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  • 1. PROPOSAL FOR AN INNOVATIVE PROJECT IN PUDUCHERRY By. Chatelier Infrastructure Services Coastal Scenic Beach Project
  • 2. INTRODUCTIONThe Coastal Scenic Beach Project is a Regional Strategic Project, aimed at the development and promotion of Tourism in Puducherry (Pondicherry). The four regions of the Union Territory(state) have a coastline of 45 km with 675 sq. km of inshore water by converting and landscaping the coastal areas for different purposes like Entertainment, Cinema Shooting, Conducting events etc., This project provides employment, training and business development opportunities for individuals and corporate to participate in the field of Tourism and Entertainment and also increase the revenue for the state. This innovative project will also provide skill based job opportunities for various level of the native people. Chatelier Infrastructure Services.
  • 3. OBJECTIVES The perfect beach/coastal location in South India: The business goals and objectives for this project will focus on converting the vast area of coast line of Puducherry to create a revenue generating model in the area of Tourism and entertainment industry. This Scenic Beach project is an innovative media to invite investors to develop coastal areas of Puducherry and convert it into a business hub in Tourism and entertainment industry. Chatelier Infrastructure Services.
  • 4. HI-LIGHTS • Location for Cinema Shooting • Photo Shoots • Accommodation • Private Dinning • Wedding party • Beach Café • Coastal Food and Cookery Sessions • Corporate Meetings • Public Events • International Tourism School Chatelier Infrastructure Services.
  • 5. LOCATION FOR CINEMA SHOOTING Chatelier Infrastructure Services.
  • 6. PHOTO SHOOTS Chatelier Infrastructure Services.
  • 7. ACCOMMODATION Chatelier Infrastructure Services.
  • 8. PRIVATE DINNING Chatelier Infrastructure Services.
  • 9. WEDDING PARTY Chatelier Infrastructure Services.
  • 10. BEACH CAFÉ Chatelier Infrastructure Services.
  • 11. COASTAL FOOD AND COOKERY SESSION Chatelier Infrastructure Services.
  • 12. CORPORATE MEETINGS Chatelier Infrastructure Services.
  • 13. PUBLIC EVENTS Chatelier Infrastructure Services.
  • 14. INTERNATIONAL TOURISM SCHOOL Chatelier Infrastructure Services.
  • 15. SERVICE & FACILITIES This project includes: • Secure parking • Secure equipment storage • On site catering • Location catering if required • Free WiFi • Private large sitting room available for Wardrobe/Make-Up & Hair • Transportation of equipment and props if needed • Props rental • Horses on the beach • Accommodation rooms in all category • Private houses and cottages for Talent accommodation or location Chatelier Infrastructure Services.
  • 16. CONCLUSION At Chatelier Consulting Private Limited., We have the technology, tenacity, skills and experience to achieve and successfully implement the project. As time progresses, additional inputs and services will be added to secure and increase the value of the project. Chatelier Consulting Private Limited., always believes in team work and with the support of associates, we will strive to achieve our commitment and mission. Thank you for taking time to review this innovative project plan. Chatelier Infrastructure Services.