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The presperfepart2 ans

  1. 1. THE PRESENT PERFECT – PART II ANSWERS (PAGES 11 TO 20)Page 11The Present Perfect simple: Unfinished time / It’s the first time.../ + Superlative / Gone-beenEx. 1.1.- I haven’t seen her this morning. 2. She’s only come twice this week. 3. She has had ten days off thismonth. 4.- She has missed two months’ work this year. 5.- Has she phoned this morning?Ex. 21.- Where has he gone? 2. Where have they been? 3. Where has he gone? 4.- Where have you been?Ex. 31.- gone, 2.been, 3. gone, 4.- goneEx. 41.- you have had. 2.- I have flown. 3. you haven’t been 4.- Have you been 5.- I have had . 6. you haveeaten. 7.- I haven’t eaten.Ex. 51.- Yes, it’s the most interesting book I have read for a long time. 2.- Yes, I think it’s the worst film he hasmade. 3.- It was the most exciting game I have watched this season.PAGE 12 – BEEN OR GONE?She has gone to ParisWe have been thereThey have gone on vacation.He has gone to meet a client.She’s gone shopping.She has been there many times.She has gone to the dentist.They have gone to the movies.PAGE 13.Present Perfect Simple with just, yet and already.Ex. 1.1.- They’ve just got back / they’ve already been2.- the party has just started / have they given him his present yet? /No, not yet.3.- ... repairing my bike yet... / Yes, I’ve just finished changing....Ex. 21.- have just revealed. 2.- has already served 3.- haven’t found the stolen jewellery yet.4.- have just confirmed 3.- has just finished 6. has already worked, 7 he hasn’t played a starring role yetEx. 31.- I haven’t phoned to her yet.2.- I have already finished it.3.- I’ve jut fallen off my skateboard.4.- I haven’t found it yet.PAGE 14ALREADY, YET AND JUSTEx. 1.1.- No, I’ve already paid. 2. It has already left. 3.- She has already got up. 4.- I’ve already cooked chicken.5.- It has already finished.Ex. 2.1.- Bill hasn’t found a job yet. 2.- Have you finished that book yet? 3.- I haven’t started work yet.
  2. 2. 4.- Have you had supper yet?Ex. 3.1.- I’ve just looked at the floor2.- I’ve just thought about my home.3.- I’ve just moved my feet.4.- I’ve just put my hand on my head.Ex. 4 1. She’s already written three letters. 2. She’s just telephoned her mother. 3. She has already cleaned the kitchen. 4. She hasn’t read the newspaper yet. 5. She has just made some toast. 6. She hasn’t listened to the radio yet. PAGE 15 Present Perfect Simple with EVER AND NEVER.Ex. 11.- Have you ever seen , 2.- Joe hasn’t seen 3.- Have you ever had... 4.- She has never eaten 5.- Have youeven written...6.- I have never gone..Ex. 21.- has never flown 2.- Have you ever ridden.. / I rode one ... 3.- She has never had 4.- Have you everread.../ I read a bookEx. 31.- when did you find out... 2. How did you feel. 3.- I have never competed 4.- did you start 5.- started6.- was 7.- Have you won 8.- I’ve never won PAGE 16 Present Perfect Simple (up to now): already, yet, ever, never, justEx. 1 1. They have built a lot more houses. 2. The population has increased to 5,000. 3. The railway station has closed. 4. They have cut down the trees in the square. 5. But the people haven’t changed. They’re still friendly.Ex. 2 1. I’ve just cleaned the carpets. 2. I haven’t mended it yet. 3. I haven’t turned the water on yet. 4. I’ve just made some tea. 5. I haven’t finished the living room yet.Ex. 3 1. I’ve already given you $70 this month. 2. You haven’t done it yet. 3. You’ve already lost it. 4. You haven’t rung him yet.Ex. 4 1. Yes, I’ve never been in a Rolls Royce before. 2. I haven’t had a gold watch before. 3. Yes, I have never stayed at the Ritz before. 4. I have never drunk real champagne before. 5. Oh no! I haven’t been on television before!
  3. 3. Page 17 Present Perfect Simple and Past SimpleEx. 11.- already, 2.- ever, 3._ yet , 4.- since 5- since 6.- justEx. 21.- hit, 2.- have already lost. 3.- handed in 4.- has risen 5.- increased.Ex. 31.- Have you ever dreamt 2.- started, 3.- appeared, 4.- hasn’t stopped, 5.- has been 6.- has worked,7.- was, 8.- got, 9.- wasn’t 10.- became 11. began, 12.- has been, 13.- has already made, 14. has juststarted.Ex. 4 1. How old has he when he first appeared on TV? 2. Has he ever met Robert de Niro? 3. How long has he been an actor? 4. Was he famous before Titanic? 5. How many films has he made? PAGE 18 The Present Perfect and the Simple Past. 1. This is my house. How long you (live) here?HAVE YOU LIVED 2. I (live) here since 1999. HAVE LIVED 3. He (live) in London for two years and then (go) to Edinburgh. LIVED / WENT 4. You (wear) your hair long when you were at school? DID YOU WEAR 5. Yes, my mother (insist) on it. INSISTED 6. But when I (leave) school I (cut) my hair and (wear) it short ever since.LEFT /CUT/HAVE WORN 7. Shakespeare (write) a lot of plays. WROTE 8. My brother (write) several plays. He just (finish) his second tragedy. HAS WRITTEN / HAS JUST FINISHED 9. I (fly) over Loch Ness last week. FLEW 10. You (see) the Loch Ness monster? DID YOU SEE 11. I (not see) him for three years. I wonder where he is. HAVEN’T SEEN 12. He (not smoke) for two weeks. He is trying to give it up. HASN’T SMOKED 13. Chopin (compose) some of his music in Majorca. COMPOSED 14. When he (arrive)? He (arrive) at 2.0. DID HE ARRIVE / ARRIVED 15. You (lock) the door before you left the house? DID YOU LOCK 16. I (read) his books when I was at school. I (enjoy) them very much. READ / ENJOYED 17. I can’t go out because I (not finish) my work. HAVEN’T FINISHED 18. I never (drink) whisky. Well, have some now. HAVE NEVER DRUNK 19. I (write) the letter but I can’t find a stamp. HAVE WRITTEN 20. The clock is slow. It isn’t slow, it (stop). HAS STOPPED 21. Here are your shoes; I just (clean) them. HAVE JUST CLEANED 22. I (leave) home at 8.0 and (get) here at 12. LEFT / GOT 23. I (do) that sort of work when I (be) young. DID / WAS 24. He just (go) out. HAS JUST GONE 25. He (go) out ten minutes ago. WENT 26. You (have) breakfast yet? Yes, I (have) it at 8.0. HAVE YOU HAD / HAD 27. You (see) the moon last night? DID YOU SEE 28. I (meet) him last June. MET 29. The concert (begin) at 2.30 and (last) for two hours. Everyone enjoyed it very much. BEGAN / LASTED 30. The play just (begin). You are a little late. HAS JUST BEGUN 31. The newspaper (come)? Yes, Ann is reading it. HAS THE NEWSPAPER COME 32. The actors (arrive) yesterday and (start) rehearsals early this morning. ARRIVED / STARTED 33. It (be) very cold this year. I wonder when it is going to get warmer. HAS BEEN 34. Cervantes (write) Don Quixote. WROTE 35. We (miss) the bus. Now we’ll have to walk. HAVE MISSED 36. He (break) his leg in a skiing accident last year. BROKE 37. Mr Pound is the bank manager. He (be) here for five years. HAS BEEN HERE
  4. 4. page 19 Present Perfect and Past Simple 3A)I’ve been here for nine days now...... I haven’t been to London yet ... Last night I saw.... It was about... aphone call which hasn’t come yet.B)1.- has happened, 2.- have had, 3. had, 4.- have been, 5.- have made, 6.- haven’t spoken 7.- met 8.- fell9.- have asked 10.- have been 11.- has givenPAGE 20The Present Perfect and the Simple past – minidialogues.1.- Have you ever eaten snails? a) No, I __HAVEN’T_________________ b) Yes, I (eat) some at Tom’s party last week. ATE2.- Has she fed the dog? a) Yes, I think she __HAS______________. b) Yes, she (feed) him before lunch. FED3.- Have they repaired the road? a) No, they ___HAVEN’T______________. b) They only (repair) part of it so far. HAVE ONLY REPAIRED4.- Have they done their homework? a) Yes, they (do) it all. HAVE DONE b) Yes, they (do) it before they left school. DID5.- Have you found the matches? a) No, I ___HAVEN’T_____________ b) No, I (not find) them yet. HAVEN’T FOUND6.- Have you made the coffee? a) Yes, I ___HAVE______________ b) I (make) some yesterday; we can use that. MADE7.- Have you been here before? a) No, I _HAVEN’T________________ b) Yes, I (be) here several times. HAVE BEEN8.- Have you seen him lately? a) No, I __HAVEN’T________________ b) No, I (not see) him since Christmas. HAVEN’T SEEN9.- Have you been to the cinema a) Yes, I __HAVE________________ this week? b) Yes, I (go) to Match Point on Friday. WENT10.- Have you ever driven this a) Yes, I (drive) it once or twice.HAVE DRIVEN car? b) Yes, I (drive) it when you were away.DROVE11.- Has he missed his train? a) No, he ____HASN’T___________ b) Yes, he _HAS__________. It (go) five minutes ago. WENT12.- Have they been through a) Yes, they _HAVE_____________ the Customs? b) Yes, their luggage (be) examined at Victoria.WAS13.- Has he spoken to her? a) Yes, he ___HAS__________ b) Yes, he (speak) to her on Friday.SPOKE14.- Have you spent all your a) No, I only (spend) half of it. HAVE ONLY SPENT money? b) Yes, I _____HAVE__________.15.- How much have you saved a) I (not save) anything. HAVEN’T SAVED since Christmas? b) I (save) eighty pounds. HAVE SAVED16.- Has his temperature gone a) No, it __HASN’T________________ down? b) Yes, it (go) down last night. WENT17.- Have you seen his garden? a) No, I (not see) it yet.HAVEN’T SEEN b) I (see) the house on Monday but I (not see) SAW /DIDN’T SEE the garden.18.- Have you paid the bill? a) Yes, I ___HAVE______________ b) Yes, I (pay) it while you were away. PAID