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  1. 1. Agency Presentation
  2. 2. Creativity Strategies Technology Servi Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. Steve Jobs
  3. 3. Values About Us Creativity Marketing MKT Online Design Point of Sale Media Digital Media Printing Production Models Clients Team Contact
  4. 4. CREATIVITY TECHNOLOGY We generate innovative, modern and creative ideas, We guarantee the best state-of-the-art technology that concepts and designs with the best resourceful strategies makes us more assertive while offering our Clients the to benefit our Clients and the Community at large. most groundbreaking technological solutions. STRATEGY SERVICE We develop reliable communication and marketing INNOVAs’ commitment to provide excellence in quality strategies that allow us to consider, review and research services is crucial. Our objective is to exceed our Clients’ the sensitive needs, interests and objectives of all factors expectations when they trust us with their business that take place in the launching process of a product, brands, products and services. brand or service.
  5. 5. INNOVA was founded in Mexico City in 1996. We serve foreign corporations of great magnitude by placing their products on “top- of the-shelf” and increasing their sales volume, through precise, customized and profitable branding, advertising, communication and marketing campaign. INNOVA is an Advertising and Marketing Agency, specialized Our tailored and unique strategy proposals result from close in business brands, products and services within the Hispanic communication, specific research and perfect understanding of all factors that intervene in the launching of each of our Clients’ products, Markets in USA and Latin America. brands and services. We proudly offer exceptional professional quality services supported by experience. Our Mission is to adequately customize the needs of our Clients following three fundamental factors: Excellent Quality, Service and Price
  6. 6. Creativity A unique and specialized creative approach is the core of success. We rely on trendy, intelligent and powerful creative concepts that enable us to reach unparalleled high positions on every Campaign, while outlining the accurate total execution and communication of each brand, product and service, in the most professional and appealing manner. • Branding • Printing • TV • Radio • WEB
  7. 7. Marketing Knowledge of targeted markets and optimization of resources, enable us to communicate powerfully, as we achieve success. In today’s competitive market, we need more than just creativity. We must be proficiently equipped with all the modern and groundbreaking tools and marketing solutions. • Marketing Research • Strategic Planning • Implementation • Management
  8. 8. MKT Online New, modern and original technology has strong effects in Consumers, resulting in major global sales. Modern technology is transforming the way we do business worldwide. It is of vital importance to implement marketing strategies via Internet and all Digital channels that contribute to the overall sales optimization of our Clients’ brands, products and services, while positioning recognition of them in the global arena. •Research •Strategic Planning •Purchasing •Management •Analysis •Search Engines
  9. 9. Design Design is the most important step for strategy, commercialization and marketing of any Brand, Product or Service. We guarantee successful commercial goals to each and every Client by providing attractive, cost-effective and professional customized designs, developed with the characteristics and needs of the product, tied-in with assertive means of communication and long term experience. • Branding • Packaging • Editorial Design • Illustrations • 2D & 3D • WEB
  10. 10. Point of Sale Our Product is always the most important Vendor in the Point-of-Sale. Therefore, its label and packaging must be well-designed with expert, professional and accurate style and the most attractive POP materials. Point-of-sale is where a Client determines more than 85% of his purchasing. Reason why we must rely on specific communication targeted to attract consumer attention and generate more sales. • POP • In-Store • Promotion
  11. 11. Media Trust on a professionally designed media plan, allows the effective use of our resources and creates great impact towards our targeted markets in a direct manner. When targeting certain markets, we must be aware of the characteristics and specifications of each of our Clients’ products, brands and services. We shall implement a media plan tied-in with the messages we are trying to communicate. • Research • Strategic Planning • Purchasing • Follow-up • Analysis
  12. 12. Digital Media This type of media provides optimum and cost-effective results within the less amount of time. New and state-of-the art digital media provides great advantages and strengths. Nowadays, we can send a direct message to a specific market, with specific Consumers that are beyond doubt, interested in what we have to offer. • Research • Strategic Planning • Internet Advertising • Mobile Platform • Purchasing • Follow-up • Analysis
  13. 13. Printing One of the most traditional and important areas in advertising is printing. No job is too big or too small, our equipment prints from a Flyer to an Art Book. INNOVA has wide knowledge and experience in printing. We offer state-of-the-art technology and excellent quality. Our printing techniques present all possible “green solutions” with environmental products. • Offset • Digital Printing • Large Format Printing
  14. 14. Production Steve Lynch Thanks to our strategic alliances, INNOVA offers its Client’s a versatile multi-media production service. Our professional Production Executives are trained and equipped to provide any direct and customized solution for any size of project. • Video • Film • Photography •2D & 3D Animation Kiko Ricote •Flash Animation
  15. 15. Models We provide and match the perfect model with your Brand, Product and Service Campaign. We partner with some of the most prestigious international modeling agencies in all fields. • Commercial • Beauty • Fashion • Art
  16. 16. Clients · Abbott · Electropura (Pepsi PBG) · Mead Johnson · Telefónica · American Express · Elizabeth Arden · Nestlé · Unilever · Avantel · Ermenegildo Zegna · Nike · USMCOC · Bayer · Esteé Lauder · Olay · Vichy · Bristol Myers Squibb · Fundación Dondé · Pepsi PBG · Wella · BBVA Bancomer · Garnier · Philips · Banamex (Citibank) · Giorgio Armani · Pizza Hut · Biotherm · Guerlain · Procter & Gamble · Bimbo · Helena Rubeinstein · Ralph Lauren · Bulgary · Henkel · Santander · Cacharel · Inbursa (Afore) · Scribe (Kimberly Clark) · Calvin Klein · Jafra · Sony Pictures · Casa Cuervo · Jugos del Valle · Christian Dior · KFC · Clinique · Lancome · Coca Cola Company · Latin Diva LLC · Coca Cola Femsa · LG · Crédito Familiar · L´Oreal · Disney · Dupont
  17. 17. Team Carlos R. Rincón Gallardo Ricardo García Zetina Tizoc Gutiérrez President and CEO Innova Miami CEO Innova Mexico Creative Director
  18. 18. Contact INNOVA MEXICO / Santa Fe Guillermo González Camarena 1000 primer piso Santa Fe, México DF 01210 (55) 53 95 82 41 / (55) 53 95 82 49 INNOVA HISPANIC ADVERTISING MIAMI / Brickell 90SW 3rd Street Suite 1805 Miami Florida 33130 305 424 90 20 / 786 597 44 66