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  • TAG strategies were decided by own TAG children.


  • 1. Adaptive/Assistive Technology
    By: Chrissy Jarvis
    EDTECH 542
  • 2. Cognitive Difficulties
    Technology Strategy
    Wizcom – A portable learning pen that students can use to assist them to read and follow along. This pen helps students with dyslexia and other reading difficulties and increases fluency, autonomy, and comprehension.
    Text-to-speech program – Online programs such as Blabberize or Oddcast text-to-speech functions allow students to upload pictures, record text-to-speech, and create a presentation. This helps students with communication difficulties, writing difficulties, repetition, and fluency.
    iPod App Strategy
    Model Me going places – This app helps students learn social skills, and navigating places all through demonstrated model behavior. This app can aids students with Autism, social, and learning behaviors to understand correct behaviors.
    Proloquo2Go– A full featured app that is an alternative communication system for students that have difficulty speaking – all in a non-tethered device.
  • 3. Physical Difficulties
    Technology Strategy
    Quick Glance – A mouse replacement system for students with hand mobility issues. The device uses infraredillumination for mouse access. The mouse moves just by looking at the area, and with a blink of the eye, the mouse clicks.
    Dragon Naturally Speaking – A software program that is text-to-speech and speech-to-text providing students with physical disabilities the ability to quickly communicate or write.
    iPod App Strategy
    Thumb Tack – The iPod thumb tack is an external microphone that plugs into the speaker port. This device provides the physically disabled students the ability to record class lectures, dictations, or class projects.
    Pogo Stylus – This device enables students with motor disabilities to accurately click on different apps or functions. This stylus can be used as a mouth stick or an adaptable head pointer also.
  • 4. Sensory Difficulties
    Technology Strategy
    Job Access with Speech (JAWS) – A text magnification program for blind or visually impaired students. It allows students to magnify text and create custom scripts for all technologies.
    ZoomText Magnifier/Reader – Zooms text for visually impaired, but also provides audio so hearing impaired, or those with multiple sensory difficulties can magnify and hear all applications.
    iPod App Strategy
    Dual Digital Zoom – A magnifier application to read small characters. A student can also freeze and save the magnified image/text. There are also magnification choices.
    SoundAMP - An amplifier for hearing impaired students. The app will amplify sounds through ear buds, making sounds clear and proper volume levels. Also has a recording capability which lets the student listen to lessons later at their needed listening level.
  • 5. At-Risk Students
    Technology Strategy
    Faronics– This product enables the teacher to take total control of student computers. At risk students often have trouble concentrating and staying on task. This product also allows students to message or screen share with teachers without leaving their desk.
    Webspiration– This program allows students to organize their thoughts, create an outline, and collaborate with other students. This will help at-risk students stay organized and on task, while transforming their own learning.
    iPod App Strategy
    Evernote - An organization app that allows students to create and organize notes however they like. They have the ability to choose favorite and recover notes from the trash. They can also easily search and tag for future needs. This app can help at-risk students organize and simplify their thoughts at any moment.
    Organize – This app provides at-risk students the ability to create tasks, capture audio or images, and manage their schedule. It also has to-do lists so these students can stay on task with school work.
  • 6. Gifted and Talented Students
    Technology Strategy
    Storybird– A site where students create books, showcase and publish their creative writings. They are able to read and also collaborate with other TAG students. This site also has a vote feature where students can assess other books and vote for the best ones.
    Rainforest Math – An interactive math website where students can work through math problems, collaborate, and compete in ‘mathletics’. This program helps TAG students use higher level thinking to complete problems.
    iPod App Strategy
    TrainyardExpress - This app is a strategy game where students decide on routes of trains to proper stations. There are different color trains, obstacles, and cross tracks that must be overcome. This game provides TAG students with strategy, higher level thinking, and problem solving tasks.
    Goodreads– This app provides TAG students to track books they’ve read, write reviews, explore different authors, genres, or titles. They can also compose their own creative writings.
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