building.back shutter See backflap.backsight In surveying, a sight on a previouslyestablished survey point or line.back siphonage The flowing back of used,contaminated, or polluted water from a plumb-ing fixture or vessel into the pipe which feeds it;due to reduced pressure in the pipe.back siphonage preventer See vacuumbreaker.backsplash A protective panel on the wallbehind a sink or counter; an apron, 7.backstage The entire area behind the fire wallof the stage of a theater, including the rear of thestage, storage areas, and dressing rooms.back stay Same as brace, 1.back-to-back house A house with a partywall at the rear as well as along the sides.backup 1. That part of a masonry wall behindthe exterior facing. 2. A compressible materialused behind a sealant to reduce its depth and tosupport the sealant against sag or indentation. 3.Overflow in a drain or piping system, due tostoppage. 4. A condition where waste waterflows back into another fixture or compartmentor water line (but does not flow back into thepotable water system).backup protection In an electrical system, atype of protection initiated by a sensing devicethat detects a failure of a protective element(such as a circuit breaker); in that event, thenext upstream protective device takes over theprotective function.back vent An individual vent for a plumbingfixture located on the downstream (sewer) sideof a trap, 1 to protect the trap against siphonage.backwater valve, backflow valve A typeof check valve in a drainage pipe; reversal offlow causes the valve to close, thereby cutting offflow.bacterial corrosion A corrosion which resultsfrom substances (e.g., ammonia or sulfuric acid)produced by the activity of certain bacteria.badger 1. A tool used inside a pipe or culvert toremove excess mortar or deposits. 2. A badgerplane.
  • 90. badger plane A hand plane, the mouth ofwhich is cut obliquely from side to side, so that itcan work close up to a corner.badigeon A filler or patching material used inmasonry or wood work.baffle 1. A plate used to control the flow of a liq-uid. 2. An opaque or translucent plate used toshield a light source from direct view at certainangles; a light baffle. 3. A flat deflector or obstruc-tion designed to reduce sound transmission. 4. Aplate that retards and/or changes the direction ofthe flow of air, air-gas mixtures, or flue gases.bag, sack A quantity of portland cement: 94 lbin the United States, 87.5 lb in Canada, 112 lb(50.8 kg) in the United Kingdom, and 50 kg inmost countries using the metric system.bagasse A by-product of sugar cane after thejuice has been extracted; used as a fuel and alsoas the principal component in cellulose-caneacoustical tile.bagged brickwork Brickwork that is preparedfor painting by applying a thin mixture of waterand mortar to the brickwork, such as by pound-ing the brickwork with a burlap (Hessian) bagcontaining the mixture.bag molding The application of pressure on amaterial during molding so that it takes the shapeof a curved, rigid die. The material, containedwithin the die and a flexible cover, is deformed bychanges of pressure within the enclosure.bagnette A bead molding.bagnio 1. A bathing establishment. 2. A brothel.3. A Turkish prison.bag plug An inflatable drain stopper; wheninflated, it acts to seal a pipe; usually located atthe lowest point of the piping system.bag-rubbed joint Same as flush-cut joint.bag trap An S-shaped trap, 1 in which the ver-tical inlet and outlet pipes are in alignment.bake house77bag trapbackwater valve: installationbackwater valvebague An annular molding encircling the shaftof a column or pillar, either half-way betweenthe base and capital or at lesser intervals.baguette A small, convex molding.bahut 1. In a masonry wall or parapet, therounded upper course. 2. A low wall surmount-ing a cornice to carry the roof structure.baignoire A box in a theater in the lowesttier.bail 1. The wall of an outer court of a feudal cas-tle. 2. A hinged loop that is used for lifting.bailey The open area within a castle fortifica-tion. See inner bailey and outer bailey; also seemotte-and-bailey.bajarreque A wattle-and-daub wall constructedof bagasse, which is covered with plaster mixedwith clay and straw.baked finish A surface coating that achievesthe desired properties by being baked, usually ata temperature of at least 150°F (65°C).bake house A small subsidiary structurehaving one or more ovens used exclusively for
  • 91. baking of bread and pastries; once especiallyfound in religious communities and on planta-tions; usually located away from the principaldwelling to reduce the risk of setting it onfire.bake oven An oven constructed of bricks, usu-ally having a circular or oval dome; often locatedwithin the hearth of the principal fireplace of acolonial home, usually in a corner of the hearthand a few feet above it. Bake ovens were once anintegral part of the fireplace construction; somewere heated by glowing charcoal or embers thatwere swept out before the unbaked loaves wereinserted and the iron oven door closed. Alsocalled a beehive oven, bread oven, brick oven,or Dutch oven.construction is identical on both sides of a planethrough the center of the panel.balanced door A door so arranged that it isheld either open or closed by weights.balanced earthwork Cut and fill work inwhich the amount of fill equals the amount ofmaterial excavated.balanced failure condition The conditionthat exists when there is the simultaneousoccurrence of a primary compression failureand a primary tension failure.balanced ladder A ladder held in a verticalposition by guides with a weight attached equalto the weight of the ladder.balanced load 1. A load connected to an elec-tric circuit (as a three-wire system) so that thecurrents taken from each side of the system areequal and the power factors are equal. 2. Theload at which there is simultaneous crushing ofconcrete and yielding of tension steel.balanced reinforcement An amount anddistribution of steel reinforcement in a flexuralreinforced concrete member such that the al-lowable tensile stress in the steel and the allow-able compressive stress in the concrete areattained simultaneously.balanced sash In a double-hung window, asash which opens by being raised or lowered andwhose weight is balanced with counterweightsor with pretensioned springs so that little force isrequired to lift the sash.balanced step, dancing step, dancingwinder One of a series of winders arranged sothat the width of each winder tread (at the nar-row end) is almost equal to the tread width inthe straight portion of the adjacent stair flight.balance pipe A pipe connection used toequalize the pressure at two points in a pipingsystem.balancing A procedure for adjusting the massdistribution of a rotor so that vibration of the jour-nals, or the forces on the bearings, are reduced orcontrolled.balancing plug cock See balancing valve.balancing valve, balancing plug cock Avalve used in a pipe for controlling fluid flow;not usually used to shut off the flow.balaneion A Greek term for a bath.bake oven78bake oven (longitudinal section)baking, stoving The use of heat on fresh paintfilms to speed the evaporation of thinners and topromote the reaction of binder components so asto form a hard polymeric film.balance arm On a projected window, a sidesupporting arm which is constructed so that thecenter of gravity of the sash is not changedappreciably when opened.balance beam, balance bar A long beam,attached to a gate (or drawbridge, etc.) so as tocounterbalance the weight of the gate duringopening or closing.balanced circuit A three-wire electric circuitin which the load is the same on each side of theneutral wire.balanced construction A plywood or sand-wich-panel construction which has an oddnumber of plies laminated together so that the
  • 92. balaustre, canary wood A South Americanglossy wood; quite hard, heavy; yellowish brown,orange, or purplish brown in color.BALC On drawings, abbr. for balcony.balconet A pseudo-balcony; a low ornamentalrailing to a window, projecting but slightlybeyond the threshold or sill.ballast79balistrariabalk tie A balk, 1 which joins the wall posts of atimber roof, preventing the walls from spreading.ball and flower See ballflower.ballast 1. Coarse stone, gravel, slag, etc., used asan underlayer for poured concrete. 2. A deviceused to provide the required starting voltage andbaldachinbalconetbalcony 1. A projecting platform on a building,sometimes supported from below, sometimes can-tilevered; enclosed with a railing or balustrade. 2.A projecting gallery in an auditorium; a seatingarea over the main floor. 3. An elevated platformused in a permanent stage setting in a theater.balcony outlet In a vertical rainwater pipethat passes through an exterior balcony, a fittingwhich provides an inlet for the drainage of rain-water from the balcony.balcony rail See rail, 2.balcony stage A balcony used as a playingarea, as in the Elizabethan theater.baldachin, baldacchino, baldachino, bal-daquin, ciborium An ornamental canopyover an altar, usually supported on columns, or asimilar form over a tomb or throne.bald roof See smooth-surfaced roof.balection molding See bolection molding.bale house 1. See straw bale house. 2. Anobsolete term for warehouse.bale tack Same as lead tack.balistraria In medieval battlements, a cross-shaped aperture through which crossbowmenshot arrows.balk, baulk 1. A squared timber used in build-ing construction. 2. A low ridge of earth thatmarks a boundary line.
  • 93. operating current for fluorescent, mercury, orother electric-discharge lamps. 3. Class P: A bal-last for a fluorescent lamp which meets therequirements of the Underwriters’ Laboratories,Inc.; includes an automatic resetting thermalprotector to remove the ballast from the circuitif its temperature exceeds a specified value. 4.Same as constant-wattage ballast.ballast factor The ratio of the luminous outputof a lamp when operated on a ballast to its lumi-nous output when operated under standardizedrating conditions.ballast noise rating A measure of the noisegenerated by a fluorescent lamp ballast; desig-nated by letters from A (the quietest) through F(the noisiest).ball-bearing hinge A hinge which is equippedwith ball bearings between the hinge knuckles inorder to reduce friction.ball breaker Same as wrecking ball.ball catch A door fastener having a containedmetal ball which is under pressure from a spring;the ball engages a striking plate and keeps thedoor from opening until force is applied.ball-check valve A spring-operated checkvalve in a piping system; when the fluid flows inone direction, pressure against a movable ballallows fluid to pass; when the direction of flow isreversed, the ball is forced against a seat, therebystopping the flow.ball cock A float valve with a spherical float.balled and burlapped In landscape architec-ture, a method of preparing a plant or tree fortransplantation; the largest part of the root sys-tem is covered with a ball of soil and thenwrapped in burlap (Hessian) for protection andease of handling when it is moved to the sitewhere it is to be planted.ball float A floating device, usually approx.spherical in shape, which is used to operate aball valve.ballflower A spherical ornament composed ofthree conventionalized petals enclosing a ball,usually in a hollow molding, popular in the Eng-lish Decorated style.balling up In welding, the formation of globulesof molten brazing filler metal or flux as a result offailure to wet adequately the metal being welded.ballium The court of open space within amedieval fortification; a bailey.ball joint A joint in which one part has a ball-shaped end that is held in a spherical shellattached to the other, thereby permitting theaxis of one part to be set at any angle withrespect to the other.balloon A globe or round ball, placed on thetop of a pillar, pediment, pier, or the like, whichserves as a crown, 1.balloon framing, balloon frame A system offraming a wooden building; all vertical structuralelements of the exterior bearing walls andpartitions consist of single studs which extend thefull height of the frame, from the top of the sole-plate to the roof plate; all floor joists are fastenedby nails to studs. Compare with braced framing.ballast factor80ballflowerballoon framingballoon-payment loan A type of loan agree-ment, whether or not secured by a mortgage, inwhich the final payment due at maturity is muchlarger in amount than each of the periodic pay-ments required during the life of the loan.ball peen hammer A hammer having a hemi-spherical peen.
  • 94. balteus 1. The band in the middle of the bolsterof an Ionic capital. 2. The band joining thevolutes of an Ionic capital. 3. One of the pas-sages dividing the auditorium of ancient Romantheaters and amphitheaters horizontally intoupper and lower zones.baluster, banister 1. One of a number of shortvertical members, often circular in section, usedto support a stair handrail or a coping. 2. (pl.) Abalustrade. 3. The roll forming the side of anIonic capital; a bolster, pulvinus.baluster column81baluster,1ball-penetration test An ASTM test methodused as a measure of the consistency of concrete;a metal weight having a hemispherically shapedbottom is placed on the smooth level surface ofthe concrete, and the depth to which it sinks ismeasured.ballroom A large social hall expressly designedfor dancing, but frequently used for dining orlarge meetings.ball test 1. See Kelly ball test. 2. In a drain, atest for freedom from obstruction and for circu-larity; a ball (less than the diameter of the drainby a specified amount) is rolled through thedrain.ball valve A valve for regulating the flow offluids by a movable ball which fits in a sphericalseat.baluster column 1. A column shaped some-what like a baluster, with a short, massive shaft.2. A short, thick-set column in a subordinateposition, as in the windows of early Italiancampanili.baluster columnball peen hammerball valvebalnea, pl. of balneum Roman baths, usuallythe great public ones.balnearium In ancient Rome, a private bath-room.balsa, corkwood The lightest of all woods,with density of about 7 to 10 lb per cu ft (110 to160 kg per cu m); used for the core of light-weight sandwich panels, models, etc.baluster,3
  • 95. baluster shaft Same as baluster column.baluster side On an Ionic capital, the returnface (having the form of a concave roll), reach-ing from volute to volute.2.A small, flat molding, broad, but of small projec-tion, rectangular or slightly convex in profile, usedto decorate a surface either as a continuous strip orformed into various shapes. Also called fillet, list.3.A fascia on the architrave of an entablature.bandage A strap, band, ring, or chain placedaround a structure to secure and hold its partstogether, as around the springing of a dome.band clamp A two-piece metal clamp, securedby bolts at both ends; used to hold riser pipes.band course Same as belt course.banded architrave In late neoclassic architec-ture in England, Italy, and France, an architrave,2 interrupted at intervals by smooth projectingblocks, between which are set the molded por-tions of the architrave.banded barrel vault A masonry barrel vaultwhose semicircular cross section is stiffened atregular intervals by arches which projectbeneath the vault’s surface.banded column A column with drums thatalternate in size, color, or degree of ornamentation.baluster shaft82balustradebalustrade An entire railing system (as alongthe edge of a balcony) including a top rail and itsbalusters, and sometimes a bottom rail.balustrum Same as altar rail.bamli In the architecture of India, a court orcourtyard.banana oil See amyl acetate.banco In Spanish architecture and its deriva-tives, a built-in seat.band 1.Any horizontal flat member or moldingor group of moldings projecting slightly from awall plane and usually marking a division in thewall. Also called band molding or band course.band, 2banded columnbanded impost In medieval architecture, animpost with horizontal moldings, the section ofthe molding of the arch above being similar tothat of the shaft below.baluster side
  • 96. band iron A thin metal strap used as a form tie,a hanger, etc.bandlet Same as bandelet.band molding A band, 1.band saw A saw consisting of an endless,toothed steel belt which runs between twowheels, one of which is machine-powered.band shell A sound-reflective construction,usually in the open air, to direct sound from per-formers on a stage to an audience.band window One of a horizontal series ofthree windows or more, separated only by mul-lions, that form a horizontal band across thefaçade of a building; for example, see frieze-bandwindow. Most commonly found in buildingserected after 1900. Also called a ribbon window.banister 1. A handrail for a staircase. 2. Abaluster.bank 1. A mass of soil rising above a digginglevel. 2. An establishment which receives,lends, and exchanges money and carries outother financial transactions.bank barn A two-story barn usually built intothe slope of a hill and oriented so that the groundfloor is protected from the prevailing wind. Aninclined driveway leads to a large sliding door onthe upper floor, which contains an area set asidefor threshing grain, storing grain, and storing ani-mal feed. The level below provides housing foranimals and is entered at ground level from anenclosed yard. In the United States, sometimescalled a German barn, Pennsylvania barn, orPennsylvania Dutch barn. Also see barn, forebaybarn, Swiss barn, Yankee barn.bank barn83bank barnbanded pilaster A pilaster decorated in themanner of a banded column.banded rustication Courses of masonry, alter-nating smooth ashlar with rustication, inRenaissance architecture and derivatives.banded surround A surround (i.e., a decora-tive architectural element around a doorway,fireplace, or window) that is banded, usually byadjacent masonry blocks that are of two differentsizes; for example, see Gibbs surround.bandelet 1. An annulet. 2. A small flat molding.banderol, banderole, bannerol A decora-tive representation of a ribbon or long scroll,often bearing an emblem or inscription.banded impostbanderolbanding 1. Wood edging for veneered doors orpanels; normally used at the edge of plywood orcoreboard constructions. 2. One or more deco-rative wood strips; decorative inlay. 3. Metal,plastic, or fiber straps to tie bundles together. 4.The strapping of the top of a timber pile to pre-vent its splitting while being driven.banding plane A carpenter’s plane used to cutgrooves and to inlay strings and bands in straightand circular work.
  • 97. bank cubic yard (or meter) A unit to expressthe volume of bank material.bank depository A safe on the exterior of abuilding which receives deposits after businesshours.banker The bench or table upon which brick-layers and stonemasons prepare and shape theirmaterial.banker-mark In medieval construction, a markcut in a dressed stone to identify the stonecutter.banker mason Same as master mason.bank gravel See bank-run gravel.bank house See German Colonial architecture.bank material Soil or rock in place beforeexcavation or blasting.bank measure 1. A measure of the volume of amass of soil or rock, before excavation, in its nat-ural position. 2. The measurement of earth mate-rial in situ (i.e., in its original place in the ground).bank meters The number of cubic meters ofmaterial in its original place in the ground.bank-run gravel, bank gravel, run-of-bankgravel Aggregate taken directly from naturaldeposits; contains both large and small stones.bank sand Compared to lake sand, a sand havingsharp edges so that when used in plastering itresults in a better bond and greater plaster strength.bank yards The number of cubic yards ofmaterial in its original place in the ground.bannerol See banderol.banner vane A weather vane having theshape of a banner; balanced by a weight on theother side of the banner.banquet hall A room used for dining, socialgatherings, or meetings accommodating largenumbers of people.banquette 1. A long, upholstered seat built inagainst a wall. 2. A raised, narrow walk along aroadway. 3. A term once used in some parts ofthe American South for a sidewalk. 5. Same asbarbette.banquette cottage In New Orleans in theearly 19th century, a small town house locatedflush against a sidewalk.baptistery A building or part of one whereinthe sacrament of baptism is administered.bar 1. One of the thin strips of wood or metalforming the several divisions of a sash or abank cubic yard84banner vanebaptistery
  • 98. wood panel door, employed to receive the glass.2. A solid metal product having a square, rec-tangular, or other simple symmetrical cross-sectional shape and a length much greater thanits width. 3. A counter over which liquor andother beverages are served; may be equippedwith a footrail if stools are not provided. 4. Asteel reinforcing bar. 5. A unit of pressure equalto 105pascals, 105newtons per square meter, or106dynes per square centimeter. 6. One of anumber of thin strips of wood or metal formingthe several divisions of a window sash or awood-paneled door. 7. Same as iron mantel, 3.baraban In early Russian architecture, same asdrum, 2.barbacan See barbican.barabara 1. A sod house. 2. A partially under-ground dwelling.barb bolt, rag bolt A bolt having jagged edgesto prevent its being withdrawn from the objectinto which it is driven.barbed Said of a shank (e.g., that of a nail)which has been provided with repetitive ridgesor indentations which may be shallow or deep,oblique or crosswise, diagonal or perpendicular.barbed wire, barbwire Two or more wirestwisted together with sharp hooks or points (or asingle wire furnished with barbs); used for fences.bar bender Same as hickey.bar bending In reinforced concrete construc-tion, the process of bending reinforcing bars tovarious shapes.barbette A raised platform in a medieval fortthat served as a mounting surface for a weaponto fire over a parapet at the enemy.barbican, barbacan The outer defense work of acastle or town, frequently a watchtower at the gate.bargeboard85bar clampbarbicanbarbwire See barbed wire.bar chair See bar support.bar clamp A clamping device used in carpen-try; consists of a long bar with adjustable clamp-ing jaws.bare Descriptive of a piece of material whichis smaller than the specified dimensions; scant.bare conductor An electrical conductor hav-ing no covering or electrical insulation.barefaced tenon, bareface tenon A tenonhaving a shoulder cut on one side only.bargain and sale deed A deed in which thegrantor represents that he has some interest inthe property being conveyed, without warrant-ing that he has a clear unencumbered title.Such a deed often includes a warranty that thegrantor did not encumber the property or con-vey away any part of the title during his periodof ownership. Also see quitclaim deed; warrantydeed.barge arch A low arch of a bridge under whichbarges are transported.bargeboard, gableboard, vergeboard Aboard which hangs from the projecting end of abar,1
  • 99. barn A farm building, most often rectangular(but occasionally circular or polygonal), for hous-ing farm animals, storing farm equipment, thresh-ing grain, and storing grain, hay, and otheragricultural produce. Barn construction usuallydepends on such factors as the local climate andtraditions, building materials available, the skillsand time required for construction, and the cost.For some examples, see bank barn, basementbarn, circular barn, connected barn, Connecticutbarn, crib barn, double barn, Dutch barn, Englishbarn, forebay barn, four-crib barn, German barn,hex barn, New England connected barn, octagonbarn, Pennsylvania barn, Pennsylvania Dutchbarn, potato barn, raised barn, round barn, side-hill barn, Sweitzer barn, Swiss barn, three-baybarn, tobacco barn, Yankee barn.barn-door hanger A hanger for an exteriorsliding door; consists of a frame which movesalong a horizontal track, supported by rollers.barge couple86bar moldingbark house A dwelling once used by certainIndian tribes in America; usually made of aframework of wood poles, lashed together, andcovered with overlapping slabs of bark.bark mill A small building that was once usedfor processing bark used in dyeing and tanning.bark pocket, inbark, ingrown bark Asmall quantity of bark, nearly or entirely enclosedin wood.barley-sugar column (Brit.) A spiral column.bar mat A network of steel reinforcing barsassembled in two or more layers and welded ortied together.barmkin In the Middle Ages, the battlementof a fortified tower in Scotland and northernEngland.bar molding A rabbeted molding applied tothe edge of a counter or bar to serve as a nosing.roof, covering the gables; often elaboratelycarved and ornamented in the Middle Ages.barge couple 1. One of the two rafters thatsupport that part of a gable roof which projectsbeyond the gable wall. 2. One of the rafters(under the barge course) which serve as groundsfor the barge boards and carry the plastering orboarding of the soffits; also called a barge rafter.barge course 1. The coping of a wall, formedby a course of bricks set on edge. 2. In a tiledroof, the part of the tiling which projects beyondthe principal rafters (bargeboards) where there isa gable.barge rafter Same as barge couple, 2.barge spike, boat spike A long spike, squarein cross section, used in timber construction.barge stone One of the stones, generally pro-jecting, which form the sloping top of a gablebuilt of masonry.bar iron A strong, malleable iron, available inthe form of bars, which can be beaten into vari-ous shapes by blacksmiths to form tools, horse-shoes, hardware, and highly decorative ironwork.See wrought iron.barite A mineral used in concrete as an aggre-gate, esp. for the construction of high-densityradiation shielding; also called barium sulfate.barium plaster A special mill-mixed gypsumplaster containing barium salts; used to plasterwalls of x-ray rooms.barium sulfate See barite.bar joist An open-web flat-trussed structuralmember used to support a floor or roof structure.bark The protective outer layer of a tree, com-posed of inner, conductive cells and outer cork-like tissue.bargeboard
  • 100. barn-door stay A small wheel which rollsalong a horizontal track and guides the move-ment of a barn door.barn raising In the United States before the20th century, a cooperative effort in which theelements of the framework for a large barnwere assembled and lifted into place. The wallswere supported by sections of a massive timberframework, called bent frames. First, the cellarwas dug and the barn floor constructed. Next,the bent frames were assembled on the groundadjacent to the barn by fitting the various com-ponents of the frame together and fasteningthem with wood pegs driven into previouslydrilled holes. Finally, at the appropriate loca-tions, each bent frame was raised into an uprightposition by the use of long poles with steel points(barn pikes) and then interconnected with otherbent frames. See the illustration under bentframe showing how the bent frames were raised,an action that required considerable manpowerand therefore the assistance of neighbors; thiscollaborative effort is also known as a barn raisingor raising bee.barometric damper An automatic adjustabledevice for regulating the draft through a fuel-burning appliance, thereby making operation ofthe appliance nearly independent of the chim-ney draft over its normal range of operation.barometric draft regulator A damper usu-ally installed in the breeching between a boilerand chimney; permits air to enter the breech-ing automatically as required, to maintain aconstant overfire draft in the combustionchamber.barometric pressure See atmospheric pressure.Baroque A European style of architecture anddecoration which developed in the 17th cent. inItaly from late Renaissance and Manneristforms, and culminated in the churches, monas-teries, and palaces of southern Germany andAustria in the early 18th cent. It is characterizedby interpenetration of oval spaces, curved sur-faces, and conspicuous use of decoration, sculp-ture, and color. Its late phase is called Rococo.The style prevailing in the restrained architec-tural climate of England and France can becalled Baroque classicism.bar post One of the posts driven into the groundto form the sides of a field gate.barracks Permanent or temporary housing forsoldiers or, less often, groups of workmen.bar-rail molding Same as bar molding.barreaux Wood bars forming a latticeworkbetween wall posts in French Vernacular archi-tecture of Louisiana and environs; provided astructural support for infilling set between struc-tural timbers.barred-and-braced gate A gate with a diago-nal brace to reinforce the horizontal timbers.barred gate A gate with one or more horizon-tal timber rails.barrel 1. A weight measure for portland cementin the US, corresponding to 376 pounds net; thismeasure is now obsolete. 2. (US) A vessel whichholds 311⁄2 gal of liquid. 3. That portion of a pipehaving a constant bore and wall thickness.barrel arch An arch formed of a curved solidplate or slab, as contrasted with one formed withindividual curved members or ribs.barrel bolt, tower bolt A door bolt whichmoves in a cylindrical casing; not driven bya key.barrel ceiling A ceiling of semicylindrical shape.barrel drain Any drain which is cylindrical inshape.barrel fitting A short length of threaded con-necting pipe, as a nipple.barreling, tumbling The application of paintto small articles by tumbling them in a barrelcontaining paint.barrel nipple A barrel fitting threaded at eachend.barrel roof, barrel shell roof 1. A roof ofsemicylindrical section; capable of spanninglong distances parallel to the axis of the cylinder.2. A barrel vault.barrel shell A reinforced concrete scallopedroof that spans a structure in one direction asfolded-plate construction, and in the otherdirection as a barrel vault.barrel vault, barrel roof, cradle vault, tun-nel vault, wagonhead vault, wagonvault A masonry vault of plain, semicircularcross section, supported by parallel walls orarcades and adapted to longitudinal areas.barricade An obstruction to deter the passageof persons or vehicles.barricade87
  • 101. barrier 1. Same as barricade. 2. Accordingto the Architectural Barriers Act, any obstacle tothe accessibility of a building by disabled people.barrier fort 1. One of a number of mutually-supporting medieval forts which protect a largearea of the countryside. 2. A fort that can with-stand a limited siege.barrier-free Said of a building or facility that isaccessible to the handicapped.barrier-free environment As specified inthe Americans with Disabilities Act, an environ-ment containing no barriers, 2.barrow 1. A wheelbarrow. 2. An elongatedartificial mound protecting a prehistoric cham-ber tomb or passage grave.barrow area An area that serves as a source offill, providing soil which is used to raise an exist-ing grade elsewhere.barrow hole A hole that is left open in anexterior wall during a building’s construction toprovide access to the interior. Upon completionof construction, the hole is closed up.barrow run A temporary pathway of woodplanks or sheets to provide a smooth access forwheeled materials-handling carriers on a build-ing site.Barryesque A variation of the Italianate styleintroduced by Sir Charles Barry, an outstandingVictorian architect who designed the Houses ofParliament.bar sash lift A type of handle, attached to thebottom rail of a sash, for raising or lowering it.bar schedule A tabulation of the reinforce-ment used in reinforced concrete, showing thenumber, shape, size, and dimensions of each ele-ment that is required.bar screen A coarse screening device used toseparate large pieces of stone from smallerpieces, which fall through the spaces betweenequally spaced bars, 2.bar size section A hot-rolled angle, channel,tee, or zee having its greatest cross-sectionaldimension less than 3 in. (7.6 cm).bar spacing The center-to-center distance (per-pendicular to the longitudinal axis) between par-allel reinforcing bars.barstone Before the invention of grates in afireplace, one of two upright stones placed in thefireplace to receive the ends of a metal bar onwhich meat was roasted.bar strainer A screening device consisting of abar or a number of parallel bars; used to preventobjects from entering a drain; also see barscreen.bar support, bar chair A device used to supportand/or hold steel reinforcing bars in proper posi-tion before or during the placement of concrete.bartisan Same as bartizan.bartizan On a fortified wall, a small overhang-ing structure with lookout holes and loops, oftenat a corner or near an entrance gateway.barrier88barrel vaultbartizanbar tracery A pattern formed by interlockingbars of stone within the arch of a Gothic window.bar-type grating An open grid assembly ofmetal bars in which the bearing bars (running inone direction) are spaced by rigid attachment tocross bars.barway A gate opened by moving a bar or bars.barytes Same as barite.
  • 102. basalt A dark, fine-grained, igneous rock usedextensively for paving stones, but rarely forbuilding stone.bascule A structure that moves about a hori-zontal axis, as a seesaw, with a counterbalance atone end.base 1. The lowest (and often widest) visiblepart of a building, often distinctively treated.A base is distinguished from a foundation orfooting in being visible rather than buried. 2.A low, thickened section of a wall; a wall base.Also see socle. 3. Lower part of a column orpier, wider than the shaft, and resting on aplinth, pedestal, podium, or stylobate. Also seeAsiatic base, Attic base. 4. A baseboard; skirt-ing. 5. A preparation for a finished surface, asfor flooring, stucco, paint, etc.; a surface towhich the base coat of plaster is applied. Alsosee backing, ground. 6. In paint, either themedium or the main chemical ingredient. 7. Inasphaltic or portland cement concrete paving,the prepared bottom course of crushed stone orgravel upon which subsequent courses are laid;serves to distribute localized wheel loads over alarger subbase and hence to improve load-bearing capacity. 8. The lowest point of anyvertical pipe.base anchor The metal piece attached to thebase of a doorframe for the purpose of securingthe frame to the floor; either fixed or adjustable.basebead Same as base screed.base bid The amount of money stated in thebid as the sum for which the bidder offers to per-form the work, 1 not including that work forwhich alternate bids are also submitted.base bid specifications The specificationslisting or describing only those materials,equipment, and methods of construction uponwhich the base bid must be predicated, exclu-sive of any alternate bids. Also see specifica-tions and closed specifications.base block 1. A block of any material, generallywith little or no ornament, forming the lowestmember of a base, or itself fulfilling the functionsof a base, as a member applied to the foot of adoor or to window trim. 2. A rectangular block atthe base of a casing or column which the base-board abuts; usually slightly thicker than eitherthe casing or baseboard. 3. A skirting block.baseboard, mopboard, scrubboard, skirt-ing board, washboard A flat projectionfrom an interior wall or partition at the floor,covering the joint between the floor and walland protecting the wall from kicking, mopping,etc. It may be plain or molded; a base, 4.baseboard radiator unit89bases,3baseboardbaseboard heater A heating system in whichthe heating elements are installed in panelsalong the baseboard of a wall.baseboard raceway A channel having aremovable cover, sometimes installed along abaseboard in an existing building to housewiring. Removal of the cover provides easyaccess to the wiring.baseboard radiator unit A heating unit whichis designed to replace a baseboard along a wall;water or steam flows directly behind the face ofbar tracery
  • 103. the unit (or heat is supplied to the face by electricheating elements directly behind it); heat fromthe face is transmitted to the room. In the finned-tube type, the fins are heated by water or steamflowing through the tube; this heat is delivered tothe room through slots in the face of the unit.base building A building for general usagewhich has not yet been adapted to meet the spe-cial requirements of a specific tenant.base cap See base molding.base clip Same as base anchor.base coat 1. All plaster applied before the fin-ish coat; may be a single coat or a scratch coatand a brown coat. 2. The first coat applied to asurface, as paint; a prime coat. 3. An initial coatapplied to a wood surface before staining or oth-erwise finishing it.base coat floating The spreading, compact-ing, and smoothing of the base coat of plaster sothat it is finished to a reasonably true plane.base course 1. A foundation or footing course,as the lowest course in a masonry wall. 2. A layerof selected material of planned thickness, con-structed on the subgrade or subbase for the pur-pose of serving one or more functions such asdistributing load, providing drainage, minimiz-ing frost action, etc. 3. The lowest layer in apavement construction.base-court, basse-cour 1. A yard or wardbehind the outer bailey of a castle. 2. On a farm,a service yard often reserved for fowl. 3. A lesseror service courtyard in any building. 4. (Brit.) Alower court of law.base elbow A cast-iron pipe elbow having abaseplate or flange cast on it, by which it issupported.base exchange Same as cation-exchange soft-ening of water.base flashing 1. The flashing provided byupturned edges of a watertight membrane on aroof. 2. Any metal or composition flashing atthe joint between a roofing surface and a verticalsurface, such as a wall or parapet.base building90base flashingbaseboard radiator unitbase line A surveyed line which has beenestablished with more than usual care, and towhich surveys are referred for coordination andcorrelation.base map In urban planning, a map indicatingthe significant existing physical features of an area,i.e., streets, rivers, parks, railroads, etc., and serv-ing as a foundation for all subsequent mapping.basement 1. Usually the lowest story of abuilding, either partly or entirely below grade.Also see cellar, American basement. 2. Thelower part of the wall or walls of any building. 3.The substructure of a column or arch. Fre-quently, the applicable building code specifiesthat only one floor level shall be classified as abasement. Also see American basement, Englishbasement, French basement, raised basement,walk-out basement.basement barn A term sometimes used forbank barn.basement house A house whose rooms aremainly located above ground level but whoseentrance, from the exterior, is at ground level orone floor above.
  • 104. basement soil See subgrade, 1.basement stair A stairway connecting the base-ment or cellar with the level of the living area.basement wall A foundation wall whichencloses a usable area under a building.basement window A window in the base-ment of a residence.base metal The metal to be welded or soldered(as distinguished from filler metal which isdeposited during the joining process).base molding Molding used to trim the upperedge of interior baseboard; a base cap.base tile The lowest course of tiles in a tiled wall.Basic Building Code A model code that hasbeen widely used in the US, particularly in thenortheastern and midwestern states.basic creep In concrete construction, creepoccurring without the migration of moisture to(or from) the concrete.basic insulation level (BIL) The insulationcapability of an item of electrical equipment(e.g., a transformer) to withstand specified volt-age surges.basic services The services performed by anarchitect during the following five phases of aproject: schematic design; design development;construction documents; bidding or negotiation;and contract administration.basic wind speed The wind speed that is used indetermining wind load on a structure before otherfactors (such as height above the ground and theeffects of shielding) are taken into account.basil Same as bezel.basilica 1. A Roman hall of justice, typicallywith a high central space lit by a clerestory andlower aisles all around it, and with apses or exe-drae for the seats of the judges. 2. The form ofthe early Christian church, a central high navewith clerestory, lower aisles along the sides only,basilica91baseplate 1. A metal plate used to distribute anonuniform load. 2. A metal plate on which acolumn rests. 3. A metal plate used as a founda-tion for heavy machinery; a bed plate.base ply In roofing: the layer of felt secured tothe deck over which a built-up roof is applied.base screed A metal screed having expandedor short perforated flanges; acts as a dividingstrip between plaster and cement; provides aground (guide) to indicate proper thickness ofplaster and cement.base sheet Saturated and/or coated felt sheet-ing which is laid as the first ply in a built-uproofing membrane.base shoe, base shoe molding, floor mold-ing, shoe molding, carpet strip A mold-ing used next to the floor on interior baseboard.base shoe corner A molding piece or blockapplied in the corner of a room to eliminate theneed for mitering the base shoe.base table A base molding, 2.base tee A pipe tee with a connected baseplatefor supporting it.base temperature The reference temperaturegiven in the definition for degree-day.base molding and base shoebasilica: Typical plan. A, D, apse; B, B’, secondary apse;C, high altar; D, bishop’s throne; G, transept; H, nave;J, J’, aisles
  • 105. with a semicircular apse at the end. Often pre-ceded by a vestibule (narthex) and atrium. Inlarger basilicas, there are often transepts, andsometimes five aisles.basin 1. A somewhat shallow vessel for holdingwater (or the like). 2. A shallow tank or naturalor artificial depression containing water.basin fittings The trim, 3 on a water basin thatusually includes one or more faucets, a trap, anoverflow pipe, and adapters.basket See bell, 1.basket capital A capital having a shape similarto an inverted bell that is ornamented with sur-face work similar to basket weave.basket-handle arch, basket arch A flat-tened arch whose ellipse-like shape is deter-mined by three arcs that are interconnected,each arc being drawn from a different center ofcurvature; also called a semielliptical arch or anelliptical arch.basswood, American linden A cream-colored, fine-textured, moderately low-densitywood of North America; used extensively for ply-wood, lumber core, and trim.bas-taille Same as bas-relief.bastard A nonstandard item; one of irregular orabnormal size or shape or of inferior quality.bastard ashlar, bastard masonry 1.Stone, inthin blocks, used to face a brick or rubble wall;square-hewn and laid to resemble ashlar. 2.Ashlarstones which are only roughly dressed at the quarry.bastard bond Same as header bond.bastard file One of four principal classifica-tions of files which are graded according tocoarseness (coarse, bastard, second, smooth).bastard granite A quarry term for gneissicgranites; not considered a true granite; used inwall construction.bastard joint Same as blind joint.bastard masonry See bastard ashlar.bastard pointing See bastard tuck pointing.bastard-sawn See plain-sawn.bastard spruce Same as Douglas fir.bastard stucco Plaster applied in three coats: ascratch, a brown, and a finish coat.bastard tuck pointing, bastard pointingAn imitation tuck pointing in which the exter-nal face is parallel to the wall, but projectsslightly and casts a shadow.bastel house, bastille house, bastle houseA partly fortified house whose lowest story usu-ally is vaulted.bastide 1.A medieval settlement built for defensepurposes and generally laid out with a geometricplan, esp. in France. 2.A small rural dwelling insouthern France.bastille, bastile 1. A fortification or castle, fre-quently used as a prison. 2. A tower or bulwarkin the fortifications of a town.bastille house A bastel house.bastion A defense work, round, rectangular, orpolygonal in plan, projecting from the outer wallof a fortification, principally to defend the adja-cent perimeter.bastle house See bastel house.baston, baton, batoon 1. A torus. 2. Seebatten.basin92basket newel A newel at one end of a handrailat the bottom of a flight of stairs; has the overallshape of a tall cylindrical basket.basket weave A checkerboard pattern of bricks,flat or on edge.basket-weave bond A brick bond arrange-ment having a checkerboard pattern.bas-relief, basso-relievo, basso-rilievoA carving, embossing, or casting moderatelyprotruded from the background plane; lowrelief.basse-cour See base-court.basso-rilievo, basso-relievo See bas-relief.basket weavebasket-handle arch
  • 106. batch plant An operating installation of equip-ment including batchers and mixers as requiredfor batching or for batching and mixing concretematerials; also called a mixing plant when mixingequipment is included.batement light A window with its lower edgecut diagonally rather than horizontally so as tofit an arch or rake below; esp. used in perpendic-ular tracery.bath 1. An open tub used as a fixture for bathing.2. The room containing the bathtub. 3. (pl.) TheRoman public bathing establishments, consistingof hot, warm, and cool plunges, sweat rooms, ath-letic and other facilities; balnea, thermae.bathhouse 1. A building equipped with bathingfacilities. 2. A small structure containing dressingrooms or lockers for bathers, as at the seaside.bathroom A room containing a water closet, alavatory, and a bathtub and/or shower.bathroom cabinet Same as medicine cabinet.bath trap The P-trap in the waste line of abathtub.bathtub A tub for bathing, usually a fixedplumbing installation designed for one person.bat insulation Same as batt insulation.baton A batten.bâtons rompus Short, straight pieces of con-vex molding, as those forming Norman orRomanesque chevrons and zigzags.batoon A batten.batt A unit of batt insulation.batted work, broad tooled A hand-dressedstone surface scored from top to bottom in nar-row parallel strokes, (usually 8 to 10 per inch)(20 to 25 per centimeter), by use of a battingtool. The strokes may be vertical or oblique.batten 1. A narrow strip of wood applied tocover a joint along the edges of two parallelboards in the same plane. 2. A strip of woodfastened across two or more parallel boards tohold them together; also called a cross batten.3. A flat strip of wood attached to a wall as abase for lathing, plastering, etc.; also called afurring strip. 4. In roofing, a wood strip appliedover boards or roof structural members; used asa base for the attachment of slate, wood, orclay-tile shingles. 5. See board and batten.6. A board usually 2 in. (5 cm) to 4 in. (10 cm)batten93bat 1. A piece of brick with one undamaged end;also called a “brickbat.” 2. A unit of batt insula-tion. 3. A piece of wood used as a brace. 4. Abatten.bat,1bastide,1Bataan mahogany Same as tanguile.bat bolt A bolt barbed or jagged at the butt, ortang, to give it a firmer hold.batch 1. A quantity of concrete or mortarmixed at one time. 2. A quantity of adhesivemixed at one time.batch box A container of known volume usedto measure and mix the constituents of a batchof concrete, plaster, or mortar, to ensure properproportions.batched water The mixing water added to aconcrete or mortar mixture before or during theinitial stages of mixing.batcher A device for measuring ingredients fora batch of concrete.batching Weighing or measuring the volume ofthe ingredients of a batch of concrete or mortar,and then introducing these ingredients into amixer.batch mixer A machine that mixes grout,mortar, or concrete in batches in contrast to onethat mixes continuously.
  • 107. thick and usually used as a lathing support or inflooring. 7. A steel strip used to secure metalflooring on a fire escape. 8. On a theater stage,a strip of wood to frame, stiffen, or reinforcea flat, or to fasten several flats together. 9. On atheater stage, length of hollow metal of round,square, or rectangular cross section used in con-nection with stage rigging to hang scenery orlighting equipment, such as a pipe batten orlighting batten.battenboard See coreboard.battened column A column consisting of twolongitudinal shafts, rigidly connected to eachother by batten plates.battened door A wood door without stileswhich is constructed of vertical boards heldtogether by horizontal battens, 2, on the backside. Also called a batten door, ledged door, andunframed door.batten seam A seam in metal roofing which isformed around a wood strip.battenboard94batter To incline from the vertical. A wall issaid to batter when it recedes as it rises.batter board 1. One of a pair of horizontalboards which are nailed (at right angles to eachother) to three posts set beyond the corners of abuilding excavation; used to indicate a desiredlocation; strings, fastened to these boards, areused to indicate the exact corner of a building.2. One of the boards set across a pipe trench tocarry a cord or wire grade line.battened shutters Solid, unframed, windowshutters held together by horizontal battens, 2;similar in construction to small batteneddoors.battened wall, strapped wall A wall towhich battens have been affixed.battening Narrow battens or wood stripsattached to a wall for the purpose of receivinglath and plaster.batten plate, stay plate A steel plate used tojoin two parallel components (such as flanges orangles) of a built-up structural column, girder, orstrut; designed to transmit shear between thetwo components.batten roll, conical roll In metal roofing, aroll joint formed over a triangular-shaped woodpiece.battened doorbatten seambatter boardsbatter brace, batter post A diagonal bracewhich reinforces one end of a truss.battered A term descriptive of a surface that isinclined or tilted with respect to the vertical; forexample, a battered wall.battered wall A wall having a batter.
  • 108. batter level A device for measuring the incli-nation of a slope.batter pile, brace pile, spur pile A pile dri-ven at an inclination to the vertical to provideresistance to horizontal forces.batter post 1. See batter brace. 2. A post at oneside of a gateway or at a corner of a building forprotection against vehicles.batter rule In constructing a battered wall, adevice for regulating the inclination.batter stick A tapered board which is hung ver-tically; used to test the batter of a wall surface.battery 1. A combination of two or more elec-tric cells capable of storing and supplying directcurrent by electrochemical means. 2. Any groupof two or more similar adjacent plumbing fix-tures which discharge into a common horizontalwaste or soil branch.batting Same as batted work.batting tool A mason’s chisel usually 3 to 41⁄2in. (7.6 to 11.4 cm) wide, used to dress stone toa striated surface. See batted work.batt insulation A flexible blanket-type ther-mal insulation, commonly used as insulationbetween studs or joists in frame construction; alsoused as an acoustical material or a component insound-insulating construction. Usually madefrom rock, slag, or glass fibers. Sometimes has avapor barrier on one side or is entirely enclosedin paper with a vapor barrier on one side. Nom-inally 16 (40.6 cm) or 24 in. (61 cm) wide, andapprox. 1 to 6 in. (2.5 to 15 cm) thick.battlement, embattlement 1. A fortifiedparapet with alternate solid parts and openings,termed respectively “merlons” and “embrasures”or “crenels” (hence crenelation). Generally fordefense, but employed also as a decorative motif.2. A roof or platform serving as battle post. 3. Adecorative motif having the general shape of abattlement.bay95Bauhaus A school of design established inWeimar, Germany, by Walter Gropius in 1919.The term became virtually synonymous withmodern teaching methods in architecture andthe applied arts, and with a functional aestheticfor the industrial age; often characterized byemphasis on functional design, the use of a repet-itive interval between members of the frameworkof a building, and the maintenance of purely geo-metric forms. Often, major building componentssuch as bays, doors, and windows are placed tocoincide with this repetitive interval, althoughthe building itself may be asymmetrical.baulk Same as balk.baulk-tie See balk-tie.bawn 1. A fortified enclosure, often of mud orstone, surrounding a farmyard or castle; esp. in Ire-land. 2. A fortified house (especially during the17th century) with massive walls, designed toserve as a haven of refuge in the event of anenemy attack; also see garrison house.bay 1. Within a structure, a regularly repeatedspatial element defined by beams or ribs andtheir supports. 2. A protruded structure with abattered wallbattlementbatt insulation installed on underside of subfloor
  • 109. bay window. 3. The free or light space betweensash bars. 4. In landscape architecture, a recessor alcove formed by plants in a design. 5. In plas-tering, the distance between screeds employedfor working the floating of plaster.bayle The open space contained between the firstand second walls of a fortified castle; a bailey, 1.bay leaf A stylized laurel leaf used in the formof a garland to decorate torus moldings.bayonet holder, bayonet socket A type oflamp holder which provides mechanical supportand electric connections for an electric lightbulb; esp. used in Great Britain.bayonet saw Same as saber saw.bay stall (Brit.) A built-in window seat.bayt 1. A Muslim dwelling, generally for onefamily, e.g., a tent or house. 2. In the early Mus-lim palace complex, a separate dwelling unit.bay window A window that protrudes from awall, usually bowed, canted, polygonal, segmen-tal, semicircular, or square-sided in plan; typi-cally one story in height, although sometimeshigher; occasionally corbeled out from the faceof the wall, as an oriel; also see angled bay win-dow, bow window, cant window.bazaar A marketplace where goods are exposedfor sale; esp. in the East, consisting either ofsmall shops or stalls in a narrow street or series ofstreets, or of a certain section of town under oneroof and divided into narrow passageways.b/bo Symbol for course-aggregate factor.bbl Abbr. for “barrel.”BC Abbr. for “building code.”BCM Abbr. for “broken cubic meter.”BCY Abbr. for “broken cubic yard.”bd. In the lumber industry, abbr. for “board.”bd. ft. In the lumber industry, abbr. for “boardfoot.”bdl In the lumber industry, abbr. for “bundle.”beacon house Same as lighthouse.bead 1. A bead molding. 2. A narrow wood strip,molded on one edge, against which a door or win-dow sash closes; a stop bead. 3. A strip of metal orwood used around the periphery of a pane of glassto secure it in a frame, ventilator, or sash; a stop.4. A pearl-shaped carved decoration on moldingsor other ornaments, usually in series, or in con-junction with other shapes; a beading. Also seebead and reel molding. 5. A molding decoratedwith beading; an astragal, 1 or chaplet. 6. Used incombination with other terms to describe thebayle96bay of an arcadebay window
  • 110. function or position of a beaded molding, such asquirk bead, angle bead, corner bead, etc. 7. Theact of carving or running a bead; beading. 8. Inmetal roofing or flashing, the shape formed byfolding a narrow strip of the edge flat or rolling itinto a tube in order to stiffen or fasten the metal.9. A factory-formed light-gauge metal strip hav-ing one or two expanded or short perforatedflanges and variously shaped noses; used at theperimeter of plastered surface as a casing bead orplaster stop, and at corners to reinforce the edge.10. A hardened drop of excess paint or varnish.11. A narrow, convex strip of sealant, such ascaulking or glazing compound. 12. A weld bead.bead, butt and square Similar to bead and buttbut having the panels flush on the beaded faceonly, and showing square reveals on the other.bead and butt, bead butt, bead butt workFramed work in which the panel is flushwith the framing and has a bead run on twoedges in the direction of the grain; the ends areleft plain.bead butt, bead butt work See bead and butt.beaded clapboard See clapboard.beadflush panel, bead-and-flush panel Apanel which is flush with the surrounding fram-ing and finished with a flush bead on all edges ofthe panel.bead house A dwelling for poor religious peo-ple, located near the church in which thefounder was interred, and for whose soul thebeadsmen or beadswomen were required to pray.beading Collectively the bead moldings used inornamenting a given surface; also see bead.beading plane, bead plane A plane havinga curved cutting edge for shaping beads in wood.bead-jointed Said of a carpentry joint having abead along the edge of one piece to make thejoint less conspicuous.bead molding 1. A small, convex molding ofsemicircular or greater profile; also called a halfround; a roundel; a baguette. 2. Same as pater-noster.beaking joint97bead and buttbead and reelbead moldingbead and flush panel See beadflush panel.bead and quirk See quirk bead.bead and reel, reel and bead A semiroundconvex molding decorated with a pattern ofdisks alternating with round or elongated beads.bead plane See beading plane.bead weld Same as surfacing weld.beadwork Same as beading.beakhead An ornament; any of several fantastic,animal-like heads with tapered, down-pointedbeaks; frequently used in richly decorated Normandoorways. Also see catshead.beakhead molding, bird’s-beak moldingSame as beak molding, 2.beaking joint A joint formed by severalheading joints occurring in one continuousline; esp. used in connection with the laying offloor planks.
  • 111. beak molding 1. A pendant fillet with a chan-nel behind it on the edge of a corona, larmier, orstringcourse, etc., so called because in profile itresembles a bird’s beak. 2. A molding enrichedwith carved birds’ heads or beaks.beam bolster A rod which provides support forsteel reinforcement in formwork for a reinforcedconcrete beam.beam bottom The soffit of a beam.beam box Same as wall box.beam brick A face brick which is used to bondto a poured-in-place concrete lintel.beam casing The enclosure of a steel beamin concrete or in an exfoliated vermiculiteplaster; used to increase the fire resistance ofthe beam.beam ceiling 1. A ceiling, usually of wood,made in imitation of exposed floor beams withthe flooring showing between. 2. The undersideof a floor, showing the actual beams, and fin-ished to form a ceiling.beam-column A beam which transmits anaxial load as well as a transverse load.beam compass An instrument used to drawlarge circles or arcs of circles for full-sized work-ing drawings; has a long horizontal bar on whichtwo movable heads slide to and fro, one of whichcarries a pencil, and the other a sharp-pointedpin or tracer, the distance between them deter-mining the radius of the circle.beak molding98beam compassbeak moldingbeam 1. A structural member whose prime func-tion is to carry transverse loads, as a joist, girder,rafter, or purlin. The term beam may be modifiedby an adjective indicating its location; as, forexample, an end beam or side beam. See anchorbeam, binding beam, breastsummer beam, cam-ber beam, ceiling beam, collar beam, cross beam,dragon beam, floor beam, ground beam, hammerbeam, I-beam, laced beam, perimeter beam,summerbeam, tie beam, top beam, wind beam.2. A group of nearly parallel rays of light.beam anchor, joist anchor, wall anchorA metal tie used to anchor a beam or joist to awall, or to tie a floor securely to a wall.beam-and-column construction Same aspost-and-lintel construction.beam-and-girder construction A system offloor construction in which the load is distrib-uted by slabs to spaced beams and girders.beam-and-slab floor A floor system in whicha concrete floor slab is supported by reinforcedconcrete beams.beam bearing plate A foundation plate (usu-ally of metal) placed beneath the end of a beam,at its point of support, to distribute the end loadat the point.beam blocking 1. Boxing-in or covering ajoist, beam, or girder to give the appearance ofa larger beam. 2. Strips of wood used to create afalse beam.beam cutoff angle The angle, measured fromthe principal axis of the intensity of a lightsource, at which the light source cannot be seen.beam divergence (Brit.) Same as beamspread.beam encasement Same as beam casing.beam fill, beam filling Masonry, brickwork,or cement fill, usually between joists or horizon-tal beams at their supports; provides increasedfire resistance.beam form A form which gives the necessaryshape, support, and finish to a concrete beam.
  • 112. beam hanger 1. A strap, wire, or other hard-ware device which supports framework fromstructural members. 2. A stirrup, 4.beam infilling See infilling.beam iron Same as beam anchor.beam link The segment of a concrete beambetween a brace and a column or between braces.beam pocket 1. In a vertical structural mem-ber, an opening to receive a beam. 2. An open-ing in the form for a column or girder where theform for an intersecting beam is framed.beam saddle Same as beam hanger.beam side In a concrete form for a beam, theside panels of the form.beam spread The angle between two direc-tions (on opposite sides of the axis of a lightbeam, and in the same plane as the beam axis) inwhich the light intensity equals a stated percentof a maximum reference intensity.beam-spread angle The width of a lightbeam, measured in degrees, at the meeting pointbetween two imaginary lines at which the lightintensity drops to half its maximum value.beam test A test of the flexural strength (mod-ulus of rupture) of concrete from measurementson a standard unreinforced concrete beam.bearer 1. Any horizontal beam, joist, or mem-ber which supports a load. 2. A support for alanding or winder in a stair. 3. The ribbon boardin balloon framing, which supports second-floorjoists. 4. A horizontal member of a scaffold uponwhich the platform rests and which may be sup-ported by ledgers.bearer bracket Same as roofing bracket.bearing 1. A bearer. 2. That portion of a beam,truss, or other structural member which rests onthe supports. 3. The support for a shaft, axle, ortrunnion. 4. In surveying, the horizontal anglebetween a line and a reference meridian adjacentto the quadrant in which the line lies.bearing bar 1. A wrought-iron bar placed onmasonry to provide a level support for floorjoists. 2. A load-carrying bar which supports agrating and which extends in the direction ofthe grating span.bearing bar centers The distance betweencenters of bearing bars in a metal grating.bearing block A block which distributes aload on the surface beneath the block.bearing capacity 1. The load per unit areathat can be supported safely by the ground. 2.See pile bearing capacity. 3. The pressure thatcan be exerted on soil or soil rock without exces-sive yield. 4. Of a pile, the load required to pro-duce a condition of failure.bearing distance, span The length of a beambetween its bearing supports.bearing length The length of a structuralbeam between its supports.bearing partition See load-bearing partition.bearing pile A pile which carries a vertical load.bearing plate A steel slab which is placed undera beam, column, girder, or truss to distribute theend reaction from the beam to its support.bearing pressure The pressure on a bearing, 2;the load on a bearing surface divided by its area.bearing stone A masonry unit in a wall thatcan support a load other than the units of whichthe wall is composed.bearing stratum The rock or soil stratum (a)which carries the load transferred to it by a cais-son, pile, or the like or (b) on which a concretefooting or mat bears.bearing strength 1. The maximum load that acolumn, footing, joint, or wall can sustain at fail-ure, divided by the effective bearing area. 2. Thenon-destructive limit of a pipe load; used todetermine its supporting strength in the field.bearing stress See bearing pressure.bearing test A field or laboratory test to deter-mine the bearing capacity of a soil sample, indi-vidual pile, pile foundation, or the like.bearing wall A wall capable of supporting animposed load. Also called a structural wall