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Web 2.0 Discussion

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For my Inquiry Based Learning course, through Wilkes University.

For my Inquiry Based Learning course, through Wilkes University.

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  • 1. Web 2.0 Tools
    And Inquiry Based Learning
    By Cristina McCoach
  • 2. Presentation Tools
    Example: Slideshare
    Students create PowerPoint presentations, can add audio notes to them, and share them with each other and the world
    Inquiry Based Learning Use:
    Communicate data and conclusions at the end of an investigation or project
  • 3. Video Tools
    Example: Gizmoz.com
    Students create an animation of themselves and add audio to it to create a video
    Inquiry Based Learning Use:
    Create a video of students sharing their prior knowledge of a subject and sharing it with small groups or the entire class
  • 4. Mobile Tools
    Example: PollEverywhere.com
    Students can respond to questions using the texting function on their cell phones, either in multiple choice or free response fashion
    Inquiry Based Learning Use:
    Students can learn how to create investigable questions by posting their question, and having the other students in class vote, deciding if it sounds like it is investigable or not, and why
  • 5. Image Tools
    Example: Piknik.com
    Student can upload pictures, edit them in many different ways, and save and share them with others
    Inquiry Based Learning Use:
    Teachers can assess a student’s understanding of a concept by having them choose a picture related to the topic and editing/adding to it in certain ways to show their understanding
  • 6. Community Tools
    Example: Wikispaces
    Students collaborate together on a topic and share the info/show their collaboration to the teacher, class, or world, all on one website
    Inquiry Based Learning Use:
    Students document each part of the inquiry process in an investigation or project they have worked on with a group.
    They can show how they created an investigable question, how they collected their data, place the data in one location, and present their final conclusions of the investigation.