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Educators Online - the new public intellectuals?
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Educators Online - the new public intellectuals?


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Published in: Education, Sports, Technology

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  • 3 things to consider when deciding on what to learn... tell the story of how I work with educators what questions I ask them to understand how we can innovate their teaching plan
  • Talk about what I do in Salford, Then track back where I started
  • Talk about being the first in university
  • Talk about going to the navy and making learning relevant Gave me a new perspective
  • Changed my life and intellectual journey
  • Talk about my experiences and feelings Sharing is caring
  • As a form of participation and play
  • Designing new project
  • Social glue
  • New form of being Developed skills Became much more confident
  • a place with some tradition
  • And so the phd came along
  • money or personal value - what counts more?
  • and so are institutional and external benchmarks
  • Have we been socialised into open practices? Is that the message the university is sending?
  • BUT ALSO, and more important what drives
  • what is close to your heart passion
  • And also
  • I want a blog before my competitor is blogging and I have more interesting things to say It escalated to interviews on the radio, letters to the Guardian, public talks
  • in a digital world
  • Eating our own dog food
  • If people have a position on something and you try to argue them into changing it, you're going to strengthen that position.
  • their rol ein
  • Talk about the study that was conducted about assisted dying and where people looked for information and where scholars are publishing information – 2 worlds apart
  • our duty (in times of crissi) Talk about Gilman creating the university press as a form of making knowledge more accessible
  • Talk briefly about working with community and trying to devise new forms of learning and accreditation as a form of raising aspirations – a taster so I can meet people working on this
  • Transcript

    • 1. educators onlinethe new public intellectuals?
    • 2. me
    • 3. where I am now
    • 4. was university for me?
    • 5. sharing
    • 6. socialising
    • 7. collaborating
    • 8. peer support
    • 9. learning
    • 10. being
    • 11. creating a professional footprint cristina costa
    • 12. >>fast forward to Salford
    • 13. academia
    • 14. creating new habits
    • 15. understanding established practices
    • 16. PhD
    • 17. Con tinu i tcontinuity y innovation vs
    • 18. which one is more rewarding?
    • 19. in which context?
    • 20. timing is important
    • 21.
    • 22. conflict or confusion?
    • 23. open practices
    • 24. what stops us?
    • 25. what drives us?
    • 26. values & commitment
    • 27. need to make a difference
    • 28. keeping up with the times
    • 29. a story
    • 30. identity
    • 31. >>the hub
    • 32. sharingpassion
    • 33. research inplain English
    • 34. research and graduate studies
    • 35. Influence from the outside
    • 36. Ilene example
    • 37. If you want to change peoples ideas, you shouldnt try to convince them intellectually. What you need to do is get them into a situation where theyll have to act on ideas, not argue about them.Myles Horton
    • 38. digital citizenship
    • 39. Scho lars: think ing,im pro ving, and i nform ing soc iety
    • 40. Haigh, C. & Costa, C., (in press) Role of Participatory Media in Nursing Research and Knowledge Dissemination. Journal of Research in Nursing.Haigh, C. & Costa, C., (in press) Assisted Dying: An evaluation of Web Based Information Resources. Journal of Advanced Nursing.
    • 41. reaching beyond the scholarly community
    • 42. It is one of the noblestduties of a universityto advance knowledgeand to diffuse it notmerely among thosewho can attend thedaily lectures but farand wide. Daniel Coit Gilman
    • 43. Paul HaywoodProfessor of Creative Engagement
    • 44. caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar. Antonio Machado @cristinacost