Conga: A World Without Strangers

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Conga's advanced mathematical models operate on millions of data to understand the social behavior of people, producing accurate and scalable predictions of social fit.

Conga's advanced mathematical models operate on millions of data to understand the social behavior of people, producing accurate and scalable predictions of social fit.

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  • 1. Imagine a world without strangers. Social Relevance as a Service
  • 2. 2 Conga is 1. A social discovery platform 2. Hard science in action 3. A platform for the future 4. For multiple markets and uses 5. A world-class team of innovators
  • 3. 3 If you have these questions:
  • 4. 4 100 people in a room. 100 new company hires. 100 news feed articles. 50 potential partners. 10 remaining seats. 20 available hotels. 50 qualified candidates. Conga has
  • 5. 5 Whom should I meet? Whom should I get to know? Which articles should I read? Which partner should I choose? Which seat should I reserve? Which hotel should I book? Whom should I interview? the answers.
  • 6. 6 Before Conga ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  • 7. 7 After Conga Conga's personalized social relevance platform acts as a trusted facilitator between people who have never met, and offers a means to find new, relevant people, products, services, or content.
  • 8. 8 Conga “predicts the click” between people or groups of people. Conga models existing social con-nections to predict future ones. Conga is a cloud-based platform.
  • 9. 9 Conga's patent-pending machine learning algorithms identify patterns in an individual’s social connections using pre-existing social data. Once identified, Conga uses these patterns to accurately predict new, highly relevant social connections. Conga's science goes far beyond simple techniques like comparing shared connections or shared interests. Conga learns what makes an individual’s social connections meaningful to him or her, and uses that personalized information to predict future connections. As a cloud-based platform, Conga makes it possible to add social relevance capabilities to nearly any application, across numerous use cases in multiple problem domains.
  • 10. 10 HARD Science
  • 11. 11 Conga is built on hard science. Our advanced mathematical models operate on millions of data to understand the social behavior of people, producing accurate and scalable predictions of social fit. People you already know People you should know vs Making predictions of people you should know is a notori-ously hard problem, and poorly solved by existing solutions. Conga has created a novel ap-proach to modeling individuals and their relationships using existing social data, making this difficult problem tractable. By contrast, social networks try to replicate existing, offline rela-tionships. To improve collection of this data, basic clustering and similarity-matching algorithms can be used to predict existing connections—mundane tech-niques that do nothing to pre-dict new connections. The growth of social networks has been from collecting our pasts—the people we already know. But new growth, insights, and experiences will come from our futures, from the people we should know.
  • 12. 12 We affectionately named our algorithm the "ELF". The core of Conga’s science is the ELF algorithm, a multi-stage Bayesian mixture model. We named our algorithm based on its three primary qualities: • Entropic, referring to our search for higher-order statistical structure; • Logistic, referring to the need to model the probabilistic occurrence of binary data such as social connections or statements; and • Factorial, referring to our search for statistically independent motives. In the case of social relationships, there are numerous motives, or factors, hidden in the social and profile data available from social networks. With the right algorithm, we can infer these factors from the co-occurrence patterns of statements in dyadic and polyadic data. ELF analyzes this social and profile data to produce a set of factors that describe the social relationship behavior of people. Importantly, ELF goes beyond simple correlational structure to look at the higher order statistical relationships between statements. It models not simply individuals or keywords, but vast dictionaries of latent relationship factors learned from the patterns of dyadic and polyadic relationships found in our database. For any given pair or group of people, ELF can infer a small number of latent factors representing the hidden causes which explain their relationship or predict how a new relationship might form. ELF analyzes social and profile data to produce a set of factors that describe the social relationship behavior of people. Thus, Conga can identify the factors that drive existing social connections, predict how new, desirable connections might form, and recommend specific factors to anchor new relationships (e.g., sales leads). The mathematics behind the ELF algorithm provide unique insights into the “causes” of relationships as mined from social data; however, the ingestion and processing of enormous quantities of social data could easily outpace infrastructure without further advances. Therefore, we have structured ELF and it's data representation as a tree hierarchy of arbitrary branching and depth. Queries and computation within the system can be performed efficiently by operating independently on any sub-branch of the tree. The tree structure can be updated continuously offline, and high-value branches can be quickly identified and processed for any realtime prediction query.
  • 13. 13 As a brief example, if we had height and weight data for randomly se-lected people and nothing else, then we could define their sex, age, etc. as hidden factors. These hidden “motives” for being a particular height and weight are not directly present in the data, but we can infer them from the co-occur-rence patterns of height and weight. The ELF algorithm does the equiva-lent for thousands of hidden factors that predict social relationship pat-terns.
  • 14. 14 A platform for the future
  • 15. 15 Conga is social relevance as a service. The Conga platform runs in a public or private cloud environment as a service delivering social relevance results to your application.
  • 16. 16 Populates External Authorizes Retrieves social t & insights Social Data Ingests & Uses analyzes Your Application Populates Your User Web API Conga Platform
  • 17. 17 Social relevance comprises both a personalized measurement of social fit—the Conga Score—and insights into predictive relationship factors. Your application retrieves social relevance results from Conga via its RESTful Web API, making inte-gration with a wide variety of languages, libraries, applications, and platforms straightforward and easy. Conga ingests the data it needs to generate personalized social relevance results through either authorized access to external data sources (like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and, or through direct push of data from private sources through its API. Results are delivered on-demand, in real time, via calls to the API. Available APIs fall into the follow-ing categories: • Data ingestion • Search & lookup • Social relevance scoring & insights • Profile curation • User messaging • User groups • User management • Platform management The heart of the Conga platform is our personalized social relevance engine. The Conga platform ingests and processes millions of semantic facts for each user to learn on the order of 100,000 factors that collectively describe their social relationships. The platform then uses these factors to accurately and quickly predict social relevance with new, unknown people and groups. The platform uses our proprietary machine-learning algorithm, dubbed ELF (Entropic- Logistic-Factorial), that is specifically designed to work with our large-scale semantic storage infrastructure. A big data infrastructure. As a data-centric company, we use the same petabyte-scale technologies and techniques that industry leading companies like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Netflix, and Google use to store, process, and analyze enormous volumes of data. Conga ingests passive data from various external sources, where it is normalized, canonicalized, and then stored in a semantic form that is readily useful for both simple queries as well as complex analysis. For each user profile that Conga ingests, we discover over 300 semantic facts derived from analysis of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured profile and social data. These facts are then used to both generate results in realtime, as well as feed our machine-learning algorithms and analysis batch jobs in an offline mode. Conga’s platform and algorithms are designed to store and process near-limitless amounts of data, in both transactional and batch modes. Adding additional data does not change the fundamental performance characteristics of the platform, and no fundamental architectural changes are necessary to support hundreds of terabytes of data. How it works
  • 18. 18 Web API Social Relevance Transactional Services Batch Services Data Persistence Search Tuple Space Queuing Data Ingestion Geotemporal Correlation Insights Social Fit ELF Engine
  • 19. 19 About our technology The Conga platform is designed to scale horizontally and to ingest, store & process near-limitless amounts of data. Born a platform. Conceived and built as a Web platform. Conga is 100% Java-based and makes extensive use of Amazon Web Services and petabyte-scale data technologies and techniques, including Apache Cassandra and Hadoop. The Conga platform is accessible to clients via industry standard RESTful (HTTP) endpoints for easy integration with a wide variety of languages, libraries, applications, and architectures. In addition, these endpoints can easily be called using Conga's automatically generated JavaScript stubs, and endpoint metadata is available in self-describing WADL (Web Application Description Language) for easy tooling. Some additional technologies we're using include Amazon Web Services, Java EE, JPA, JAX-RS, Jersey, Hibernate, Hibernate Spatial, Quartz, Apache, Glassfish, jQuery, MySQL, YUI, and EhCache. A platform that scales. The Conga platform was designed from the ground up to support Web-scale operation using our experience building and deploying world-class Web and cloud applications at NetDynam-ics (the company that invented the application server), Netscape, iPlanet, and Sun Microsystems. Conga’s key subsystems are cluster-aware and use battle-tested techniques and technologies for scale-out, including: • Linearly scalable NoSQL data storage • Robust load balancing across multiple tiers • Leveraging HTTP design principles for efficient caching & data expiration • Cluster-aware batch processing • Persistent queuing with cluster-aware fan-out • Cluster-aware caching layers • Fully stateless application request processing
  • 20. 20 Uses & Markets
  • 21. 21 Conga delivers personalized social relevance into your products, without the effort, complication, and distraction of doing it yourself.
  • 22. 22 Using Conga in your products The Conga platform has four primary capabilities that make it useful to your product and business: One-to-one (dyadic) social relevance scoring and insights Given an individual, Conga returns a score (dubbed the Conga Score) representing how likely another person is to be a good fit within the individual's social connections. In addi-tion to the score, Conga also returns the dominant predictive factors driving the score, and the facts that the two have in common. One-to-many (polyadic) social relevance scoring and insights Given an individual, Conga returns a score representing how well that individual fits within a group of people. The higher this score, the more likely the individual is to be a good fit within the group. In addition to the score, Conga also returns the dominant predictive fac-tors driving the score, and the facts that the polyad have in common. Ranking and sorting of groups of people The Conga platform can rank and sort groups of people according to social relevance to a given individual. Groups can be hyper-segmented across tens of millions of unique facts, including geotemporal location, as well as ad-hoc, curated collections. People recommendation When combined, the capabilities above can be used to find and surface the people—and by proxy, content and products—that should be recommended to an individual. 1 2 3 4
  • 23. 23 Conga helps add meaningful social channels. Taking products in domains that aren’t traditional-ly social, like e-commerce, and turning them social is an opportunity to differentiate and delight. By providing social relvance, Conga helps trans-form your product into a meaningful, relevant social experience, even when your customers don't already know each other. Conga differentiates your app from the pack. Personalization is the secret sauce you can use to make your product stand out from similar offer-ings, and it gives you a new means for attracting loyal, delighted customers. Conga helps personalize your product by provid-ing social context tailored to your customer. Conga provides relevant, new avenues for discovery. Conga helps uncover people in your customer base that are similar to a customer’s social connec-tions. These people then act as proxies to help your product make interesting and relevant recom-mendations— as relevant and useful as if coming from an actual connection. Conga adds social relvance to your application. Adding a layer of personalized social relevance to your content, products, and services can help elevate what may otherwise be a mundane cus-tomer experience to something new and fresh. Conga's social relevance can directly power peo-ple discovery in your product, as well as provide a proxy for content and product discovery. Conga unlocks innovative, premi-um opportunities for your users. Where available, airline customers have shown an openness to pay for the ability to choose a seat based on "interpersonal click" with fellow travel-ers, a capability called "social seating". Conga can help power similar opportunities across the hospitality, service, and travel verticals. Conga is a turn-key, cloud-based solution. Don't spend your valuable time building a com-plex feature that isn't your core value proposition. Get your app off the ground faster and ensure suc-cess by integrating Conga’s technology into your product rather than trying to build it yourself.
  • 24. 24 Market: Conferences & Events Increase the value of events by automating discovery of social connections between attendees. Attendee satisfaction and repeat attendance depend on attendees get-ting the most out of your event. Organizers Add a new layer of social relevance to your conferences and events by automati-cally Quickly identify relevant social connections between attendees, speakers, ex-hibitors, or sponsor, and tap into new opportunities for networking. Attendees tailoring recommendations for each attendee and providing new, relevant avenues for interaction between event participants. Opportunities » Make your event stand out through more satisfying, personalized attendee experiences. » Open new, meaningful channels for social interaction. » Tailor content & recommendations for each attendee » Discover who among attendees are best matched. » Increase attendee-to-attendee collaboration » Improve the attendee experience » Make your events more valuable
  • 25. 25 With Conga, your attendees will get more value out of your event by accessing personalized content and networking opportunities that improve attendee collaboration and customer satisfaction.
  • 26. 26 Market: Recruiting Find out how a candidate will fit with your team—before the first interview. Team dynamics are a key driver of any successful organization, but when building a team it can be hard to quantify the softer side of candidates, to obtain a complete picture of how they fit with existing team members. Recruiters Conga reveals underlying factors to measure how a candidate fits with individ-ual team members as well with the larger team, giving valuable insight before you make the hiring decision. Opportunities » Improve team efficiency and morale by putting together the most compatible people » Measure how candidates will fit with your team » Get valuable social insight before you hire » Filter and rank candidates by team fit » Find similar candidates
  • 27. 27 Conga gives you valuable insight into a candidate's social fit with your team and helps you identify the right candidates faster, saving you precious time during the hiring process.
  • 28. 28 Market: Travel & Hospitality Seize a new opportunity to modernize and personalize travel & hospitality experiences. Help travelers choose flights, seats, and hotels based on social relevance with other travelers to increase customer engagement, brand affinity, and occupancy. Airlines Personalize seating recommendations for each passenger and suggest the ideal Get the guests you want. Let them know that “guests like them” stay with you. Give guests a chance to discover each other. Hotels seatmate based on a prediction of social fit between passengers. Opportunities » Make flight and room selection about people, not just price » Personalize seating recommendations » Engage guests with your brand—your venue » Delight customers & drive loyalty » Charge a premium
  • 29. 29 With Conga, your customers will be able to choose their airline and hotel based on social fit with other travelers, increasing customer engagement and maximizing your occupancy.
  • 30. 30 Market: Social Business Help employees connect more efficiently and get work done faster. Even in the smallest organizations, it can be difficult for employees to identify relevant connections with other employees, creating organiza-tional silos that hinder efficiency. Employers Recommend relevant people and groups to follow and join, and tailor content & recommendations for individual employees. Personalize content for each em-ployee so they can quickly discover peers outside of their normal work groups and access expertise they need to get work done faster. Opportunities » Give your employees the social insights to connect effectively » Create enriching mentor-mentee programs » New employee introduction & indoctrination programs » Insights on the professionals they need to know
  • 31. 31 Conga helps companies break down organizational silos by automating the discovery of relevant social connections between employees, enabling faster access to information & expertise, and increasing employee satisfaction.
  • 32. 32 More information... For detailed information on how Conga can help your business, address specific product requirements, or be applied to a particular market, please refer to additional information included with this presentation, or contact us directly.
  • 33. 33 The team
  • 34. Born in Washington D.C. Lived in MD, VA, NC, PA, WI, and MA before settling in California. Built ham radio receivers and programmed bio-rhythm 34 charts in machine language as a kid. Surprising range of industry experiences includ-ing nuclear reactor control systems, paper making, water treatment technology, voice over IP service, filtration fabric, DSL, coated and printed paper and film, and Wi-Fi service. Entrepreneur (founder to $100M+ exit), senior ex-ecutive, board member, advisor, investor, salesman, product manager, engineering manager, business development executive. Investor, board member, advisor, mentor, conference presenter, panelist, moderator. Three patents issued or pending. BS Electrical Engineering, Duke University MS Nuclear Engineering, Bettis Reactor Eng. School MBA Fuqua School of Business, Duke University Family man. Competitive masters swimmer. Raised and schooled in Texas. Landed in Silicon Valley by way of Austin and Denver and intends to stay. Wrote games in 6502 assembly in 8th grade. Later, wrote the music for a famous Hollywood director's first film. Drummer, composer, designer, photographer, writer, public speaker, philosopher. Had a fling with rocket science and steam, but returned to software and lived happily ever after. Architect and coder with a penchant for product design and user experience. Has written a few app servers, too. Chief Architect for Sun’s Platform-as-a-Service and Java Enterprise Tools groups & founded Zembly. com, a cloud-based IDE and social development platform. Four patents issued or pending. BS Mechanical Engineering at UT Austin Is the human Shazam for Seinfeld. Crick Waters CEO Todd Fast CTO
  • 35. 35 A "valley-man," born and bred in Silicon Valley. San Franciscan, ice hockey player, reformed commuter. Product Manager at (Sun Microsys-tems), a cloud-based IDE & hosting platform that enabled browser-based development of apps for Facebook, iPhone, and social platforms. Product management, marketing, & engineering at Sun Microsystems and Borland Software. Has worked in developer tools, cloud platforms, location-based services, & social discovery apps. BS Operations & Management Information Systems, Santa Clara Leavey School of Business MS Software Engineering, SJSU Ask him about baseball. Likes to predict. Can read your writing and tell you with 97% confidence what you’ll be doing a year from now. Scary smart yet extraordinarily gracious to the rest of us. Entrepreneur. Founded two companies, sold one, and operates another in her spare time. Uses expressions like “Efficient/Sparse Coding,” “LDA and topic modeling,” and “Multi-modal data mining” with the same ease the rest of us use “grande non-fat latte.” BS Cognitive Science & Neuroscience, UCSD MS Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, CMU PhD Psychology & Theoretical Neuroscience, CMU Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley as Research scien-tist at the Redwood Center for Theoretical Neu-roscience Foodie. Ryan Kennedy Product Vivienne Ming Chief Scientist
  • 36. 36 About conga, INC.
  • 37. 37 Corporate structure • Conga, Inc. was incorporated February 2010 as a Delaware C-corp. • 100% of shares authorized or outstanding are employee-owned. • Conga is privately funded. Contact Conga, Inc. 549 Laswell Ave San Jose, CA 95128