The easter


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The easter

  1. 1. THE EASTERSpinning top Kite Peonza Cometa Trompa CatxeruloBy the 5th A students from Xirivella, Rei En Jaume School. Easter eggs Skipping rope Huevos de Pascua Cuerda de saltar Ous de Pasqua Corda de botar
  2. 2. THE HOLY WEEKPalm Sunday is a Christian moveable feast that always falls on the Sunday before Easter Sunday. We bring palm leaves in churches.Holy Thursday the Christians go to church and in the mass the feet lavatory scene is performed . In the evening we go to visit the churches monuments on the portable platforms and pray.Holy Friday. The Christians go on a procession with the portable platforms and dressed with tunics.Holy Saturday. The Christians go to a mass at 24:00 to celebrate the Christ resurrection . By Fran L.
  3. 3. After the holy week we celebrate the EasterAt Easter is very traditional to eat up the Easter‟s scone( called : Mona de Pascua/Easter‟s monkey), to fly a kite, tothrow the spinning top, skip in the street etc… By Fran López
  4. 4. At Easter the kite is pulled, is shot … . By Germán León Pérez At Easter everybody skips the rope and eats “Mona”
  5. 5. By Óscar and Marcel At Easter we eat a special scone with boiled and coloured egg in it. It‟s easy to do it. The adults give us a ball of dough and we shape it as we like or can. we break the eggs in our friendsforehead saying: Here itchesyou, here stings you, here Ibreak the egg
  6. 6. • Flying the kite in the beach •Breaking the boiled egg• Playing cards By Alba • Eating The Mona with my family • There are different Monas.
  7. 7. We celebrate the first Easter day, the second and the third ones (from Easter Sunday to Tuesday) going on excursions to the beach or the mountain and eating the “Mona” in the car if it’s raining. At “Pascua” supermarkets are By Noemi filled with traditional food at this event but the most abundant are the “monas” that apart from being a tradition are deliciousThe decorations are inspired by thespring , the colours are bright, funand lovely to everyone. Chocolate hens & their laid eggs are new in this celebration but they are delicious.
  8. 8. At Easter I wear these Pascua‟s shoes.It is a tradition to buy these shoes so we can jump, skip and run much better At Easter we broke eggs on the head By Dani
  9. 9. At Easter, when flying the kite we sing this song:  Un dia de pasqua  An Easter day  Pepito, plorava,  Pepito, cry,  Because the kite,  Perque el catxerulo,  He Couldnt fly.  No se li enpinava.  The Tarara, yes  La Tarara, si  The Tarara no,  La Tarara no,  The Tarara,  La Tarara,  Mum, that it is sung  mare que la cante jo! by me! The Easter Egg The egg is a symbol of life. At one time, Chinese parents sent a red egg to relatives or friends when a baby was born. This was like an announcement card. Many of our Easter greeting cards are shaped like an egg. In the Ukraine, eggs were popular gifts to exchange at Easter, and young girls rubbed their cheeks with the red-colored eggs when they found them to give their cheeks a rosy glow after a long winter.
  10. 10. At Pascua is typical singing: ací em pica i ací em cou i jo ací ettrenque l’ou! . Here itches me, here stings me and here I break youthe egg typical games: Typical food:
  11. 11. • In Pasqua, throwing the top, is very funny.• In Pasqua, we eat the „‟mona‟‟• In Pasqua, we play games as egg race , fly the „‟catxerulo‟‟ and Jump in the ‟sambori „ . We Play the „‟pollito ingles‟‟ ,the „‟corro de la patata‟ and The „‟pilla, pilla‟‟ By Sabrina, Angela, Silvia & Espe
  12. 12. By Sabrina, Angela, Silvia & EspeIn „‟Pasqua‟‟ the people, go out to thestreet to play „‟pasqua‟‟ games.We play games like the top, the camber,the „‟sambori‟‟ and fly a kite…In pasqua, we eat the „‟mona‟‟, ¡ It is delicious!We break an egg in the forehead, don‟t forget to boil the egg.In pasqua, play another gamesLike egg race, the english chicken ,The corro de la patata and the pilla pillaI love the „‟pasqua‟‟, is very funny
  13. 13. In Pasqua, down in the streetwe can only listen laughterand fun. There is some typicalfood like burned bread,Pasqua sausage, the ‘’mona’’, cod ... The typical Pasquagames are also very funnyAnd I love playing with myfriends. I love the Pasqua!!By Sabrina, Angela, Silvia & Espe
  14. 14. The Pasqua is great, but very short. In Pasqua, there are variety of typical and great games and typical food, very rich. We Can also throw the top and fly a kite and eat the most delicious food like Pasqua sausagebut there is more variety of food.¡The Pasqua is very funny! By Sabrina, Angela, Silvia & Espe
  15. 15. EasterFor me Easter is a very entertaining Feast.A moment to have fun with the family.
  16. 16. We eat “Pepito” We take a French bread, cut the tip. Take out the crumb , put a little of milk inside and fill it with pepper, tomato, tuna and boiled egg. Cover the open part holding the tip with a stick. Roll in egg yolk and fry it . Easter dry sausagesBy Fran S. Pumpkin cake Nuts and currants cake
  17. 17. This is San Vicent Ferrer.Saint Vincent is the patron saint of Valencia. In Valencia ,we have two Easterperiods: the first immediatelyafter the holy week and thesecond Easter also called SaintVincent Easter, the next Sundayand Monday. By Javier
  18. 18. The children perform his miracles in the altarsBy Javier I take part in his procession.