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  • Thank You Jesus! I never stop working... but I'm not working where I'd like to! ;) I'm still looking for opportunities!
    Suerte a tu mujer!
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  • What a beautiful and interesting CV! The best I´ve ever read! I was searching one for inspiration to help my wife... and your it´s more than great.
    Sure you are working now! (if not employers are crazy)
    Congratulations. Jesus Bueno
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Emotional Resume

  1. 1. With this resume I hope to get you to know more about me.A WIRD RESUME Especially when it comes to my passions and my way to work. The standard information are available here www.doyoubuzz.com/francesca-bani Have a nice day! Francesca Bani 1
  2. 2. June 12th,1979:NATURAL GIFT I was born in a little town on top of the mountains.MY JOB I love both nature and animals. I promote using these themes in communication, as much as possible.
  3. 3. I moved several times. I’m very used to change: homes,Move! plans, opinions…MY JOB From b2c to b2b I work with a lot of companies and products, using different media. My ranks? Obviously in a real estate agency!
  4. 4. A good piano player makes their art look easy. I reallyBE A PLAYER! enjoy that moment of creation.MY JOB I work hard. I keep myself up to date. About my job, my clients and different markets. And I am be delighted by the results.
  5. 5. 1998: I finished my course of studies in the secondaryGO NUMBERS! school. I was officially an Accountant. I learned to be patient and to manage everything. This kindMY JOB of education is very useful as an Account Executive and Project Manager. I’m talking about marketing, researches, redemptions, statistics…
  6. 6. Traveling is my favourite hobby. I’m always looking for newLET’S GO! cultures, flavours, smells, words and worlds. My curiosity is insatiable. While I’m learning, I’m improving.MY JOB While I’m improving, clients and co-workers increase their interest in my opinion. You should try me!
  7. 7. 1998: I’m studying at the University. Sociology, Mass mediaA NEW WORLD theory, communication, semiotics, anthropology, history…MY JOB I love what I do. I enjoy every moment I spend on a project. I’m committed to the agency. Communication is my «sweet obsession».
  8. 8. July 1st, 2003: my graduation thesis: «Music and Image inBE IRONIC! Ironic Spots». Graduated with first-class honours.MY JOB I love to suggest my clients new ways to communicate. I boost them to embrace irony, in all its forms.
  9. 9. August 2007: I’m walking through Spain, on the way of St.WALK AND BELIEVE James. I can’t believe I did it!MY JOB I love to share my ideas with my clients. And to help them believe in communication. The efforts I make with my team, will be repaid in spades.
  10. 10. I have a special connection with unfortunate cats. HereINDIPENDENCE you are Penelope, Cornelio, Talìa and Chera.MY JOB In tune with the agency guidelines, I develop my job indipendence quickly. And I boost the indipendence of every member of my team.
  11. 11. My passion: books. This is one of my bookcases. TheseTONS OF BOOKS! books speak about my others fascinations.MY JOB Every book gives me questions or answers. I like to do the same with both my clients and team. Translation will not be a problem if we share the same goal.
  12. 12. I’m a vegetarian. I think destroying doesn’t mean progress.RESPECT! And this is also the source of my self-confidence.MY JOB I know that I’m a very good Project Manager. Give me a project, let me meet your client. You all will fall in love with me!
  13. 13. Why US? Because I love the culture mix. Because AmericaAM I MOVING? gave birth to the AD industry. Because it smells and sounds different. I’m Italian-charming, Spanish-smiling and New York-buzzing.,MY JOB I believe that I can significantly contribute to your company’s growth and overall profitability. This is my Sponsorship campaign. To know more please visit www.uscis.gov or contact the embassy.
  14. 14. CONTACTS francesca.bani@libero.it http://www.francesca-bani.com http://it.linkedin.com/in/francescabani @francesca_bani http://facebook.com/francesca.baniADV doripaquita