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"Descend into the depths of yourself, your soul and manages to look good.
Happiness itself makes only one with good behavior".

Are you happy? ... Does it depend?.
The happiness, as a permanent integral state mental and spiritual enjoyment, related to internal and external factors, is what any intelligent person aims mainly aimed integrally life and is related to the great values that give us the great philosophies and behavioral sciences to achieve through them in a concrete and stable.
The text mixes freely give "without prejudice or interference," assertively looking at the bottom of things and not the forms, maximum, questions, commentaries and metaphors, and across it the philosophical and scientific teachings, which I learned from great teachers and specialists, from classic, traditional, political, mathematical, religious, spiritual, and current scientific (classical philosophy, modern, religious, Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim, Reiki, yoga, psychiatry, psychology, sociology, quantum physics , right, etc..) - that wise and spiritually enlightened, and that through meditation we are given the keys and tools in education and transcendental values, pointing in the same direction and are intrinsically related concepts, which serve to grow day by day in this challenge, "the way of life."
This growth path is individual responsibility and duty of everyone to achieve and reach the end of the transcendent and permanent happiness, for which each person needs to study, teach and meditate constantly, "conscientiously and relativization ability thinking, questioning the why of things, of course, with higher values human limits, "especially in terms of emotional and social, since they do not deliver this knowledge in higher education and professional qualifications, and rarely fully taught in families and in our current Western culture. Only through this understanding is achieved, forward and give new readings, scope or interpretation of life, which requires a thoughtful mind, awake, freely and openly, realizing that more is more, in different ways and more about -..." who have eyes to see, and hear who has ears "-, because without that capacity, no growth or transcendence.
There are several topics momentous in the life of everyone, and go beyond them, with an academic and intellectual order, "leaving behind the shackles of ignorance and prejudices that bind us to basic levels, and lower early human development, "and that allow us to reflect on mental growth path, cultural, social and spiritual, and that through meditation and reflection, intellectual exercise, I think, and if only maximum scope to open your mind and discover the great truths, the great values and true happiness that goes beyond material things, since they are only an appearance (without prejudice to the importance of them in daily life and a life in dignity that every human being deserves ) and more concerned with the integrity and physical harmony, mental, psychological, spiritual values, and of the love and care for yourself and others, of empathy, truth, transparency, solidarity, a good connection with nature and spirituality, intelligence, especially in terms of emotional and social health, the respect for life, our environment and all living things. All concepts that are extracted from the great values of the great philosophies and scientific studies, which are required to know and that everyone should go deeper, to a healthy life in permanent happiness, beyond the challenges and circumstances.
This always looking to "raise the level of thinking that can be established as a general rule of conduct", healthy, fair and focused on the happiness of all.
Therefore, the book is called Universal Mind, and is significant topics, "in the form of subtexts, such as ethics, life as a right, beauty, intelligence, sexuality, human rights, virtue, God and the universe, and a proposal of their own.

I hope that through

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