Christmas Traditions and Symbols - ETG


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Christmas Traditions and Symbols - ETG

  1. 1. Have a happy Christmas th 5 Grade Students - ETG
  2. 2. Christmas Trees • Christmas trees are used to decorate our house • They are very typical of Christmas time
  3. 3. Ornaments • We can also decorate our house with ORNAMENTS • They have hooks on top. They are hung from the branches of Christmas trees.
  4. 4. Wreaths Other way of decorating for Christmas is by using WREATHS. These are decorated with bows and ornaments and are hung on doors or above fireplaces.
  5. 5. Christmas Cards • People send Christmas cards to relatives and friends • People write their wishes for the new year in the Christmas cards
  6. 6. Poinsettias • Poinsettias are the typical Christmas flowers • They can be found in different colours (apart from red)
  7. 7. Stockings • Christmas stockings can be filled with gifts • They are normally hung on the fireplace
  8. 8. Candy Canes • Candy canes are the typical Christmas sweets • They have red and white stripes
  9. 9. Christmas Carols • Christmas carols are that special songs which we typically sing at Christmas time • For example, the songs “Baby please come home” and “Nuestra Canción de Navidad” are the Christmas Carols that we are preparing for Friday
  10. 10. Christmas Carolers • The carolers are those people who go from house to house singing Christmas Carols
  11. 11. Gingerbread houses • Gingerbread is another very known Christmas symbol • The tradition of baking a Gingerbread house began in Germany after the Brothers Grimm published their collection of German fairy tales in the early 1800s. Among the tales was the story of Hansel and Gretel: children left to starve in the forest, found a house made of bread and sugar decorations.
  12. 12. Santa Claus • On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus delivers presents to all the children in the world • He climbs down their chimneys while they are asleep This is our particular 5th grade Santa
  13. 13. Cookies for Santa • Children leave cookies and milk or hot chocolate for Santa Claus on December, 24th
  14. 14. Reindeers • The tradition says that 9 reindeers pull Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve • Santa’s most famous reindeer is Rudolph • Rudolph has a red nose that glows
  15. 15. Christmas Presents • The tradition of giving presents at Christmas started with the Three Wise Men, who brought Jesus precious gifts on the first Christmas day
  16. 16. Christmas Dinner • People always celebrated Christmas with a special meal. Before Victorian times, people would eat roast beef, ham or goose for Christmas dinner. Today, most people
  17. 17. People like you make the season bright!