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  • ok and to vivek again

    i know you are not from singapore directly but i hope you are not offended by our presentation. *from filzan hehehe*

    well foreign talent are not that useless but there is no point in having a HUGE influx of them coming to singapore. the job market in singapore is already small. How much harder singapore government wants to make for local looking for a job.

    If you say that foreign students will help make competition then you are disregarding the competency of local students to bring competition to their fellow friends.

    again i stress that we are not trying to say that foreign workers are totally useless.
    we just hope that there will be limit.
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  • to qudsia25

    alright we think that you might have mis heard the presentation due to the poor recording sorry about that.

    let me give you a summary

    The foreign workers come here took the jobs away and in the end when they've earned enough or etc they wouldnt want to take Permanent residenceship in singapore due alot of factors. That is the message we are trying to convey.

    We are not saying a total 'no' to foreign workers but a limit should be placed thus to give locals a better apportionment of the available jobs in singapore.
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  • our*
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  • to Junlong

    yeaps we would like to thank you for your comment and agreeing with us on or stand CHEERS!!
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  • to amous

    yes being singaporeans ourselves we do not want a singapore to be filled with too many foreigners and very few of us. yes we do feel that the govenment should look into depth this matter. thank you for your comment.
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    Racial Riots In The United States1990s
    Done by: Bryan Eng
    Victor Seit
    Jerry Lye
  • 2. Introduction
    USA Riots in 1992
    African Americans , Korean Americans,
    the Mexican Americans, and the police force
    was involved.
    The trigger was the beating of Rodney king and a student named Latasha Harlins
  • 3. Whites have always thought they were superior than the rest.
    Blacks lack education they can only be labour workers
    Social Inequality
  • 4. Korean - Americans judged the blacks as unlawful.
    Eg. Not employing any black workers, Korean shop owner shoots down Latasha Harlins mistaken her for wanting to steal
    Prejudices leads to discrimination
  • 5. Prejudices leads to discrimination
    What was written?
    Not Particular
    I know you're not particular to a fault Though I'm not sure you'll never be sued for assault
    You're so fond of women that even a wench
    Attracts your gross fancy despite her strong stench
    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:1900sc_Mammy_Card_Interracial.jpg
  • 6. Policemen discriminate against the african-american.
    EG. Rodney King being brutally put down by 4 policemen
    Prejudices leads to discrimination
  • 7. Economic Factor
    Low employment rate among the African-American community prior to the riots
    African-American community unhappy with the powers-that-be for the economic recession and their financial plight
    African-American community had few economic and employment opportunities to break out from the poverty cycle
    Urban discontent was rife due to the poverty experienced by the African-American community
    Bryan Eng
  • 8. Racial discrimination among the entire community of South Los Angeles
    The African-American community experienced segregation from society at large
    The African-American community lived in squalor compared to their peers in the other races
    General feeling of powerlessness and frustration at how society discriminates against them and the unfairness of the situation as compared to their peers
    Social Factor
    Bryan Eng
  • 9. Political Factor
    Then president, Bill Clinton, acknowledged the failings of both political parties of South Los Angeles
    Republican Administration was at fault for “more than a decade of urban decay”
    African-American congressional representative of South LA stated that the government had abandoned the city to the poverty cycle
    In doing so, the loss of jobs and income was overlooked and the general welfare of the people not looked after
    Bryan Eng
  • 10. Damage
    • Fifty-three people died during the riots with 2,000 people injured
    • 11. Material losses vary between about $800 million and $1 billion
    • 12. Approximately 3,600 fires were set, destroying 1,100 buildings
    Bryan Eng
  • 13. Problems faced in modern day Singapore
    • Malaysian workers in Singapore
    • 14. Rob Singaporeans of their jobs
    • 15. Get paid a lot more their own countrymen
    • 16. No high utility bills to pay
    • 17. Not interested in becoming a PR in Singapore
    • 18. Children do not need to serve NS
    • 19. Benefit from Singapore’s economy
    Victor Seit
  • 20. Problems faced in modern day Singapore
    PRC young infants or students
    encouraged to attend Singapore schools by government
    awarded scholarships of $500 a month
    these scholarships are not given to Singaporean children at all
    Some of these PRC scholars are using Singapore a stepping stone to migrate to western countries later.
    They take up space and resources in local schools, taking up spaces in universities and top schools.
    Victor Seit
  • 21. Problems faced in modern day Singapore
    PRC Employees
    Despite having lower qualifications or inferior degrees to locals, they are preferred to local employees due to
    Lower salary they demand
    The absence of national service obligations
    Victor Seit
  • 22. Problems faced in modern day Singapore
    Foreign Athletes
    The use of many foreign athletes both in the national team and school teams.
    Prevents local talents from developing and improving as lesser slots are available for local athletes.
    Scholarships are also awarded to foreign athletes in an attempt to attract them to “settle down” in Singapore.
    Victor Seit
  • 23. If no action is taken to help solve the above mentioned problems, assuming the rate of foreigners in Singapore increases according to the rates estimated in the article, it is highly possible that the situation in Singapore will turn ugly as predicted in the article.
    Victor Seit
  • 24. Give Singaporeans those privileges that are better or equal to that that is available to foreigners coming to Singapore
    • E.g. The government can say that companies are to have a minimum percentile of the work force to be consisting of Singaporeans as a requirement.
    Result:This will reduce the tension between the Singaporean citizens and any foreign workers or students that comes to Singapore.
    Issue - Economy
    Jerry Lye
  • 25. Singaporean citizens should have better, if not equal, educational benefits than foreigners coming to Singapore to study.
    • E.g. Books and school fees should be complimentary for young infants like those that come from PRC to Singapore for education.
    • 26. As like jobs in Singapore, schools should have a minimum percentile of students to be required by the governments as Singaporeans, thus limiting the number of foreign students in schools.
    Result: This will allow more vacancies in the schools for the citizens of Singapore.
    Issue - Education
    Jerry Lye
  • 27. Compensation should be given to citizens of Singapore who join the NS.
    • E.g. The Government should provide an incentive for companies to employ Singaporeans who are obliged to do re-service to compensate for the downfalls.
    Result: This will increase the employability of Singaporeans who have gone through NS as compared to before when companies consider re-service of a Singaporean to be a loss in productivity.
    Issue - NS
    Jerry Lye
  • 28. Greater focus on local talents in the sports scene.
    E.g. Setting up more sports schools or encourage schools by giving incentives for students who excel in sports.
    Result: This matches up benefits that foreign talents are receiving thus bridging the differences between foreign and local talents.
    Issue - Sports
    Jerry Lye
  • 29. THE END
    If you have an question please kindly drop it down there and we’ll get back to you ASAP