Think as a Corporate University | The Branding Approach


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"Think as a Corporate University" is a journey that departs from actual trends, shows us the new challenges of both CLO as well as her/his Team, and arrives to the pillars needed to build a succesful and meaningful learning experience.

This presentation stresses the importance of building the Corporate University driven by the corporate behavioral values synthetized in the brand.

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Think as a Corporate University | The Branding Approach

  1. 1. Think as aCorporateUniversity The Branding Approach Roberta Larocca & Cristián Saracco September 2012
  2. 2. 120911_VUCA_RL 1
  3. 3. Agenda Ahead CLO: Learning Team: Corporate of trends The new role The beginning University: Pillars 120911_VUCA_RL 2
  4. 4. Sub-Agenda Corporate University Corporate Social Responsibility Next Management VUCA 120911_VUCA_RL 3
  5. 5. The current world is… Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous 120911_VUCA_RL 4
  6. 6. Volatile• Rapid technological change• Increasing global interconnections• Climate change• Population growth and global age• Income disparities 120911_VUCA_RL 5
  7. 7. Uncertain• Low-probability but large-impact events• Extreme weather conditions – Floods – Earthquakes• Rapid political shifts• Infrastructure failures – Fukushima 120911_VUCA_RL 6
  8. 8. ComplexThree Generations together• Baby Boomers• Gen X• Millennials 120911_VUCA_RL 7
  9. 9. Ambiguous 120911_VUCA_RL 8
  10. 10. A personal answerResiliency • The ability to rapidly reconfigure resources in response to unpredictable events. • Organizations and individuals must accept uncertainty as inevitable and develop strategies for resiliency Keep moving 120911_VUCA_RL 9
  11. 11. Sub-Agenda Corporate University Corporate Social Responsibility Next Management VUCA 120911_VUCA_RL 10
  12. 12. An organizationalanswerChange your mind Focusing on what’s important rather than what’s simply new 120911_VUCA_RL 11
  13. 13. An organizational answer. Cont’ Change your mindFrom To • AEIOU (Anticipate, Execute, Observe… Innovate, be Unique) • A continuous process of sensing and rapid response • Build platforms for capturing signals from theTraditional strategic external environment and within theplanning that happens organizationat specified times • Create capacity for filtering and pattern recognition (sense-making) Best tools: weave together human and machine intelligence and allow for amplification of both 120911_VUCA_RL 12
  14. 14. An organizationalAnswer. Cont’Next Management• Thinking & Doing are together• Work, learning & Innovation are together• People, teams, organizations: Everybody has to learn Changes! 120911_VUCA_RL 13
  15. 15. Next ManagementNew Learning• Tomorrow’s managers will need the foresight to identify where they are going while remaining flexible about how they get there• Clarity about purpose, method and desired end state of a situationThere is a desperate need forbetter global leaders tonavigate all the complex andambiguous challenges that lieahead 120911_VUCA_RL 14
  16. 16. Next Management. Cont’From To• From building for strength • To building for resiliency• From institutional • To decentralized production• From offshoring • To global task arbitrage• From stand-alones • To new human-machine symbiosis• From data-poor • To data-rich environments• From face to face • To peer to peer• From simple • To high-resolution identity• From tangible • To intangible 120911_VUCA_RL 15
  17. 17. Sub-Agenda Corporate University Corporate Social Responsibility Next Management VUCA 120911_VUCA_RL 16
  18. 18. Corporate ResponsibilityWhy now? • There is a crisis of confidence that must be recovered. • We are going out of financial economics and entering the intangible economy and reputation, which makes its way back to the long term • Know How • Reduce uncertainty • Protects • From influence to persuasion • Identity (brand, experience & meaning), membership and reputation 120911_VUCA_RL 17
  19. 19. ¿Is there a link betweenRSC and Learning? V U Corporate C University A 120911_VUCA_RL 18
  20. 20. Sub-Agenda Corporate University Corporate Social Responsibility Next Management VUCA 120911_VUCA_RL 19
  21. 21. Learning& DevelopmentThe connection The best companies to work for are in part because of their values A companys climate is half of its results Learn to manage intangibles 120911_VUCA_RL 20
  22. 22. 21
  23. 23. Learning isthe first change“At the beginning of a changeinitiative [we ask], ‘What is itgoing to take to get employeesready for these changes?’And nine out of 10 of our clientsare going to say we need tohave some learning activities.” Holly Miller Senior Consultant Towers WatsonTraining: accept new ideas,techniques and skills 120911_VUCA_RL 22
  24. 24. Agenda Ahead CLO: Learning Team: Corporate of trends The new role The beginning University: Pillars 120911_VUCA_RL 23
  25. 25. Leader’s answerAnticipation skillsVisionUnderstandingClarityAgilityInnovate & makethe most ofopportunities 120911_VUCA_RL 24
  26. 26. VUCA WorldAnticipateThe Towers Watson study identifiessix areas or skills, that everyorganizations needs to get changemanagement right1. Leading2. Communicating3. Learning4. Measuring “Our success is to have5. Involving things ready before6. Sustaining anybody asks for them” Xavier Coll Director HRH. Miller said organizational learning Caixabank, Spainis at the heart of many of these areas 120911_VUCA_RL 25
  27. 27. Who can guide? 120911_VUCA_RL 26
  28. 28. The changing roleof the CLO• CLO must be a business person first, combining business & L&D skills• Driven by the need for organizations to be as effective and efficient as possible• Goals have to include – “Hard” (e.g.: 10% increase in sales) – “Soft” (e.g.: better leadership and higher employee engagement) 120911_VUCA_RL 27
  29. 29. The changing role. Cont’ of the CLO• CLO is under a increasingly internal & external pressure to deliver results – Effective and targeted programs – Deliver the promised results effectively 120911_VUCA_RL 28
  30. 30. “When you think about theCLO strategy for learning andas Chief Change Officer development, the CLO’s job is going to be to make sure we’re helping leaders see where their strengths are and then helping create the skills and development opportunities to grow those leaders to where they need to be to manage the change.” Doug Upchurch Insights
  31. 31. CLO Personality• Visionary• Strategic Alliance Architect• Master of Communication• Relationship Engineer• Extreme Innovator• Performance Consultant 120911_VUCA_RL 30
  32. 32. Agenda Ahead CLO: Learning Team: Corporate of trends The new role The beginning University: Pillars 120911_VUCA_RL 31
  33. 33. Learning for VUCA’s Workforce Globalization Complexity Shorter shelf life of knowledge Increased competition Emerging trends Different generations in the workforce Uncertainty Fuel the need for People expects the constant organization reskilling to continuously build the capabilities that help and up-skilling them on the cuttingof the workforce edge of their profession 120911_VUCA_RL 32
  34. 34. Skillsfor the futureworkplace • Sense making • Social intelligence • Novel & Adaptive thinking • Cross cultural competency • Computational thinking • New media literacy • Transdisciplinarity • Design mindset • Cognitive load management • Virtual collaboration 120911_VUCA_RL 33
  35. 35. ConfidenceCirclesIn-Out Society No client Client Employee 120911_VUCA_RL 34
  36. 36. Global leadership begins with learning professionals “Those of us who are managing learning functions must help leaders perform tasks that are required today, yet equip people to cope with ambiguity and perform what will be needed tomorrowWe need to collaborate with other disciplines to create leadership models and training tools that will equip global leaders to master new challenges We also need to step up as global leaders ourselves” Katherine Holt Kyoko Seki
  37. 37. Learning TeamsFour Changes 1. Cultivate «being» 2. Multicultural effectiveness 3. Appreciate individual uniqueness in the context of cultural differences 4. Becoming adept at managing paradoxes 120911_VUCA_RL 36
  38. 38. ManagingParadoxes1. Strategic & Operational2. Taking charge & Empowering3. Results & Relationships4. Listening & Expressing5. Global & Local6. Common Group & Uniqueness7. Open mind & Decisiveness8. Consistency & Versatility9. Humility & Confidence10. Doing & Being 120911_VUCA_RL 37
  39. 39. FacingChallenges Managing Improving Managing leadership talent flexibility and labor costs development Improving performance management & rewards Enhancing Transforming HR Future Importance employee into a strategic engagement partner Improving On-boarding & employer retention of new hires branding Delivering on Measuring recruiting workforce performance Becoming a learning Need to act organization Managing CSR Mastering HR processes Managing change & cultural Recruiting the transformation organization Managing work- life balanceSource: BCG/EAPM 2011 Current Capability 120911_VUCA_RL 38
  40. 40. Agenda Ahead CLO: Learning Team: Corporate of trends The new role The beginning University: Pillars 120911_VUCA_RL 39
  41. 41. Based onSeven Pillars1. Strategy setting 5. Curriculum2. Project planning 6. Learning programs & support3. Branding 7. Assessment and4. Infrastructure accreditation 120911_VUCA_RL 40
  42. 42. Attaining itsValue ChainContribution Model Global Citizen Industry Organization Learning &Leadership Commitment Development 120911_VUCA_RL 41
  43. 43. Looking for Business impact EfficientMeasure Execute• Cultural • Program design outcomes & delivery• Business Efficacious • Operations outcomes • Partnerships• Personal outcomes Organize • Technology &Align infrastructure• Capability • Governance & planning structure• Strategy • Branding integration• Performance consulting 120911_VUCA_RL 42
  44. 44. Measuringthe created value • Increase application • Reach more leaders • Solve problems faster 120911_VUCA_RL 43
  45. 45. Brand Is a catalystthat builds meaningful relationships in the minds of the audience by appealing to identity 120911_VUCA_RL 44
  46. 46. Brand reduces uncertaintiesgenerating attraction by association 120911_VUCA_RL 45
  47. 47. Brand experiencegoes beyond the brand Dream Know Brand Communication Place Wish Talk FeelInteractivity Asynchronous Share Brand Experience Decide ParticipateUsefulness Service Ask Modify Enjoy Value Availability Belong Tailor-made Come back
  48. 48. It has to givea meaningto be relevant & unique 120911_VUCA_RL 47
  49. 49. AEIOUto give a meaning • Anticipate what it’s coming • Execute with simplicity and effectiveness • Observe what’s happening inside and outside your company • Get into an Innovation continuous process • Do it right, and become Unique 120911_VUCA_RL 48
  50. 50. Balance is the key Inbound& Outbound Offline your area & Online of influence 120911_VUCA_RL 49
  51. 51. • Learning team experience Participants experienceDialogues • • Professor experiencebuild the balance • Business experience • Strategic alliances experience 120911_VUCA_RL 50
  52. 52. Corporate University& BrandThe UC exists to serve corporateidentity and business strategies• In charge of accompanying changes• Place and time where you can learn about the organization, business, culture, challenges & projects• Accompanies the transformation• Shapes a common vision to address the environmentIt is a guide and an accelerator 120911_VUCA_RL 51
  53. 53. Brand& Corporate University The brand exists to serve corporate identity and business strategies • Accompanies the transformation • Shapes and drives a common vision to address the environment It is a guide and an accelerator 120911_VUCA_RL 52
  54. 54. …consumers say 71% of they buy brandsChinese… that make them look successful …and a Learning Brand can dress you up beto successful 120911_VUCA_RL 53
  55. 55. Help them grow! 120911_VUCA_RL 54
  56. 56. “And together, develop the forces in charge of finding solutions” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Build good links that allow work together, face challenges together and offer shelter Thus, it’s easier to be flexible and accept the unknown Starting to learn and adding in the way whatever is necessary, may be a strategy in itself 120911_VUCA_RL 55
  57. 57. Thank you! Roberta Larocca Cristián Saracco Founding Partner Founding Partner For more info: