The Pearl - Qatar*


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The Pearl - Qatar*

  1. 1. July HOSPITALITY DEVELOPMENT COMPANY – HDC o.m.c.2009 A United Development Company psc. (UDC) Subsidiary UDC The Pearl HDC
  3. 3. Qatar GeographyGeographically the country of Qatar almost feels like a large desertisland, a large flat land area surrounded almost entirely bywater, bordering Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE). Freshwater is scarce and Qatar has several large desalination plants.
  4. 4. Location: CurrencyQatar is a peninsula running north into the Persian /Arabian Gulf. Qatar is bounded in the south by the United The official currency is the Qatari Riyal (QR), which is divided intoArab Emirates. 100 dirhams. The Exchange parity has been set at the fixed rate of US $ = 3.65 QR’sClimateQatar has a desert climate of hot summer and relatively National Daywarm winter. The 18th of December every year National FlagCapital of QatarDoha is the Capital city of Qatar, the seat of government The national flag is maroon color with a broad vertical white stripeand the location of the main commercial and financial at the poleinstitutions.Population Local Time 3 hours + Greenwich Mean Time.The population of Qatar is 1,678,568 (till 31 May2010) according to Qatar Statistics Authority.Religion and Official Language Electrical Current 240 Volts + 6% with frequency 50 hertzIslam is the official religion of the State. Arabic is theofficial language.
  5. 5. About QATAR Qatar is investing in its tourism infrastructure: - US$ 15 billion tourism master plan unveiled in 2004 to include: - New airport expansion - Around 40 new hotels by 2012 - World-class sporting and tourism facilitiesA few major developments / events : - Asian Games 2006 - Science and Technology Park (STP) - Cultural Village - Museum of Islamic Arts Designed by I. M. Pei
  6. 6. Qatar Economy General OverviewQatar is one of the smallest Gulf Countries in terms of population andgeographical area but the second largest gas reserves in the worldrepresenting more than 5% of the world total.The prosperity of natural resources coupled with the growing anddiversifying economy means enormous access to investment opportunitiesand incentives. The Qatari government adopts a policy aiming atdiversifying income resources and developing economic infrastructure.Specifically, the government expanded the exploration projects in oil andgas sectors and offered numerous incentives to attract foreign investors tocarry out similar projects. The Qatari economy is one of the most rapidlygrowing economies in the world offering the international community avariety of world-class and cutting-edge products and services.
  7. 7. UNITED DEVELOPMENT COMPANY Q.S.C An innovative private sector Briefly….. investment company• One of Qatar’s largest private sector shareholding companies• One of the Top 100 Companies in the Middle East• Established : July 1999• Paid-up Capital: QR 1.072 billion (US$ 294 million)• Listed on Doha Securities Market (DSM) : June 2003• More than 5,000 Qatari and international shareholders• DSM opened to foreign (non-GCC) investors April 2005
  8. 8. A value company• UDC is a long term investor that develops and invests in carefully selected projects and companies with good profit growth potential• UDC creates value for our shareholders and business partners by an active engagement in our investments
  9. 9. A wide vision company• Home base is Qatar, with its rapidly growing economy and business opportunities, but……..• Actively seeking opportunities and business partners outside Qatar
  10. 10. Investment strategy• Wide scope:  GCC; Middle East and beyond  Broad spectrum of sectors, including: industrial, hydrocarbon related, construction, services, hospitality and real estate• Lasting project value to maximize long-term returns for shareholders and partners
  11. 11. UDC SubsidiariesHDC UFC100% 100%
  12. 12. “The Most Glamorous Address in The Middle East”
  13. 13. SCALE• 400 hectares• 32 kilometers of new coastline• 350 meters from mainland• $10 billion when fully built in 2012 and: • 41,000 international residents • 40,000 staff working • 45,000 daily visitors 3.6 km 5.5 km
  14. 14. Existing World Class 18 - hole Golf Course LOCATION Ritz Carlton Downtown 10 mins. Airport 15 mins.University Al Qutaifiyah Lagoon Safliya Natural Island Cultural Village Intercontinental
  15. 15. The Pearl-Qatar “The most glamorous address in the Middle East” January 05 January09 July 2007 October 07 March 2007 Satellite Image – Jan 07November 05 June 07November 05
  16. 16. Freehold Title • 100% freehold ownership. • Qatar residency rights for owners.Investment Gem • High return on investment. • Excellent finance terms. • Varied investment choices available. - Development plots. - Completed individual apartments. - Townhouses and villas. - Retail lease sites.
  17. 17. Cosmopolitan Residential Community• Centrally located in the heart of Doha• A multicultural mix of residents• A community for 45,000 residents• Approximately 15,000 residential units• Extensive support facilities• Top Quality Schools• Cutting Edge Clinics• Superb Entertainment• Worldwide dining brands• Landscaped Gardens• Community Centers• Ample parking space• Variety of Shopping experiences• World class safety & Fire Services• Three marinas with combined moorings for 1000 boats• Three destination luxury hotels as well as around three ultra luxury boutique hotels
  18. 18. The Pearl-Qatar “10-themed residential districts”
  19. 19. • International Yachting Hub• Mooring for around 700 boats• Two and a half kilometer Promenade• 1 million square feet of Luxury Retail Space• Around 100 International Restaurants and Cafés• Luxury Styled Towers and Townhouses• Island Luxury Resort
  20. 20. Porto Arabia – Luxury Styled Towers and Townhouses • 31 Mediterranean styled Towers with spectacular views • One to four Bedroom Luxury Apartments • Five Bedroom Luxury Penthouses • One to four Bedroom TownhousesPorto Arabia – Retail Space • Approximate 1 million square feet • More than 800 retail outlets • Almost 4,000 car parking spaces • More than 700 berths marina • Leisure and entertainment waterfront • World Class retailers presented to Doha for the first time
  21. 21. • Moroccan-inspired architecture• 29 Luxury beach front Towers• Sea facing townhouses and chalets• Marina for over 120 boats• Iconic Yacht Club & Water Park• 5 day-beach clubs spread over the 1.8 km of sandy beach• Island Luxury Resort
  22. 22. • Venetian inspired low-rise precinct• Intriguingly complex area edged by sandy bays• Two ultra-luxury signature boutique hotels• Sailboat marina with retail promenade quay• Luxurious townhouses• Venetian style courtyards• Sea and water canal views• Pedestrian streets with charming retail life of boutiques, art galleries and neighborhood restaurants
  23. 23. • At the entrance of the Island• Modern residential towers and townhouses• Tallest buildings of the island• Direct access to sandy beach clubs
  24. 24. • At the heart of the Island, in between the two largest residential precincts• Hypermarket, clinics, banks, retail… all of everyday’s life necessities in one place• Multiplex movie theater• Family casual and fast casual dining
  25. 25. • The essence of true island life• Various luxury Mediterranean style villas• Three to six Bedrooms• Beach Front and sea views• Fully landscape gardens• Island-style luxury villas• Each property stands alone in a semi-tropical gardens• Four hundred villas with private beach fronts• Maximum privacy and unique aspects to all villas
  26. 26. • Nine independent islands, around 22’000 m2 plots• Each island has it sown private beach and marina
  27. 27. Porto Arabia Under Construction – December 08
  28. 28. January HOSPITALITY DEVELOPMENT COMPANY – HDC o.m.c. 2009 A United Development Company psc. (UDC) Fully Owned Subsidiary
  29. 29. HDC The Company A United Development Company (UDC) wholly owned subsidiary Specialized in owning, developing and operating world-class hospitality projects Creating partnerships with recognized leaders and young yet promising hotels, resorts and restaurant brands The initial geographic development priority is MENA region, poised for double digit tourism growth over the coming years Many of HDC’s brands are entering the market for the first time on The Pearl – Qatar HDC is set to strongly contribute in making The Pearl - Qatar as one of the most exclusive, fashionable and sophisticated tourist destinations in the world
  30. 30. HDC Business ActivitiesA current portfolio of activities in hospitalitydevelopment, operations and assets management…Present lines of activities (Years 1-2)Owning & operating food & beverage operationsOwning, developing & asset managing hotel & resort propertiesProviding hospitality advisory services to UDCInternational equity investments in hospitality projectsFuture lines of activitiesJoint ventures with food & beverage wholesalersFood & beverage concept/brand developmentHospitality industry education… with additional activities in the future in view of a backwardvertical integration in the supply chain
  31. 31. HDC & The Pearl-Qatar
  32. 32. TPQ Strategic Food & Beverage MixEvery one of the precincts will have its differentiated food & beverageexperience as to become a magnet in its own right… Top End & Upper Trendy International Porto Arabia & / or Value Recognized brands Upper to High End Night Life Concepts Quality Middle to Upper Middle Market Value For Money Casual & Fast CasualMedina Centrale International & Regional Brands New yet Promising Concepts Upper to High End Market Unique Branded & Non Branded Qanat Quartier Strong Character Restaurants & Bars Signature Chefs within Ultra Luxury Boutique Hotels
  33. 33. TPQ F&B MixThe Pearl, Qatar will offer a wide selection of outing options Throughout the project people will chose from quality alternatives , i.e.. By cuisine of origin (French, Italian, Other Ethnic…..) Fast food Fast Casual Casual and Casual Chic Dining Fine Dining / Signature Chefs Delis / Gourmets shops Non - chain independent restaurants Cafes Health / bio concepts Traiteurs, up-market caterers Bars / Lounges Live venues (i.e.. Jazz Bar) Nightclubs, ….
  34. 34. HDC Currently Confirmed Projects on The Pearl Qatar QQ 09 QQ04 Boutique Marine ResortBoutique Urban Resort Central Production Unit MEGU 5 Day-Beach ClubsTse YangLizaPampanoBurj El HamamChocolate Bar La Tabkha PA 19 – Nikki Beach Resort VB 01 Mixed-Use Development & Beach Clubs
  35. 35. HDC Current Food & Beverage Brands Portfolio Concept Positioning Trendy Chocolate Restaurant Bar Up-Casual Modern Lebanese Up-scale Modern Mexican Up-scale Specialized in Fish & Seafood Authentic Lebanese Up-scale Chinese Fine Dining Restaurant & Trendy Bar Modern Japanese High-End Lebanese Home Comfort Food Casual International Cuisine Up-Casual
  36. 36. CPU LocationThe Central Production Unit will be located within the facilitiesmanagement quarters at the heart of TPQ CPU
  37. 37. CPU Direct & Indirect BenefitsSome of the key benefits of a CPU are optimizing food safety andhygiene as well as ensuring quality standard consistency…Direct BenefitsFinancial profitability on long termMaximize and optimize production efficiency and service deliveryOptimize food safety and hygiene management systemBecome a world-class operator accredited by the highest internationalcertifications HACCP and ISO 22000Ensure quality consistencyIndirect BenefitsBrand building, that facility will be a key factor in positioning HDC as aworld-class operatorDevelop a knowledge and expertise that can be transferred and sold toother large UDC projects… while contributing to a positive brand building
  38. 38. Porto Arabia Nikki Beach ResortDeveloping a $20-25 million exclusive & trendy beach resortcomprising 40-60 keys and potentially 24 branded residencesPorto Arabia 19 – Nikki Beach Resort Ultra exclusive & trendy beach resort Estimated CapEx of $20-25 million Around 40 to 60 bungalow suites Potentially 24 branded residences Bungalows and private decks some with private plunge pools / Jacuzzis Up-scale restaurants and trendy open air beach bar Pools, sun beds and open air SPA Day & night entertainment Designer Operator PA-19
  39. 39. Porto Arabia Nikki Beach Resort
  40. 40. Viva Bahria Mixed Use DevelopmentWorld-class entertainment hub offering a variety of experiencesfrom iconic art performance hall to exclusive beach club experienceViva Bahria 01 - Mixed Use Development & Beach Clubs Signature building yacht club Multipurpose art performance hall and outdoor exhibition venue 100 Upscale serviced and furnished flats Sports, body and children entertainment zones with themed restaurants 5 distinctive day-beach clubs targeting different segments of TPQ residents Designer VB-01
  41. 41. Viva Bahria Art Performance Hall
  42. 42. Viva Bahria Beach Clubs
  43. 43. Viva Bahria Beach Clubs
  44. 44. Qanat Quartier Boutique Marine ResortA total experience boutique resort, offering three types oflodging, signature restaurant and potentially Thalasso SPAQanat Quartier 09 – Signature Boutique Marine Resort 120/150-key all-suite boutique hotel including luxury water bungalows and seaside luxury tents Statement signature building Potential branded residences Cutting edge beach club Signature restaurants & bars Thalasso & relaxation SPA Sailboat marina with charming retail promenade quay Designer Potential Operators Luxury QQ09 Branded Resort Residences
  45. 45. Qanat Quartier Boutique Marine Resort
  46. 46. Qanat Quartier Boutique Urban ResortA 120-key urban boutique luxury resort including brandedresidences and a very exclusive hotel beach club Qanat Quartier 04 – Signature Urban Boutique Resort Around 120 luxury rooms and suites with re-visited classic interiors 20 to 30 luxury residences Rooftop landscaped terrace & pool Exclusive beach area Support relaxation SPA Ultra personalized business services State-of-the art banqueting and meeting Designer Potential Operator CHARLES EDITIONS by HADIFE ARCHITECTS & IAN SCHRAGER QQ-04
  47. 47. Qanat Quartier Boutique Urban Resort
  48. 48. TPQ Events & EntertainmentContinuous entertainment is key for Pearl Island to generate visitortraffic, enhance quality of life for the residents and get free worldwidemedia coverageThe Pearl Qatar will act as a catalyst for regular entertainment activities i.e.. Music (live bands, concerts –small and large scale- indoor and outdoor…) Art (indoor and outdoor painting, sculpture, photo exhibitions, etc…) Fashion (i.e.. “The Pearl Fashion Week”, broadcasted on Fashion TV) Sports (Horse beauty contest, auctions, sailing school , sail boat races etc.) Cinema (The Pearl Film Festival…) Other...
  49. 49. TPQ Events & EntertainmentHDC organized on The Pearl Qatar construction site a world-class operaconcert featuring tenor Placido Domingo; attracting over 3’500 people
  50. 50. Thank You