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My home

My home






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    My home My home Presentation Transcript

    • Hello, my name is Dani, I will present my house.
      this it is the corridor to my brother's room and my parents (the one in front of it is my brother’s and that on the right my parents’ and no the left the bathroom)
      Through the arch you can see the kitchen and on the left the corridor, behind me is the dining room
    • this it is my parent’s room with a lot of things and my cat sometimes also sleeps there.
      this it is the bathroom with the shower on the right and the toilet between the washing basin and the shower
    • this it is my room like you already see it, this is my backpack and all my things, the window and the curtain, my squares and my pictures
      Here this it is my desk my television my bookcase my backpack and my bed
    • this it is my little brother's (David) room with all the toys, the CDs and his Spiderman's bed.
      This is brother's room from another position, here you see the ground and the curtain, and my brother's puppets
    • MY home
      My houseisverybeautiful.
      My house has threebedrooms. Oneisfor my parentsanotherfor my sisterand thecoolestis mine.
      There are alsotwobathrooms, oneis in my parents’ bedroom and theotherisfor me and my sister.
      My house has a diningroom, whichisverylarge.
      Also has a kitchen and a gallery.
      My house has a verylargeterrace , full of flowers and plants.
      Theterrace opens toanotherlargeroomthatwecallcellar. We use ittostore musical instruments, butalsotoeatthere in winter.
      By Aitana Checa
      My roomisfantastic.
      It has two closets, a desk, a computer, a keyboard, a bed, shelves and a sidetable.
      It has fantasticcurtains.
      Thisis my bedroom.
    • MY SISTER’sbedroom
      My sister’s bedroom is very beautiful and funny.
      It has many stickers, has a castle, a princess with the float and some fish.
      My parents’ bedroomisverybig.
      It has a television.
      It has two closets, twobedsidetables and a bed.
      It has got a balcony and a largesofa.
      My motherlikespainting and my fatherlikesphotography and in thediningroomthere are a lot of photographs and paintings.
      It has a glasstable and fourchairs.
      My family and I watch TV together in thediningroomafterdinner.
      Theterraceisfantastic and beautiful.
      There are manyplants and flowers.
      It has a gardentablewithchairs.
      Whenitissunnywehave lunch with my family and wewatchfootballon TV withfriends.
    • My home
      My house is 90 square metres. There are two bathrooms, one for boys and one for adults, a kitchen, three bedrooms, a lounge and a large hall.In the living room of my house there are: two sofas, a lamp and four lights. Also it has two shelves and a large television.My room is very big, you have: a bed, a bookshelf, a closet, a dresser and a desk. My room is painted in green and there I usually do homework, sleep and play.My sister's room is blue; it has a trundle bed with large desk because she has to study harder than me. And my mother's room has a computer, a bed, three drawers and a large closet.Finally, in the kitchen my mother takes a long time because she is responsible for cooking food.
      By Marcos
    • MY HOUSE
      ByElena Valera
    • My houseisverybeautiful.There are threebedrooms.Thereis a bathroom,akitchen and a diningroom.In my bedroomthere are: twobeds, twowardrobes, threewallpapersabout Maxi Iglesias and a computer.In thediningroomthereis a sofa. There are: twoarmachairs, fourpictures and twotables.Insidethediningroomthereis a bedroom.
    • My house
      In my housethere are :
      3 bedrooms
      thereis a kitchen
      Thereis a bathroom
      Thereis a diningroom
    • The office
      My room
      • There are brown furniture .
      • There is a table . There are 4 computers .
      • There are 2armchairs.
      • There is a window.
      In my roomthere are
      2 whitefurniture
      a whitebed, thesheets are pink.
      a window . Thewallsarepurple.
    • My house  
      In my house there are 2 bathrooms
      There are 4 bedrooms
      There is 1 dining room
      There is 1 kitchen
    • My bedroom
      In my bedroom I do my homework and here I sleep too before this room was my brother’s one.
      There are books there are soft furry animals
      There is a computer, there is a wardrobe
      This room is very luminous, roomy and beautiful
    • My dining room
      Here I watch TV on the sofa .when I was a child the “MAGIC KINGS” put the presents on the sofa .
      Sometimes ,we eat here.
      There are 3 sofas and there is 1 table
    • My kitchen
      Here we cook ,eat and watch TV.
      There is a table
      There is an oven
      There is a fridge and more
      Next to the kitchen there is a gallery, it is little but very ,very luminous
    • My parents' bedroom
      This bedroom is roomy: there is a mirror, there is a bed and there are 3 wardrobes. Here my mum talks on the telephone and to me when she is angry .
    • My brother’s bedroom
      He has got a medium size bedroom.
      There is a computer
      There is a TV
      There is air conditioning
      There is a lamp
    • Bathrooms
      1st bath is pink 2nd bath is beige. In both baths there is a bathtub
      There is a bidet
      There is a washing basin
      There is a toilet
    • My house
      My house has three rooms, and
      two baths.
    • The living room is great
      and extensive large there is a sofa,furniture
      , LCD TV, two tables and many pictures.
      The kitchen has many electric devices
      Things, TV, the furniture, the gallery
      the trolley, a table and two sink to wash plates
    • In my room I have a bed,
      one table, two closets
      In the bath I have a toilet, a bidet,
      a washbasin, a bath, mirror and a first-aid kit.
    • In my home, there are:
      *3 rooms (my room, my parents’ and a thehalfone)
      *2 bathrooms ( oneorange and theotherblue)
      *1 kitchen ( itisbig)
      *1 dinningroom ( verycolorful)
      *1 terrace ( in summer, I’malwaysthere)
      By Esther.
    • MY HOUSE
      in my house I have :
      - 1 diningroom .
      - 1 cooking ,
      - 2 batrooms,
      • 3 bedrooms , oneisgreen, itis my brother’s, anotheroneisblueitis mine and anotheroneispink , itis my parent’s .
    • My dining room is brown and white .
      My kitchenis small and white and brown .
      My bathrooms : one is brown
      and another is grey .
    • my favourite place is my bedroom, it is
      big and has a chest of drawers formy pc
      the bedroom is blue
      this is my house it is smallbut welcoming.
    • My house
      By: Lucia Sanahuja Moya 6-A
    • This is the dining room
      This is my favorite place, it is where I spend time.
      It has a table and a television .
      It has a lot of pictures of me and my older sister too.
      It also has a small library.
      My diningroom
    • This is my room.
      It has two beds, a table and a paper bin.
      It has three closets one for my clothes another one for my sister's clothes and one for my books.
      My room
    • My kitchen
      This is my kitchen.
      This is where my mother cooks.
      We also eat and have dinner here.