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  • 1. Anti-Homophobia Education A Continuous Learning Experience
  • 2. Regulated narratives in anti-homophobia education G. R. Charania In the context of anti-homophobia education, the coming out stories of lesbians, gays, and bisexuals attempt to enlarge the spaces of the sayable (Foucault 1991: 59) by naming the homophobia of school practices and insisting on our visibility. -Charania, 2005 • Subjugated knowledges: knowledges that are present but excluded and disqualified from dominant knowledges (Foucault, cited by Charania, 2005)
  • 3. Coming Out As a function of addressing homosexuality in an education setting • Resisting homophobia with strategies of storytelling as an emotional connection • The goal of storytelling is to allow others to see the other side • Whiteness, the “other”, intersectionality, situated knowledge, frame of reference As Foucault explicates, in relation to power, his concern is not to understand power as only, or primarily, repressive and individualized but also productive, occurring through the entire social body and in its external practices and mechanisms (1994: 120; 1972: 97)
  • 4. Discussion • What are the positive and negative outcomes in ‘coming out’? How does setting impact this decision? (school, workplace) • From an anti-oppressive perspective (as social workers), how else can we emphasize and promote anti-homophobia? • What forms and intensity of oppression will Charania face because of her intersectionality? • Key concepts: • Pros + cons • Anti-oppressive practice • Intersectionality + Oppression
  • 5. The 519 Church Street Community Centre “We continue to witness incredible stories of dynamic communities in action, with people joining together at The 519 to celebrate, learn connect, change and grow. Whatever the need, be it a refugee in need of support or a group seeking free space to hold its meetings, The 519 continues to be a beacon of hope, providing a home to all our neighbours and to the LGBTTQ communities.” -- Mathieu Chantelois, Chair The 519 Board of Directors, 2006
  • 6. Social Work and the 519 • Rainbow Health Ontario • Outreach Workers at The 519 • Counseling and referrals
  • 7. History • The “Community” Centre • Foundation on protesting • Trudeaumania "The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation." -Pierre Trudeau, 1969
  • 8. Mission Resistance • Mission Statement • The 519 is a meeting place and focal point for its diverse downtown communities. Within a supportive environment, it responds to the needs of the local neighbourhood and the broader Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTTQ) communities by supplying resources and opportunities to foster self-determination, civic engagement and community participation. • Values Statement • The 519 believes we must: Recognize and celebrate our diversity and our history Respect and value the principles of equity, inclusion and the dignity of all Provide programs and services within an anti-oppression social justice framework Ensure we are secular and non-partisan Fearlessly act with integrity, creativity and vision
  • 9. Governing Frameworks • The 519 Church Street Community Centre is a non-profit Board of Management of the City of Toronto. Generally, as an organization we have been created to[1]: • (a) Provide a broad range of community, social, educational and recreational services and programs; • (b) Support community capacity building and community development through programs, volunteerism and community engagement; • (c) Be responsive to the community through identifying evolving community, social, educational and recreational needs and developing ways of meeting them; • (d) Support community participation, through membership and the election of Board nominees, to direct and control the administration and programming at the community centre; and • (e) Work in partnership with community organizations, local businesses, community groups and community members to provide accessible services that improve community well being. • [1] Association of Community Centres - Relationship Framework as approved by the City of Toronto Council on September 25, 26 and 27, 2006.
  • 10. • The 519 is committed to the Community, therefore striving to: • Provide programs that meet the needs of the LGBTT2SQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgendered, Intersexual, Queer, Questioning, 2-Spirited) communities • Create a supportive, equal and welcoming atmosphere for the community, staff, volunteers and the Board members • Promote an accepting and positive outlook with wide recognition and leadership in an effort to enhance communities • Advocate on issues • Establish a reliable resource base to support the community • Anti-Discrimination Policy
  • 11. Programs Overview • The 519 Anti-Violence Program • Anti-Poverty and Homelessness • Family and Children – • Children’s Programs • Queer Parenting Programs • Counselling Program • Community Groups • Older LGBT Program • Queer, Immigrants and Refugees Program • Trans Programs • Meal Trans Programs • Trans Youth Toronto • Trans Sex Worker Outreach • Trans Access • Getting Primed • Transition Support • FTM Support Group • FTM Safer Shelter Project
  • 12. The 519 Anti-Violence Program ✤ Provides assistance to individuals whom are in crisis ✤ Offers crisis counseling and support – in person or on the telephone; assist in the recovery process in understanding that they are not alone; to assist those whom may feel frightened, overwhelmed, angry, numb, depressed or irritable ✤ Helps in safety planning – obtain safe subsidized housing (in partner abuse) ✤ Provides referrals to legal, medical, social and counseling services ✤ Assists with reporting to police, applications for Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, Housing applications, police complaints, and/or victim impact statements – help explain what to expect ✤ Follow-up with the police, housing, compensation board, employer, school and/or other agencies – work to ensure that individuals concerns are being taken seriously • Additional services: The AVP Bashing Report Line, Training/Public Education/Workshops, Self-Defense Courses
  • 13. The 519 Older LGBT • Offers a weekly drop in program for older LGBT people (40+) • A varied programming and monthly book club – discuss latest books and explore artistic pursuits • Provides opportunities to connect and socialize for older adults whom share similar experiences • Seek to provide seniors with opportunities for socializing and learning through attending special events, listening to guest speakers and promoting community resources • One events is the Artz Alive 2009 – a 6-week arts program for those interested in art
  • 14. Family and Children • 519 believes that all families deserve support, respect and opportunities. This program is divided into two: The Children’s Program and the Queer Parenting Program. The Children’s Program promotes healthy development for children. This program helps children from 0-12 years of age and also helps families of different economic, religious, and cultural identities because they promote the notion “family defines themselves”. • The Queer Parenting Program helps LGBTTQ families. (This means lesbian, gay, transgender, transsexual, and queers). This program celebrates sexual orientation, different gender identities, culture and language. The goal is to connect these families into the community because people in today’s society intentionally or unintentially ignore, harass, discriminate and oppress the LGBTTQ groups. • The participants of the Family and Children Program are newcomers to Canada, families who live and have an occupation in the neighbourhood, and this program addresses the gap in services of the LGBTTQ community.
  • 15. Anti-Poverty Program • Food, clothing and social support services for people living in poverty • Every Sunday they prepare healthy homemade food to serve those who come to The 519 • Provide information referrals – for housing, shelters and employment programs
  • 16. Community Group and Counselling • It is a program that offers volunteer counseling up to six times. If long term use is required you will be sent to an affordable service. This program makes referrals to the Toronto Distress Center- a telephone center that offers 24 hour support for 365 days. Family Services Toronto- strengthens individuals, families and communities through counseling, education, and advocacy, and Ontario Association for Social workers- which helps people find solutions to physical, social and emotional problems. Overall, counsellors keep everything confidential and individuals that need support must make an appointment. 1) Peer Support: - AA Gays and Lesbians – for gays and lesbians with an alcohol addiction - AA Thursdays/AA Weekends – for people with an alcohol addiction - Debtors Anonymous (DA) – for people with issues related to money and debt - Double Recovery Group – for individuals with chemical addictions and mental health concerns; tools for coping with problems on a daily basis - Narcotics Anonymous – for people with narcotics addiction - Overeaters Anonymous (OA) – for people with eating disorders - Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous – deals with destructive thinking and behaviour in relationship for those whose lives become unmanageable as a result of sexual compulsions - Sexual Compulsive Anonymous – for those whom wish to stay sexually sober; learn to express their sexuality in a healthy way • Other Peer Support: 2) Survivors of Childhood Abuse – for individuals recovering from the effects of childhood incest - Survivor of Medical Abuse – for individuals who suffered emotion, physical or sexual abuse from a medical practitioner - Children of Lesbians And Gays Everywhere (COLAGE) – for students (Grade 3+) with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, or transgender parents - Coming Out, Being Out – for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexual, and Transsexual people to discuss coming out and being out; discuss relationships, self-esteem, activism, homophobia in the workplace, coming out to families and being parents - FTM (“Transman”) Trans Peer Support Group- for all those who were born female/intersex and raised female but don’t identify as female (or women), identify as male, transgender, two-spirited or questioning gender; designed to receive/provide support - Substance Use and Being HIV+- provide information on substance use to people who are HIV+, include community contacts - The Space Between – a non-judgemental, peer support group for bio-females or people who feel that their assigned gender at birth does not best describe their gender identity; for those whom fall in between female and FTM (female to male) or who are questioning their gender or consider themselves genderqueer; an environment to explore, express and question their gender
  • 17. Queer Immigrants and Refugees • This program helps refugees of Toronto. The challenges facing LGBTTQ refugees is racism, language barriers, lack of access to employment, income and housing, homophobia, transphobia, isolation and marginalization. Access to services is extremely important for these groups and allows them to contribute and succeed in society. In order for LGBTQ immigrants and refugees to get services that meet their needs, the space must be welcoming, understanding of their oppression, and free from discrimination, which the Queer Immigrants and Refugee program promotes and thrives for.
  • 18. EVENTS • AIDS Memorial • Trans Day of Rememberance • Pride Week
  • 19. Volunteer info ★ When volunteering at the 519 you could find yourself: ★ Providing peer support in refugee, trans or older LGBTQ programs ★ Assist with preparing meals ★ Organize and participate in 519 special events ★ Plan workshops ★ Assist people with legal advice or tax preparation ★ They are currently recruiting volunteers for the following positions: ★ Information-Referral Volunteer – to provide informative assistance at The 519 Desk ★ Community Outreach Volunteer – to provide assistance regarding inquires about the 519 at community information tables, fairs and events ★ Special Event Volunteer – to assist The 519 with its special events on an ongoing basis ★ They are in the process of preparing new volunteering positions including Administrative Assistant, 519 Tour Guide, Communications Research Assistant, Older LGBTQ Women’s Book Club Coordination ★ If there is a strong interest in volunteering, there is usually more volunteering opportunities within the summer, especially around the time of the Gay Pride Parade
  • 20. Bringing it all together • Use of AOP • Challenging the Dominant Culture • Five Faces of Oppression   • Types of Racism  • “Coming Out, Being Out” Program • Intersectionality • Busting the Binary 
  • 21. Media • http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=C9o1SmEYU3I • http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=mWOThibNBcM&feature=fvsr
  • 22. Current advocacy • McLean’s article • http://www.the519.org/news/ advocacy/macleans2009
  • 23. THANK YOU!