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  1. 1. Richard Country: United States Category: Collections Law Private: No Subject: CBCS from a PO Box in Columbus Ohio Question: Hello, They claim to be CBCS from a PO Box in Columbus Ohio, and their supposed client they claim to be They send me letters to settle some debt I have NEVER had. Their letter has no signature, only "Acco Representative" and a phone number. Their letter says they'd accept 50%of what they claim is owed t I don't want to have any communication with these people, b/c they are likely to be a scam, unescrup unethical. In order to dispute their claim they will most likely ask me further personal information wh allow them to have. IMHO any serious organization should do its homework before sending threaten random people. My guess is that they operate as follows, someone gets a name like mine, which is pr common, and matches it to an address in some database, and there yo go, all of the sudden, this guys money and must pay. And that's a practice that must be stopped. I want to stop these people from calling and harassing me, and if possible, to punish them, and make so it will be a benefit for the population of honest people who have no debt due, and are being threate "companies" of low lifes. Are you aware of some class action suit against these practices, or company? No, I am not aware of any such class action suit against this company. Even if there were I wou advise anyone to get involved in any class action lawsuit. Class action lawsuits are a scam as far concerned for the simple reason that the lawyers get most of the money. Have they the right to collect personal information about me? Yes, they do. Have they the right to check/change my credit report? Maybe, maybe not. They do so long as they have proof of your debt. If they have not proven the maybe they don't. If you think they don't then you would have to dispute it with the credit bure that don't resolve the issue you might want to think about filing a federal complaint under the F Reporting Act. Can they interfere/seize/lien my assets? Yes, they can if they file a lawsuit against you. If they do that then you will have to learn how to yourself in court without lawyers. Here is a description of how to do that as well as what they can do to you. How are they violating my rights? That's something I can't tell you without seeing each and every communication or court docum send you and being privy to each and every phone call you receive from them. Of course, I can' all I can do is teach you how to spot all the different ways they can violate and let you be the jud
  2. 2. whether or not they have violated the law. They usually start off violating the law while in the p calling you by phone. That's why you need to visit my 18 questions web page You will want to print out your own copy of my 18 questions to ask debt collectors every time th listen to the recordings so you learn how to deal with them on the phone. I'd also suggest that y a good digital voice recorder such as the one below. This little jewel can record at least 130 or more hours of audio. You can also upload music files your computer and it is a great buy. You can get them from lots of different places such as Wal Buy and more. I bought my second one the other day from a local pawnshop and I only paid $2 You can't use the recordings in court but you can make a written transcript of what was said an that up with the actual recording if need be. What can I do about it? What can you do about it? You can sue them in federal court and you can do that without lawy
  3. 3. Your help is greatly appreciated.