Bizgrape sales lead generation service intro


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If you want to develop marketing database, the answer is to use the TM or eDM campaign for sales lead generation.

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Bizgrape sales lead generation service intro

  1. 1. bizgrape Marketing Service Introduction May. 2010 All rights reserved @Bizgrape / Value added Marketing Company, Bizgrape Inc., 1
  2. 2. I_1. Bizgrape’s Vision & Mission BMS / Marketing + Design Before Mktg. service Professional Design Agency Agency that recognizes that fully understands needs of client through various experience of Marketing & Design Project the marketing beforehand Creative Design Marketing ROI / Realize Marketing ROI Agency that maximizes Agency that meets the effect of marketing practical needs of Through distinctive and Marketing ROI through creative design marketing operation Goal Bizgrape is the Real IMC Company!! Creative Marketing & Design As a One-Stop service 2
  3. 3. I_2. Bizgrape history Establish Marketing & Research Team of Cnet Networks Korea local 2004’ Operate professional IT Media ZDNet & Game Spot 2005’ Launch of Marketing Service Team in Cnet Networks Korea local - Formation conference and seminar holding of domestic IT enterprise 2006~2007’ Launch of Cnet Direct Team - Outbound Service based on US/UK/SG - Launch of professional DB Marketing Division for IT Enterprise - Manage IT Media/Entertainment site Establish Bizgrape Corporation ~ 2010’ - Become Independent of professional Marketing Agency - Construct On/Off-line Service Infrastructure for 4 years 3
  4. 4. I_3. Bizgrape Organization CEO Finance General Director Strategy planning Mktg. Team Design Team Development Team Team B2B Mktg. Team BI Team System dev. Team Biz dev Team Strategy planning B2C Mktg. Team Graphic design Team System Eng. Team Team Promotion Team Web design Team System Mtn. Team Affililate Mktg. Team Service support Team 4
  5. 5. I_4. Bizgrape Clients Samsung Electronics, Juniper Networks, EMC, IDG, PTC etc.. 5
  6. 6. Marketing & Other Services 6
  7. 7. M_1. Marketing service process Define client company’s requirments / Analyze product and objective customer Hereafter marketing scheme Marketing scheme Following in results / / Advertisement, mail, TM etc. Efficient operation of Manage short term and Select marketing channel-> mid-term plan, and Plan and amend Marketing project marketing history marketing contents / following in resultant analysis Provide a differentiatied Marketing service Marketing operation Marketing project reporting / / Operate marketing project, Reporting final result, reporting intermediate result, Measure ROI following reflect client company’s In result requirement 7
  8. 8. M_2. DB Marketing service DB Marketing is a methodology that arranges and analyzes company’s DB of various type aiming at various target group based on result of analysis and we would like to provide successful DB Marketing operation service from our experiences of project performance aiming at various target group. DB marketing is? Refined DB  DB Cleansing Service Remove repeated Data - Remove repeated data, Delete Garbage Marketing Team DB Delete Garbage  DB Management Service Sales1 Team DB - The latest DB update Sales2 Team DB - Target DB extraction service DB Agency DB Marketing  DB Analysis Service Cleansing History & - Client DB Segmentation Web member DB DB Analyze the latest Data - DB analysis report service Analysis Plan analysis standards - DB mining, modeling …………. DM sending DB of Data Promotion Analysis result e-mail Data DM Et cetera File format DB TM RFM / LTV Analysis Event DB Mining.. AD DB Modeling.. …………. etc 8
  9. 9. M_3. Tele-Marketing Tele-Marketing(below TM) is the channel that can meet customers at the peak from marketing viewpoint. Through TM, we can investigate customers’ basic information as well as customers tendency, purchase tendency, purchase intention and with the information, we would like to provide TM project operation service so Marketing or Sales activity can get effective and actual effects. - Tele-Marketing planning / Management / Reporting Out-bound call service TMr recruitment  List screening and update and education  Guide events and seminars  Promote companies and products  Induce membership joining TM project plan  Telephone survey and monitoring - Call script customer telephone response - Survey Item - Report form In-bound call service  Act for Contact Center business TM project operation  Act for events and seminars registration - TMr 세팅  Inquiry consult - TM performance checking  Receive orders 9
  10. 10. M_3. Tele-Marketing - Tele-Marketing work-flow Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Targeting & TM with e-mail & e-Survey Contact with customers Obtain TM results and obtain information and inspection Send Web site or e-mail Survey page Possible Recognize customers Bizgrape basic survey inspection Adverts DB etc… Fill up survey clauses Client company Client inspection compny Create possible customers DB in advance Possible Deliver customers final result TM inspection  Targeting TM  Send e-mail aiming at 2nd  Reporting TM results - Company possesses DB customers TM  Review TM results with (about 400 thousand cases)  confirm survey investigation client company  Send E-mail and data to after sending out e-mail customers  First inspection for TM results  Progress Cold TM 10
  11. 11. M_4. e-mail Marketing E-mail is the most basic method of marketing. For the effective e-mail marketing, it requires e-mail marketing operation ability such as e-mail contents planning ability, design making ability, Copy planning ability, selecting the mass media and connected marketing offering ability shown as below. - e-mail planning / Design / Delivery & Reporting e-mail e-mail marketing service is? Contents  Select the sending targets planning - age, area, gender, particular targets standard.. e-mail  Select the sending mass media (except sending itself) Sending targets, - IT, ordinary donsumer goods, manufacturing schedule  Set the sending schedule and time Select the mass e-mail - the most effective sending schedule, time.. media Design  Review other marketing connected to e-mail marketing development Sending - progress e-Survey or web promotion at the same time reports  Estimate expenses when e-mail marketing 11
  12. 12. M_4. e-mail Marketing ▶ eDM Campaign & Online survey ▶ Existing customer possessing Vendor DB or Media DB blasting ▶ Induce customer’s registration through send out eDM and Sales lead generation 12
  13. 13. M_5. Event, Seminar, Conference etc Events of every kind are specific gravity for all the marketing activities of each company. Service combined with various marketing methodologies is needed and ‘Quality’ of that the various marketing and advertisement, various programs and design products at event places decides success or failure. Reporting Establishing Planning Practicing operating Operating operation results strategies and Step Step events Step and catching Planning details supplementations • Planning events • Producing marketing contents • Reporting operation results - Establishing core values - Web design - Input results - Drawing ideas - e-mail - Analyze and report survey results - Estimating targets - Produce and purchase souvenirs - Monitoring & Clipping - Promotion strategies • Equipment and detail operation • Tracking operation results • Establishing schedule plans - Staff(T.A) education - Cleaning event customers DB • Establishing budget plans - Guide TM - Presentation and Promotion data - Send SMS - Sending Thanks eDM • Operation • Next-Plan - Estimate operation results - Use customers DB - Set human resources - Consider expansions of Sales effects 13
  14. 14. M_5. Event, Seminar, Conference etc - Event references introduction Product Sales Promotion Product Sales Promotion Objective S/W Sales Promotion Objective S/W Sales Promotion Type Workshop / 48 persons Type Workshop / 68 persons Target LG Group Target Microsoft 3 sole distributors Actvity Workshop, Golf events Actvity Workshop, educating products Result Build LG Infra optimization Result Managing channels, Improving efficiencies Etc.. 14
  15. 15. M_6. Marketing others It provides various services and tools related with other marketing and the marketing service which can possibly provide shown as below.  Advertisement agency - Providing advertisement agency service online or offline  Viral marketing - Providing word-of-mouth marketing service by online community, blog or TM for each product and service  Education service agency - Providing the service of education place, lectures, textbooks for in/outside education  in/outside business tours and golf events agency - Providing operation service which is needed for each company such as business tours and golf events  Providing CRM service - Providing building CRM system service which is need for CRM consulting service and each company  Outsourcing agency - Providing the outsourcing agency service for reducing internal cost such as human resources and repetitive works 15
  16. 16. O_1. Design service - Brochure, Catalog, Pamphlet, Leaflet Design / Printing  Producing Brochure, Catalog IR Book , media-kit  Make offline creatures to online – Produce Web site and E-BOOK, Possible to provide various services by PDF 16
  17. 17. O_1. Design service - Making site with techniques, design / style guide / coding / flash / RIA  IT News , Providing information, Brand site, Making promotion site  We aim for coding and development for the service added using CSS and DIV coding and the elements which can be modified.  It has a design which can approach to customers with bringing the differences of brand and individuality. 17
  18. 18. O_1. Design service - Poster / AD Material (Online banner, magazine)  Producing advertisement by newspapers, posters and magazines  Building identities by advertisements, online advertisements and offline application, all linked together 18
  19. 19. bizgrape Project Reference 19
  20. 20. 1. Symantec back-up solution TM Project • Client – Symantec Korea • Project Title – Symantec NetBakcup TM Project • Campaign Period - 43 Working Days (11th of May, 2007 ~ 25th of July, 2007) • Campaign Brief • Target Product – Symantec NetBackup 6.0 (Enterprise back-up solution) • Target Audience – 1608 account 1st : 410 Account Provide vendor consultation / Sales higher than 1000th place as of 2004 / Except Named Acct in vendor standards 2 nd : 438 Account Sales lower than 1000th and more than 100 billion as of 2004 / A company which is not belong to a group / KOSDAQ / A stock exchange listed company 3rd : 760 Account Sales more than 10 billion and 100 employees / KOSDAQ / A stock exchange listed company Except Symantec named Acct (Except named group company and financial institution) • Tactics -Symantec is a global vendor which is integrated security and special backup solution and it would like to request with internal distributor(D company) the progress of Sales Lead Generation about ‘Net Back-up’ product(a back-up solution mostly used by enterprises) – According to the client company’s demands, it plans and progresses TM campaign operating Cold TM aiming at target customers to secure the high level of surveys such as introduction plans and budget, etc.. • Campaign Result • 141 Sales Lead Generation • Acquired 241 contact e-mail Opt-in • Acquired a part of environment information of company IT: 982 Account 20
  21. 21. 2. Juniper Networks TM Campaign • Client – Juniper Networks Korea • Project Title – Juniper Networks TM Project • Campaign Period - 2009. 04. 13. ~ 2009. 04. 30. (14 working days ) • Campaign Brief • Target Product – Switch and Router Product • Target Audience – 2231 account • Manufacturing companies except thirties group companies • Companies which are located in Seoul, Gyeonggi, Incheon, Daejeon • Except companies which has small size by sales and employees standards • Tactics • Figure out the information and phone number of the person in charge with network and security, Install based switches/routers being used at present, the present condition of firewall and plans for introduction • Acquire Juniper Networks opt-in for sending eDM afterward and sales call • Campaign Result • Hot Lead – Introduction plans available and the survey progress completed, Acquired Juniper opt-in, 12 account • Warm Lead – No matter of introduction plans, the survey progress completed, Acquired Juniper opt-in, 136 account • Love Bucket – Survey progress completed but failed to acquire opt-in, 57 account 21
  22. 22. 3. NetApp Annual TM Campaign • Client – NetApp Korea • Project Title – NetApp Annual SLG TM Project • Campaign Period – NetApp FY 2007 • Campaign Brief • Target Product – NetApp’s all Product • Target Audience • NetApp PO DB • NetApp Marketing DB • NetApp Seminar the list of attended customers • NetApp Newsletter the list of receivers • NetApp Partner the list of offered business sales customers • Tactics • Discover customers who are interested in all the products of NetApp and upload to Lead Management System • Acquisition information: Acquire essential items(the information about the person in charge, introduction plans and budget information, opt-in etc.) for uploading to Lead Management System • Monitoring how partners and sales persons in charge follow up the uploaded leads to Lead Management System 22
  23. 23. 4. Adobe Flex2 TM Project • Client – Adobe Korea • Project Title – Adobe Flex2 Sales Lead Generation Campaign • Campaign Period – 2007.02.12~2007.02.28 (11 Workingday / 2TMr) • Campaign Brief • Target Product – Adobe Flex2 (software) • Target Audience – 725 account • Financial institutions(bank/insurance/stock) and high ranked companies for sales from manufacturing, distributions, communications, public institutions • Tactics • Acquisition information: the basic information about the person in charge • Mandatory field : Investigation of Flex2 awareness, Development plans of UI, Development plans of RIA • The core Acquisition Point • Contact with the person in charge who can possibly purchase Adobe Flex products • Build Marketing DB Pool for the plans of visit Presentation Campaign • Campaign Result • Total contacted account : 334 Accounts • Acquisition develop rate : 105 / 334 Accounts (31%) 23
  24. 24. 5. EMC Retrospect • Client – EMC Korea • Project Title – EMC Retrospect Marketing project • Campaign Period – 2008.Nov. ~ 2009 Jan. • Campaign Brief • Target Product – EMC Retrospect (back-up solution for SMB) • Target Audience – IT Media user • The customers who receive IT media’s newsletters and visit the site • IT purchase or a draft person in charge • Tactics • 1st : RetroSpect product promotion(eDM & banner advertisement) and progress TM aiming at DB targets • 2nd : eDM & e-Survey, Discover possible customers by banner advertisements(customer information and surveys acquisition) • 3rd : Progress TM Q/C aiming at customers who gave information through eDM • Campaign Result • Hot lead – Introduction plans available and the survey progress completed, acquired opt-in, meeting arranged, 40 account • Warm lead – No matter of introduction plans and the survey progress completed, acquired opt-in, meeting arranged, 22 account 24
  25. 25. BIZGRAPE | CEO | Gilbert Kim e-mail | DID | +82-2-6403-4433 FAX | +82-2-6403-9922 Cell | +82-10-6252-6341 All rights reserved @Bizgrape / Value added Marketing Company, Bizgrape Inc.,