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Movie analysis

  1. 1. Republic of the Philippines Bulacan Agricultural State College San Ildefonso, Bulacan PROJECT IN ENGLISH 144SPEECH AND STAGE ARTSSUBMITTED BY: Ray Rudolf M. Pastrana BSE III – English SUBMITTED TO: Mr. Herbert Anthony V. Roberto
  2. 2. EVALUATING A PLAYTheme 1. Is it fundamental idea underlying the play true or false in its concept of life? TRUE, because the theme of the play showed the basic or fundamental ideas to interpret easily. 2. Does seeing the play add something positive to your understanding and experience? YES, it really gives me a lot of positive idea which might appear in my real life situation. 3. Is the theme consistent with the setting, plot, and characters presented in the play? YES, the play which entitled “The Fake” the theme was so emphasized and highlighted from the beginning up to the end of the play.Plot 1. Does the play have a clear-cut sequence of events? YES, every sequence is very clear and understandable with a smooth transition of thought. 2. Does it rise to a strong climax? YES, the performer acted with a strong feelings and emotions when it turns to strong climax. 3. Does the suspense hold until the end? NOT REALLY, because there is a mix of emotions in the play. 4. Was the play emotionally stirring? YES, there is a collaboration or combination of emotion regarding to difficult role of performers. 5. Are you satisfied by the final outcome? NO, because the second play, it played with un-ended story that indicates a continuation of the strong.
  3. 3. Characterization 1. Are the characters true to life? YES, the actors and actresses did their best to make the story realistic. 2. Do the characters seem to fit into social and geographical background of the play? YES, they act professionally and they are really fit into social and geographical background. 3. Do they definitely arouse feelings as sympathy, affection, amusement, disgust, admiration, or hatred on the part of the audience? As an audience, yes I am so happy and enjoyed. I really appreciate the feelings that the story expressed. 4. Are the characters’ actions in keeping with their motives? YES, the way that the performers act, they absolutely obtain their motives because of the enjoyment of the audience. 5. Are the situations at the climax and conclusions the result of their inherent natures? YES, the result of the climax and conclusion are in smooth flow of thought.Style 1. Is the dialogue brilliant and entertaining in itself? Yes, they used humorous and fruitful words to entertain the audience. 2. Is the dialogue consistent with the characters and setting? YES, there is a consistency of dialogue from the characters specially “Sis. Emily” and “Lobo” they are really consistent for me among other performers. 3. Is the dialogue an end in itself, or is it an adequate means of plot advancement and characterization? YES, the dialogue an end in itself, the way that the performers pronounced and execute the dialogue, there is a plot advancement and characterization in that play.
  4. 4. 4. After seeing the play, do you remember the lines because of their significance or beauty? YES, the more that the lines become humorous and enthusiastic, it really inculcated on my mind. 5. Is the power of expression worthy of the ideas expressed? YES, the power of expression is really worthy because of comprehension and understandable ideas expressed. 6. Do sound, electronic effects and staging take the place of words? The integration of sounds, effect and staging together with the words are in good blending and compatible to each sequence of the play.Acting 1. Is the interpretation of any given role correct from the standpoint of the play itself? Like what was said in the first part, the way they execute the word, the correct pronunciation, articulation and blending of feelings together with the word are totally correct. 2. Does the actor make the character a living individual? YES, the actor acted a living individual or expressed an enthusiastic act. 3. Are you conscious of the methods of getting effects? YES, when I’m watching the play I’m also observing and concern about the electronic and special effect specially the perfume and falling off rose to the stage. 4. Does the actor grip you emotionally? Do you weep, laugh, suffer, and exult? SOMETIMES, the actor make the audience laugh and gave real emotions. 5. Is the actor’s voice pleasing? The actor’s voice is pleasing and powerful that makes the play alive. 6. Does the actor have a magnetic charm? YES, in some aspect the way that they performed they role.
  5. 5. 7. Is use of dialect correct in every detail? I think YES, because the characters have spoken Visayan dialect to become naturalistic in the play. 8. Does the actor keep in character depicted or as himself or herself? The actors always keep their character up to the last part of the play. 9. Does the actor apparently cooperate with actors, director, and the author in interpreting the play by knowing lines, helping to focus the attention on the center of interest, and becoming one with the role? YES, the levels of cooperation are very high and the main actor acted professionally with other actors. 10. Does the actor become an acceptance part of the style of the production? YES, the actor gave a unique and a fruitful flavor to the style of the play.Staging 1. Is the setting in keeping with the play itself? The setting at first is unpleasant but when the play started, the performer gave a great impact on the stage. 2. Is it beautiful and artistic in itself? NOT REALLY, because it is very small place and has a limited props. 3. Is the setting conducive to the proper emotional reaction to the play? YES, it is quite conducive in the proper emotional reaction to the play. 4. Are the costumes and properties in harmony with the background? YES, since the costumes are very unusual and naturalistic, it is compatible with the staging and theme of the play. 5. Does the setting add to or detract from enjoyment of the play? NOT, because the setting is very common to the audience and it gives a lower point in the overall play.
  6. 6. 6. Is the interest centered on the total effect or on the details? YES, the levels of interest are in the highest level together with the effects.Audience Reaction 1. Is the audience attentive, involved, or restless during the performance? YES, some of the audiences like me are very attentive and exciting about the next performance. 2. Is there a definite response of tears, laughter, or applause? YES, when Sis. Emily cried, the audiences are emotional and when “Lobo” execute, some humorous words the audience tend to be happy after the play. They really expressed their feelings by means of clap and sometimes shouting if the audiences are really enjoyed. 3. Is there an immediate appreciation of clever lines, dramatic situations, and skillful acting? As an audience like me, at first I didn’t understand the flow of story but at the middle part, that’s the time that I understand the story of the play and some of the audience has a low level of appreciation of the play. 4. Is the applause spontaneous and wholehearted, or is it merely polite? The applause is merely polite and that applause is being heard after every play in act. 5. To what types of people does the play seem to appeal? The play is more appropriate to those people who have a high appreciation and high concept of mind in watching and evaluating the play.