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Wedding photography secrets


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  • 1. Wedding Photography SecretsContact person:CRIS PANERTEL. 416-2489/MOBILE NO. 0999-9401794Email: panercris@gmail.comDigital Wedding Secrets - Best Product On WeddingPhotography.Tips, Tricks & Techniques For Awesome Wedding PhotographyWedding Photography Is One Of The Most Sought-After Jobs In The World. It Is A 9.4Billion Dollars Industry In The US Alone. Now, you’ve Finally Got the Chance to Do WhatYou Love and Earn a Small Fortune in It … Guaranteed!Click Here To Buy The Ebook!
  • 2. Who Else Wants To Earn a Small Fortune in WeddingPhotography, Be Treated Like Royalty and Have His TalentRecognized Again And Again Across the Country byImmortalizing Beautiful Moments And Scenes!If You Want To Earn More Than a Living as A Wedding Photographer, But YouDon’t Know from Where to Begin, Then This May Be The Most Important LetterYou’ll Ever Read!Dear future rock-star photographer,It is no secret that people spend the most on their wedding photography, Can your photographybusiness benefit from hundreds of such high paying wedding photography clients?If the answer is yes, I know you’ll find this letter to be extremely valuable. Because in thefollowing pages, I’m going to show you exactly how to double or even triple your photographyskills almost overnight, get as many clients as you’d like at the fees you want and gain the fameand recognition you deserve as a wedding photographer!"I want say that the digital wedding secrets is awesome and full of details to help you capture awedding. Additionally, Nick and his responses have been awesome!". Overall a greatexperience!!- Robert Lopez, GA, USAre all your photography gigs as good as you want them to be? Are you always getting the feesyou’d like or deserve … and the respect for your results?And even if you are doing alright, wouldn’t you like to earn 3 to 4 times more while workingonly a quarter of what you’re doing now? (Or even less).One of my clients did just that. And by applying what he learned in Wedding PhotographySecrets, he made $91.412, 45 last year (before taxes) and got featured in two photographymagazines! While this is the best outcome I’ve encountered yet, most of those who’ve took aleap of faith and tried it experienced a 200 – 350% increase in your customer base, income andtheir photos look far, far better now than before.The #1 Myth That Is Killing the Wedding Photographer inYou …You know, just like other thing in life, becoming a professional wedding photographer is noteasy.
  • 3. It’s not enough to be passionate about it and take a few photos here and a few there. It’s notenough to get a few gigs and photograph your relatives for petty cash.Getting from where you are right now to where you want to be sometimes seems as a hopelessand impossible road. And if you are like me, you’ve spent entire days just thinking about this.- What type of flash, camera, lenses do I use for wedding photography?- How do I shoot in low light church conditions?- What camera settings should I use?- How to set my wedding photography pricing?- How do I market and get my first client?- How do I build a portfolio to show to brides?- How do you get your name out there so people know you are a wedding photographer?- How do you create those wow pictures and albums?And of course, at one point or another, you were ready to give up. You may have said “that’senough, I just can’t do it” and you were ready to throw the towel.I’m glad you didn’t.And to get from where you are to where you want to be you don’t need a miracle. You don’tneed magic.You only need a good blueprint of the few but essential skills required in taking photos, clientsand building an identity. That’s all.And that’s exactly what Digital Wedding Secrets is doing. Not only that it will give you everyhabit and step-by-step procedure you need to take in order to get results you’ve never thoughtbefore … but it also acts as a plan for building your ideal photography business – withoutspending a fortune or hiring a high paid consultant.Would You Like To Live A Rock-Star WeddingPhotographer Lifestyle?Think just for a second … imagine you are a professional wedding photographer.Imagine that everywhere you go; you can take quality pictures that seem out of thisworld.Imagine that you have more customers than you can really take.Imagine that your name is known every time someone wants to hire a weddingphotographer.Imagine traveling to exotic locations for shooting weddings.
  • 4. Not bad? Then that’s exactly what I’m going to do for you. I’m going to show you the exacttricks, tips and methodologies for everything, starting with how to shoot bride beautifully to howto advertise on Google (on a small budget). And when I mean everything, it’s really everything.And once you’ve implemented even 10% about these techniques in your life, money or the lackof money will not likely be a concern ever again!Here’s The Most Comprehensive Wedding Photography Course Ever!Why stress free wedding photography is critical to your financial future … and how a quick insight intothe mindset of your clients will help get ahead any other photographer very fast!How to use wedding photography to capture emotions instead of just plain moments � and how tocombine the science and art for spectacular results.Questions to your biggest seven questions about wedding photography � and busting myths about whatmakes a good photo session in the eyes of your customer.How to use "Pre-visualization" to take breath-taking pictures!The one most common mistake all photographers do when it comes to filling the frame (and they ruinalmost all photos with this) � and one quick technique to keep proportions right in any situation.How to use the power of close-ups to capture timeless moments ... and when to use full body pictures for abetter effect.The only time when framing is not only recommended but critical ... and if you avoid it, your pictureswill look bleak and boring!How to use the "Rule of Three" to capture captivating moments with ease ... especially when you wantto focus on a visual interest point (like the bride or the groom)!Three tricks to better capture emotions in pictures ... which almost no other photographers are using(master only the first one and youll increase your value tenfold)How to prevent your photos being confusing by using the right color techniques ... and the biggestmistakes you should avoid when it comes to colors!How to avoid falling into the "equipment myth" ... and several techniques on how to use cheap equipmentto take amazing photos! (Do this and youll never have to spend a small fortune on expensive cameras).Nine features any DSLR camera should have if you want to do wedding photography ... and why themost expensive cameras are totally inappropriate for this field!Visit this one website and you wont have to worry about which camera is best for you ever again ...especially if youre on a tight budget.The disadvantages of investing in a medium format camera ... and the only scenario in which you couldactually use it!
  • 5. How to take care of your SD cards ... so youll never encounter corrupted files or errors again (countlessphotographers lost their reputation and money just because an SD card refused to work when theyve gothome).The three basic lenses you should have in order to take wedding photography ... and which lenses willjust prove a huge waste of money.A few special tricks to use lighting to your advantage without expensive studio equipment ... or withoutbothering your clients set-up!Which you should pick � external battery packs or rechargeable batteries? Theres only one answer rightwhen taking wedding photography ...The accessory you must use in a dimly lit churched to avoid blurry photos!The scenario in which a tripod will help you take better pictures ... and why its best to leave it most ofthe time at home!One 30 cents accessory you must always have in your pocket or baggage ... and which can turn around apotential disaster (this is so intuitive and simple but almost no photographer does it).The three professional traits you must express at the phone when looking for clients ... and which willmake 9 out of 10 come to you (and the other one probably isnt truly interested).The essential list of things you must always prepare when meeting with a potential client ... and how toremove anything from your environment that may be a deal-breaker.One rapport breaker that will make every customer rejects you ... and why almost all photographers aredoing it unconsciously!Three signals that your customer will give when hes not interested and youre only losing your time (usethese three signals to understand that you wont be hired and just move to the next one).How to protect yourself from lawsuits or other damages down the road with this five step agreement(this had saved countless photographers from mad clients who broke their equipment or refused to pay).Something you must do two to eight weeks before the actual wedding several times ... no matter howexperienced you think you are!The six steps you must take to ensure that this will be a surprise free wedding!How to effectively take photos of the bride and groom getting ready ... without violating their intimacy ormaking them feel bad! (This requires a lot deal of talent but it will pay off almost more than anything else).The right flash setting for low light conditions without blinding everyone else ... and still captureextraordinary photos!The best two places for formal shots with the bride and her family!One technique to maximize the photos with the groom alone ... especially when you have little or no timeon your hand (youll have 4 to 5 more times with the bride).
  • 6. One easy trick to shoot at 1/20th or 1/15th and still have a sharp and beautiful image.How to use flash without annoying everyone present at the ceremony (theres nothing worse than beingblinded several times).The etiquette rule you must consider at every ceremony that you are supposed to know!The most important photo for the bride ... and how to make it the masterpiece of your album!How to take perfect photos after the ceremony ... even if it will be very hard to get a clear shot of thegroom and bride!The ten portrait shots you must not miss at every wedding ... and how to make them memorable!How to determine the ideal length of time suitable for photos session without ruining the wedding.How to determine the ideal length of time for taking photos at every wedding ... without disturbing yourclients.Seven over-looked locations for taking break-taking photos with little or no effort!Proven techniques to use your clients personality to add a personal touch to your photos.Three crazy poses every couple should try ... and which will make a memorable moment years after thewedding (warning: these are not for everyone).A two minute trick to enhance the lighting in your scenes dramatically!Three steps to take quality photos in dark environments without lighting so you wont make your clientsuncomfortable (plus, many churches prevent the use of flash).How to enrich your photos through the power of elements ... and never have a photo that seems "tooempty" again!How to capture emotions and create dramatic scenes using the right angles ...A step-by-step technique to use the zoom perfectly ... and focus on the elements that really matters for yourclients!How to make your clients feel comfortable in the front of the camera and reduce or remove their anxiety!The six photos you must not ignore at any reception ... and the 15 usually missed things you mustphotograph at any wedding!How to practice your skill for pennies before the actual wedding (its never a good idea to go into awedding without practicing first)!The eight candid photos you must not forget about ... and the six preparation moments you mustimmortalize with great care ...How to take great candid shots and one way to minimize chances for something to ruin your photos!
  • 7. The eight aspects you must consider when studying others photographers portfolios if you want tolearn from them ...The perfect number of images to show to your clients after the wedding ... if you want to finish this fastand easy (and not bore them).One Photoshop trick that you amaze your clients ... and improve the quality of your photos dramatically.The one Photoshop command that will reduce your actual time editing by 50 � 75%.Six websites where you can find millions of Photoshop tools, so you dont have to buy them (Im usingscripts from these websites for years now).An 11 step process of improving any photo in Photoshop dramatically ... and transform even the ugliestphoto into a masterpiece.The seven album software you should use to create professional and beautiful photo albums in less than30 minutes.How to avoid losing 75% of your payment with this common mistake!Two extra services you can offer for some extra money after taking the photos ... and which your clientswill love!The number one, most critical things you must do when opening your photography business.How to build an ideal business plan with this ten step guide.How to get tons of clients with the help of Google for free!One quick trick you can use to rank high in search engines even if you have no technical skill or budgetfor optimization!The two things you must have on your website but most photographers omit.The best start-up camera you can buy ... and which will be your best companion for years to come.Why a portfolio is so important and the four most important components if you want your clients to beblown away by it!A small psychological trick to involve your clients into the portfolio presentation.Why making a sales pitch is not a good idea and what is the best way to sell your servicesSix cheap and creative ways to advertise your business right now ... without any marketing skillsrequired!The most important tool in wedding photography marketing.How to purchase advertising space in such way that youll get the best results with as little costs aspossible.
  • 8. When to send an email or postcard to your clients so you wont turn them off ... (most photographerstend to send way too many cards or emails and they lose valuable referrals due to this)!Four additional crazy services you can offer at every wedding ... that almost no other photographer isoffering (and your clients will love it)!What to consider before pricing yourself and what is the perfect price for your level of expertise or skill.How to earn more by creating a "value package" instead of selling individual services ...Is lowering your prices a way to get your first client? The answer may surprise you ...How to make sure youll actually get paid and protect yourself from clients who will refuse to pay you.How to maximize the efficiency of your business so you can spend as much time photographing and lesstime in administrative tasks.Plus much, much more!Here are just a few examples of how other people succeeded using my books and mentorship:Cheers Nick!!!! Thank you so much for all the great tips you have given me for weddingphotography, I have shot a few weddings and have another coming in May!!! many of the tipsyou have given I have used before but many are new to me and I look forward to putting theminto practice soon...I do look forward to reading your news and get more confident in havingsome tricks up my sleeve to capture those special moments!!- MarieThanks for having sent all the digital wedding secrets in my mail. I have really appreciated forthe commitment shown so far.- Jamesyou have some great ideas which will really help ourbusinessHi nickMany thanks, by the way you have some great ideas which will really help our business- SandraHello Mr Nick,,im a photographer in my country,studio photographer, i want to be a wedding photographer so i
  • 9. am happy to get your email and read about the Digital Wedding Secrets but i want to tell you thatmy english language is not well so excuse me for it, i am trying for learning english day by day, ihave finished my photos diploma by New york Institute of Photography in my country saudiarabia ,but they did not teach me the lighting very well because we did not have the Equipmentnecessary to do that, so i am doing self learning for lighting by the internet tutorials, and i hopeto contact you to learn and take advantage. thank you very much sara- SARAYoure so right about planning for candid shots. The definition of luck ispreparation+opportunity. I find that shooting weddings is akin to sports photography. Start bybeing in the right place. Then constantly keep looking around.- Norm LevinThank you Nick. I appreciate you taking the extra effort to get this to me. I have a few weddingsbooked this year and it is great to have a check list to make sure I dont forget anything.- Deannathis is Russell. Thanks for the link for the book. By the info in the contents, it looks like a greatbook and I think just what Ive been looking for. Its 62 pages so after I get through it, Ill getback with you.- RussellI’ve helped tens of start-up and beginners photograph either improve their skills, get more clientsor both. And I know that some of them will be national known talents very soon, because they’veshown great potential.“Plus, you’ll get a Complete Wedding Photography Package… Risk Free!”All the tips and techniques you’ve just discovered are only the tip of the iceberg. When you’llopen your Digital Wedding Photography package, you’ll found inside six modules and twospecial bonuses, not found anywhere before.And maybe the most important trait of this program is that it won’t transform photographing intoa science. It will remain an art, an expression of something beautiful and you will act like it. Butjust like painting the Mona List required skills, so will you need to learn the skills to takebeautiful wedding photos.Mode of Payments:
  • 10. Payment may be sent thru BDO branches, SMART Padala, G-Cash, Unionbank EonCard, Western Union, LBC Express, Mlhulier, Cebuana lhuilier, Palawan Pawnshop,MoneyGram, etc..REASONS WHY YOU CAN TRUST CRISENCIO M. PANER- THE SELLER: Im a member of since 2009 with 40+(100%) positive feedback from myclients I’m actually a professor for 18 years now at University of Santo Tomas, Manila I’m a handicapped in wheelchair. Pls. click the link to watch the video about Prof. Cris Paner: OF PROF. CRISENCIO M. PANER (The Seller): Ph.D. in Biological Science (Candidate), UST M.S. in Microbiology, UST B.S. Biochemistry, UST Italian Government Scholar College Scholar Certificate in Education 10thPlacer Licensure Exams for Teachers (1998) 20 years of experience as a teacher (College, High School, Elementary) Expert in Internet, Computer (Software, Hardware, and Repair) Researcher and Blogger ( Art Restorer/Conservator ( Publication:Prime Journal of Microbiology Research KNOW MORE ABOUT ME, PLS. CLICK THE FF. LINKS:http://allaboutweightmanagement.blogspot.comhttp://thepregnancyplanner.blogspot.comhttp://cmpaner.blogspot.com