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HS English 3 lesson-King arthur and Odyssey movie review
HS English 3 lesson-King arthur and Odyssey movie review
HS English 3 lesson-King arthur and Odyssey movie review
HS English 3 lesson-King arthur and Odyssey movie review
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HS English 3 lesson-King arthur and Odyssey movie review


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  • 1. King Arthur (2004 Movie by Antoine Fuqua and Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Films)Setting: Britain, During the end of Roman rule,467 A.DCharacters: Clive Owen as King Arthur Keira Knightley as Guinevere Ioan Gruffudd as Lancelot Mads Mikkelsen as Tristan Joel Edgerton as Gawain Hugh Dancy as Galahad Ray Winstone as Bors the Younger Ray Stevenson as Dagonet Stephen Dillane as Merlin Ivano Marescotti as Bishop Germanus Ken Stott as Marius Honorius Lorenzo De Angelis as Alecto Mania Johnny Brennan as LucanPlot: The movie portrays Arthur as a Roman cavalry officer who was born to a Roman father and a Celt or woad mother. At the start of the film, Arthur and his men were expecting discharge from the Roman empire for guarding the Hadrian wall against the woads. But instead of getting their wish , they were tasked by Bishop Germanus to a mission to save Marius Honorius’ family from capture by the Saxons. His son Alecto, is the Pope’s most favorite godson. In this regard, Arthur talked to Marius regarding his mission but later, he found out that marius was a cruel master to his woad servants who are speaking for god in the person of a woad woman named Guinevere. Athur then revealed his personality of being a half-celt to Guinevere which gave her an idea of bringing him to meet her father and the leader of the woads, Merlin. At first, he thought he was betrayed by Guinevere but later, he was convinced by Merlin that the woads does not really mean what happened to his mother who died in an attack of the woads. The scenes also showed that the Excalibur, Arthur’s legendary sword is actually a sword of his father which he used to save his mother from a fire. Along their route, Marius was killed by Guinevere when he forced a standoff against his own soldiers taking the woad boy Lucan as a hostage. When Arthur returned to Rome, they have learned the execution of Bishop Pelagius, a symbol of morality to his men. Bishop Germanus. With this, Arthur and his men chose to forsake the Roman empire. After this, Tristan reported about the attack of the Saxons. They encountered the Saxons in a battle in which they were outnumbered. However, they managed to win because of Dagonet’s heroic act of breaking the Ice-covered lake with an axe which killed many Saxons. Just after these, they forsake roman citizenship and made alliance with the woads. What followed is “ the battle of Badon hill” wherein they emered victorious. The movie ended with Arthur’s proclamation as King and his marriage with Guinevere.
  • 2. Conflict: Man vs. Man- It is shown with the different battles shown in the movie such as his battles with the woads and the Saxons. It could also tackle Bishop Germanus’ accusation against Bishop Pelagius.Point of view: The movie is presented on a third person point of view as scenes were presented with a persona outside the scenes of the movie.As a critic… Unlike the other Arthurian movies, this movie presents another view of the legend of King Arthur. Scenes are actually more related to historical facts rather than the mythical beliefs shown on other Arthurian movies. The movie presents other scenes different from the usual presentation of the myth. For example, The Excalibur was presented as his father’s sword contrary to beliefs that it was unsheathed from a rock. Furthermore, Arthur became King not through taking the sword out of a rock but rebelling forsking roman citizenship.
  • 3. The Odyssey {1997 Movie directed by Andrey Konchalovskiy (as Andrei Konchalovsky) }Setting: Ancient Greece , during the era of gods and heroes.Characters:Armand Assante as Odysseus Marius Combo as AgelausGreta Scacchi as Penelope Alan Cox as ElpenorIsabella Rossellini as Athena Will Houston as AnticlusBernadette Peters as Circe Oded Levy as LeocritesEric Roberts as Eurymachus Peter Page as PhilotusIrene Papas as Anticlea Michael J. Pollard as AeolusJeroen Krabbé as Alcinous Alan Stenson as TelemachusGeraldine Chaplin as Eurycleia Stuart Thomspon as AntiphusChristopher Lee as Tiresias Tony Vogel as EumaeusVanessa L. Williams as Calypso Heathcote Williams as LaocoönNicholas Clay as Menelaus Michael Tezcan as EurylochusAdoni Anastassopoulos as Perimides Richard Trewett as AchillesPaloma Baeza as Melanthe Yorgo Voyagis as King AgamemnonRon Cook as Eurybates Peter Woodthorpe as MentorReid Asato as Polyphemus Derek Lea as HectorDavid Barclay as Polyphemus (face Freddy Douglas as Hermesoperator) Miles Anderson as Poseidon (voice)Mark Hill as Orsilicus Alan Smithie as King PriamPat Kelman as Elatus Vernon Dobtcheff as AegyptusVincenzo Nicoli as Antinous Joshua Maguire as Young TelemachusSally Plumb as Arete (Queen Alcinous) Kresimir Novakovic as Phoenecian SailorRoger Ashton-Griffiths as Polites Max Oddball as Greek JugglerKatie Carr as NausicaaPlot: Odysseus ,the king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Ithaca, is called to fight in theTrojan War right after the birth of his son Telemachus much to the dismay of his wife QueenPenelope. Odysseus is fearful that he may not return, and tells Penelope that they should marryanother man by the time Telemachus is a man if he does not return. The war took up a longtime lasting for ten years, during which Greeces best soldier, Achilles, is killed and they tookrevenge for him by using a giant wooden horse to sneak inside and destroy the city of Troy.Laocoön tries to warn the Trojans of a vision revolving around this, but is suddenly devoured bya sea monster. On the way back, Odysseus ego gets the best of him and he tells the Gods that hedid it himself, which angers Poseidon to the point where the god promised to make his returnhome nearly impossible even mentioning that he was the one who sent that sea monster todevour Laocoön. However, Odysseus is smart and quick, and may end up getting home after all.Odysseus ends up on an island where King Aeolus ends up providing him with a bag of wind tohelp him home and to open it when he gets close to Ithaca. One of his men,due to greed open itand releasing the storm like winds. Next, they wind up on the island of Circe, a beautiful witch
  • 4. who turns his men into animals and blackmails him into sleeping with her. Odysseus fell toCirces magic which he got from Hermes. She told him that the Underworld is where to go next,and only then does Odysseus realize that he has actually been tricked by Circe, who put a spellon him so he actually stayed on the island for five years. She informs him that there are multiplesuitors planning to marry Penelope for her money and power. Odysseus ends up on the island where Calypso lives and ends up stuck there for years.Meanwhile, Odysseus now 15-year-old son Telemachus tries to find his father and is told byAthena to seek out one of his comrades who fought with him. When Telemachus does find oneof Odysseus warrors, he learned that they are clueless of what happened to Odysseus. When it comes to the last year, Hermes arrived and ended up telling Calypso to releaseOdysseus and she provides him with a raft to get to Ithaca. Another storm causes problems forOdysseus as he shouts toward Poseidon. Poseidon ends up reminding Odysseus about what hesaid the day he left Troy. The next morning, Odysseus washes ashore and is found by somePhaeacians girls. Upon awakening the next morning, he finds himself on Ithica where he ends upreuniting with Telemachus. Using a peasant disguise provided by Athena, Odysseus meets upwith Penelope where she decides to hold a contest which involves the person who can stringOdysseus bow. After Odysseus wins the contest, Athena sheds his disguise and Odysseus isassisted by Telemachus into slaying the suitors. Once the suitors are dead, Odysseus reuniteswith Penelope and they lived happily ever after..Conflict: 1. Man vs. Man- It is shown with the different battles shown in the movie such as his battles with the Trojans as well as his battle with those who wants to marry his wife and use her power and wealth. 2. Man vs. Supernatural-It was shown through the scenes of Odysseus’ capture from the witch Circe and the Goddess Calypso. The conflicts best show how the main character suffered from such challenges leading him to be away from his family for nearly twenty years. It is also shown as he was facing the waves sent by the god of the sea Poseidon which led him to be away from his kingdom.Point of view: The movie is presented on a third person point of view as scenes were presented with a persona outside the scenes of the movie.As a critic… As a critic, I could personally say that the movie is worth watching and entertaining. It does not only entertain with all the effects but also inform and imparts a piece of knowledge regarding the Greek mythology and the beliefs of the ancient Greeks.