Branding with Back to School Items


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Great promotional items that students will love for the back to school season. Custom promotional products are excellent for brand awareness, brand promotion, events and more!

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  • The LOGO is just an identifier.

    The Crestline brand is all of the various associations that come to mind when customers or potential customers see or hear the name. For our customers to be loyal to us, we build relationships by speaking to their needs. That’s branding. The brand is what people think about us - good or bad.

    People hate change. And when you change something, there needs to be something significant happening in the makeup of the company. We’ve not gone far enough to confuse or alienate anyone.

    To match the way we’re starting to engage our customers, we’re now carefully pulling away from a more corporate look - with a slightly bolder, more attention-grabbing version. It holds the color better, it’s less anemic - and it’s a good foundation to have other fun things happen.
  • More than 2,000 packages sent out to new customers. ALL with hand-written notes from you guys.

    HISTORY - Mike wanted to send food, something non-promotional to customers who had spent $10K

    Typical welcome packages were to track sales, retention. We would mail a few hundred out, see how they did that year, and that was about it.

    Based on the $10K boxes, we decided to bring update the welcome packages with these instead.

    Original card had product - now it has more of an introductory story. Not heavy on sell sell sell.

    GROUP: How many positive responses to you think we’ve gotten back from 14 weeks or so of mailing?

    We’ve never gotten so many responses saying “You’ve got a customer for life!”. No other promotion that we’ve sent out can come close to that kind of response.

    We can’t yet predict WHEN they’ll order again, but we’ve engendered loyalty.

    IP Goal for Fall was not only to get the PIM working well with the catalog build process, but also to have as many of these new fun elements in place. Show before and after

    It should feel much more readable for our customer who might be feeling a little bit trapped or under the gun. An admin. assistant might feel pressured to make the entire organization look good. We’re trying to help take all of the stress out of that, and assure them that we’re here to help them.
    Lots of tests, offers, and approaches - not always a clear result
    A lot of focus on history (50 Years)
    A lot of focus on product, sales and selling

    We can’t expect to cut through based just on price or the commodity itself
    Many other players in the game
    Catalogs often have a lot of the same product

    Reps see evidence of this all the time:
    Mostly female audience - 70%+
    Two types of customer: Info-gatherer and Decision-maker
    Administrative assistants and Directors/Managers/CEO’s

    Warmth, humanity, caring, happiness, and excitement
    Directly convey helpful information about who we are and the business
    Simple and meaningful. Nothing too commonplace OR abstract
    Zappo’s approach - we continue to learn a lot about exemplary customer service

    Remove and barriers in our approach or language
  • Branding with Back to School Items

    1. 1. Get Excited! It’s back-to-school time. The complete guide to back-to-school promotional items. Trust us, your students will thank you.
    2. 2. It’s all about the bag. Backpacks are a great way to get continuous exposure for your brand. Drawstring backpacks are great for athletes and afterschool sports, while larger options have room for lunches and tablets and books…oh my. 110848
    3. 3. Let‘s Talk Tech. Keep all of their devices protected + powered. 104404 110767 110430 110372 These items offer power on the go. The charger ada pter set on the left is ideal for keeping devices charg ed while traveling. The power bank on the right gives your phone a boost without the need to plug into an a lternate power source. We know they won’t go anyw here without these! These neoprene tech sleeves keep laptops and tablets protected for travel or storage. Get these in your students hands for big reach and long ter m use.
    4. 4. Write on Track. “You can make anything by writing.” –C.S. Lewis 110506 106133 107506 103882 Promotional pens have been a long time favorite for spreading brand awarene ss. They are used, they are shared, they will always be needed. Custom pens are a savvy way to boost your brand, and we all know students love free pens!
    5. 5. Back To Basics. There’s nothing like starting the year off organized! These products will keep your students in line, right from the start. Journals, Folders, Planners and Sticky Pads are all great items that guarantee your brand will be in their backpacks! 109415 110428 107269 110715
    6. 6. Now you’re all ready to go. Have a Fun Year! 104528