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  • Intro by Gary
  • Intro by Gary
  • Intro by Gary
  • Intro by Gary
  • Intro by Gary
  • Intro by Gary
  • Intro by Gary
  • Intro by Gary
  • Intro by Gary
  • Jai
  • Jai With millions of websites out there on the internet, you want to give your visitor something different than a pretty pictures and heavy copy.  People are ADD on the internet, they want information fast and concise and video is a way to capture their attention.  A video about who you are, what you offer, and why they should care will differentiate you from your competitors.  If the customer leaves without making a sale, they will most likely remember you when they do decide to make that purchase.  The longer a person is on your website, the better the conversion rate for visitors turning into customers.
  • Jai How great would it be for every potential customer who comes to your website and views a video about Who you are, What you offer, and Why they should consider what you have to offer.  Unlike TV commercials, the airtime on the internet is free.
  • Jai How great would it be for every potential customer who comes to your website and views a video about Who you are, What you offer, and Why they should consider what you have to offer.  Unlike TV commercials, the airtime on the internet is free.
  • Social Media by Gary
  • Gary
  • Gary
  • Gary Happy billionaire Mark Zuckerberg
  • Page Category: Be sure that you are absolutely happy with the category you've chosen. You're not alone if you think that the category choices for Facebook Pages are awful. Once you make a decision on a category, you can never go back! Page Name: The name that you give to your Facebook Page appears at the top of the page, and before every single post you make on the page, or in reply to a comment. Once you set this name, it is set in stone and can never be edited; not even if you contact Facebook directly and beg/complain/demand them to do it! Customize: Picture (go loooong) Describe your Facebook Page in the Note Box (plus links)
  • Gary
  • Instead of approaching Twitter as a place to broadcast information about your company, think of it as a place to build relationships
  • Gary
  • Gary
  • Jai Up!
  • Gary


  • 1.  
  • 2. Door to Door Storage, Inc. Presented by Creative Media Alliance
  • 3. About CMA
    • Creative Media Alliance is an interactive marketing agency specializing in leading edge, client driven, marketing and communication initiatives, covering branding, print, web, social media, email, video and interactive.
    • Presenting today are Ryan Fansler, Gary Hurley and Jai Suh
    • creativemediaalliance.com
  • 4. About CMA
    • Founded in 2001
    • Full Service Marketing Firm grounded in creative, production and execution
    • Exceed client expectations
    • Offering of wide variety of services equals brand continuity
  • 5. Creative Brief
  • 6. Define Project Goals
    • Establish brand personality
    • Engage customers through that defined personality/profile
    • Develop a social media platform using video as a branding tool, tying web social media, print and broadcast
    • Execute programs, measure success
  • 7. Develop Brand Personality
    • Develop a campaign that gives the consumer something to identify with
    • Personality attributes of value, convenience and experience
    • Combine the identification-centric approach with “brand stories”
    • Connect consumers to the product through shared experience
  • 8. Define Your Target Audience
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Location
    • Income
    • Needs
    • Motivation
  • 9. Implement Campaigns
    • Multi-Channel Campaigns
    • Spread Budget
    • Right Tools
    • Stay on Point
    • Maximize Momentum
    • Repeat!
  • 10. Monitor & Measure
    • Define Metrics
    • Choose Tools
    • Set Alerts
    • Monitor Reports
  • 11. Using Video as a Branding and Marketing Tool
  • 12. Video as a Conversion Strategy
    • Offering – Give your online prospective customer more than just text and pictures.
    • Engagement – People want information fast and concise. This is your chance to capture their attention.
    • Differentiator – Video will allow your company, product or services to stand out among your competitors.
    • Memorable – People will remember a good story than a slick sales pitch.
    • Time on Site – The longer a person stays on your website, the more like he/she will turn into a customer.
  • 13. Online Video Best Practices
    • Storytelling – The most important part of any video is good storytelling. Everyone loves a good story.
    • Show Them, Don't Tell Them – Use music, narration, and good visuals to keep their attention.
    • Educate – If you can teach something useful or informative to your customer, they will start to trust you.
    • Keep it Short – A good length for website videos is usually 1 to 2 minutes. Case study videos can be up to 5 to 6 minutes.
  • 14. Online Video Best Practices
    • Video Syndication – Post it on YouTube and other high traffic video platforms like Yahoo Video
    • Website – Place videos prominently on the home page. We want them to engage with this offering
    • Measure – Watch the view count grow. You'll be surprised at how many times it's been viewed
  • 15. Video Examples Minor & James Medical – Click to launch example Swedish Medical Center - Click to launch example Wings Airways – Click to launch example Neighborhood Grills - Click to launch example Regence - Click to launch example
  • 16. Blogs Facebook Twitter eMail Marketing
  • 17. Blogs 101
    • Blogs began in late 90s
    • Today there are over 130 million blogs
    • Everybody has a voice
    • Blogs are very, very search-friendly
    • Simple to maintain
  • 18. Blogs Best Practices
    • Nearly all B2C should create a blog
    • Collocate on your website for search
    • Use an open-source framework like Wordpress
    • Customize to match your site
    • Wordpress can power an entire site
    • Start posting!
    • Use categories
    • Engage your audience
    • Be consistent
    • Tie to your main website via RSS
    • Monitor!!!
  • 19. Facebook 101
    • Facebook, born 2004
    • Over 500 million users
    • 50% log-in every day
    • Most used social network worldwide (after email)
    • Extremely mobile-friendly
    • Pages are very search-friendly
    • Great demographic insights
  • 20. Facebook Best Practices
    • Nearly all B2C should create a Facebook page
    • Pages are hard-linked to profiles
    • Choose your Page category carefully
    • Choose your Page name very carefully
    • Customize, customize, customize
    • Tabs and the default tab
    • Start posting and liking!
    • Engage your audience
    • Be consistent
    • Connect your Page to your site
    • Monitor!!!
  • 21. Twitter 101
    • Twitter, born 2006
    • “ Texting of the Internet”
    • Over 200 million users
    • 50 million tweets per day
    • Extremely mobile-friendly
    • Tweets are very search-friendly
    • Great demographic insights
  • 22. Twitter Best Practices
    • If you have Facebook, you need Twitter
    • Option to auto-link to FB
    • Dashboards like HootSuite and TweetDeck simplify multi-platforms
    • Choose your Twitter name carefully
    • Customize with graphics
    • Start tweeting and following!
    • Engage your audience
    • Be consistent
    • Connect Twitter to your site
    • Monitor!!! (TweetReach)
  • 23. eMail 101
    • eMail, born 1982
    • Grand-daddy of “social media”
    • Over 250 billion emails/day
    • 80% spam
    • Average B2C open rates 10-20%
    • Average B2C click rates 3-5%
    • Thursday peak open/click rate
    • Tried and true, not tired and blue!
  • 24. eMail Best Practices
    • B2C email love affair cooler but still strong!
    • Stay consistent, don’t fall off the email track
    • Engage the largest audience of all social channels
    • Cross-pollinate with Facebook and Twitter
    • Abandonment rates for new social channels are high and email is fallback
    • Hone your message
    • Design for 600-700px width
    • Call-to-action in top 300px
    • Engaging subject line
    • Segment lists by action with A/B testing
    • Monitor!!!
  • 25. Social Media Examples
    • Continuity across all social media channels
    • Keep messaging and tone consistent
    Case Study #1 – Hotel Modera Launch case study Case Study #2 – Pacific Market Center Launch case study
  • 26. Questions & Answers