Teachers room e twinning


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Teachers room e twinning

  1. 1. About eTwinning:Teachers rooms eTwinning Ambassadors Cristina Gîlă
  2. 2. How to create a teachers room Step 1 : Login with your eTwinning account Step 2 Click on Teachers rooms
  3. 3.  Step 3 To register a new Teachers room click on “Create Room”
  4. 4.  Teacher Rooms allow you to discuss and collaborate any topic with European colleagues. On the next page you fill out the description form of the teachers room and confirm your description by clicking on Submit.You must complete title, description image, opens on, tags, subjects.
  5. 5. Step 3: title, shortdescription, startdate,tags,subjects.
  6. 6. How to run a teachers room Step 1 To have an overview of all your teachers room click on the blue button “My rooms” in the “Teachers rooms” tab.
  7. 7.  You will then get a list of your rooms dived by it’s status (public, restricted, closed, pending request).
  8. 8. You can create message on forum.
  9. 9. Chat and Forum The two most common ways for collaboration in a teachers room are the Chat and the Forum. To use the Chat room click on the blue button called “Chat”. A Chat window will pop up and you can start the Chat right there.
  10. 10. When using the Forum you can either create a new message orreply to a message. To create a new message click on the“create message” button, type your text in the message bodyand submit your message in the next page.
  11. 11. To reply to a Forum message click on “reply” inside a Forumthread and write your message. If you want to reply with aquotation of a previous message, click on the “Quote” buttonand write your message.
  12. 12. By clicking the Search Forum button you get directed to theforum search page. There you can search for messages bytext, language, subject, vocational subject, country.
  13. 13. How to search and join teachers rooms The main page of the teachers rooms tab gives you various options to search for interesting teachers rooms.The most recent registered teachers room is displayed in the “Featured” box. The “Popular” box shows teachers rooms with the most actions happening there.
  14. 14. Teachers room The list of search results gives you brief information about each teachers room. You can then go to a teachers room odr directly join one.
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