The Crestron DALI Ballast Solution


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The Crestron DALI Ballast Solution

  1. 1. Crestron DALI Fluorescent Ballasts
  2. 2. Why expand into ballasts and drivers? Fluorescent ballasts and LED drivers are no longer a commodity “transformer”; they’re now an essential part of the control system » Not including the ballast and driver as part of the system results in: • Additional start-up expense » Who commissions the ballasts? • More difficulty in support and maintenance » Where is the information to maintain a system? • Missing out on advantages of a fully integrated solution » Wasted energy and increased downtime
  3. 3. DALI – the simple, versatile digital lighting solution DALI = Digital Addressable Lighting Interface DALI is an international standard created specifically for digital lighting control DALI provides a single interface for all electronically controlled light sources in an easy-to-install and versatile system DALI provides design flexibility and easy installation DALI provides virtually unlimited scalability of lighting control systems DALI is cost-effective, delivering energy savings and simple management Created by Europe’s leading lighting manufacturers; firmly established all over the worldSource: DALI-AG
  4. 4. Benefits of DALI Lower initial cost for the owner » Simple wiring Higher level of maintenance for the facility manager » Status of lamp and ballast Greater flexibility for the lighting designer » Change grouping via software Lower energy costs for the user » Reduced power consumption Greater sense of control for the occupant » Individual control
  5. 5. What is DALI ? DALI is not a product DALI is a protocol, a set of rules defined from the ballast perspective » Power connection » Lamp response » Control interface » Command set
  6. 6. The Crestron DALI Product Line DALI Controllers – DIN-DALI-2 » Controller with 2 DALI Loops, Ethernet and Cresnet DALI Ballasts – GLB-DALI » T8, T5, T5HO – 1,2,3 Lamp » Standard or energy metering versions DALI Configuration Software » Local, Ethernet, Cresnet Facility Management – Fusion EM » Ballast status, building scheduling
  7. 7. Crestron GLB-DALI Ballast Features Programmed start Standby power of <0.3w Automatic restart after lamp replacement Automatic identification and operation of several wattage lamp types Universal voltage support (120-277 VAC) Flicker-free dimming from 1% to 100% High power factor of .99
  8. 8. Crestron GLB-DALI Ballast Features Short circuit protection Open circuit safety feature Energy efficiency class EE1=A1 Lamps operated above 40k Hz to avoid interference with infrared devices and reduce lamp flicker Lamp crest factor of 1.7 or less NEMA premium Works with any standard DALI controller
  9. 9. Crestron GLB-DALI Ballast Features Coverage » T8, T5 and T5HO Ballasts » 1, 2 & 3 Lamp Multi-power / Multi-lamp in one SKU » Three ballast run multiple lamp wattages » 16 SKU’s covers more applications than the 74 SKUs of competitors Lowest standby power consumption (<.03W) in industry » Competition = .5W Only built-in power metering in industry High ballast factor of 1.15 or above
  10. 10. More Crestron GLB-DALI Ballast Product Details Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) The DALI standard allows multiple ballasts to be daisy chained using low-voltage wiring for power on/off and dimming control. Up to 64 ballasts can exist on a single DALI channel, each operating independently. DALI lighting is optimal for applications that require granular control of each fixture, such as open office floor plans and daylight harvesting in classrooms. Built-in power metering Optional power metering tracks real time energy usage of each load, thereby delivering statistics to help control energy costs. By analyzing real data, organizations can make educated decisions regarding energy resources, which will have greater impact on the bottom line. Protection GLB-DALI ballasts feature End-of-Life Protection, are short and open circuit proof and have an auto shutdown feature in case of lamp failure. GLB-DALI ballasts feature protected shut down against main input lower than 80 Volts AC and auto recovery starting from 95 Volts AC. GLB-DALI ballasts also feature warm start in every dimming position and overload protection.
  11. 11. Electrician’s Wiring Diagram
  12. 12. Crestron DALI Configuration Software Designed specifically for the DIN-DALI-2, the Crestron DALI commissioning software tool simplifies and expedites system setup » The intuitive menu-driven wizard provides step-by-step configuration of ballast properties, groups, and scenes » Simply set the ballast address and check connectivity status, edit minimum/maximum levels and fade time, and change ballast groupings and scenes » Makes ballast replacement straightforward through automatic identification of new hardware IDs » Settings from old ballasts are transferred to replacements with just a few mouse clicks, saving time and eliminating guesswork and frustration
  13. 13. Crestron DALI Configuration Software
  14. 14. Crestron GLB-DALI Ballast Summary Most energy-efficient ballast on the market Broadest application coverage on the market Complete solution, not a standalone ballast without support Only ballast with power metering Backed by the strongest warranty and support The only ballast that “future proofs” your building
  15. 15. Crestron DALI Fluorescent Ballasts