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X rays

X rays






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    X rays X rays Presentation Transcript

    • X-RAYS Berchesug Alexandra Margarit Alina Paun Iulia Soava Lavinia Clasa a XI –a C
    • Generate (or Röntgen) are issued intubes called Röntgen, areelectrons,are accelerated inintense electric fields so thatthey penetrate insideelectron shells of atoms anodeor gas in the tube and pull outelectrons fromlayers near the core. Afterbraking these electrons fromsubsequent transitionselectrons from levels with lowenergies (layers K, L), X-raysare obtained
    • Detection For X rays are used: gas-filled detectors (used in digital radiography to measure energy and position of individual X-ray photon counting speed radiological) type proportional counter, -calorimeters, -microchannel, -area photodetector, superconducting tunnel junction-detectors, etc…
    • The detector is a large, flat, withone or more layers to absorbradiation energy into electriccharge X. Convert using anintegrated surface electric chargeautoscanarea active matriximage.X radiation absorbed by aphosphorescent screen releaselight creates an image on thesurface. Lateral scattering of lightis limited by diffusion.Digital detectors are capable ofrunning all current radiologicalmodalities, including radiographyand fluoroscopyElement diameter is comparableto the thickness of the screenimage. The screen is thicker (toincrease the absorption quantumefficiency) decreases the imageresolution. Using fluorescentscreen, increase the imageresolution
    • Proprieties-Vacuum it travels at the speed oflight;-impress photographic plates;- Are not diverted for electric andmagnetic fields;- Are invisible, ie unlike light, doesnot impress human eye-Ionising gases that pass. Numberof urge intensity ion radiationproduced show. On this propertyare made based operation ofradiation detectors.- Have fiziologicalaction, destroying organic cellsand is generally harmful tohumans. This property are madebased on their use in thetreatment of cancerous tumors todestroy diseased tissue.- Substances producedfluorescence (light emission)
    • AplicationsX-rays and X rays areelectromagnetic waves that do notbelong to the visiblespectrum, whose wavelength is ofthe order of magnitude ofangstroms (A), and this allowsincreasing utility inmedicine, especially for theirpenetration through matter livingand for their therapeuticproperties:Use for diagnostic, medicalapplications of X rays are of theconventional andtomodensitometriei radiology (X-ray scanner), they aim to visualizeorgans.Use therapeutic x-rays are used inexternal radiotherapy, but theircapacity is reduced ionization, arepreferred more energeticradiation, the radiation y, usingcobalt.