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Marketing audit

  1. 1. Marketing audit checklist100 question to help you undertand your company Knowledge shared by
  2. 2. The marketing audit is a fundamental part of the marketing planningprocess. It is conducted not only at the beginning of the process, butalso at a series of points during the implementation of the plan.The marketing audit considers both internal and external influenceson marketing planning, as well as a review of the plan itself. Knowledge shared by
  3. 3. The purpose of an audit is to:01 02 03 Determine what is Evaluate what is being Recommend what should currently being done done (is it working, etc) be done in the future Knowledge shared by
  4. 4. Questions about Marketing 01 Do you feel you are getting value for money from 07 Do you actively manage your brand, product your marketing budgets? or corporate identity? 02 Are you developing the new business 08 How effective do you feel your external opportunities as outlined in your business plan? communications are? Do you have any proof of this? 03 Do you actually have a business plan to compare with your results? 09 How effective do you feel your internal communications are? How satisfied are your customers Do you have any proof of this? - and do you have proof of this? 10 When did you last launch a new product? 05 What unique selling 11 Was the new product launch successful? propositions help you Do you have any proof of this? stand out from your 12 How effective do you feel your marketing is? marketplace? 13 Do you have a digital marketing strategy? Do you think it works? 06 Is your corporate or brand image consistent with your product or service, in the eyes of your customers? Knowledge shared by
  5. 5. Questions about Brand 14 Do you actively manage your brand, and how? 19 Would your customers miss it if it did not exist? 20 Have you extended the brand or product line? 15 What are your If not, could you do it? brand values, and 21 Are there any high-risk areas you should avoid? does your company live these values? 22 Do your brand/product promotions reinforce the How long has the brand/product been around? core values? 16 17 What is the estimated brand equity? 18 What does the brand mean in the eyes of your customers? Knowledge shared by
  6. 6. Questions about Business development 23 Are you developing new business from 31 How do you target new, potential key accounts? existing customers? 32 Do your customers know all the brands/products 24 Are you developing new business from you offer? new customers? 25 Are you developing new business from 33 How much do you invest new products? in business 26 Do you know what your customer retention development activities? rates are? 27 Do you have an definition for a good sale 34 What is the success rate of your business or customer? development efforts? 28 Do you set revenue targets? 35 Do you have a customer relationship management (or marketing) system? 29 Do you set profit targets? 36 Do you feel the CRM system is well implemented 30 How do you manage key accounts? and properly used? Knowledge shared by
  7. 7. Questions about Customer satisfaction Do you know how satisfied your customers are 44 Do you link any customer 37 with your products/ services? Do you have any proof of this? satisfaction feedback to 38 Do you operate a Customer Satisfaction Policy? your customer service 39 What do you see as the benefits of a Customer planning, new product Satisfaction Policy? development, and/or 40 Do you assess customer satisfaction? How do marketing strategy you do this? development? 41 To what level do you think you are meeting or exceeding customer expectations? 45 How do you detect problems customers may be experiencing with your company, brand or 42 Do you hold customer satisfaction reviews? products? 43 If you do, is there any internal resistance to customer satisfaction reviews? Knowledge shared by
  8. 8. Questions about Planning 46 How does your company approach the planning 50 Are the budgeting, business and customer service cycle? planning processes part of, or linked to the marketing planning procedure? 47 Is marketing planning included in this process? 51 How do you determine the marketing budget? 48 If yes, is the marketing planning process seen as a Does this procedure work well? positive management tool? 52 Do your marketing plans get monitored and evaluated? 49 Has the company set definitions and 53 How successful has the marketing planning process been? procedures for the 54 Do you feel that appropriate internal and external business and marketing information is available during the planning and planning processes? evaluation processes? Knowledge shared by
  9. 9. Questions about Positioning 55 Do you know where your brand / products are 59 Do you feel that you have identified all the aspects positioned? of competitive advantage your brand or product offers? 56 Do you have a clearly 60 Do you think you exploit this competitive developed marketing advantage correctly? positioning strategy? 61 Do you communicate these advantages actively, consistently and effectively? 62 Do you think the competitive advantages you 57 Do your customers clearly understand what your communicate can motivate your customers to company stands for? choose your product/brand over the competition? 58 Does your company, brand or product make a real difference in the marketplace? Knowledge shared by
  10. 10. Questions about Marketing operations 63 Do you know the capabilities and limitations of 70 How is customer feedback incorporated into your your marketers? If so, how? marketing plans, service improvements and marketing communications activities? 64 Do you understand your market dynamics? 65 Do you have any proof of the market evolution? 71 Have your clearly defined the markets you want to Who are your competitors? develop or serve? 66 67 What are the differences between your products/ services and branding and those of your 72 How systematically do you approach the market competitors? entry / support strategies? 68 Do you have a clear set of business objectives 73 Do you measure the return on investment and shorter term goals? provided by your marketing activities? 69 If yes, do your marketing objectives support this? Knowledge shared by
  11. 11. Questions about New product development How do you develop new products or services? 80 Do you link new product 74 75 How long does development normally take? development to your 76 How many successful new products/services did business and marketing you introduce in the last year? strategies? 77 Are feasibility and investment criteria set for new How do you do this? product assessment? 78 Do you employ and evaluate launch plans for new 81 How are new product/service ideas encouraged products/services? and captured? 79 Is your product portfolio managed centrally or locally? Knowledge shared by
  12. 12. Questions about Change management 82 If your company ceased to exist, would the world 86 What sort of organisation is it, and is it good at lose out? what it does? 83 What is the companys purpose? 87 What skills set the company apart? 84 What is important when 88 Do you think the company could become supremely good at one thing? adding value to the 89 Do you achieve your goals through cooperation or community/market? collaboration? 90 Do you have a change management policy? 85 What is your corporate focus and do you have any 91 If so, do you fell that it is a long-term policy? community goals? Knowledge shared by
  13. 13. Questions about Corporate brand Product identity or 92 Do you actively manage your corporate, brand or 96 Does your board actively support the identity, and product identity? How do you do this? manage it? 97 Have you extended your 93 Are your marketing and corporate communications materials consistent with this identity, and immediately recognisable as belonging to your identity to digital media? business? 94 Do you feel that the identity works? 98 Do you feel that this has worked in the new 95 Does your identity portray the correct image? medium? 96 Are the benefits of having and living with a corporate, brand or product identity understood throughout the company? Knowledge shared by
  14. 14. Questions about You 99 Are you confident about the future of your company, brand or products? 100 Would you like to know more? Or simply want a second opinion Contact us. Cris Anthony Hödar CEO and Partner email: Mobile (+45) 28 262 851 Knowledge shared by