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Lgbt rights and issues in hong kong and the netherlands






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    Lgbt rights and issues in hong kong and the netherlands Lgbt rights and issues in hong kong and the netherlands Presentation Transcript

      • History of Homosexuality through pictures
      480 BCE Homosexuality in Europe French Bible Moralisee Early 13 th C 08027536 Lesigues Criselda
    • 1814- Napoleon's arch chancellor engaged in a not so innocent game with his servant An ivory dildo in 18 th C 1766 – Memoirs of a woman of pleasure 08027536 Lesigues Criselda
      • Desire and same sex intimacies in ancient China
      Qing Dynasty – two actors from the Peking Opera Love of the cut sleeve – early 17 th C Late Ming period – A young woman uses a dildo to please her lover 08027536 Lesigues Criselda
      • Origins of the term LGBT
      08027536 Lesigues Criselda
      • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
      • In use since the 1990s
      • Some prefer LGBTIQ (Q = Queer)
      • (I = Intersex)
    • Pride Flags Bi-sexual Transgender Bear’s gay community Gay leather community flag 08027536 Lesigues Criselda
      • About LGBT’s rights
      08027536 Lesigues Criselda
      • Universal Declaration of Human Rights does not explicitly mention sexual orientation or gender identity.
      • The Yogyakarta Principles on the Application of International Human Rights Law in Relation to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity developed in 2006.
    • About LGBT’s rights 08027536 Lesigues Criselda
      • Applying international human rights law to violations experienced by lesbians, gay men, bisexual and transgender people to ensure the universal reach of human rights protections.
      • 67 countries sponsored the UN declaration on sexual orientation and gender identity in 2008.
      • The Netherlands is the initiative .
    • About LGBT’s rights 08027536 Lesigues Criselda Denial of Basic Rights Execution by the state * Denial of marriage equality Denial of employment, housing or health services and education Loss of custody of children Denial of asylum Rape and otherwise torture in detention Threats for campaigning for LGBT human rights Discrimination based on identity Regular subjection to verbal abuse Arbitrary detention on grounds of identity or beliefs
    • Comparison between the LGBT rights in Netherlands and Hong Kong 07013817 Flora Yeung Hong Kong The Netherlands Decriminalization of homosexuality Since 1991 (Equal age consent since 2006) Since 1811 (Equal age consent since 1886, raised to 21 in 1911, abolished in 1971) Recognition of same-sex partnersh No Since 1997 Recognition of same-sex marriage No Since 1 st April, 2001 Same-sex adoption No Yes (with limitations) Military service Inapplicable Since 1973 Anti-discrimination laws No Yes Legal gender of transsexuals On ID card, not on birth certificate Recognized
    • Comparison between the LGBT rights in Netherlands and Hong Kong 07013817 Flora Yeung Hong Kong The Netherlands Equal rights regardless of sexual orientation Limited (e.g. Domestic and Cohabitation Relationships Violence Ordinance) Extensive (Equal Rights Law in 1993) First homosexual rights movement Hong Kong Ten Percent Club (early 1990s) Dutch chapter of the German Scientific-Humanitarian Committee (1912) First SRS In 1981 In 1960 (Legalized in 1982) LGBT youth movement No Jong & Out (2007) Governmental efforts in promoting LGBT rights Sexual Minorities Forum (2004) GISOU (2005) Grants for homosexual emancipation Schorer Foundation HomoMonument (1987) Gay Games (1998)
    • Opposition to LGBT rights 07013817 Flora Yeung Hong Kong The Netherlands Governmental & administrative bodies Broadcasting Authority ‘ Family Values’ Forum Religious organizations Society for Truth and Light New Century Association (orthodox) Protestant & Catholic groups Muslims Political parties No explicit expression Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) Indifference of the Left-wing parties Conventional social mores Family values Gender roles Patriarchy Others Royal House
      • Amsterdam is still one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world.
      • Organized since 1996
      • Every first weekend of August
      • Best gay party in Europe
      • The Canal Parade, street parties, grand closing street party held on Sunday around the town hall, Club nights, sport and films
      • Attracts a great deal of tourist
      Amsterdam Gay Pride 07013817 Flora Yeung
      • First held in Dec 2008
      • 1000 participants
      • Not a major event
      • Marched from Causeway Bay to Wan Chai
      • Parties at various bars in LKF
      • ‘ Celebrate Love’ & ‘Be proud! Be yourself!’
      • Experience difficulty in fund raising in 2010, suspended in 2010
      • The general public was mostly clueless about this event
      HK Pride Parade 07013817 Flora Yeung
      • Hong Kong Ten Percent Club
      • HORIZONS
      • Rainbow Action
      • Tongzhi Culture Society
      • 香港女同盟會 Women Coalition
      • Nutong Xueshe 女同學社
      • Gay Harmony
      • TEAM
      • Transgender Resources Center
      • Queer Sisters
      • Blessed Minority Christen Fellowship
      LGBT Organizations in HK 07013817 Flora Yeung
      • Center for Culture and Leisure (COC Nederland)
      • Schorer Foundation
      • Delftse Werkgroep Homoseksualiteit (DWH)
      • Transgender Netwerk Nederland
      • De Kringen (The Circles)
      • Nafar
      • Travesty & Transsexuality
      • Jong & Out (Young & Out)
      LGBT Organizations in the Netherlands 07013817 Flora Yeung
    • Transsexual Miss W 08027536 Lesigues Criselda
      • Sex reassignment surgery 5 years ago
      • Sex status on her ID card changed from M to F. But not on the birth certificate
      • M to F transsexuals cannot get married with a M
      • Existing laws only allow marriage between couples ( opposite sex at birth)
      • No shifted societal consensus in present-day HK regarding marriage to encompass a post-operative transsexual.
      • The case alone was not enough to bring about a fundamental change in the law.
      • Urge government to launch consultations on similar gender issues.