Creston Neighborhood Association Newsletter Fall 2009


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Creston Neighborhood Association Newsletter Fall 2009

  1. 1. Creston Neighborhood Association 205 Carrier NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505 CNA BOARD MEETING  Thursday, August 27 ∙ 6:30pm  call for location  CRESTON CAR SHOW  Saturday, September 12 ∙ 11am‐3pm  behind Sazerac Lounge (1418 Plainfield)  Fall 2009 Community Calendar CNA BOARD MEETING  Thursday, September 24 ∙ 6:30pm  CNA Offices (205 Carrier NE)  Double your money when you invest KABOOM! BUILD DAY  Friday, September 25  in Creston’s neighborhood work Sweet St. Playlot (at College)  by Nicole Notario-Risk call 454‐7900 to sign‐up to volunteer  Now is the perfect time to join or renew first to receive e-news alerts about issues as a member of the Creston Neighborhood and happenings in the neighborhood, along HELLO NEIGHBOR MEMBERSHIP WALK  Association. The Dyer-Ives Foundation is with access to a Members-Only section of our Saturday, October 3 ∙ 9am‐12pm  call 454‐7900 to sign‐up to volunteer  generously matching any memberships new website. Stay tuned! this summer and fall meaning your $20 CNA ANNUAL MEETING  We welcome resident and business investment to support the neighborhood Thursday, October 22 ∙ 7pm  memberships for those who live or own a turns into $40! Palmer Elementary (309 Palmer NE)  business in the neighborhood. We also offer Membership dues help to support resident associate memberships for those who have a and staff involvement in the improvement vested interest as friends, employees or cna annual meeting of our Creston homes, parks, schools and parishioners here. business districts. As public funding sources continue to be reduced, memberships are Please join your neighbors in strengthening our community - fill out the form in the back the key to our neighborhood association of the newsletter and BECOME A MEMBER becoming a self-supporting organization. TODAY! Your partnership is vital to preserving, protecting and revitalizing the many things we love about our neighborhood. Benefits of membership include receiving our quarterly North End Connection newsletter, a welcome packet with a calendar of events, as well as participation in Photo: Tommy Allen, 2008 our Hello Neighbor events october 22 ● 7pm including pancake breakfasts, spring perennial exchange, Art Battle and Aberdeen Palmer Elementary Celebration in the Park. In the future, you will also be the 309 Palmer NE Members vote new board members in at the CNA annual meeting last October
  2. 2. Local Business Profile: Icon Sign Creston Neighborhood Association by Pete Tabberer accessible from 205 Carrier NE The Creston Neighborhood The North End Connection is James Mikrut grew up in the Creston area. He downtown Grand 3 Leonard St. NE Association Board of Directors the newsletter of the Creston Grand Rapids, MI 49505 Neighborhood Association, and his wife Jenny still live in Creston today and Rapids. 616.726.7200 meets on the fourth Thursday of 616.454.7900 published 4 times a year. when the opportunity presented itself they moved most months. Meetings are open When the Fax 616.454.8190 Circulation: 1000. Advertising their business here too. to the public—contact our office space is available. Contact Mikruts aquired for time and location. our office for rate information. James graduated from Western Michigan the building, formerly Klunder Concrete, it had University with a degree in Business and no interior walls or any windows. They began Office Hours Advertising. After graduating he worked for a renovations in the fall of 2007 and the result is an Monday-Friday 10am-2pm Board of Directors Newsletter contributors: Tommy Allen Nancy Allen, Tommy Allen, sign company, but left and began Icon Sign after open, inviting facility complete with a roomy Mackenzie Brown, Carol Brugger, Glenn Disosway (Treasurer) concluding that he could do the job just as well workspace, a comfortable office area, windows, Candace Gavin (Secretary) Sue Capps, Kobie Davis, The Creston Neighborhood himself. Jenny joined him in the business in and even a tidy kitchenette. “It's perfect. Because Pastor Charles Geschiere Deborah Eid, Sara Kasprzak, Association is a nonprofit September 2008. it was a blank slate, we got exactly what we organization serving the northeast Sara Kasprzak (Vice President) Emily Martin, Nicole Notario-Risk, wanted, “ James said. Grand Rapids community whose Emily Martin Linda Ortman, Sandy Stuckhardt, Icon Sign, located at the corner of Leonard Nicole Natario-Risk (President) boundaries are Leonard Street Pete Tabberer, Carol Townsend, Street and Taylor Avenue, specializes in all The Mikruts live with their two children Skyler Dorothy Velasco (Associate Member) Janice Ver Merris, Greg Wemple to the south, the Grand River to nature of signage, including: banners, vehicle and Joey near Riverside Park. Although living the west, Four Mile Road to the lettering, window signs, and just about anything close to work has been a convenient arrangement, A City of Grand Rapids Community North, then Plainfield Avenue Staff else you would want to put a logo or slogan on. raising two small children while running a small Deborah Eid, Executive Director Development Block Grant south to I-96 and along the city “We can do just about everything but billboards,” business also presents some challenges. “It's good Mackenzie Brown, Community Safety Organizer Funded Program corporation line to Knapp Street, Sue Capps, Executive Assistant Jenny said. and it's bad,” James said. “It's good because we east to Fuller Avenue, then south Carol Brugger, AARP Receptionist The views and opinions expressed can get away and spend time with them and it's to Leonard Street. Membership are not necessarily those of the James first opened Icon Sign nearly ten years bad because sometimes we can't.” Fortunately is open to anyone inside or staff, Board of Directors or ago at a location on Scribner Ave, with the outside of these boundaries. their child care provider is nearby and the membership of the organization. business moving to the current, larger facility on building is designed to be a place where kids can New Years Day, 2008. James and Jenny chose hang out on the evenings or weekends that James the location for its convenience and its central and Jenny have to put in some extra hours. location. The building is extremely visible on the corner and stands less than a mile from the The Mikruts bought a building larger than expressway. Its location also makes it easily they thought they needed. Initially, they foresaw growing into the space in five years, but in reality it only took a year and half. They now employ seven people and completely fill Become a the space that once seemed so large. Despite the growth, Member! they are not considering another move. They love the building and the location too “Working together, we can much for that. They have maintain a safe, friendly given thought to expanding into the building next door, neighborhood, revitalize but do not feel that the time our commercial district is right. and maintain the beautiful In the meantime, the assets around us.” Photo: Pete Tabberer, 2009 Mikrut family at Icon Sign continues to do steady, brisk -Sandy Stuckhardt, business, which in this economy is “a great problem CNA resident and member to have.” James said. “I won't complain.”   ○   Check here if you prefer not to be listed in our newsletter.   Page 2 The North End Connection Fall 2009 Page 15
  3. 3. CNA board member positions opening We’ve put together a list of important city phone numbers up in October: applications requested for reference. Clip this list and keep it handy. by Sara Kasprzak City Recycling Hotline 456-4444 There will be 8 CNA board seats open for the upcoming year, to be voted on at the Odd/Even Parking Enforcmt. 456-3400 Creston Library 988-5410 October Annual Meeting. We are in serious need of interested and concerned neighbors Police Non-emergency 456-3403 to oversee the direction and decision-making for the Creston Neighborhood Association. GR Customer Service Info 456-3000 Board members are asked to attend a monthly board meeting (4th Thursday evening) Property Taxes 456-3020 and to participate on a committee of the board. If you are interested in observing Garbage Collection 456-3232 Senior Neighbors 774-0121 board meetings, applying for a board seat, or talking to a current board member for Go Bus 456-6141 more information, please contact Deborah Eid, director of CNA at 454-7900. Silent Observer 774-2345 GR Public Schools 819-2000 Social Service Referrals 211 Top 10 reasons to be a CNA board member: Humane Society 453-8900 1 Street Snow Removal 456-3232 The satisfaction of working 6 Kent County Animal Shelter 336-3210 U.S. Social Security 800-772-1213 Be part of creating the together towards a Landlord/Tenant Disputes 245-2207 big picture for our Water Service Repair 456-3249 common cause neighborhood Lawyers Referral 459-6019 2 The opportunity to affect 7 change in your Develop new skills neighborhood and talents 3 Enjoy a sense of 8 community with your Rub elbows with the fellow board members movers and shakers of the neighborhood 4 Be part of the 9 CNA legacy Accomplish more than you could on your own 5 Have a voice in major 10 decisions that affect Eat pies at the the neighborhood board meetings Page 14 The North End Connection Fall 2009 Page 3
  4. 4. Summer Jazz Series at Red Jet Cafe by Pete Tabberer CNA welcomes new intern It is a warm Monday night Jim and Jill Kobie began his internship Kobie is a Detroit native and in July and people walking Marcusse, former with the Creston Neighborhood Grand Rapids resident of three down Plainfield or eating at Creston residents who Association on July 29, 2009. He years. He is a fluent Spanish Red Jet Cafe are treated to remember when the was given the job of mapping speaker, and also has a history sounds they may not often Red Jet Cafe was a out the properties in the in the field of culinary arts, but hear in their neighborhood. In library and a bank, community and recording as is currently attending GRCC addition to the familiar scent came to try out the much data as possible on each, where he majors in Radiological of freshly brewed coffee and menu. “The food is picking up where a previous Technology. His biggest delicious food, patrons and good and the music is volunteer had left off. interests are music, technology, passersby will also notice the good,” said Jill with a and fashion. sound of live outdoor music smile. “It [the Jazz He caught on to the system in coming from Red Jet's new Series] fits well with place almost immediately, and His interest in the Neighbor- patio. the sidewalk cafe started working fast towards hood Association stems from the format,” said Jim. completing the job at hand. alarming amount of vacant and Red Jet Cafe, a member of dilapidated homes he was used “I'm glad they're On just his third day, he took the Gilmore Collection, is to seeing in Detroit, and the doing it.” part in a community meeting one of several venues negative aspects such as crime for the construction of a participating in the Gilmore The Summer Jazz that came along with them. new playground, where he did Club's Summer Jazz Series, Series comes to the Kobie will be with us through- Photo: Pete Tabberer, 2009 everything from inflate balloons which showcases some of the Red Jet every Monday out August and September to for children to prepare and serve areas finest restaurants and night throughout the serve the Creston community. food. some of the best jazz summer. Next time musicians that the local scene you visit the Red has to offer. Jet for a coffee or a sandwich be sure to The night I attended the visit the patio and Local musician Hugh Dewitt plays at Red Jet audience was treated to the Cafe's outdoor patio on Monday, July 21, 2009. enjoy the music while He performed as part of the Gilmore music of saxophonist Hugh you enjoy your meal. Collection's Summer Jazz Series. Dewitt who played a variety of original and well-known jazz tunes. He was playing the Red Jet for the second time and seemed comfortable in front of the small audience with whom he often engaged in light-hearted banter between songs. This low-key feel is exactly what the Gilmore Club intended for the series. They, according to promotional material sent to the venues, intend it to have an almost “open mic night” feel, in which members of the audience can feel welcome to join the musicians on stage. Page 4 The North End Connection Fall 2009 Page 13
  5. 5. Do you know the O’Brien Dentistry: 3 generations and counting by Nancy J. Allen answers to these 1503 Coit NE ● 616.361.2617 questions? Dr. Robert O’Brien opened his from University of *What is the difference between a non- office on the corner of Coit Michigan Dental School emergency and a true emergency, and and Quimby in June of 1950. The in 1977 and joined the which number to call for each? building had previously been a dry practice. They were busy goods store, a library, an insurance from the start. The three of *How do you properly identify a agency and a doctor’s office. The them would lunch together suspect or suspicious person? rent was $45.00 per month. His and discuss their work. very first phone call asked, “When Most of the patients had Photo: Pete Tabberer, 2009 *What does “neighborhood networking” can I get an appointment?” His three dentists discussing mean, and how do you use it? reply was, “How about now?” He their case. Dr. Robert says, *What can you do to make our was just sitting there. One guy “Nothing beats a family neighborhood a safer place came in and checked out his practice. There is trust, for children? diploma and exclaimed, “This caring, and each of us dentist just graduated!”, and wants the other ones to succeed. I apartments above, or expanding *What do you do if you suspect a drug promptly left. watched them develop into fine north, which is what they did. Dr. house is operating near your home? Fire safety notes from your ethical dentists and relate to Jon and Dr. Pat remain committed The North End News ran a story *How do you use patients as I did. Now Dr. Pat‘s to the Creston Area. Their building about Dr. Robert O’Brien, a new son, Dan, is going to enter renovation in 2007 was named local fire department by Greg Wemple documentation effectively? dentist on the north end, which Michigan’s Dental School this fall. the Best Renovation by the helped him get patients. An older *How many ways can the Creston My dad Leo was also a dentist. Neighborhood Business Alliance. dentist also gave him some of his Neighborhood Association be of Quite a chain! Since 1917, there’s Did you know that your window though a cord that is too small overflow. One dentist called to tell “Today we have a dedicated staff service to you and your family? been an O’Brien Dentist sign air conditioner can be a fire it is like trying to run a bowling him that they didn’t need another of about 25 who help vitalize this hanging.” The answers to these questions and hazard? AC units require a lot of ball though a garden hose. It can dentist on the north end, but area. We have 8,000 to 10,000 more can be answered at your next electricity. If your house does lead to heat build up or a short. he stayed anyway and gradually Dr. Robert retired many years patients and are constantly getting neighborhood block meeting. This is a not have appropriate wiring, or Running a cord under a carpet or became busy. His love for his ago, but at 87 years of age, he great opportunity to meet new neighbors continuing education courses to you are using an inappropriate having kinks in it can also lead to profession and his ability to connect still stops in for visits and enjoys stay on the cutting edge of on your block and reacquaint yourself extension cord, keeping cool can problems. with patients really helped him. chatting with patients. dentistry. Our only advertising with old neighbors too. actually be putting you at risk. He also never thought of success comes from our satisfied patients Establishing a good network of Finally, running it through The O’Brien’s have just expanded with a dollar sign in each “S”. His and we feel blessed and grateful for communication between neighbors is the Older homes have older wiring. an adapter or through a surge their business. They put a lot of patients became his friends. all the wonderful patients we are best way to ensure that problems that If the wiring in your home hasn’t protector strip can also lead to thought into the decision of moving arise on your block are dealt with in been updated, you may be dealing electrical shorts or heat build up Dr. Jon and Dr. Pat, two of Dr. out of the area for more room, serving”, says Dr. Pat. a timely manner. Good communication with 60 to 80 year old wires in your outlet. When using an AC Robert’s eleven children, graduated expanding upward into the Three generations and counting!! between neighbors can help to reduce with crumbling insulation that window unit, make sure that: crime, battle the blight that arises from a isn’t designed for the amount of ●the home’s wiring can handle it high amount of home vacancies, and electricity being conducted. Also, ●if you are using an extension other issues that may come up. check to see if the electrical box in cord, that it can handle the Creston is here to assist those your building has the appropriate amount of electricity being neighbors interested in taking a fuses or circuit breakers for conducted and that you unplug proactive stance against crime, the amount of electricity you are it when not in use foreclosure, blight, etc. We are here to using. ●the cord is in good condition share our experiences and knowledge as and not running under carpets well as connect our neighbors with those Running your air conditioner ●you are not using an adapter city actors that can assist in proactive through an extension cord problem solving. or surge protector. can add risk. Extension cords So get in contact with Creston and are intended to be a temporary Honestly, any of you may do one together we can organize your block so solution, which is defined as less or more of the above and it that everyone can partake in insuring than 30 days. Cords are also may not start a fire. But you are that their block is a great block to live on rated for the amount of electricity increasing risk. So please be Before and after pictures from the 2007 renovation to O’Brien Dentistry, for years to come. they are supposed to conduct. If careful. Take care and have a which was named the Best Renovation by the Neighborhood Business Alliance by Mac Brown, Community Safety Organizer you are running an AC unit good summer. Page 12 The North End Connection Fall 2009 Page 5
  6. 6. Crime Free Multi-Housing: let’s make it a goal Welcome New & Renewing Members! by Mac Brown William & Martha Aldrich Fred & Sue Harvey D. Catherine Mueller Recently, the Executive life. dark areas for people to hide. Veronica Aungst Sr. Roberta Hefferan & Mary Jo Owczarzak Director, Deborah, and I All the residential safety Dan & Diane Babcock Sr. Jean Milhaupt Lea Palmer attended a 2-day training course These are but a few techniques programs that were taught Sally Barnes Fred Hesse Glenn & Fran Preston on Crime Free Multi-Housing. for crime prevention that were focused around Crime Preven- Jerry & Mary Barnum Bill & Elva Hirsch John & Florence Regenmorter The training was sponsored discussed. tion Through Environmental Mary Bierlein Jan Hitchcock James & Debra Rinck by the West Michigan Crime Design (C.P.T.E.D.). This Also, for landlords we Kenneth & Jeanne Bishop Herman E. Hofmeyer Patricia Rodgers Prevention Association, and concept takes the focus of crime discussed the importance of a Jerry Bohr Thomas & Dianne Hula Stanley & Phyllis Saganski Brian Kanicki from the Saginaw prevention to the surrounding Crime Free Lease Addendum for Township Police Department Charles & Laura Botwinski Jim & Tiffany Idziak Margaret & Seena Schoenwandt landscape and planning it or new members, giving landlords Stan & Jean Jarosz was our instructor. enhancing it in a way that will the power to evict tenants due Andrew Bowman & Roxann S. Shier Rose DeBie-Bowman John Jett Gladys Spangler Officer Kanicki is a certified make it less likely to foster or to criminal activity on the Susan Bryant Todd Jones Sandy & Kim Stuckhardt neighborhood watch trainer, encourage crime. premises. Kathleen Burns Tom & Sara Kasprzak Rick Szczepanski threat assessor, and Crime Free This is done, for instance, by So if you are a landlord in the Mary Carter Christine Keller & Nate Beversluis Diane & Mike Teeter Multi-Housing trainer. The making a certain overgrown Creston Neighborhood that Jim & Betts Casey Doug & Kirsten Kelly Kelli Thompson rationale for the course was bush less easy to conceal a would like to take advantage Ann Cowden Eunice Kimm Tom & Sonia VanBragt that establishing a partnership person by keeping it trimmed or of this knowledge that we have Robert & Linda Creaser Clyde & Anna LaBrenz Dan VanderWerf & Candace Gavin between housing communities moving it all together. Also, accrued, please call or stop Duane & Marie-Clare Culver Billy & Anya Lanford Douglas VanMeurs and local law enforcement is the having certain lighting can by the Creston Neighborhood best way to prevent crime and Jeanine Devlin Kim Lang John & Brenda VanTholen maximize safety by eliminating Association and I would be glad Russell & Brenda DeVreugd Mandy Lozon improve on the overall quality of to help you get started. Calvin Vruggink & Glenn & Sue Disosway Danny Lynn Laura DeGraaf-Vruggink creston car show Robert Divita Don & Mary Lou McDonald Danny & Pat Wheeler Mary Jane Dockeray Sean & Lily McGavin Delbert Wiersma John & Marilyn Dooge Cora McQueen Business Members Roy & Eleanor DuPraw Marilyn Mejsak Lorraine Schultz, CRS, ABR Realtor John & Gwen Dykhouse Glen & Maxine Moerdyk My Personal Credit Union David & Mary Ann Gaylord Bud & Marian Morrow Star Collision CarStar Robin Geahan Tom Mort & Sherri Wilson Need foreclosure help? Call Home Repair Services at 241-2601 They have certified financial counselors september 12 ● 11-3pm available to help you. Remember: the sooner behind Sazerac Lounge (1418 Plainfield) you call, the better. Page 6 The North End Connection Fall 2009 Page 11
  7. 7. New local Northend restaurant: Wing Heaven Two new murals planned by Linda Ortman and Janice Ver Merris 1808 Monroe 616.361.922 for Plainfield Avenue Owned and Operated by Two new murals space. My mural Mike and Catherine will be going up along concept illustrates a Have you noticed how nice the Plainfield Avenue late hidden tree lined corner of Ann and Monroe looks this summer as part garden and fountain lately? Take a closer look and of continued efforts to which the viewer you’ll see Wing Heaven right there revitalize the Creston enters through an in the middle of the mini-mall. Corridor. open gate. The ornate That new eat-in or take-out brick frame of the restaurant has been open for about The picture to the doorway is echoed 5 months and specializes in chicken Photo: Pete Tabberer, 2009 left shows what the in the style of the wings, fish and Kool-aid (Yes Kool- proposed mural by aid with a secret ingredient) The Venetian fountain and artist Michael owners started out with their first gate. A colorful pallet Pfleghaar will look Wing Heaven on Wealthy and of greens and blues Diamond and plan to open one soon like once in place. The will bring the viewer in Allendale. work is called “Into reminders of summer Employee Dannall Dannah (left) and owner Mike Abdoo (right) in front of the Garden” and Mike got into the restaurant all year around.” business by a little serendipity and the restaurant, newly opened on the corner of Ann and Monroe. Pfleghaar writes about a little pragmatic planning. He ran educated column. What a great Mango Habanero with the Honey it: Plans for the second into an old friend who happens to way to learn!! Heaven a close second. We’ll mural which will be on “The bricked up door- own the Wing Heaven franchise definitely go back and maybe try the side of Jimmy’s and with the emptiness left by his After studying the menu, which Rendering of what mural by Michael Pfleghaar way calls to be the wing dings and some different BBQ are still being parents deaths, the instability of had so many choices, six of us seasonings and sauces, but we will look like once in place at Plainfield depicted as a window ordered a 25 piece dinner and an United Methodist Church. finalized. employment in the auto industry, could happily order the same things or entry into another and a little nerve, Mike jumped in additional six pieces of boneless we had tonight. and bought his first franchise. wings. We got free fries with the instore coupon, chose four dipping We highly recommend you make Wing Heaven is a locally started sauces from a list of 17 and brought a visit to Wing Heaven and it is franchise that is now going our meal home for our backyard best to call in your order. national. They have their own secret recipes and sauces and an picnic. Don’t forget to check out the Hello Neighbor Membership Walk October 3rd! extensive menu. What a fun and tasty meal! The desserts…..they look yummy. And by Deborah Eid “Volunteers are unpaid, not new friendships. And, most delicious white meat chicken and if you just need a late night We planned a little tasting party variety of sauces pleased everyone. ice cream cone, stop by for your because they are worthless, importantly, without members with friends so we could write an Our favorite dipping sauce was favorite Hudsonville flavor. but because they are priceless.” and volunteers, we don’t have a Anonymous neighborhood association. Our Children, Our Responsibility Nancy Allen, our CNA CNA invites you to get out and volunteer coordinator, wants meet and greet your neighbors, There are many children that live in the Creston Neighborhood and concern for their safety and to remind neighbors that the and talk with them about welfare doesn’t just stop at the parents. Our whole neighborhood is responsible for the safety of rewards of being a member and membership in the Creston Creston’s children. So this summer when you see a child out past curfew hours please call non- volunteering are many – a voice Neighborhood Association. Our emergency and report it. The police consider this to be of the highest priority, and nobody wants to for your community, a feeling of first date for this 3-hour learn about an abduction and know that a simple phone call on their behalf could have prevented it. belonging, self-gratification for commitment is Saturday, 11 years and under must be in by 10pm helping, knowing your October 3rd from 9am-12pm. Non-emergency: 616-456-3400 neighbors, working on a project Call our office at 454-7900 or 12,13, & 14 years must be in by 11pm you really believe in, improving Nancy at 363-9672. Training Even if you are unsure about the age, call anyway. 15 and 16 years must be in by midnight Better to be safe than sorry. your neighborhood, and building and treats provided. Page 10 The North End Connection Fall 2009 Page 7
  8. 8. CNA receives grant to renovate Sweet Street Playlot Citizen advocacy around zoning issues by Carol Townsend September 25, 2009 is Build Day! by Deborah Eid Have you wanted to express your opinion on something happening in and provide tips on how best to present your case. Testimony must site: In summary, there are several The current playground at Sweet volunteers to your neighborhood but didn’t really focus on specific criteria regarding know how to go about it? Grand the zoning issue and not just kinds of meetings where citizens and College has the same receive national can impact zoning decisions equipment that it had when it was press has been Rapids’ new Zoning Ordinance emotional reactions. provides opportunities for you to affecting their neighborhoods, but created in the early 1970’s. But our First Lady, Report Violations YOU must attend. There are many not for long! M i c h e l l e impact development projects and zoning changes proposed for your Good enforcement of the Zoning ways to obtain lots of information Obama. (see Ordinance is dependent upon about zoning issues, but YOU must On Friday, July 31st a group of for neighborhood. Here are some 25 kids and their parents, CNA examples: citizen vigilance in reporting access them. The important point more info.) We possible violations. This is done to remember is that YOU must neighbors, and representatives are grateful to from Kaboom! and Amway Neighborhood Meeting by calling Housing Inspection at take the initiative if the Zoning the City of Developers of significant projects 456-3053. You do not have to leave Ordinance is to be utilized corporation got together in Creston Grand Rapids at Plainfield United Methodist to are encouraged to organize a your name when filing a complaint to protect and preserve the Parks and Rec. meeting with residents and other if you do not want that as part of quality and character of YOUR draw and plan for their dream Dept, the Grand playground. affected parties to inform them the public record. However, you neighborhood. Rapids Public about the project, answer concerns, should call back in a couple of This meeting represented a real Schools and to Written by Carol Townsend, and discuss any potential problems. weeks and ask for the inspector victory for Creston’s neighbors, all the people Kent/MSU Extension, as part of The intent of the neighborhood handling the complaint. Many and the culmination of a three who signed the the Zoning Education Project – a meeting is to provide a forum times you can provide crucial year organizing effort begun in the petition CNA Neighborhood children draw their ideas for a new partnership with the Grand Rapids so that the developer and affected information regarding the situation fall of 2006, when CNA submitted circulated in playground at Design Day held on July 31. Planning Department and United parties can understand each others' that will help the inspector. The it’s first grant proposal to Kaboom. March to object to the proposed Weekly conference calls will lead Growth for Kent County with perspective and try to resolve any inspector does not have to include This national non-profit partners removal of outdated equipment at our volunteer chair people through funding provided by the Dyer-Ives possible conflict. Neighbors should your name in the file at this point. with different corporate this site without a plan for a new our lists of tasks to be completed Foundation. always attend these meetings. sponsors around the country and playground. And thanks also to b y S e p t e m b e r . V o l u n t e e r Usually the neighborhood and/or Access Information/Review File community partners and has built our new partner organization, the committees handle all the logistics business association will assist As a citizen, you can obtain all 170 playgrounds built in one day Friends of Grand Rapids Parks, for build day including people to the developer in organizing the kinds of information through entirely volunteer labor. led by Steve Faber. help build the playground. meeting. Neighbors should use regarding zoning cases. First, The most famous of the Kaboom this meeting to make sure the you can receive every Planning Now the real work begins. If you are interested in development will be an asset to Commission agenda and every Board of Zoning Appeal agenda volunteering for Build the area and to negotiate with the via e-mail by contacting developer for improvements. Day, making a financial the Planning Department at contribution to the project, Public Hearing 456-3159 or e-mailing them at or donating food for Build A public hearing may be held by Second, all the Planning Commission, the City of the information a Day, please call CNA at Commission, or the Board of Zoning developer has presented to the 454-7900. Appeals when a project will have City on a project as well as all of a significant impact on an the materials submitted by an CNA wishes to honor the area, require a special land use, or owner seeking a zoning vari- generosity of the following donors deviate from the Zoning Ordinance ance can be inspected at the toward this project (list current requirements. Affected citizens Planning Department at 1120 as of July 31, 2009): Anne Mary Photo: Pete Tabberer, 2009 should make their voices heard at Monroe N.W., second floor. The Heerspink-Lamsma Bequest, Photo: Pete Tabberer, 2009 the hearing through written or oral h i s t o r y o f a Beckett Family Rentals, Dyer- testimony. Neighbors who have specific house can be viewed at Ives Foundation, Kiwanis North organized to present a unified Housing Inspection, also at of Grand Rapids, Dan and Brenda position are much more effective 1120 Monroe N.W. Minutes Dunn, Paul Haan and Julie in affecting desired changes to a from the Planning Commission Nietling, and Mike and Donna project than a few individual voices. and Board of Zoning Appeal Kemper. With the help of Kaboom! CNA will be replacing this playground equipment from Your neighborhood association meetings can be accessed at the the 1970’s with a brand new playground designed by neighborhood children. should help in organizing this effort Planning Department’s web Page 8 The North End Connection Fall 2009 Page 9