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A variety of best practices can help build strong communities.

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  • * 07/16/96 * ##
  • What is comprehensive community planning? Comprehensive community planning is a holistic process undertaken with broad community participation. A comprehensive approach: enables the community to establish a vision for its future and implement projects to achieve this vision helps to ensure that community projects and programs are thought through, make sense and are the best use of resources integrates and links all other plans the community has produced Processes that are driven by the community, for the community are most effective at achieving positive change. That's why the comprehensive community planning process is inclusive and represents the perspectives of all members, whether they reside within or outside the community. All members of the community, including Elders, youth, and family representatives, can offer unique and valuable perspectives on community needs, values and priorities. A comprehensive community plan addresses key planning areas, all of which are interrelated and interdependent: governance, land and resources, health, infrastructure development, culture, social issues, and the economy. Consideration of all key planning areas through one unified process defines community planning as a holistic and integrated exercise that can lead to sustainable development. * 07/16/96 * ##
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  • * 07/16/96 * ##
  • I spent the past many years as an appraiser. As a real estate appraiser it is my job to estimate market value based on highest and best use. So when I look at property I think of its highest and best potential based on being physically possible, financially feasible, maximally productive, and legally permissible. I have invested in rental property and have seen rates of return to value diminish significantly over time. Capitalization rates have diminished to perhaps 4% or less for small homes. I have started redeveloping my own sites to convert them to higher and better use, and have launched a firm named Provectus Homes to assist others in developing their sites to the highest and best use. Provectus is latin for advanced or ahead of it’s time. Perhaps some of my ideas should have been implemented long ago and are really long overdue. * 07/16/96 * ##
  • So what are we building? One of the property types we are planning to build are secondary suites? This particular design (garage with suite above) is primarily for the city and intended to be built in the back yard, behind an existing home and facing the alley. We have many other designs suited to areas outside the cities. This property could be used for the relatives to use when they visit, the nanny, parents, grand parents, rental income, older children, and in laws. You could escape to one of these yourself if you are tired of hearing the teenagers rap music. These units come in many designs – bungalows, two storeys or garages with suites above. They can be attached to or detached from a primary residence but are always in proximity to the principle residence. What is the advantage to building these? Cities and municipalities that permit these find that higher density in existing areas reduces infrastructure cost. There are both environmental and social advantages. CMHC is supportive of those who assist seniors, the disabled and low income individuals. If you have a family member over 65, a disabled family member, or are willing to rent at low rates you may qualify. CMHC subsidies are large for these building types. $24,000 for southern areas. $28,000 for northern areas. $36,000 for areas in the far north. In Calgary where the size limit is approximately 700ft2, a $24,000 subsidy is significant. I don’t know if anyone here has investigated coming up with a set of guidelines for secondary suites on First Nations, or applied for a CMHC subsidy to build a secondary suite, but the subsidies are large enough that it is worth checking out. Our bungalow designs might be most appropriate for rural area delivery where the size of the building footprint is less of an issue. The good news is that our small home designs can be factory built and delivered to your site. I have several other designs for you to look at and although I have not included them in this presentation I have designs that could be used for a band office, home office, home workshop or an art studio. * 07/16/96 * ##
  • I am currently redeveloping a site that had one small home, with two large semi detached units in the inner city of Calgary. Our conversion of the site from single family to dual family is a higher and better use. This design is not factory built, but is particularly energy efficient with thicker walls, exterior foam to reduce thermal bridging and heat loss, triple pane euro style windows, skylights that open to allow heat escape on summer nights, a high efficiency four zone heating system, and higher quality and higher volume insulation throughout. I placed these homes for you to see as we are planning to incorporate energy efficient specifications in our designs wherever reasonably possible and whenever our clients are willing to incur a little higher up front cost. * 07/16/96 * ##
  • This is a project I and other partners expect to begin over the next year. We are in the process of applying for development approval. This project is to be factory built. It requires 18 sections to be delivered and craned into place. A common boiler room heats this block of twelve stack townhouse units efficiently. There are no hallways or internal stairways to maintain or clean. Six ground floor units are accessible at grade. Six more two storey units are accessed by stairs. Multi family development might be an excellent option your needs. Factory construction has numerous advantages including but not limited to cost control, less susceptible to the forces of nature while being built, reduces on site trades, speed of construction, factory and builder warranty, and these delivered sections are built for rigidity of transport. * 07/16/96 * ##
  • This is another factory built design. We have many. This duplex is an attractive option. * 07/16/96 * ##
  • If you think modular has to be square or boring think again. This large unit exceeds 1800 square feet and is delivered in three or four sections which are joined together. * 07/16/96 * ##
  • If you are assembling a two storey unit on site, we will need a crane which will increase cost. Garages are typically not built within a factory at a reasonable cost and typically best built on site. Bungalows are likely the best option, unless building multiple units require craning, such as with the multiple family units. * 07/16/96 * ##
  • We have many more designs available. In fact we are happy to have you work with our architect to design or modify one of our designs for your needs. * 07/16/96 * ##
  • Interior finishing can be durable, builder grade or have higher end finishing that includes but is not limited to built in appliances, tile with inlay, granite counters, undermount sinks, built in appliances, and raised wood cabinetry. * 07/16/96 * ##
  • Bathrooms can have tile flooring, granite counters, undermount sinks, enclosed tubs and other options. * 07/16/96 * ##
  • Durable finishing is something that I am incorporating in rental properties. My grandparents had metal cabinetry and it never wore out. Few are likely to knock a hole through a wall with plywood behind. Laminate flooring is great for homes with kids and pets and for rentals where the tenants don’t care. You can set a hot frying pan on a granite counter and cut on it without a cutting board beneath. Solid core doors are more sound proof and durable. Heat recovery ventilation brings in fresh air that is pre heated by outgoing stale air and that air exchange helps reduce humidity and mould. Air exchange also removes pollutants like smoke and chemicals, and is a heat saver. I live here in Calgary, the hail capital of North America and appreciate durable siding. Hardi board does not need to be painted. These are just some of the specifications we can make available. * 07/16/96 * ##
  • Energy efficiency has some up front cost. What will the savings be if energy costs rise. Roxol insulation has higher R ratings, does not shink in wall cavities and has a higher burn rating than some other insulation types. Exterior insulation can prevent heat loss on studs by interrupting the thermal bridge. Three pane low E glass with argon filling is a good minimum for window choice. Higher efficiency furnaces are now the standard. Additional insulation is a cost effective solution to reduce heat costs. Heat recovery ventilation saves heat by preheating incoming air with outgoing air. This system can work in reverse in the summer to remove heat by pre cooling air in the summer. Energy efficient homes may qualify for a subsidy. * 07/16/96 * ##
  • Getting a home delivered from a factory still requires assistance on site. Servicing, foundations, home delivery, connection of services, joining home sections, landscaping, and garages are just some of the opportunities for direct labor. We are pleased to consider partners in development. * 07/16/96 * ##
  • Benefits, Housing on Reserve, Anti Suicide Programs

    1. 1. Blackfoot Confederacy CCP & Housing Employee Benefits/Pensions Youth Anti Suicide HousingCoast Plaza Hotel, Calgary, Sept 18, 2012 Chris Hylton, MA Darryl Copeland, Linden Anderson 403 264-5288 CG Hylton 1
    2. 2. Chris HyltonVolunteer with Calgary Friendship CentreWorked with First Nations across Canada,including Siksika, Kainai, Piikani, Treaty 7Salary Grids, HR Policies, Benefit Reviews,Training, Proposal Writing CG Hylton 2
    3. 3. CCP & HousingYou work hard to come up with your bestestimate of what your community housingneedsYou get conflicting reports from communityYou have difficulty negotiating from aposition of strengthYou receive an unworkable level of funding CG Hylton 3
    4. 4. Results Inadequate staffing and housing levels Inadequate service to community Blame game Lowered morale Lowered services Lead to ….. CG Hylton 4
    5. 5. What is comprehensivecommunity planning? CG Hylton 5
    6. 6. Samson Cree 1994Draft Community Plan 1994Community Planning Dept formed in 1997fragmenting of SCN land; impact on limitedagricultural resources; concerns with theenvironment, health and safetyaround individual wells and septic systems;servicing costs; protection of resourceextraction areas; and land availability. CG Hylton 6
    7. 7. Samson Cree NationCommunity Expansion Plan,depicting the townsite area CG Hylton 7
    8. 8. What will the results looklike? Will the CPP include decision and management tools such as ranking tools, action plans, budget templates, implementation and funding strategies and a monitoring and evaluation plan as well? This level of detail needs to be decided, including expectations for the final planning products that summarize the results of the CCP process (eg, final plan, budget). CG Hylton 8
    9. 9. Create EconomicOpportunities Examining and identifying sustainable economic opportunities is an essential part of creating a Comprehensive Community Plan. Having a plan in place will also help to attract investment. CG Hylton 9
    10. 10. Negotiating Strategy – Youwill be able to say all our projections based on data we get from Government our projected staffing and housing levels are based on meeting this demand to meet your requirements CG Hylton 10
    11. 11. Negotiating Strategy (ctd)All our programs and services are based onterms and conditions for service as spelledout in our agreements with governmentagenciesOur CCP has indicated our needs in greatdetailOur CCP tells us the community buys in CG Hylton 11
    12. 12. To recapAgencies have defined the services required,Agencies have provided us with our owndemographic data,We have surveyed our community anddetermined the needsHere is our plan to meet the needsHere is the funding levels required CG Hylton 12
    13. 13. How does this tie in to Ethics You are governed by Boards and Chief and Council All subject to continuous community requests and constant scrutiny How do you make it easy for Boards and Elected Officials to govern? CG Hylton 13
    14. 14. How do you make it easy forBoards and Elected Officialsto govern? CCP gives your leadership the information they need about community needs CCP gives your leaders information about how your departments are planning on meeting community needs Data is king CG Hylton 14
    15. 15. What type of Data?Your population DemographicsCurrent service offerings (supply)Community service requirements (demand)The gapWhat you are planning on doing about itThe money shortfallResults in greater communityunderstanding CG Hylton 15
    16. 16. How does CCP support 5 yearAgreements? • Shows what services exist now, what services will be needed in the future Gap analysis: 1. Encourages each departments to develop business plans to meet the needs 2. Data sources are everywhere 3. Commitment and Evidence service demand builds community CG Hylton 16
    17. 17. Funding sources Check with your funders CCP has a good reputation with agencies and will support the process Also look at new programs like First Nations Market Housing Fund next slide We have proposal writers available for you CG Hylton 17
    18. 18. # of First Nation ApplicationsReceived by the First NationsMarket Housing Fund / Total # ofFNs in each Prov./Territories(June 8, 2012 70 First Nations have applied- 47 approved for Capacity Development) 0/0 5/14 0/29 LB 13/202 5/47 4/63 2/40 6/75 30/134 5/35 CG Hylton 18
    19. 19. Inflation Proof EmployeeBenefits Plan• Employer pays all costs of Life and Disability• Drug Coverage with a card• Health Care Spending Account• E.g.) 80% Managed Drug Card – Dispensing Fee Deductible• Health Spending Account for other Medical and Dental expenses (e.g.. $500 single - $1000 family)
    20. 20. Types of Contracts • Fully Insured • Refund • ASO (Administrative Services Only) • aka – “Self Insurance”
    21. 21. Fully Insured vs. Self Insured (ASO) • Health and Dental Premiums over 3 years for Company XYZ = $300,000 • COST =$300,000 • Health and Dental Claims over 3 years for Company XYZ = $225,000 (75% of premiums)
    22. 22. The Math
    23. 23. Savings • Premiums = $ 300,000 • less (Claims + ASO Expenses) = $(257,500) Savings to Company XYZ = $42,500
    24. 24. Eliminating the Risks 1. Stop Loss Protection 2. Out of Country “Ceiling” Protection Amount can be set at Protects the plan any level against an expensive e.g. $10,000, $7,500, out of country claim $5,000 per year. Insurance premium Designed to eliminate charged for out of the risk of a very country protection expensive drug claim Typically 100% insured Insurance premium charged for stop loss protection
    25. 25. Pros and Cons of ASO Pros Cons Pay only for what is • Without Stop Loss provision claimed exposure on large drug Administrative charges claims are lower • Without travel coverage Admin charges on claims exposure of out of country not premiums claims No reserves
    26. 26. What to do with a Surplus • Reduce health and dental rates • Enhance benefits • Leave in account to reduce possible future deficit • Give employees a “premium vacation”
    27. 27. Pensions •Types – DB, DC, RSP •Why important? •How to set up? •Investment choice •CAP Guidelines
    28. 28. EAP – Employee Assistance Plan • What is it? • What is the purpose? • What do they cost? • You need one!
    29. 29. Youth Anti Suicide Simple solutions work best Horse program Culture camp Samson program Let us develop your program and find sources of funding for you! CG Hylton 29
    30. 30. Housing Darryl Copeland Linden Anderson CG Hylton 30
    31. 31. Darryl Copeland Real estate appraiser for over 15 years Landlord with all the challenges of property management and maintenance. Home builder (Provectus Homes) “provectus” – advanced or ahead of it’s time CG Hylton 31
    32. 32. Secondary Suite Granny flat, nanny suite, rental suite, or garden suite May qualify for significant CMHC subsidy if built for seniors, disabled or for low income CG Hylton rental 32
    33. 33. Duplex InfillsIncreased Density Energy Efficient CG Hylton 33
    34. 34. High Density Systems BuiltDevelopmentBuilt indoors, reduced construction time, less reliant on trades, and built for rigidity of transport. 18 modular sections. CG Hylton 34
    35. 35. Systems Built Duplex CG Hylton 35
    36. 36. Systems Built Bungalow CG Hylton 36
    37. 37. Systems Built Two storey CG Hylton 37
    38. 38. Many more designsavailable CG Hylton 38
    39. 39. Interior FinishingKitchen CG Hylton 39
    40. 40. Interior FinishingBathroom CG Hylton 40
    41. 41. Durability Options Metal Cabinetry Plywood behind drywall Laminate flooring Granite counters Solid core doors HRV – heat recovery Concrete board siding CG Hylton 41
    42. 42. Energy Efficiency Roxol insulation Exterior insulation 3 pane windows High efficiency furnace Additional attic insulation HRV Homes with an energuide rating over 86, may qualify for subsidy CG Hylton 42
    43. 43. Partnership Opportunities Factory construction eliminates 80% of on site trades. Opportunities include those interested in excavation, cribbing, site servicing (wells, septic tank and field, road work), decks, garages, house movers, etc. We are happy to create partnership opportunities. CG Hylton 43
    44. 44. Linden Anderson Intro Introduce Linden Anderson Designed the iBUILD construction management system His software has made him an award finalist with The Canadian Alliance of Residential Builders Provectus Homes uses iBUILD software CG Hylton 44
    45. 45. Thank you! Questions? Tel 403 264-5288 CG Hylton 45