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Me and my family rei en jaume
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Me and my family rei en jaume







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Me and my family rei en jaume Me and my family rei en jaume Presentation Transcript

  • Me and my familyBy the 5th A & 6thA students.Rei En Jaume primary school. Xirivella, Valencia, Spain.
  • Grandma Grandad MotherFather Uncle Aunt Brother Me Cousin English
  • Abuela Abuelo MadrePadre Tio Tia Hermano Yo Primo Español
  • Àvia Avi MarePare Oncle Tia Germà Jo Cosí Valencià
  • My brother  My dad This is Miguel Àngel. He’s from Valencia. This is my dad. He’s from He lives in Xirivella. He’s tall. He is skinny Valencia. He lives in Xirivella. boy. He has dark and skinny hair. He has He’s tall. He has straight dark brown eyes. He has thin lips and a big hair. He has brown eyes .He has nose. He is nice. He is six years old. He thick lips and a big nose. He is is wearing a red jacket, blue trousers worker. He is forty-two years and black shoes. He likes playing old. He’s wearing a brown shirt, football, watching TV, and reading books. jeans and white shoes. He likes He doesn’t like the fruit, the paella and watching documentaries on TV the fights. and riding a mountain bike. He doesn’t like football.My granddadThis is Juan he is from Zarra. (in Valencia)he lives in Xirivella. He is tall and plump. My mumHe’s friendly. He has got white curly and This Is my mum. She’s fromshort hair. He has got brown eyes. He has Valencia. She lives in Xirivella.big nose and big lips. He is seventy-five She is short. She isn’t fat andyears old. He´s wearing green jacket and she isn’t thin. She has curly My grandmothergrey trousers. brown hair. She has brown This is Julia. She is from Zarra (in Valencia). She lives in Xirivella. She is eyes. She has big nose. She is short and plump. She has curly short screaming. She is thirty- eight hair she has green eyes she has got a years old. She is wearing an big nose and a small mouth. She is orange sweater and jeans. funny. She is seventy-one years old. She likes walking on the She’s wearing a black and red shirt, beach. She doesn’t like black trousers and blue shoes she violence. doesn’t like the spiders. She likes the animals.
  • •My dad is Jose Miguel León Sanfelix. He is 47. He lives in Xirivella (Valencia.) He likes running, swimming and going to the cinema. He works driving a van and delivering ice creams for Nestle factory. •My mum is Loren Pérez López. She is 44. She lives in Xirivella (Valencia.) She was born in Casas de Benitez (Cuenca). She likes cooking, walking, buying and swimming. She works as a secretary. By Germán León P. •My brother is Jorge León Pérez. He is 13. He likes playing computer games, tennis, football, running and formula 1 He lives in Xirivella (Valencia.) He goes to a secondary school.•My cousin is Paula Pérez. She is 3.She lives in Xirivella (Valencia.)She likes playing and school. I don´t like when she is angry.
  • My mum, her name is Monica. She’swearing a black dress. She has blackhair. My mum is reading a book. Mymum works in an office.My dad, his name is Pedro. He’swearing a blue t-shirt. He has black hair.My dad is sitting next to me. My dadworks as a lawyer.My little brother his name is Lucas he’swearing yellow dungarees. My littlebrother is in safe now, he is in the pram,he isn’t on my arms. My little brotherdoesn’t work.
  • MY COUSIN ROBERTO. This is my cousin Roberto. He is beautiful. Roberto likes football and plays in Villarreal football team. He dislikes weirdoes and books. He works as hairdresser. MY DOG We have a dog called Thaison. He is playful and beautiful. Thaison likes ball, toys and food. He dislikes darkness.MY MUMThis is my mum Pili. She is happy, working and cleaning. Pili likes TV, clothes andfamily. She dislikes spiders and computers. She works in a hairdresser’s MY DADThis is my dad Paco. He is happy and clever. Paco likes darts, work and talking.He dislikes football and dance. He works as security guard.
  • My dad My dad has got short dark hair. He’s wearing a grey sweater, black jeans and white trainers. He is in my bedroom. His name is Jesus. My mum My mum has got curly brown hair. She’s wearing a plaid shirt and jeans. She is in her bedroom. Her name is Esperanza. My brother My brother has got short dark hair and brown eyes. He’s wearing a white jacket and blue jeans. He is in his bedroom. His name is Raul. My petMy pet is a dog.It has got brown and black hair. It has got black eyes and small nose.It is in my parent’s bedroom. Its name is Laly.
  • MY FAMILY.My motherMy mother is called Miriam.She has green eyesand blond hair.she works in Bocatta, a food shop.My mother is nice and affectionate. and he likes cleaning. My father My dad is called Jose. My dad has the brown eyes and is Blas. He likes to play sports, boxing. My dad works in the market and is very graceful and nice. My brother My brother is called Isaac. It has brown eyes and is brown, but always it combs itself as a rooster. He is charmed with going with the low trousers and says that when he grows up he will be a boxer. My brother is modern and nervous.
  • Hello: I am Dani, and this is my family. My Mum is Marisol. She works in an office town. She is 38 years old. She likes paella. She is funny and happy.My Dad is Jose. He is porter. He is 40 years old. He likes fideuá. He is funny and happy.My brother is 8 years old, he plays football.He likes rice. He is funny and playful. My pet is 4 years old, her hobby is swimming.
  • My dad is Nelson . He is 39 years old , he is from Bolivia, helikes listening to music. My mum is Roxana.She is 41 years old , she likes cooking. She is from Bolivia. My family and me like travelling verymuch . At the weekends we watch movieseating popcorn, it is very entertaining.Every Sunday morning we ride mountainbike .I have two dogs , Snoopy and Lucas.Snoopy is white and black and Lucas iswhite and brown, it is small, they are veryaffectionate and playful .
  • My mothers Antonia. She has got brown eyes and curly hair. Shelikes ruining, swimming, talking and eating. She dislikes the spidersAnd the violent movies. Her favourite food is vegetables, pasta andChocolate. shes housewife and rules a restaurant with my aunt too.My fathers Vale. He has got brown eyes and black hair. He likesFootball (on TV) and reading the newspaper. He dislikes the beachHis favourite food is Spanish omelette. He works in a factory making coldstorage chambersMy cousin’s Carlos. He’s six years old.He’s got brown eyes & brown hair. He likes games.He dislikes the homework. His favourite food is burger and banana´.My aunt Pili. She has got brown eyes and brown hair. She likes music and animals. She dislikes the familyproblems. She likes all kind of food. She’s housewife and rules a restaurant with my mum too
  • HELLOMy name is Esperanza and I’m speaking aboutthree people in my family and one animalthis my dog.The first person is my cousin Jaume.He is a baby and he is fourteen months.My cousin likes watching Benny on TV.He is bald and beautiful. The second person is my cousin Javi. .He likes playing football and going to the swimming pool. He is eight years old The third person is my mum Eva, she is a very important person for me. My mum is thirty-one years old and her hair is straight. I like going to the park and the beach with my mum And I finish speaking about my dog. Her name is Sara. She is a French bully. She is beautiful. She is white and black and is two years old. She likes playing.
  • My mother’s name is Mari Carmen. She’s 46 years old. She’s got wavy hair. She’s beautiful ; She’s short,her eyes are green. She’s wearing black trousers . She is unemployed. She dislikes mice and snakes. My father’s name is Sergio. He’s 37 years old. He’s docker. He’s got skinnyhair. He’s loves resident evil 5 in the Play Station 3 My brother’s name is Sergio. He’s 17 years old. He plays guitar in a rock band. He’s got skinny hair. My brother loves fifa 10 and 11My dog is Koko. He’s 3 years old . My dog has got straight hair. My dog loves running and playing to catch and throw the ball.
  • Me and my familyMy mums names :OtiMy dads name is: ManuelMy sisters names: CarolMy dog is: Tyson My dad is 42 years old. He works installing air conditionersystems. My mum is 37 years old. She works taking care of people. My sister is 18 years. old She works taking care of people.My dog doesnt work. He is 4 monthsILove my family!
  • My mum: my mum is very beautiful and very happy. She has wavy red hair. She has got brown eyes and Mypink lips. She likes having everything clean and clean. Animals My dad: my dad is very playful and happy. HE has got black hair and short. He has got brown eyes. He likes vi and enjoying. My sister: my sister is very beautiful and very happy. She has got curly dark hair and brown eyes. She likes playing in the park and vi. She dislikes playing in the school.
  • MY FAMILYI live with my parents and my sister.I haven´t got any brothers.My sister´s name is Nuria. She´s five years old. Shelikes playing, dancing and mountain bike, too.My father´s name is Paco. He´s biologist and heworks in a big company. He likes playing football,playing tennis, mountain bike, run and music. Heplays the guitar.My mother´s name is Maria Jose. She´s Englishteacher in a high school. She likes dancing ,swimming and mountain bike.I have two pets :Bombon and Tinker Bell, they aretortoises. by Aitana
  • Hello I am Daniel I introduce to my family.My mum’s name is Yolanda .She is housewife and chef in a short future.She has got brown eyes and brown hair. She likes eating “paella”. She is very funny.My dad’s name is Pablo. He is security guard in the new Hospital “la fe” in Valencia.He is very funny and charge. He has got blue eyes , he hasn’t hair. He likes all kindof food .My brother’s name is David. He is one insect , he is very funny. He is seven yearsold. He has brown hair and brown eyes .And my cat’s name is “MIU” My cat is very good, and nice and affectionate. Myhamsters, they are small but thugs. I have ten.Good -bye:)
  • Hi!!!:)I’m going to introduce my family.My father is Antonio. He’s lorry driver.He loves comics though he prefers being withhis family.His favourite colour is light green.My mother is Maria de los Angeles. She’shousewife, she also likes to be with her familyand going to the cinema, she loves readingbut she always prefers being with herdaughters.My sister is Noelia. She’s looking for work butshe does not know what job. She likes to bewith me but also likes going to the beach.We love being with family, my family is great. I LOVE MY FAMILY
  • Hello!I am going to introduce my family…*My mother: Her name is Maru. She likessinging and dancing. She loves walking.*My father: His name’s Jesus, he likesplaying football, and watching basketball,football, formula 1, etc.*My cousins: Alba, is 20 years, studieslaws and loves doing sport.Blanca is 12 months, and is very cheerful.*My cousins: Aitor, is 13 years old, andlikes playing football and being on thecomputer.Diego, is 9 years, likes swimming andplaying football. He’s charming andlovely. I My Family
  • Hello, my name’s Lucia.I want to introduce to my family:I have two parents: Miguel Angel and Julia.My dad is 44 years old.My Mum is 42 years old.My sister Lorena is 16 years old.My brother David is 11 years old. He is my twin brother.I have 4 grandparents: 2 lives in Xirivella and 2 in Ribarroja.I have 1 uncle, 1 aunt and 1 cousin.Their names are Victor, Amparo and Adrian.My family Hobbies are: Table tennis, Rollerblade, Watch TV,Nintendo DS and Dancing.Bye, Bye.I love Family
  • Hello, my name’s David.In my family there are five people: My parents, two sisters and me.My Dad is Miguel Angel. He is 44 years old,My mum is Julia. She is 42 years old.My sisters: Lorena is 16 and Lucia 11 years old.I’m very happy to be in this family, because all of them are very kind withme.My family helps me when I need it.Sometimes I don’t make the things right, but my family advise me to doright.I have got four grandparents, two live in Xirivella and two in Ribarroja.I have 1 aunt is Amparo, 1 uncle is Victor and 1 cousin Adrian.Bye, bye David
  • By Alba Domenech Alcaide 6th A• Hello!!! My name is Alba, and I’d like to introduce my family• Now I will introduce my younger sister Coral. She is 7 years old. Her favourite food is rice and tomato. She loves scary movies. She doesn’t like spiders. She loves butterflies. She is a little devil. She has got blue eyes. She has got fair hair. I love my sister. My sister is beautiful.• Now I will introduce my mother . She works in a residence. Her favourite food is vegetables and fish. She loves cats and penguins. She’s scared of spiders. She has got brown eyes. She gas got brown hair. She is beautiful. She doesn’t like mashed potatoes. I love my mother.• Now I will introduce my dad . His favourite food is omelette. He loves scary movies. He doesn’t like comedy. He dislikes cockroaches but he loves spiders. He has got green eyes. He has got black hair. I love my dad. My dad is beautiful.• I MY FAMILY
  • Hello my names Veronica .Im going to introduce myfamily.My father is Antonio, his work is lorry driver.He is tall and hes got blue eyes.He is working, affectionate and kind.He likes watching TV.My mother is Paqui, she is hairdresser.She is short, shes got brown hair and brown eyes.She is funny, nice and cheerful .She likes watching soap operas.My brother is Toni, he is 14 years old.He is plump & tall; hes got brown hair and browneyes.He is intelligent and tenacious.He likes playing football, play station and animals.good bye.
  • My FamilyHello my name is Miguel Angel.I introduce my family: My family is funnyand worker.My mum is Silvia. She is secretary andhousewife too. She loves city. my mum isthe best. She is 43 years old.My dad is mercantile investigation. Heloves the village “Iniesta”. He is 44 yearsold. He is hunter in his spare time.My brother is Javier . He is 18 years old.He plays football very well.His favorite food is pizza.I dont like the village.My pets: 1 cat, 3fish, and 1 dogI LOVE MY FAMILY
  • ME AND MY FAMILY•This is my family: there are four people in myfamily.•This is my dad .He is a salesman for a shippingcompany.•He likes the TV. he doesn’t like ironing.• My mum: She is housewife, she likes cooking.She doesn’t like football. Her favourite colour isblack.• This is my brother, he likes playing computergames. In this picture he has a broken foot.He doesn’t like dancing.