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Creo Social Media


An internal presentation and discussion on how to incorporate social media into a small identity, mobile and web agency.

An internal presentation and discussion on how to incorporate social media into a small identity, mobile and web agency.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. CREO + WEB 3.0 A discussion on our participation in social mediaFriday, October 14, 11
  • 2. WHY? WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? HOW? Some fair questionsFriday, October 14, 11
  • 3. BUT FIRST,Friday, October 14, 11
  • 4. GOALS How to know when we’re “winning”Friday, October 14, 11
  • 5. Quantifiable Qualifiable • # of Twitter Followers • Participation in Community • # of Jobs found • Being Inspired / Pushed in our abilities • # of Re-tweets • # of Link Clicks • # of Blog Hits • # of Website hits via Tweets/ BlogFriday, October 14, 11
  • 6. NOW, BACK TO OUR QUESTIONSFriday, October 14, 11
  • 7. WHY? The benefits of a two way streetFriday, October 14, 11
  • 8. To Know To be Known We need to know who people are People need to know who we are • Inspiration • What we do, what we’ve done, get their feedback • Industry Resources • Because “People Hire People” • Know the Competition • To have an Influence on our • To stay in the thick of developing + Industries’ direction design conversationsFriday, October 14, 11
  • 9. WHO? People we like that are infinitely cooler than usFriday, October 14, 11
  • 10. Rule of Thumb “Follow Better People.” -Lisa Barone People we Admire “On Facebook, you’re friends with people you went to high-school with. On Twitter, you’re friends with people you wish you went to high-school with.” -Frank Chimero Our Competition “Keep your friends close, and your enemies [insert: competition] closer.” -Godfather IIFriday, October 14, 11
  • 11. WHAT? Post-worthy Items & the art of Content CurationFriday, October 14, 11
  • 12. 1. Identify your Audience Who do we want to be following us? People that inspire us, Freelancers, Designers, Developers and Inventors of cool things 2. Focus your Content Sharing Our content will reflect our own interests; user experience, mobile design, developing standards etc. 3. Curate content of impeccable quality Watch the people we follow and when something inspires us, we send it back out into the world. The right kind of people will be attracted to us naturally. 4. Curate Consistently We need to be putting out tid-bits at a consistent rate. One original tweet, and two curated (retweets) a day would be a great start. 5. Brand Yourself (not your company) Bigger companies have found success in using an individual’s voice on their twitter account, instead of a boring impersonal voice. Zappos found success in using “handles” so followers know who’s talking.Friday, October 14, 11
  • 13. WHERE? Platforms of ChoiceFriday, October 14, 11
  • 14. WHERE TO FIND + POST • PRIMARY • • SECONDARY • Twitter • Facebook • Blogs • LinkedIn • Google+Friday, October 14, 11
  • 15. Blog Tweet • 10% Found Content • 90% Found Content • Things we find inspiring, • Things we find inspiring, interesting and clever interesting and clever • 90% Original Content • 10% Original Content • Topics of interest; thoughts on • Topics of interest; thoughts on process, industry and field process, industry and field happenings happenings By making our Blog and Twitter our primary social networking platforms, we’ll be able to cover all our bases. Setting our blog to automatically post to our Twitter feed, and our Twitter feed to automatically post to Facebook and LinkedIn, will cover all the platforms. With the exception of Google+, which can be dealt with later.Friday, October 14, 11
  • 16. WHEN? Because time is of the essenceFriday, October 14, 11
  • 17. Daily •Read Direct Messages / Replies •Respond to DMs/Replies •Skim content of interest •Re-tweet / Reply to 3 items •Tweet 2 new items Weekly •Check for New Followers • Follow New people / Re-tweet, DM or Reply to them •Read Top 10 blogs (5 develop, 5 design) Monthly •2 new blog posts - (1 design, 1 develop)Friday, October 14, 11
  • 18. HOW? (now brown cow)Friday, October 14, 11
  • 19. TO DO • Find & setup a tweet / re-tweet • Blog 2x a month scheduler for us to use • Keep up on top industry blogs / • ? curate what you find • ? • Read others’ posts and re-tweet good content • Manage followers / re-tweet and reply to them / Find new people to follow By splitting up workload we can divide and conquer social mediaFriday, October 14, 11
  • 20. Now, go do the right thing.Friday, October 14, 11
  • 21. THANKS for participating in this discussionFriday, October 14, 11