Canadian Criminal Record Checks


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Get your certified criminal record report quickly and easy with Pardon Applications of Canada’s record check service.

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Canadian Criminal Record Checks

  1. 1. Know More about Canadian Criminal Record ChecksNo matter what is your stature, one thing is sure that there are certainconditions when it becomes obligatory to get your background checked by acredible agency. Unfortunately if you are a person with a criminalbackground, you can be denied so many opportunities includingemployment, travel, immigration, education, child custody, apartment rental andmany others. In case you have Canadian pardon, it would be to signify that yourcriminal record is sealed and no one from Canada would be able to view itwithout permission of the Minister responsible for Public Safety.If you are planning to travel out side Canada and unfortunately have criminalback ground, it is going to be ultimately risky for you. If you leave the country, itcould be very challenging for your freedom. There are few countries which don’tallow you to travel with a criminal record irrespective of criminal record check.
  2. 2. In several areas in Canada, people have become more concerned about criminalbackgrounds and it is obligatory to have a police criminal record check. Anindividual can get a local police records check from ones local or provincial policedetachment. Pardon Applications of Canada is the name which eases all yourworries regarding Canadian criminal record check.What are the situations which demand for a Criminal Record Check?There are several conditions for which a criminal record check is required, fewmost important ones are: Employment: If you are looking for a job, a criminal record check would be veryimportant for you as several boards of education, private companies andgovernment departments and agencies and police force need this compulsorily
  3. 3.  Travel: You are required to have this kind of record check in order to get thevisas and US waivers, and to cross the border Child adoption: In case you are willing to adopt a baby, a criminal record checkbecomes very important Volunteer work: You cannot even become part of a volunteer team without acriminal record report in many circumstances especially if you are intending towork with children and senior citizen Applications for immigration to Canada or for other citizenship applications To seek residence in other countries: Any country would like to do properbackground check of those who are coming to live with them Changing your name: a proper background check is required before you decideto change your name
  4. 4. The correct procedure of Criminal Record CheckWhatever is the reason of criminal record check, but one thing is common for allsuch tests, that is right procedure which includes the following components: Complete Fingerprints: Which can be available either from a police service or ARCMP fingerprinting service which is accredited and credible The reason for record check: it can be anything from above mentioned ones Personal Information: this includes your full legal name, sex, mailing address,date of birth, phone number, fax number and e mail address
  5. 5. How PAC helps you?PAC i.e. Pardon Applications of Canada is a Canada based firm which isresponsible for Pardon & U.S. Waiver application processing. This firm serves somany citizens of Canada for clearing of their criminal records and secures theirUS travel. Pardon Applications of Canada are front runners in this industry andare experts in their field. They ensure that there is no loss of any time in theprocess of completion of complex steps of even a single application. PAC makessure that they offer honest and upfront communication at all the steps of everyapplication.As far as client service and support is concerned, Pardon Applications ofCanada provides support to their customers through phone, e mail as well aswebsite log in support so that each and every individual who has applied iscompletely aware of the current and future status of each application.
  6. 6. They know their job well and are masters when it comes to delivering withprecision. What is the reason to get worried for criminal record check when PACis present with full dedication and support to help you? If you are interested inknowing more about them, please click the link:
  7. 7. Thank You!