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Empowerment through Community Journalism and Social Media
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Empowerment through Community Journalism and Social Media


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Published in: News & Politics, Education

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  • What are we told about South LA in the news?
  • Transcript

    • 1. Empowermentthrough Community Journalismand Social Media #isla
      1pm: Introduction
      South LA and the Media; community journalism and the Internet
      1:30pm: Online Tools
      Social media; photo sharing; blogging; forums; maps; mobile voices
      2pm: Projects
      Live radio debate show; video testimonials
      3pm: Editing and posting projects
      3:30pm: Showing results
    • 2. South Los Angeles and the Media
      Promise and Peril in South LA – The Los Angeles Times
    • 3. News Coverage:Compton
      Today’s South LA
      Los Angeles Times
    • 4. What is Community and Citizen Journalism?
      Journalism centered around a community
      Professional reporters with “beats”
      Local storytelling by “insiders” rather than “outsiders”
      A conversation within a geographical area between residents
      Bottom-up instead of top-down
    • 5. “New” Journalists and the Internet
      Accessibility of information
      + Ease of publishing
      + Lower costs for technology
      = Citizen Journalism
    • 6. Discussion: What does the Internet mean for under-covered communities?
      What can citizen journalists do that traditional reporters cannot?
      How does citizen reporting change coverage?
      What are the advantages?
      What are the disadvantages?
      Can you think of any examples of stories covered by citizen journalists and ignored by the mainstream media?
    • 7. Tools for Citizen Journalists:
      Social Networking
      What is Twitter? How does it work? How can it be used for community reporting?
      How can sites like Facebook and MySpace be used to establish connections and build audience?
      How do you set up a blog? Blogger, WordPress, or just use Facebook , Myspace?
      Integrating Information and media
      Using Google maps, charting data with Healthy City, sharing pictures with Flickr, mining for information using local forums like Topix, using mobile platforms like VozMob, creating community with a Ning network
      More information: The Knight Citizen News Network
    • 8. Today’s Projects: Giving a Voice to a Community
      Live Radio Debate:
      Brainstorm controversies in your community, pick a side and have a debate
      Video Blogging:
      What’s happening in your community? Do you have a personal experience to share that highlights an issue in your neighborhood? Record your testimonial.
    • 9. Brainstorm
      What are the biggest issues in your community right now?
      What are the stories that are MISSING from media coverage of your community?
      What would you want people to know exists in your community, in terms of culture?