Group5: Independence from faction
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Group5: Independence from faction






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Group5: Independence from faction Group5: Independence from faction Presentation Transcript

  • Independence from FactionNatalie Rosenlof, Carli Hanson, Randle Vawdrey
  • Independence vs. Neutrality 4th Key Principle to Journalism-Journalists must maintain an independencefrom those that they cover.-Independence of spirit and mind, rather thanneutrality, that journalists must keep in focus.
  • Birth Control Debate Rush Limbaugh
  • Birth Control DebateBirth Control, Bishops and Religious Authority By Gary Gutting, New York Times "Independence of spirit and mind, rather than neutrality, is the principle journalists must keep in focus. While editorialists and commentators are not neutral, thesource of their credibility is still their accuracy, intellectual fairness and ability to inform--not their devotion to a certain group or outcome. In our independence, however, we must avoid any tendency to stray into arrogance, elitism, isolation or nihilism."
  • Independence vs. Neutrality"Being impartial or neutral is not a coreprinciple of journalism.""Isnt neutrality one of the principles ofjournalism? The answer cannot possibly beyes." -The Elements of Journalism, p. 115
  • Important IssueIs the person actually "doing journalism?"Intent: to inform or manipulate-Distinguishes educated journalism frompropaganda
  • Walter Cronkite
  • Maggie GallagherTalked a lot about the line between journalismand activism."I dont relate anything to my readers that Idont believe is true. One can be partisan...Ithink its possible to be an honest journalist andbe loyal to a cause." -The Elements of Journalism, p. 121
  • ScandalIn 2005 it was exposed that Gallagher had acontract with the Department of Health andHuman Services to promote an initiative startedby President Bush."Gallaghers failure to disclose suggests thatshe knew what she was doing andcompromised the independence essential toher claim as a journalist." -The Elements of Journalism, p. 122
  • Independence of MindIt comes down to this:Journalists are in their profession because theylove it. It can be a hard job, but by stayingindependent of monetary influences you can besuccessful. Be like Walter Cronkite, not MaggieGallagher.
  • Class Elitism in the News Stocks and High Tech Gadgets
  • Class Elitism in the News“The biggest that the American peoplefeel there is a class divide between those whoproduce the news and information and those whoreceive it. That the class divide manifests a classbias toward most Americans whether they areconservative or center or liberal: if they’re workingclass and they’re poor, they’re considered lessimportant in the society. I think that’s the principlebias.” -Juan Gonzalez New York Daily News
  • Race, Gender, and ReligionLDS Church Condemns Racist Past, BYU Professors Remarks In Washington Post Who would you choose? To what extent does background influence a Journalists work?
  • Race, Gender, and Religion- Descriptive, but not limiting.- Journalist first, ______ second.- Ultimate goal of Newsroom Diversity