Target Markets


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A list of print media that would be suitable to advertise in when trying to advertise to Hispanic population in the Saint Paul and Minneapolis areas.

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Target Markets

  1. 1. Target Market Hispanic communities in Minneapolis and Saint Paul areas. This community is very diverse with a lot of striving young adults and older adults alike eager for an affordable four year college. These groups make up a large part of our community and we are urging them to choose Saint Thomas. The Hispanic community is very involved and close, making our target market a success to reach. Avenues La Voz Latina: This newspaper has a circulation of 8,500 copies. It is distributed free to every home on Saint Paul’s Westside, which is a predominately Hispanic area. It is also delivered to Hispanic businesses, Churches, and other high traffic points in the Saint Paul area. This newspaper covers a vast area and reaches a lot of people and homes in the Westside/Downtown areas. La Prensa de Minnesota: A well-known bilingual newspaper covering the vast area of the Twin Cities metro. This is a newspaper for both Spanish speaking and English speaking readers that was founded in 1991. The target readers are people who have a good knowledge of both the Latin American and American culture who are striving for success. The newspaper has an estimated readership of 35,000 with a circulation of 10,000 copies delivered weekly. This bilingual newspaper marks the bridge between communities that is important when promoting a school like Saint Thomas. I am confident that this newspaper will give us much success in attracting visitors on “Come to Class Day”. Why? According to demographics the Metropolitan area has over 100,000 Hispanic residents and the population has doubled in Minnesota from 1990 to 2000. This group is growing quickly making the Hispanic community a perfect target market for promoting Saint Thomas. Demographics reports that the Hispanic population is growing ten times faster than the general public. The average household income for this community is $39,300 per year and the average size of a household is 3.5 people. It is important to provide insight into Saint Thomas as a financial option for the Hispanic community. This advertisement and event will hopefully generate some interest in pursuing Saint Thomas as an option, letting people know that there are affordable ways to attend this University. Communicating to the Hispanic community about Saint Thomas and how it is a future option for them or their children is an important factor when it comes to diversifying and expanding our school. Right here, in our own back yard is where we must began to take the first steps in spreading the word of Saint Thomas, breaking it free of the stereotypes it has been connected to for years.